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    Update: Dad is getting 5 doses of Remdesivir, still testing positive for the virus and battling the pneumonia, which is giving him more trouble than anything. Fortunately he's requiring less oxygen than his initial admission. Thank you to all who have sent well wishes. I know he would love to see them!
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    Jets’ Sam Darnold plans workouts with wide receivers | Who’s joining him in Florida? Today 9:29 AM New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold is heading to Florida to work out with some teammates.Andrew Mills | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com By Mike Rosenstein | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com The NFL announced last week that coaching staffs can begin returning to team facilities which were shuttered during the coronavirus pandemic. But players aren’t expected to get back on the field until training camp in late July. So New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold is taking matters into his own hands. The New York Daily News reports “Darnold will fly to Miami to work out with wide receivers Jamison Crowder, Breshad Perriman and Denzel Mims this weekend." The third-year quarterback coordinated the three-day throwing session to help get in sync with his weapons. Perriman, who was signed this offseason in free agency, and Mims, who was drafted in the second round, have yet to get on the field with Darnold due to the coronavirus restrictions this offseason. The Miami workouts won’t be Darnold’s first of the offseason. He spent part of the quarantine sheltering in place in Southern California with QB guru Jordan Palmer, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen and Washington Redskins quarterback Kyle Allen. The 23-year-old Darnold also has participated in the Jets’ virtual offseason training program. In a conference call last month, Darnold explained what he’s focused on going into 2020. “Continuing to work on my deep-ball accuracy is huge for me," Darnold said. "I feel like I left a couple opportunities out there on the field last year. I’m looking to hit those throws this year.” Thank you for relying on us to provide the journalism you can trust. Please consider supporting NJ.com with a voluntary subscription. Mike Rosenstein may be reached at mrosenstein@njadvancemedia.com. Tell us your coronavirus story or send a tip here.
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    Nurse: Hm, it seems your blood pressure is a little high. We’re going to have to... Nut: Excuuuuuse me, but do you have a source for this “claim” or a single link?! I’ll WAIT. Nurse: Sir, it’s right here on the monitor. It says... Nut: We’re going to just believe the MACHINES now? Please!
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    Jamal Adams as well so he can learn to intercept once in a while.
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    Just why should any of these teams do this at all? It all started with a team or do redoing deals and now everyone wants one. RB's and SS for that matter are quite replaceable.
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    https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/jets-rookie-wr-lawrence-cager-reuniting-with-good-friend-sam-darnold Jets undrafted free agent WR Lawrence Cager is chomping at the bit to line up with QB Sam Darnold for the first time since their high school all-star games. "Me and him were always together. He was my quarterback," Cager said. "We built a relationship there and we've been friends ever since. I've been talking to him probably since the beginning of high school until now, so it's been a little relationship brewing. "He's a great quarterback. I wanted to play with him at USC. Things didn't work out that way in high school, but I've always wanted to play with him. To get the opportunity at the highest level to play with a guy that you've been good friends with and wanted to play with for so long, now you have the opportunity to play with him, I couldn't ask for a better option. I really can't wait to step on the field and catch a fade from him." Cager (6'5", 220) texted Darnold when he signed with the Jets and said the franchise QB replied, "let's go with a lot of exclamation points." Cager, however, chose the Green & White for more than just Darnold — he first attended the University of Miami with TE Chris Herndon and WR-PR Braxton Berrios before transferring for the 2019 season to Georgia, the alma mater for Jets assistant WRs coach Hines Ward. Cager is also extremely close to Van Jefferson, the son of Jets WRs coach Shawn Jefferson. "During the whole draft process, I felt I had a great relationship with Coach Jefferson, Coach Hines, Coach [Adam] Gase, and I just felt like when I get to pick my options, why not go to a place where I feel like I have the most familiarity with the coaches," Cager said. "I think any time you can learn from a guy like Hines Ward, why wouldn't you? The guy was so productive in the league for many years, Super Bowl champion. It was like why not? He's a UGa grad. He had familiarity with the coaches at Georgia, how hard I worked and knows what type of work ethic I'd have coming in my rookie season. … I just knew the way Coach Jefferson coaches, you want to play with him. "When you get an opportunity like that to have those two guys in your corner to be your head guys teaching you every day and be with them every day, I wouldn't pass that opportunity up for anything." During an unprecedented time with a virtual offseason program, Cager is learning on the fly with his fellow rookies but uses his friends to his advantage. "I don't know how many conversations I've had with Chris (Herndon) just about how to be a pro and how to attack coming in being a rookie in New York," he said. "To have a guy like him, one of my best friends, I know he gets tired of it, but I talk to him all the time and ask, 'Hey, what's this?' and ask him questions about special teams, the installs, stuff like that so I don't mess it up. He came in and had a great year and he's one of my close friends. I talk to Sam about other stuff, he's the smart one."
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    You spelled Cuck wrong. So we're not getting flips in back to back games? Sounds fun.
