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    These are unprecedented times. We have always had a no politics rule here and it has served us well over the years. We never wanted to be a site that saw Jet fans fight with other fans over things that aren't football related. That is why we have avoided it, the partisan bickering with both sides shouting and neither side listening is easier for us to avoid all together. That being said, 2020 is like nothing we have ever seen. There are so many topics that are directly impacting us all and it is hard to not speak about them anymore. How do we say, hey we know you are forced to stay at home and you may have lost your job, but please don't talk about Covid here because it gets political? It is impossible, there are things going on that are on everyone's mind. We don't even know if the NFL season will be played in front of fans. Whether fans are there are not we can be certain that there will be players protesting. It all adds up and makes it impossible to not discuss here. Some people tell us they love that the site is free of all of this. Others tell us we are censoring people by not allowing these threads. How do we find the balance? We are implementing a solution called Clubs that will make it possible for both to exist. The NFL forum and Lounge, all of the existing forums here will remain politics free. We are here to talk football. The other stuff is important but if it isn't football it isn't going to be in the forums. The new Off Topic Clubs - Beta will launch on Sunday night. These Clubs are topic based and they allow for threads, image uploads and a calendar option if needed They are Opt In Because of this we are going to be able to allow the conversation to continue in a direction we haven't in the past Just as the Clubs are opt in, they are also opt out, which means anyone who doesn't play nice with others will be removed from the club We need the Off Topic Clubs to be a community based thing. We need everyone to LISTEN to each other. If you are going there to simply rile others up or name call, it isn't going to work out for you. Clubs are not the kind of thing you will be banned from. They are the kind of thing you can be kicked out of and there is no expiration date on that. It is a one and done kind of thing. So we ask that you take them seriously, treat each other with respect and avoid personal attacks. I will post the link on Sunday and you will have the option to join any clubs you are interested in. I stress that if you like the way the site is now, please just post as you are doing. Don't feel any pressure to check out the off topic stuff. They are there for those that want to discuss these topics, but we realize most will probably want to keep the site the way it is now (football only). Thanks everyone and have a great weekend!
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    aim in the hospital in the Covid_19 section. I'm stuck more than the regular patient since I'm also a dialysis patient and won't be allowed into any dialysis center until I test negative for Covid-19 twice. Until then I have to go to special clinics set up for people like me without an option. But before that I also have to be rid of pneumonia. Getting a little complicated. They did implant a line into my groin so that they can directly inject the remdesivir vaccine directly into my blood stream. My lungs fortunately are fine, I'm dread to the world and in a lot of pain, physically in my legs and abdominals. Painkillers and Xanax are the treatment, lol. Wore part is being on an empty, quiet, scary hospital floor. Reeks of a creepy horror movie. And even the nurses with full face great make it almost next to impossible t communicate. Crazy but save my ass and I'll be happy
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    My wife and potentially one of my kids. Definitely my wife at least.
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    Will there be a Jamal Adams Club
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    This sums up my treatment and what it feels like to go through treatments perfectly. Thanks to my great son, he's the best!
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    So that should just about put to rest any debate of him being any sort of team leader. He's shown his true colors, which are as a headache-causing diva, despite playing at one of the least impactful positions in all of pro football. Not a good combo.
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    You couldn’t get Myles Garrett from Cleveland for Jamal Adams and a first round pick.
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    Can we create our own clubs? Can we have a Rich Man’s Club for posters with a net worth of over $5M? We have issues and concerns that others often find off-putting or unrelatable. SAR I
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    It's awesome to see you posting, I'm actually a little choked up (and I hate you, you pain in the ass lol) Seriously though, it sounds like you're doing better. Keep it up!!
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    You say your lungs are fine but you have pneumonia (PNA)? Are they saying it's Covid PNA or is it something else? Have they proned you at all? Evidence shows that even non-intubated people can benefit from spending time prone. Like I said, any questions you'd like to ask, feel free to send them via PM. I am an ER RN, saw plenty of this sh*t, even fought off a moderate case myself. Best thoughts coming your way.
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    That probably happened. Covid also happened and the rich people in the world realized it in February and zipped up their purses. Who is getting a long term deal right now? They don't know if fans will be in attendance. The Jets stopped billing their fans for tickets. But hey our leader is mad the team is being slow after 25% of the country was furloughed.
