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    I moved to Chicago 20 years ago. Jets/Mets/Islanders fan all my life and nothing has changed. Cannot root for Chicago teams. I am a NYer and always will be despite where I may live. Have also met a lot of other transplated NYers living in Chicago area based on our shared love for our teams. The teams you learn to love as kids are your teams for life. At least that has been the way it is for me.
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    Not to get political, but the protests going on are probably a good simulation for how covid will spread with large outdoor gatherings of mostly ppe wearing individuals. This isnt a comment on the protests themselves, just some basic thoughts about covid transmissibility in large outdoor gatherings The cdc defines a close contact as 10 minutes within 6 feet with a positive person. Initial studies showed that your risk was roughly .45% of getting covid in that scenario. So 4.5/1000 close encounters would result in illness. If you reduce the time threshold from 10 minutes to 30 seconds (like what might be found walking into or around a stadium), the odds fall significantly but I've not seen a study of this and wouldnt venture a guess other than its drastically less than 4.5/100 Additionally since the public at large is of unknown status today and likely to be a fraction of a percent initially the actual risk per interaction is going to be exceedingly small. Mass gatherings are an issue though because collectively there are a millions(billions over course of season) of such interactions of varying duration occuring. So even with minuscule odds on an individual interaction, each person might be running that gauntlet 1000-2000+ times (just a guess) milling around a stadium for an afternoon with people of unknown status. Its easy to see that in this scenario it would spread quickly through large densely crowded areas and this is happenning in cities all over today and why NYC was hammered initially. I think the unknown is how much ppe lowers that 4.5/1000 figure for a 10 minute close contact. For better or worse we will find out over the next few weeks/months when the disease has an opportunity to cause illness and spread within families. Either there will be a small uptick and we can feel somewhat confident that ppe and awareness are effective at muting transmission to manageable levels or the hospital will be inundated with patients again and we will know that nfl is a no go https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/69/wr/pdfs/mm6909e1-H.pdf?
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    Going to roll out a new option tomorrow that will help us with some opt in conversations that won't be on the main board.
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    🤣 What would you add/change?
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    I would never do it. Those are my thoughts. Take a casual interest in the new team in my area? Sure. Replace my original team? No way. Modern Television allows anyone to view every game of any team they choose.
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    @Jet Nut I see I’m late to this but hope things are already starting to turn a for the better and that each days is less concerning than the one before. We’re unanimously in your corner even after these years of never agreeing and getting on each others’ nerves. At least we all agree on something: we badly want you to do with some well deserved good luck here. Do keep us posted, brother.
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    I haven't been around much the past few weeks. I am checking in, but there is so much going on I haven't had time to talk about the Jets. The one thing we never wanted to do is stifle anyone. We have always had the no politics rule and that has served us well. It let us focus on football, focus on the Jets. It meant we don't have partisan divide, letting us focus on Jets talk. Right now, there is so much uncertainty. We don't even know if training camp will start on time or if fans will be in attendance when the games begin. That is all a long way of saying we hear what is on everyone's mind. Back to the first point, we never wanted to stifle anyone. We are just trying to make sure people aren't fighting here, we are all one Jets family. I have an idea on how we might be able to try something new. I don't think a group PM would work out, eventually it will get too big. Please give me a day or so. We don't want anyone leaving the site. I want to test out another option, a more private option that could allow a little more freedom. We will never be a site that welcomes the normal partisan politics conversations that happen everywhere. I think we have a way to keep the NFL forum about football on the field and still give people a voice. I will post more information soon. Not to be overly dramatic but we are a family here. So many people are hurting right now. Let's stick together, that's what family does.
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    no no no lol, I'm good. Jet Nut is my dad.
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    wow man, I was hoping to never see a post like this on this site. I guess I should have assumed it was inevitable but still hard to hear. I hope you have a speedy recovery...I look forward to disagreeing with all of your posts for many years to come
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    That is all. I want to be there in person when the Jets play games this year. Not sure if it will happen, but man I hope it does.
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    I have had a run of terrible luck. I’ve been running a high fever the past week, it won’t go way and a was afraid to go to my dialysis center and put people at risk. I’m now hospitalized. I not only tested positive fog Covid-19 but also tested positive for pneumonia. Not sure if people are aware but dialysis patients are In the extreme high risk category so life is really stressed right now. I’m not sure when I’m going to get out. I’m not on life support so that’s good. Anyway, it’s good to share stories with friends, hopefully things turn for the better
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    That’s A, be A+ if they added Brady’s integrity.
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    Baker Mayfield's maturity?
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    As for my children, I won't impress upon them who they will root for. I'm not one of those parents. If they choose the local team to be like their friends, I can accept that. The challenge is to move out of NE before they choose.... LOL
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    Depends. I moved to NE, so ... hard no. Before that, I lived in the Midwest and while I didn’t ‘change teams’, I was happy to cheer on the Bears and Colts who all my people were fans of. They in turn cheered the Jets. Good people. Pats fans can eat all the dicks.
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    Wakeman (Nice reference, Kleck. How many these days will even know who that is?)
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    I agree with you. I think as kids we’re passion driven and that gives way largely to logic when we grow up. I don’t think you can replace the home team. i think you brought up the point that I’m more interested in, which is the casual interest in the new team. I think some people might take issue with even that. and then wen you have kids and you can potentially bring them to games for the new home town, does that play a part in the decision moving forward
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    So nothing like last season, then? Sounds good.