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    Yea I'd expect an experienced player to know that the Mod may or may not take night actions from the individual who submits them for these type of things. In fact, now that I think about it I know for a fact you know this because when we were on the same squad in the watchmen game I suggested not putting in the search for doctor bluecock because it was basically impossible to win that way and potentially put us at risk for being sniffed out by a role. You then offered to put it in for me if I was worried about it coming up as my name. https://www.quicktopic.com/53/H/kBhUwdzV25kcj message 346
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    It’s great they’re getting together, and Sam is showing some leadership. Heres a news flash though, just about every starting QB in the league has done the same thing.
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    Ok kids. Yes. I’m JR, I’m town and I’m basically a role blocker yet JiF took little bit of liberty with my role. He’s so adorable when he is creative. I used my role on Arsis last night and we had no kills. It’s not 100% like an investigation but it’s certainly something.
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    It’s a shame how poorly they were treated on the way out here, Maccagnan was such garbage
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    It is very tough to find a LT. let alone a center. Dumbo mccagnan got rid of dbrick and mangold and promptly did nothing to replace them.....idiot. And durability is a very underrated aspect of any player.
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    ^^^ How GATA thinks she looks How GATA actually looks:
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    Hopefully Cager goes and can better his odds of making the roster.
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    When Sam talks...his teammates listen. According to Cimini there will be almost 2 dozen players there. "Almost every key offensive skill position player is expected to attend" https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29287562/sam-darnold-jets-teammates-hold-informal-workout-miami
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    I like that he has focused on the deep ball. As he says, he definitely left some plays on the field last year in that department and that usually means points.
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    More players expected according to the Post. Don't forget the Hazmat Suit when getting on the plane Sam!!! https://nypost.com/2020/06/09/sam-darnold-organizing-florida-workouts-for-jets-offense/?utm_source=twitter_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site buttons&utm_campaign=site buttons Jets quarterback Sam Darnold and his skill players are getting a jump on training camp. Darnold will fly to Florida later this week and conduct workouts this weekend with most of the Jets receivers, fellow quarterbacks, running backs and tight ends, according to a source. The Jets, like all NFL teams, have not been able to practice together this spring because of COVID-19 restrictions. This will be the first time Darnold gets to work with some of his new receivers like rookie Denzel Mims and Breshad Perriman, who signed as a free agent. Jamison Crowder, who was with Darnold last year, is also expected to be there. Running backs Le’Veon Bell and recently signed Frank Gore are also expected to be there, as is tight end Chris Herndon, who missed most of last season due to a suspension and injuries. Darnold has been training near his home in Southern California, but is going to travel closer to Florida, where many of these players are based. The 23-year-old is showing his growing leadership by organizing the sessions. It is reminiscent of former Jets QB Mark Sanchez, who organized practice sessions near his California home during three offseasons, starting during the 2011 lockout year. Sanchez named those “Jets West.”
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    This has been a running meme since roughly 1642 AD
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    Big Macc’s preferred option, we would have paid the guy even more. I’m so happy we have Douglas Running the show now.
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    Wow that was truly remarkable. We drafted him and just plugged him in at LT and that was it. Hopefully we can have similar success with Becton.
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    Actually, that's only correct for educated fans like you and I. Most team followers wouldn't know the difference and would be disappointed JD didn't sign Conklin. Your run of the mill fan sees big NFL names and automatically chalks the Jets not signing them as another reason why they are the Jets.
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    GM's aren't only judged by what they do (who they Draft, who they sign, etc.) but also by what they DON'T do (overpay for Conklin, trade up in the Draft giving up picks, etc.). On that front Joe Douglas seems to be off to a good start. Only time will tell as this roster marinates over the course of the season.
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    Fell asleep (Nolder jokes coming I’m sure) wake up and missed a day. That was the most sleep I’ve had at once in days. both babies still sleeping - 4.5 hours
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    I just want to mention that THIS is why you get people to engage on day 1. Day 2 flew by in two seconds but we still have interactions from day 1 that we can look at cough @kdels62 cough
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    It was a quick day. Everyone was hitting their shots and Sidney and Billy were really coming together. They made quick work of everyone. One player stepped up to the plate and said he had some inside info that could help Sidney and Bill take down the King and Duck. The players trusted him and put in there votes to remove a player eager to find out if he did indeed have inside information; Arsis - the Duck has been permentantely benced.
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    Because I have the best instincts in the game.
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    Great news and great to see him step up and take charge as the leader of the offense. I know he's had a lot of talks with sanchez about how he organized his jets west camp. Sanchez and Darnold have a really good relationship, and have for a while since both are Cali and SC guys. Say what you want about sanchez as a player, the guy did a really nice job with the Jets west camp even if it didnt materialize on the field often enough.
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    I was going to make a joke about Matt Leinart being tough but then I googled it and In his first two NFL seasons, Leinart had suffered two season-ending injuries within a period of five sacks.
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    @Jet Nut Woke up with you on my mind this morning. Keep fighting my man. We are all standing behind you with @Mogglez
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    @T0mShane This is true. Remember that when he's spewing bile about our best player.