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    Sounds like a good idea. Personally I wont partake. Like everyone I have strong feelings regarding these things however I didnt become a member here to talk politics or SJ. I admit to being sucked into it on occasion but really do like the concept of keeping it out of here. I use sports and JN as a healthy diversion from all that but unfortunately sports are no longer free from it all. I get enough of the politics, virtue signalling (ughhhh), and all the important social issues from every other angle in my life and need a diversion or two to dry out from it. Honestly it is psychologically unhealthy staying immersed in all that 24/7.
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    I've never created a poll, this was harder than I anticipated and likely will screw this up.
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    @Maxman I would suggest that you completely disable the positive and negative reputation buttons in all of these clubs. If you want them to remain insulated from everything else we do, then turn those things off in the clubs.
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    Dialysis is being done in the hospital room, they and let a Covic patient into a dialysis clinic The only blood thinners I'm on is heparin during dialysis. I am the rare dialysis patient, the only mens I take are my dietary binders an no other medications
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    One person surviving this experiment is the actual best case scenario. The reality here will be much worse lol.
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    You should give a sh1t about this, This is a salary cap league. Money paid to Adams is simply not available to be allocated to other players. It is not as if it is going into the owners pocket. You are wrong if that is what you think. The question if we (over) pay him is... which other players are not getting signed? As i said before. Extend Maye now and let Adams stew in his own juices.
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    Not how I expected you to look:
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    That is a very good question. I would prefer not to allow that, but we will have to figure it out. There is a lot to be worked out yet so I think we will take it one day at a time and go from there. Okay so this post kind of proves my point. I have worked with these moderators for years and I can't even tell you what everyone's political affiliation is. My point is these conversations are already happening that is why the Club makes sense. We have a lot to work out, but we want the Clubs to be self maintained as much as possible. What that means logistically we will have to work out over time. There will be issues, many issues, I have no doubt about that. That is a good point, I am going to see if I can do that technically. Not sure if it is an option but I will try. I disagree on doing that on a global basis and here is why. Anonymity brings out the worst the internet has to offer. Back on the ji days the webmaster created a fake account called streetballa333 or something like that. He used that account to blast people, his friends, and send messages that he would never send otherwise. So I think the second username would have people fighting more. The PatsFanTx club. You get kicked out and that is your last resort, you have to talk to him. This is a good point and it is a very real fear. That being said it won't happen because the entire Club structure will be shut down long before we let that happen. This either makes the quality of the NFL forum better or it goes away. We are only doing this right now because the quality in the NFL forum is taking a hit with some partisan politics stuff. I had BETA in the first post, I just added it to the thread title as well. We definitely want to make it clear that this is an experiment. Thanks everyone!
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    Jamal is no more a LEADER than Darelle Revis was a LEADER. Just because you have the loudest voice doesn't me squat. In fact, don't be surprised if many guys on the team deep down don't like him at all. He keeps calling for more dogs publically, which is a direct slap to anyone currently on the team. Lets hope Ashton turns into gem.
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    He gets paid better then the military,cops,firemen and many other professions and gets a lot more time off..
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    I think I am suffering from Jamal Adams fatigue. I just don’t care what he says about his contract. Don’t care about the trade talk either. In the midst of the uncertainty over the pandemic, last thing I want is to hear about an athlete making millions a year who is complaining about his contract. If we trade him, fine. If we don’t trade him, that is fine too. As long as he shows up ready to play and gives 100% when he is on the field. As for any pouting about his contract, or silly trade rumors, I don’t care anymore. Sent from my iPad using JetNation.com mobile app
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    You guys follow Jamal? cool i follow shield maidens and Viking stuff
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    Jamal Adams is great at stopping the run when he’s the extra man in the box unblocked. He’s also decent at getting sacks when he’s an unblocked blitzer. Outside of that he isn’t very special and plays likely the least influential position on defense. To compare him to Polamalu is laughable. Adams isn’t even the best SS in the league today. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    woa woa woa, what the hell is that? what exactly is wrong with being a middle aged guy wearing a jets jersey while on a weekly run to the local gorcery store? just what the hell is going on here.. Also this should seal the deal on shipping Adams when we can, right now he can just play out his cont
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    In fairness they are not obligated to give him a new contract yet. I think they would like to wait till next off season. Also judging from the way JD operates I doubt they told he was getting a proposal in January.
