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    So that should just about put to rest any debate of him being any sort of team leader. He's shown his true colors, which are as a headache-causing diva, despite playing at one of the least impactful positions in all of pro football. Not a good combo.
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    You couldn’t get Myles Garrett from Cleveland for Jamal Adams and a first round pick.
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    Because it's hard to ask people to turn off a perceived injustice for a game. Jerry Jones doesn't have to do anything, but it doesn't exempt him from judgement by society, players, etc. Sidebar it's really frustrating when people ask minorities to just keep something "politics free". I wish I could turn off people making comments about my race in a given area, but I can't. You would think being a physician and being a perceived "model minority" (a terrible concept btw) would offer some protection. It doesn't. An RN asked a Pakistani resident in my institution whether he had a pilot's license in reference to 9-11. She said it was a joke and still works here. I have been told how great my English is for a foreigner (I was born in the US) and asked where I'm really from. Got called boy by a wealthy patient. So asking me to keep that frustration to myself because other people want to have a comfortable Sunday is bothersome.
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    The jets scored 23 points in the 3 games with no Sam Darnold last season this is the worst thread I have seen in a long time
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    I’m sitting at a beach bar in Mexico, so I’ll check this video out later. But the immediate responses from the usual suspects is already hilarious.
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    NOTE: NFL.com mistakenly referred to Allen as "Bills QB", so I fixed it in the thread title.
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    Premium edge rusher gets paid! - Strong Safety has to wait, what a shocker!
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    Anyone who says “woke” unironically is not to be trusted. Trade him.
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    As a resident of Bay Ridge, I can say, beyond a doubt that this thread is a horror show.
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    The guy has three years left on his deal. Dude needs to get off the bath salts.
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    I suppose I could ask you the same question about JN posts, but replace famous athlete with anonymous jabronis.
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    Best player on the team, and props to him as a leader on and off the field, and for having the guts to take a stand on what’s happening in this country also. He’s been the voice of the Jets as far as that goes. The man wants to get paid. If he feels he has to rattle some chains to get that done, that’s his right. Fans who get upset about it will just have to grind their teeth. It’s really not their concern.
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    God. Mentioned once in trade talks and hasn’t stopped crying since. Fn baby. You have 3 years left dude.
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    If someone is forced to make a stand on anything, we are heading in the wrong direction.
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    Wow. Brilliant observation. Darnold learned not to trust an OL that no QB in Pop Warner, HS, College and the NFL would trust. There is no need to get clinical about Darnold. For those that have eyes and some gray matter, he's very talented and his head is there too. Mr. Coffee f*cked up the roster. No rocket science there. Enter JD. Sam's problems as they were last season are over. Again... We don't need to evaluate Sam. He's got it. We needed a better GM. We got it.
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    Fun! Given his inaccuracy (56.3 % completions, 6.6 Y/A thru his first 2 seasons) he would have to attempt approximately 575 passes next season to get to that 3,800 mark. Personally, I'm excited about the prospect of him dropping back that many times. Think of the wonderfully creative ways he'll find to take sacks and give the ball to the opposition!
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    If we think JC isn't a good lynch yet I think we should kill @Pac he serves no purpose
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    Drama queen will be crying all year, better get used to it now. JD isn't going to pay him early or break the bank for him
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    Belichick: "Yeah, #65 seems a bit undersized to play guard, given that he's 6'2 205, but he's a very versatile player, with a really strong arm. Which is why in practices he's taking all of his snaps at QB... But we definitely think of him as an offensive lineman."
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    Like Dustin Diamond's semen.
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    2019 Jets with Darnold: 7-6, 19.46 points/game 2019 Jets without Darnold: 0-3, 9 total points scored on offense (not including a special teams TD and a defensive TD) It's cool to troll, as long as you anti-Darnold people have a basic understanding of how stupid you sound. If anything, he was the team MVP.
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    I met him this winter at a small church in West Charlotte. He was speaking to a group of about 10 boys 8-12 that play youth football, He was so engaging and patience with all the kids questions. And you know he was not getting paid. I can't help to root for this young man to succeed with my team.
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    LOL . Never heard of him and I'm sure Nascar is not missing anything.
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    Leave politics out of sports. This is to both sides.
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    I hear your frustration and understand your sentiment. I myself am a minority but I look to sports as a way to turn off the frustrations of everyday life. If I can't look to sports for an out to the madness that is going on in the world at this time then where can I go?
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    Having him in the division increases the odds that The Prez gets an interception in 2020.
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    Ask myself this all the time...
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    Especially the first one in the thread.....It's like he has some Darnold radar going off. Why someone pretends to be a Jets fan when it's beyond obvious he's not is baffling.
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    Main culprit. No. Part of the many problems? Yeah. Like the guy said, he was trying to survive week to week. It was a mess everywhere.
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    Nominee, 2020 JetNation Most Esoteric Thread Award. With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, Max will preside/host the event via group Zoom.
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    He's said nothing for months about it.. don't care about this at all.. he's a team leader looking to get paid. you guys must be Real Housewives fans or something.
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    the gaping gulf between Adams skill and the skill he believes himself to have is greater than the one Richard Sherman has..
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    Pretty debatable, considering that he led the league in fumbles, jint fan.
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    So I lynched a teammate so I can set up another townie? So that’s 1 for 1? The math makes that beyond tinfoil.
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    Well 99% white drivers is not representation of racial inequality. Equality of opportunity is paramount not equality of outcome. That is important.
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    Please tell me which HC would have done better with his starting QB who "Missed 4 games with mono, bottom 5 line, bottom 5 supporting cast"? Judge Gase after this season.
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    And he only fumbled 5 last year. The OL allowed him to be hit more, which means he's going to fumble more. Sam doesn't have a fumbling issue
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    actually for that area now it's in Manderin
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    Missed 4 games with mono, bottom 5 line, bottom 5 supporting cast, bad coach, 7-5. Maybe I'm generating my inner Cowherd but I like the kid
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    He lost me the second he started using the patriots game as an indicator of anything. It’s laughable that he thinks ball location is his biggest weakness... laughable, that’s literally his biggest strength. He uses the Berriors throw vs the raiders as a NEGATIVE... literally one of the sickest throws of the season. Overall I don’t disagree with his position (he think Sam has unreachable stuff and tons of potential).

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