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    https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/jets-rookie-wr-lawrence-cager-reuniting-with-good-friend-sam-darnold Jets undrafted free agent WR Lawrence Cager is chomping at the bit to line up with QB Sam Darnold for the first time since their high school all-star games. "Me and him were always together. He was my quarterback," Cager said. "We built a relationship there and we've been friends ever since. I've been talking to him probably since the beginning of high school until now, so it's been a little relationship brewing. "He's a great quarterback. I wanted to play with him at USC. Things didn't work out that way in high school, but I've always wanted to play with him. To get the opportunity at the highest level to play with a guy that you've been good friends with and wanted to play with for so long, now you have the opportunity to play with him, I couldn't ask for a better option. I really can't wait to step on the field and catch a fade from him." Cager (6'5", 220) texted Darnold when he signed with the Jets and said the franchise QB replied, "let's go with a lot of exclamation points." Cager, however, chose the Green & White for more than just Darnold — he first attended the University of Miami with TE Chris Herndon and WR-PR Braxton Berrios before transferring for the 2019 season to Georgia, the alma mater for Jets assistant WRs coach Hines Ward. Cager is also extremely close to Van Jefferson, the son of Jets WRs coach Shawn Jefferson. "During the whole draft process, I felt I had a great relationship with Coach Jefferson, Coach Hines, Coach [Adam] Gase, and I just felt like when I get to pick my options, why not go to a place where I feel like I have the most familiarity with the coaches," Cager said. "I think any time you can learn from a guy like Hines Ward, why wouldn't you? The guy was so productive in the league for many years, Super Bowl champion. It was like why not? He's a UGa grad. He had familiarity with the coaches at Georgia, how hard I worked and knows what type of work ethic I'd have coming in my rookie season. … I just knew the way Coach Jefferson coaches, you want to play with him. "When you get an opportunity like that to have those two guys in your corner to be your head guys teaching you every day and be with them every day, I wouldn't pass that opportunity up for anything." During an unprecedented time with a virtual offseason program, Cager is learning on the fly with his fellow rookies but uses his friends to his advantage. "I don't know how many conversations I've had with Chris (Herndon) just about how to be a pro and how to attack coming in being a rookie in New York," he said. "To have a guy like him, one of my best friends, I know he gets tired of it, but I talk to him all the time and ask, 'Hey, what's this?' and ask him questions about special teams, the installs, stuff like that so I don't mess it up. He came in and had a great year and he's one of my close friends. I talk to Sam about other stuff, he's the smart one."
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    That’s A, be A+ if they added Brady’s integrity.
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    God, just start the season already.
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    That is all. I want to be there in person when the Jets play games this year. Not sure if it will happen, but man I hope it does.
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    🤣 What would you add/change?
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    I moved to Chicago 20 years ago. Jets/Mets/Islanders fan all my life and nothing has changed. Cannot root for Chicago teams. I am a NYer and always will be despite where I may live. Have also met a lot of other transplated NYers living in Chicago area based on our shared love for our teams. The teams you learn to love as kids are your teams for life. At least that has been the way it is for me.
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    RG III's durability Ken O'Brien's scrambling ability
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    Baker Mayfield's maturity?
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    Revis is going into the hall of fame unless he bet on football or commits some atrocious crime. No reasonable person thinks that Revis isn't a hall of famer.
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    I think some people lose sight of how important this game actually was. It wasn't just our only Super Bowl win. Joe Namath and the Jets changed the NFL forever. We should never forget that. Peace and cheers
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    Johnny Manziel's party habits.
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    Geno Smiths' understanding of time zones.
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    sh*t! I never sent DPR a PM.
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    Crusher is already voting w/you brah
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    I mean, it's pretty awful. lol. You're really putting a lot of hope in guys that havent proven to be very good. I really wish they could add a veteran WR to put out there but oh well, hopefully one of these guys has a break out year because Crowder is the only reliable WR of the bunch. I do think Griffin/Herndon/Bell help as well but good god, if Crowder got hurt...we better hope Mims hits the ground running.
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    thanks for posting. could be a very nice thing if they have that chemistry
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    Like all gms douglas will be judged on how this years and subsequent drafts pan out.
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    Imagine thinking INT's are the way to judge a CB. It's not debatable. He's a HOF'er. Probably first ballot. Top 5 CB throughout his career until his last couple of seasons and at his peak arguably the GOAT. Delete this nonsense.