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    the gaping gulf between Adams skill and the skill he believes himself to have is greater than the one Richard Sherman has..
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    The guy has three years left on his deal. Dude needs to get off the bath salts.
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    Since I am now a fan of Jamal, I have no comment at this time.
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    Premium edge rusher gets paid! - Strong Safety has to wait, what a shocker!
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    I’m trying to figure out two things. 1. Why would an adult follow any pro athlete on social media? 2. Even if an adult doesn’t follow athletes on social media, when you’re shown a tweet, why would you get upset about what he’s saying? Especially when he’s talking about HIS money. Unless you’re that middle aged guy who goes shopping in a team jersey, I just don’t get it.
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    It seems that Jamal’s agent tells him things that are not entirely true. With this, for instance, why would the Jets send Jamal Adams a contract offer in January?
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    Anyone who says “woke” unironically is not to be trusted. Trade him.
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    I have no problem with him rattling some chains or doing whatever he feels he need to do for himself. I also have no problem with the Jets management telling him that he has 2 years left on his deal, and they are not moving until the end of the season. After all, this is a business, and that is the way business is run. Personally, I would like to see him get a deal now, but I also want the Jets to be financially smart about running this team.
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    Like I said, I’ll defer to the group. I’d like some more thoughts on it from those of us who have properly bathed in the last week (and no @CTM , acid-fueled skinny dipping in the creek running through the commune does not count)
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    JI was notorious for having posters’ resentments from the political forums spill into every thread. Best way to insulate the site from the politics while still having a place for it might be to enforce a new user ID for just the political clubs. This way, if poster X goes by “FoxNuuz” in the clubs but uses “JetFanABC“ in the forums, then when he posts in the clubs about how the oompah loompah at 1600 Penn Ave is a great guy, it won’t have any spillover effect in the forums for people who think the oompah loompah at 1600 Penn Ave is a dimwitted manchild. I have no idea if that’s even feasible on this forum software, but just a thought. Given the demographics on the site, it’ll be interesting to see. I’ll check it out and probably barely post in it - instead reserving my internet outrage for Gase in 2020.
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    Only 5M? That's not rich, if you only a have a BMW and a Rolex, that's fake rich.
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    I'll stick with the main forum. I like an avenue letting people bust their nut outside here
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    I hope this works out. I choose to discuss politics on other forums and will not opt in to the clubs. The only way that there is any hope of posters being civil and not falling back to canned talking points and accusations (that both sides will state as fact) that will fire both sides up to the boiling point is to make a zero exceptions rule and absolutely enforce the kick/ban for at least a year. Who will make the decisions on whether someone stepped over the line? Several mods and posters lean left. Will this be like the Google/Facebook/Twitter fact checkers that are all radical libs? I hope you have the final say because I've found you to be fair and open minded since you started JN. Final thought on this is I fear that hard feelings from the clubs might follow over to the NFL forums and affect football discussions.
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    I'll be the glass half full guy and vote for Darnold. He's too talented and I think a healthy Herndon (along with an improved OL) will make a big difference for him.
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    Correct. So he has played well. Fine. If Im the GM he has 3 years to keep playing well then we can talk about the next contract. These clowns crack me up. They sign a contract and want to tear it up simply for playing well? Oh and when they stink do they ever give money back? Puhleeeeese with this sh!t. Take a hike Jamal and dont let the green door hit you in the ass on the way out.
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    So he wants to be re-elected after 3 years?
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    He just needs to go. Bleed him over the next three years for cheap. Then take whatever compensation pick we get and move on. If he holds out or dogs it he will only kill the size of his next deal wherever that may be.
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    There is no doubt in my mind that GW saw a guy that needs to step it up on the conditioning front & Gregg Williams is no Todd Bowles. He proved last year he'll sit anyone's azz down on the bench & believe me, nothing does more to push a top athlete than NOT PLAYING with the ones. Most of these guys have some pride (Trumaine excluded) and they know damn well G Williams just will not accept anything but their best effort. I believe if the CB group can rise up, this defense could have a Seattle type rise. This will be a 4 quarter defense now with the depth they've built. If Zuniga & Huff can develop as part time pass rushers, the sky is the limit. Four big young aggressive dudes up front in QW, Shepard, Foley & Phillips, along with the Veteran McClendon is a damn good group to keep that next level of good LBs & Safeties clean to flow to the ball.

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