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    True story; the Hare Krishna used to do a free lunch in the plaza of americas at UF. Donation only, you got like a rice, veggie curry, salad. I'd give like 2/3 bucks, it was awesome, I'd eat it 3 times a week. It was firey in the belly but so good and just enough food. Couldnt beat it on a college budget. I had some "excuse me" moments in class after those lunches but one time....I'm sitting in the grass, eating my plate, I get ready to start walking to class and all of a sudden the rumble starts, I go white, start sweating...I'm fully activated and ready to explode...I'm frozen, like its a game, the moment I start to take my next step...it just starts running out, I'm wearing mesh shorts with boxers...it's probably 1 maybe 2 football fields away to the closest bathroom...oh yeah, at by far hands down the busiest part of the entire campus. Thousands of people around. I clinched my ass so tight and walked so slow and gingerly to that bathroom barely making it before the stream of sh*t down my leg was completely down to my ankle. I showered in the handicap stall. lol
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    I’m sitting at a beach bar in Mexico, so I’ll check this video out later. But the immediate responses from the usual suspects is already hilarious.
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    Why? Because we’re not tortured enough as jets fans?
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    Nominee, 2020 JetNation Most Esoteric Thread Award. With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, Max will preside/host the event via group Zoom.
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    I think he ends up being the underdog hero of the jets if we have a season. Not only will he be called on to start but he will be effective and surprisingly so
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    Fun! Given his inaccuracy (56.3 % completions, 6.6 Y/A thru his first 2 seasons) he would have to attempt approximately 575 passes next season to get to that 3,800 mark. Personally, I'm excited about the prospect of him dropping back that many times. Think of the wonderfully creative ways he'll find to take sacks and give the ball to the opposition!
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    NOTE: NFL.com mistakenly referred to Allen as "Bills QB", so I fixed it in the thread title.
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    Regardless of your stance on how to build a team or where to allocate resources, one thing’s for sure: this dude loves football, is one of the best at his position, and based on what we saw from this video, is a leader in the locker room. He sets his own expectations high and works to get them. Great find @Dcat - thanks for sharing.
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    Is it me or do Perriman, Mims and Vyncint Smith all have similar profiles.....tall, very fast, deep threats, some minor concerns about their abilities to run other routes or be "complete WRs", etc.? For the record, I like Smith as well. If he earns the WR4/5 spot that would be great.
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    Everett McIver at left tackle might be a candidate for your list. In 1995, he faced Bruce Smith and in a play that was ruled a false start. McIver whiffed on the play, Smith hit Boomer Esiason knocking him out with a concussion that caused him to miss the next six weeks. He started three more games before a concussion meant he missed the Patriots match up. Five more games to end out the season were on special teams only and that was the glorious closure to Everett McIver's career with the New York Jets. Everett McIver had an even more memorable incident than the one involving Bruce Smith. In 1998 McIver was still barely knocking around the league, this time he signed as a free agent with the those ranch hands in Arlington, Texas. During training camp when tempers fray in high humidity, Michael Irvin (yeah, that Michael Irvin) 'allegedly' inflicted a two-inch cut in the neck of McIver with a pair of barber's scissors after apparently arguing over which of the two would get their hair cut first, while some team members were also in the room. McIver did not press charges, and it was rumored that Irvin paid a six-figure settlement with him to drop the matter.
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    Nothing says happy ending like doing it with hand sanitizer
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    This is one of the most enjoyable videos since the draft. (Yes it's a year old but I had never seen it before). I can't wait for football. Hopefully, this becomes a better type of Adams thread. Since the video is from NFL, it may not embed here and you may need to watch on youtube. Amidst all the Adams debate, he's a very smart player and the team is, IMHO, is better off keeping him than trading him for unknowns. Get it done before 2021 JD, get it done. JMO.
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    Holey smokes. That list makes me feel good when I think of the current Jets roster,
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    Like being an actual psychic but still going broke at the roulette table.
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    Mosley's new mode of transportation. Cleared for EVERYTHING.