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    Michael Vick's compassion.
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    Waiting for food to sit before you can eat it must be agony for you.
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    Could've just been a pic of Hackenberg and call it a day.
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    I will change votes if I need to but not yet
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    It's impossible for Crusher to hide behind anyone. Lynch all liars.
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    @GATA unofficial co-mod.
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    It’s WIFOM that would need to be addressed at some point if JC were to flip scum, but given that it seems we’re dealing with multiple factions and thus smaller scum teams, I doubt JC and Arsis would so explicitly tie themselves together on D1 if both were in fact scum.
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    all this recent stuff aside going to the Jets live has always been a kick in the crotch it's blindingly expensive. Parking passes exist. There always like a huge anticipation and a great tailgate (the best part) but then you sit down and watch a 12 play drive from the other team TB12 has traumatized me mentally at this point watching maybe 10x home blowouts live if there's a hell, I'm in the Meadowlands and the pats are up 42-7 Jets get a meaningless first down when the game is over *PC Richards Whistle* it's my mistake on some level for having expectations.
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    There is no proof they have safely protested. That could take months to find out. Esp with so many younger protesters who might not get sick themselves but could be spreaders. I hope you're right and I'm wrong. But I believe we should err on the side of caution. Esp when the real scientists are telling us to. The greatest thing would be for the virus to just go away. It hasn't.
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    I wouldnt bet on going just yet, the way things have been going this year...
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    The thing about Sanchez back then that made me think he could be special was how he elevated his play late in the game. He may have been one of the reassons why the team was trailing late in games, but he was better in those pressure moments late. He led so many game comebacks in his first two seasons, including this game, on the road, in the playoffs. I was in the stands in Indy for that one. What a great moment -- especially the throw to Braylon on the sideline to set up the game winning FG. Was never able to develop the consistency across a 60 minute game, but he had his share of great moments in those first two seasons.
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    The Hall of Fame is incomplete until Joe Klecko gets there .
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    ouch your neg reps hurt me only 26 more and i'll have as many ints as revis had in 11 yrs!!!
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    Akili Smith's understanding of the playbook. Neil Lomax's hips. Ryan Leaf's ability to take criticism.
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    If we hold on to win this thing it'll be a miracle. SAR I
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    Tim Tebow's rocket arm.
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    John Elway's teeth Bernie Kosar's hair (tied with Vinny T)
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    Geno smiths jaw. And testaverdes eyes Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    I'd add: Tom Brady's personality Mark Sanchez's affinity for hot dogs Anything about Christian Hackenberg
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    @Losmeister does not care if you think he’s reasonable or not.
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    If thousands can safely protest people should be able to do the same thing sitting in a stadium. Let people police themselves. On the trajectory we are on I see the NFL resuming with fans in stadiums.
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    Fight the fight, we’re going to shock the world and win the Super Bowl this year.... You need to be here to watch it!
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    I have Stark as the hammer vote. Scene coming... Final Official Day 1 vote count: DPR (9) - Ape, Jville, Arsis, Gata, Barry, Kdels, JF80, Drums, Stark Pac (1) - CTM JETS (4) - 80, Drums, Crusher, Stark, JC CTM (1) - DPR Crushluv (1) - Jets with 16 players alive, it takes 9 votes to bench Deadline 3pm today (Note: it goes random if majority is not met)
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    I don't think you can even delete your own post.
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    Are you going to have a chat with @CTM for advice on a new fridge?
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    This illustrates well imo the inferiority of the Jets front office's from the past. It also demonstrates what Joe Douglas's challenges are moving forward. It looks good on paper and that's about the best thing you can say about it. Until we see the Jets fortunes change, it's all just pure speculation and opinion - which means nothing. The ONLY way this changes is for the drafting to get better. I'm optimistic about this draft class but honestly who knows if this really turns out well?
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    Pretty good. A simpler approach would be to replace the entire model with Christian Hackenberg.
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    That’s a lot of effort to say Christian Hackenberg.
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    IMO the only way you change teams is if your team leaves. Not the other way around. I have no issues with Oilers fans not following the team to Tennessee or all the moving the Rams and Raiders have done. If the Jets left the tri-state area, i'd be done. I'll just be a browns fan.
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    That’s a lot to be thinking about. Remember to be kind to yourself.

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