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    Will be a great quiz question “who replaced D’Brickashaw Ferguson at LT on the only snap he missed in his 10 year career?”
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    Thank God we drafted Marcus Maye and his replacement so we don’t have to deal with this buffoonery
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    Cant say I blame a running back for wanting his dough. They draft you to replace a guy knowing that they won't pay you past your first contract. Repeat process.
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    I read another tweet from an NFL writer that stated he thinks that "reasonable number" is north of what McCaffery got.
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    Eh, Free agency started on March 18th, in the early stages of the lockdowns. Money was flying around pretty much like any offseason in that first week. I don't think that first wave of free agency was impacted by the pandemic all that much. All of these guys got fairly rich multi-year deals: Ryan Tannehill (Titans): $118M extension over 4 years DeForest Buckner (49ers): $105M extension over 5 years Amari Cooper (Cowboys): $100M extension over 5 years Arik Armstead (49ers): $85M extension over 5 years Byron Jones (Dolphins): $82M over 5 years Robert Quinn (Bears): $70M over 5 years Teddy Bridgewater (Panthers): $63M over 3 years Andrus Peat (Saints): $57.5M extension over 5 years Joe Schobert (Jaguars): $53.75M over 5 years DJ Reader (Bengals): $53M over 4 years Kyle Van Noy (Dolphins): $51M over 4 years Darius Slay (Eagles): $50M extension over 3 years Halapoulivaati Vaitai (Lions): $50M over 5 years Tom Brady (Bucs): $50M over 2 years Drew Brees (Saints): $50M extension over 2 years Dante Fowler (Falcons): $48M over 3 years James Bradberry (Giants): $45M over 3 years Graham Glasgow (Broncos): $44M over 4 years Jack Conklin (Browns): $42M over 3 years Trae Waynes (Bengals): $42M over 3 years Austin Hooper (Browns): $42M over 4 years Kendall Fuller (Redskins): $40M over 4 years Jason Hargrave (Eagles): $39M over 3 years Bradley Roby (Texans): $36M extension over 3 years Cory Littleton (Raiders): $36M over 3 years Anthony Castonzo (Colts): $33M over 2 years Malcolm Jenkins (Saints): $32M over 4 years Michael Brockers (Rams): $31.5 extension over 3 years Mario Addison (Bills): $30.5M over 3 years Jamie Collins (Lions): $30M over 3 years Bryan Bulaga (Chargers) $30M over 3 years Andrew Whitworth (Rams): $30M over 3 years Ereck Flowers (Dolphins): $30M over 3 years Shaq Lawson (Dolphins): $30M over 3 years Blake Martinez (Giants): $30M over 3 years Jimmie Ward (49ers): $28.5M extension over 3 years Michael Pierce (Vikings): $28M over 3 years Jason Pierre-Paul (Bucs): $27M over 2 years Randall Cobb (Texans): $27M over 3 years David Onyemata (Saints): $27M extension over 3 years Carl Nassib (Raiders): $25M over 3 years Austin Ekeler (Chargers): $24.5M extension over 4 years Blake Jarwin (Cowboys): $24.25M extension over 3 years Danny Trevathan (Bears): $24M extension over 3 years Devin McCourty (Patriots): $23M over 2 years Jarran Reed (Seahawks): $23M extension over 2 years Desmond Trufant (Lions): $21M over 2 years Taysom Hill (Saints): $21M extension over 2 years Nick Kwiatkoski (Raiders): $21M over 3 years Dennis Kelly (Titans): $21M extension over 3 years Gerald McCoy (Cowboys): $18.3M over 3 years Vonn Bell (Bengals): $18M over 3 years Ka'imi Fairbarn (Texans): $17.7M over 4 years Marcus Mariota (Raiders): $17.6M over 2 years Chris Harris (Chargers) $17M over 2 years Linval Joseph (Chargers): $17M over 2 years A'Shawn Robinson (Rams): $17M over 2 years Melvin Gordon (Broncos): $16M over 2 years Jimmy Graham (Bears): $16M over 2 years Christian Kirksey (Packers): $16M over 2 years Emmanuel Sanders (Saints): $16M over 2 years
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    I mean, it's pretty awful. lol. You're really putting a lot of hope in guys that havent proven to be very good. I really wish they could add a veteran WR to put out there but oh well, hopefully one of these guys has a break out year because Crowder is the only reliable WR of the bunch. I do think Griffin/Herndon/Bell help as well but good god, if Crowder got hurt...we better hope Mims hits the ground running.
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    God, just start the season already.
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    And some wanted Matt Leinart. Never forget.
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    They are every bit as good or better than we are. We can beat them, they can beat us. I very much doubt it. They’ll win 8 minimum. No. They’ll be better than most Jets fans think. Yes. There are at least 10 reasonably winnable games on our schedule. It’s a parity league. Beat Buffalo x1, Miami x2, New England x1 and you’re on the way. That’s 4 wins. There are definitely 6 more on this schedule.

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