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    F*** - guess I should have read my role PM
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    It's my hope that the reason the Jets didn't take a couple WRs in the first three rounds is because of this guy. That they believe he can at least be Robby Anderson's replacement. I have some hope in him. More than I do for a guy like Doctson.
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    He a noble cuck 4 sure
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    @CTM Edit: Read this in the post today Contact precautions also apply to the boudoir, where Swiss sex workers maintain that “doggy style” and “reverse cowgirl” positions can help mitigate the spread of disease for those making love in the time of corona.
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    jets don't either, not there very often
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    Sam has a built in excuse... Adam Gase. Or will it be the other way around?
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    It's never been any mystery or hidden secret that all of the Jets woes should be laid at Mac's feet. He was the worst kind of horrid, clusterf*ck, disaster for any NFL team to hire. Everyone knew that Mac's neglect of the OL set Sammy up for failure. We hope moving forward that JD read his history books and learned from Mac's mistakes what not to do. Sammy does need to get better but honestly no one can complain until the Jets decide to give Sammy a decent support system.
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    Fair point. I think it's just important to remember that Palmer has carved this own path for himself when judging him on this particular topic. Yeah, obviously being a former NFL QB and Carson's younger brother helped him quite a bit, but even Carson continued to work with House while his own brother was trying to make it as a QB guru. There was no plug, no public advertisement, etc. Just a guy that started working with other QBs and it grew from word of mouth. I look at him and see a guy that went from career back-up/living in the shadow of his successful brother to premier QB teacher. It's a good turn-around story, IMHO.
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    ^^^ Horrific moment in life. Or "Tuesday" for Crusher.
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    Top 3: JC makes as much sense as anyone. My views on him D1 have been pretty well covered and the Barry flip doesn’t help matters. Kdels I’ve also been wary about since D1, jumping on the JC train and then doing a 180. Pac just way too quiet. For the above 3 in particular the last couple of days haven’t really helped my reads all that much. It’s been kind of paint by numbers and we’ve caught two scumbags so not gonna complain, but it hasn’t really forced people to take any stands. Others: Crusher I’m not ready to clear. The longer he stays alive, the worse I feel about it. RB can definitely be a scum role, and if the alternate night shot theory is correct, with 2 small scum teams it would make sense that on their off night they have role blocking ability. Stark I’m leaning town, And haven’t really seen anything stand out as scummy to me. I’ve read you as town all the way for reasons already discussed.
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    Give him a chance to lie about stuff
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    We do have the WR coaches to make something beautiful of the situation though. Let’s see.
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    I’ve only read page 11
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    Doctson has been in the nfl longer and shown less
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    Moving quick today huh? Good job 80, may you RIP.
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    So we killed off one of the 2 brothers (Frank - AVM) and one of the 2 players (Duck - Arsis). Gotta kill off one remaining brother and the other player (King).
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    In case I die tonight, just letting you all know I'm planning to investigate Kdels.
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    The Baltimore Bills is catchy as hell
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    as for #'s... was just breezing througfh Cams year by year on football outsiders... i'd say a bit disappointing for the #1 pick... aka- he's overrated top 11 just once... bottom 3rd a few and middle thrid a few....
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    Damn that groin must really be feeling good!
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    Very close resumes between the two: Each won an MVP Both have four top-10 MVP vote seasons Hernandez has the slight edge on defense (11 Gold Gloves to 9, +1.3 dWAR to -6.2 dWAR) Mattingly the slight edge on offense (.830 career OPS to .821, 3 Silver Sluggers to 2) Each won a Batting Title Mattingly has the All-Star game edge, 6-5 WAR likes Hernandez (60.3/17 seasons) over Mattingly (42.4/14 seasons). Hernandez has the edge in rings, 2-0 Mattingly has the stronger peak Hernandez has the edge in longevity Only a homer would say its a CLEAR edge to either player. I give the slight nod to Hernandez.
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    They say you should dress for the job you want. Maybe he's not applying for the right position.

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