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    We live in some seriously wonky times right now. There is alot going on out there, COVID, Unemployment, Race Relations, Politics, and about a bajillion other things. All of which incites our passions, opinions, and minds to want to talk about it. It also, it has to be said, stresses alot of us out, alot. We're living in some stressful times right now. Wanting to talk about that stuff is natural and understandable. Hell, many of you know I was one of JI's most active posters in the cesspool that was the Politics Sub-Forum. But here at JN, Max, god bless him, has been pretty clear that this site is a "no politics" zone. And that has always included all the various socio-economic and socio-political issues of the day. We all know this. We all know the rules here. Please....lets all do Max, and our great Moderator team (and Crusher), a favor and do a little bit of self-policing on our posts, threads and topics. There are an almost infinite number of better suited places online to talk about all these issues of the day in more topic-specific and topic-appropriate locations. This forum is a place to talk football (which incites our passions more than enough as it is). It can and often is also a safe space (and I don't use that phrase pejoratively) for us to get away from all the stresses of day to day and regular life. To talk something we love, but is ultimately just entertainment, the NFL and the Jets. Lets do what Max asks. Lets keep JN a place to get away from all the craziness, to be friends (who agree or disagree on football) here to share our collective love and passion for the infuriating and beloved New York Jets. Max has been really patient about it, but I can tell, he's had his fill. And we don't want to lose members over this. I'm not a mod, and I'm not trying to be one. I just wanted, as just another poster, to ask my fellow posters to show a little restraint, hard as hell as that can be at times like this. Lets revel in our shared love, shared humanity, in these trying times. /steps off soapbox. Sorry for that, but I felt it was needed. Negrep me if it helps you de-stress
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    I thought it was going to be a video of driving the wrong way down the Lincoln Tunnel.
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    No, he’s not. lol. 5+ wins next season and he’s the head coach of the Jets in 2021. People are wishing this to be true without any evidence or precedence to suggest it’s the case. Every HC under the Johnson’s has gotten at least 3 years.
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    O goody another Adam Gase thread. Well at least it's not a Jamal Adams thread.
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    You are 100% right my friend. I’m the most positive person on the world, explains my jets outlook Iol. But seriously that’s what got me through kidney failure and beating two bouts of cancer. I never thought I wouldn’t win my battle. Anyone facing these types of battles remember your attitude is key
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    White privilege is a real thing. I didn't believe it was as recently as 5 years ago. Now its blatantly obvious to me. Some people have the luxury of going into a bubble their whole lives and avoid the truths about this world and how ugly it can be. Others can't ever avoid it. I was in that bubble once. Never again. Grow and change or you are part of the problem. Period.
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    As someone that lives in a community that peacefully protested and as a minority "I don't need to talk about it here." We are having this conversation in other medians & all over the country. I respect Phil's policies enough not to ever bring politics to the table here because I also disagree with a lot of positions. But if you are raising awareness THANK YOU. If @Maxman decides to change his stance I'm ok voicing my opinion but that's just me . DIG IT
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    Geno smiths jaw. And testaverdes eyes Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    I will say this. If the Jets are selling 25% of the total tickets and they allow for resale that is a mistake. I would hope the queue would go like this: -PSL Holders -Season Ticket Holders They should stipulate that you can't resell the ticket. People making money off of this and keeping real fans out when 75% aren't allowed to go would be bad.
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    I like how limp dick pirate has done a lot of criticizing of others posts and not much else. Keep up the "good" work captain.
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    That’s a lot to be thinking about. Remember to be kind to yourself.
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    Are they maintaining your dialysis in a hospital or OP setting? Also, are you on blood thinners regularly or when you receive dialysis? If you need to bounce some medical stuff off of me, feel free to PM.
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    At least you and max picked up on the joke lol
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    I miss the days when all I had to worry about was how many of these I had to make.
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    Fight the fight, we’re going to shock the world and win the Super Bowl this year.... You need to be here to watch it!
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    Are you sure you posted the right video. Looked an awful lot like Jachai Polite highlights to me.
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    And we have to have the swine. Smoked in my drum smoker using 100% post oak and simple Texas style SPG rub. Essentially pork butt treated like a Texas brisket. Sauce accompanying the taco is Aaron Franklin's classic sauce as used at the restaurant.
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    @Mogglez got it too? jeezus man, hoping the best for you both
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    Denny Dias doesn't get the credit he deserves for being the definitive SD guitar player. And you know... co-founding the band.
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    Been doing a lot more cooking. I've perfected my rubbed brisket: And now I've added Pizza to my repertoire: Also doing stir-fry beef and vegetables in a Korean style (bulgogi) which is slowly getting to master-level.
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    F*ck man. Please get better; we are thinking of you and @Mogglez
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    Dude, Max isn't going to **** you. Trust me, I've tried.
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    As someone who has participated in peaceful protests, the good news is that there is incredibly strong group of young americans ready to stand for what's right. As we're starting to see many of these young americans are NFL players who have a much larger platform to share and educate with the masses. The NFL might have the biggest auidence in the country and a very loud voice to the masses. This time I'm really hoping they do the right thing and embrace the plight of their predominantly black players and be a proponent of change rather than a resistance.
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