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    I hereby dub his new nickname Jamalcontent. He's Jamal. He likes to create content. He's a malcontent. He's Jamalcontent.
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    Does anyone remember if/when I predicted Jamal would be one of the most hated Jets of all time? Trying to remember if that was three years ago or two
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    Mangini tore the curtain back and martyred himself for us. #Stangini
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    Jamal has reduced himself to troll status at this point. Sad.
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    A 3rd round pick? Lol I would've took away first round picks for a decade. Seems fair after two decades of cheating.
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    Not sure he'll be able to pick up all the cheating in one year.
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    If you gave me the option to send Jamal into the sun on a rocket or be given $1,000, I'd press that launch button until my fingers bled.
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    i'm rather suprprised at how many of you seem to think this is a bad/kiss of death move for NE.... Cam is electric when his health is cooperating... Now he's going to be working w/ Josh McDaniels, a 3 headed back field and some youth at WR, and a good Oline. They're still the team to beat.
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    Asked about this cheating at a presser Belichick said “We’re already on to the next cheating plan.”
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    I knew I shouldn't have opened this fcking piece of sh*t thread
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    Josh Allen is a RB, and thus is ineligible. 1) Fitzpatrick 2) Darnold 3) Flacco 4) Newton 5) Tua 6) Stidham 7) Barkley
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    Did you guys watch any of Cams last games? Rotator cuff injuries don't get BETTER with age, ask Chad Pennington. The guy has had a foot problem for a while now, so taking off & running like when he was 23 is detrimental to his health. And, he's never been super accurate from the pocket. QBs don't sit as long as this guy did in this league as free agents after being released unless they're damaged goods. That Pats team is also relying on some old players like Edelman (34) & McCourty (33). These are their veteran leaders that might not make it through the season. No QB sets the table as well as Brady & no QB goes through their reads quicker than TB. That was always a huge part of his success. He was playing Chess while other QBs were playing checkers. His awareness to EVERYTHING going on around him was ridiculous, and he was the most clutch QB EVER in crunch time. Everyone forgets that Brady gave the Patriots THE LEAD vs the Giants & the defense faultered, and if Wes Welker was an inch taller they win that Super Bowl to as it was an excellent throw. Sorry folks, Cam Newton at 31 is no Tom Brady 43.
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    If you think Stidham beats out Newton that explains most of your posts on here. The Darnold/Flacco situation does not equal Stidham/Newton and it's not even close. Did you even watch the game last year when they inserted Stidham against us in a route? He was beyond awful and also sucked as a college QB.
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    Healthy Cam on a mission to prove haters wrong with the best coach of all time also on a mission to prove he can win without the goat. I don't see any reason to celebrate this move.
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    @JiF You'll note that technically I didnt follow this train either .. you twink ****
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    Franchise Tag/Transition Tag value: QB ($26.8M/$24.8M) WR ($17.9M/$15.7M) DE ($17.8M/$15.2M) CB ($16.3M/$14.2M) DT ($16.1M/$13.1M) LB ($15.8M/$13.8M) OL ($14.8M/13.5M) S ($11.4M/$9.9M) TE ($10.6M/$9.1M) RB ($10.3M/$8.5M) ST ($5.0M/$4.6M) Positions ranked by top paid player (average per year) QB: Russell Wilson ($35M) EDGE: Khalil Mack ($23.5M) DT: Aaron Donald ($22.5M) WR: Julio Jones ($22M) LT: Laremy Tunsil ($22M) ILB: Bobby Wagner ($18M) RT: Lane Johnson ($18M) CB: Darius Slay ($16.7M) RB: Christian McCaffrey ($16.0M) RG: Brandon Scherff ($15M) LG: Joe Thuney ($14.8M) FS: Eddie Jackson ($14.6M) SS: Tyrann Mathieu ($14M) NT: Javon Hargrave ($13M) C : Rodney Hudson ($11.3M) TE: Hunter Henry ($10.6M) FB: Kyle Juszczyk ($5.3M) K: Justin Tucker ($5M) P: Thomas Morstead ($3.9M) LS: Beau Brinkley ($1.3M) Positions ranked by median starter average salary: QB ($24.3M) EDGE ($15.4M) WR ($12.3M) DT ($11.0M) LT ($9.6M) CB ($9.5M) ILB/MLB ($7.8M) C ($6.8M) TE ($5.8M) RT ($5M) LG ($4.5M) RG ($4.3M) RB ($4.1M) FS ($4M) SS ($3.7M) K ($3.3M) P ($2.0M) LS ($1.1M)
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    @JiF @CTM to clear something up it had NOTHING to do with Hess's standing in the game. It was a reference to a game we played a long time ago that Hess and I talked about through the years. In no way does it have anything at all to do with Hess in this game I hope that clears things up I would never attempt to **** up a game like some have in the past I hope you guys would know that.
