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    They say you should dress for the job you want. Maybe he's not applying for the right position.
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    btw 1.2 million Black Americans served in WWII. They’re just as entitled to the flag as your snowflake ass.
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    You know a person is an absolute zombie incapable of independent thought when they cite “Antifa” as some existential societal threat. “Antifa” is a bunch of online emo kids who troll the right by doxxing the goons who show up at white supremacist rallies, getting them fired from their jobs at the car wash. It’s a gross, cynical ploy by Goodell to be pro-kneeling, but it’s his fault because he let Tr**mp and Jerry bully him over Kaepernick, and now he has to overcorrect for his past gutlessness. There should definitely be a space for players to say that they don’t feel comfortable kneeling, but Big Rog has now taken that away, too. He ****ed up, and now he has a righteous mess on his hands. What an absolute gimp.
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    With all due respect, you don’t get it. And if you don’t get it by now, it might be time to turn off the Faux news.
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    "My family died for your freedom" * Gets upset that people are actually using that freedom.
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    You know at some point you need to let the young guys compete for playing time. I’d let things roll through camp. If Cager, Campbell, Perriman don’t look the part by all means bring in a camp cut vet or make a trade.
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    Because he’s an injury prone diva with a terrible personality who is probably demanding a starting job and a truckload of cash. Joe Flacco is a super bowl mvp and signed to be our QB3 for 1 million bucks. I’m sure cam could get that role if he wanted.
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    Since it's night: I just checked the game I was playing at MU and the guy that subbed in for me copy and pasted the PM that said who the scum team was, posted it in the thread, and PMed it to other players so they closed the game.
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    If you’re not adding a number 1, no point we have 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, and 5’s... Lets find out who’s going to help this team going forward.
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    knocked out no less than 20 platoon mates 🤣 ok guy
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    jets don't either, not there very often
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    The fumble he didn’t feel like recovering
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    There was a squirrel?
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    I once raced to see 100 bodacious knockers. (Stripper's convention.)
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    They once cleared a new mod to do everything in the mod lounge. He is apparently still going through rehab from that experience. Something about sausage play calls was mentioned. Good news on Mosely though. <crossing fingers it was a freak accident type thing>
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    Nice work Crusher. Also, I'm the Cop. I investigated AVM and he is NOT TOWN. CTM was my investigation on N1. He came up town.
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    I think part of it is Cam simply isn't a plug and play QB into every system in the NFL. Cam has a very unique skill set, and to get the most out of his skills, you can't simply plug him into the same playbook as a guy who just sits back and throws from the pocket. I'll tell ya the team that should sign him is Buffalo. Makes too much sense. Good team with a question mark at QB. If Allen falters, you can plug in Newton and run the same offense with the same dynamic Allen had.
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    It's a non-violent form of protest against unequal treatment by the State. How would you prefer they protest? "Your" blood went to protest the Constitution and the Country, which includes the BIll of Rights, and the right to not only protest the flag, but to burn it to cinders if that is your choice of speech. Their service is appreciated. What does that have to do with you tho? Thats their service, not yours. You don't "have" to do anything. You can express your view however you wish, and others can express theirs in return. Best of luck with that.
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    I wish I wasn’t but I literally stared at it for 2 minutes trying to decide. Then I saw the squirrel...
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    I once knocked out no less than 100 racists.
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    Do they punch little holes in it for every racist in his platoon they knocked out? Like a milk club or something?
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    Oh you mean like when people use the flag pattern on their bikinis? Or fly it on their dirty ass pickup truck? Or maybe you meant the large percentage of people who are buying beer and hotdogs, or taking a dump during the anthem. If you think this is about disrespecting the flag, than that's just sad.
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    Please let us know how that boycott goes!
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    This isn't about you...
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    Live fights from Vegas tonight on ESPN! 7 to 11 pm...enjoy!
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    Damn that groin must really be feeling good!
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    Because he's a cheating Auburn bastage!
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    Old. Past peak. History of selfish behavior. Thinks he's worth more than he is. All rebuilding teams already have young quarterbacks. Cam is someone who thinks he's a starter and, by current NFL definition, he's not. He will get a job. Happens every year, someone's starter will go down in camp and he'll be 2020's Teddy Bridgewater. SAR I
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    Just what we need politicians dictating what players teams should sign.
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    This thread is starting to go off the rails again. Time to bring back the squirrel.
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    And Mims and Herndon and Crowder and Bell out of the backfield. I think Douglas waits until training camp to see what he has in Mims, Doctson, Perriman and even Herndon before making a move for a vet WR. And I doubt that would be a FA, it would likely be a trade like we saw for DT last year. The good news is that this was a loaded rookie WR class so there are teams that may find themselves with a vet WR that won't crack their starting 2/3 WRs and would be thrilled to land a 5/6th round pick in return.
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    Soldiers fought for our freedoms. Freedom includes the right to peacefully protest even if it makes some uncomfortable. The flag means different things to different people. If the country I live in enslaved my ancestors and treated me like a second class citizen I would have a different feeling toward it’s flag then someone who’s ancestors came here and received great opportunity and more freedom then in the country they were from. It isn’t that hard to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and try and see their perspective if you try.
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    Our duties as present day Americans should be to recognize that our country is in a vulnerable state and the levels of understanding, tolerance, and patience should be a little flexible. Stop worrying about the wrong sh#t. Anybody got more pics of the squirrel babe?
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    Does it really matter? 😳
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    After the 8-1 Minersville decision, in which Justice Harlan Fiske Stone was the sole dissenter, states had the authority to force children to participate in the Pledge. The Court maintained for only three years that “national cohesion” was of higher interest than one’s personal beliefs. In West Virginia v. Barnette, the Court's Minersville decision was overruled. Justice Robert Jackson wrote the 6-3 majority opinion, with Frankfurter now in dissent. Jackson emphasizes that free expression overrides the goal of national unity. A compulsory flag pledge goes against the fundamental values of the First Amendment, which protects freedom of expression and thought from government intrusion in all but the most extreme cases. He concludes his opinion with a stirring reflection on the dangers of forced “unity” and the importance of individual liberty:
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    That only happens in the mod lounge
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    I think the "Next" tattoo on her inner thigh gave her away. My ex-wife's custom made on-deck circle was a special touch.
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    This is an interesting point in regards to Jackson. I think Jackson greatly improved as a passer last year in terms of his ability to throw. His throwing motion was refined, his mechanics got better, his overall vision got better. It's a real credit to him as a player and to the staff in Balt working with him and easing him into his development. Now the question is what does he do this year, arguably the best cast he's had around him, he has to develop even more as a passer. The real test to me will be if Greg Roman gets a HC job in the next few years. He has a track record now of developing these dual threat QB's and creating an offense where they can thrive. Kaeps drop off came after Roman was gone. I dont think its a coincidence that he had his best years under Roman, then immediately after he leaves at the end of the 2014 season Kaeps numbers nose dive. So I'm also really interested to see Jackson if he continues to develop, what happens when Roman leaves.. Does he stay on track and prove he's the player many think he can be, or is his success largely due to Greg Roman?
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    Let's please not dress up Sam Darnold as Neil O'Donnell. Thanks.
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    Something tells me she’s smuggled a squirrel or two and would be just fine.
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    And you celebrate Jamal Adams.
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    You celebrate a guy who wears socks with pigs wearing police hats.

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