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    I'll kick you in the balls and throw you off a boat bitch
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    Before Marty turned up dead, she announced "I'm a 1x vig, I killed his bitch ass." jvill laughed - "He said he was Marty and it was unchallenged ... you killed him without discussing first?" “Sounds like you need to go F yourself. What you do is, you roll yourself into a ball or whatever, and you take your dick and you put it up your ass” fired Ruth. ape flung sh*t at her in disgust. "You seem like you're only interested in self-vetting" said Ape. "Hows about instead of sh*ttin’ on me, you get your own house in order? And until you do, hows about you F OFF, alrighty?”, yelled Ruth. Gata burst in to see what the racket was. "Who are your top 3 scum reads!?", she chirped. Ruth turned to Gata - “What the F are you gonna do? Kill me, you F'n bitch wolf?" "W/E - vote smash", Gata chimed in as she pushed her in front of a dump truck speeding down the road. Smash - Ruth- 1x BPV, Searching for Marty (Langmore Family) - Has been run over by a dump truck. It is now N3. You have until midnight to submit your night actions. note: lynch scenes are flavor only and no information is to be gained from characters and names
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    The British are coming...........
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    How many games did Baker Mayfield miss with: 1. A dubious ankle injury that was later revealed to be exaggerated to give the rookie QB “a breather”? 2. An STD?
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    Why? It's not even the July before a season that may or may not ever get underway. What's the rush? Are you feeling the twitter pressure? Doing nothing is Douglas' best course of action. Adams is under contract, and JD has other work to do. Let other fan bases get themselves all lathered up at the prospect of prying the great Jamal Adams from the NYJ, and let their GMs make the appropriate offers. The usually poorly run Jets are doing this one exactly right, IMHO. The entire organization is united in not planning to trade Adams, Gase and Williams praising him, publicly expressing their desire to come back and be happy. In the end, Adams will play for the Jets, hold out, or be traded. The Jets, by not panicking, are sending the clear massage that there's no Jamal Adams fire sale going on. You want him, make us a real offer. Otherwise he's our property. I wouldn't even remotely consider making him a contract offer at this time. I was never in favor of such a thing before, but bowing to this make-believe pressure would be the worst possible precedent to set for the novice GM.
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    This tells what I think is the truest story. TEs get screwed with the franchise and transition tag values, and all the OL really benefit by being lumped in with the LTs and, to a lesser extent, centers. But, again, this is positional value in a nutshell. RB and SS are the lowest paid positions on either side of the ball. Why is that? Because they're the easiest to replace. Both positions are generally filled with average to smaller sized players (from an NFL perspective), without elite athletic ability (because with elite athletic ability, they'd be WRs or CBs getting paid!). There's a long line of guys 5'10"-6'1", around 215lbs who can run in the 4.5 range. They're everywhere. Jamal Adams may be a very good football player, but you can very easily replace 85-90% of what he brings by simply replacing him with a slightly better athlete. I feel far worse for the RBs with real ball skills seeing their position value plummet than I do for Adams, playing the least valuable starting position in the sport.
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    very informative list. i hope adams can read. i agree he should be paid like one of the top safeties. it's hard to make apples-apples comparison because of things like contract term and guaranteed money so maybe even 14 million is too high.
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    Can you please record your dinner conversations with your dad over the Adams fiasco. Would be priceless.
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    When did I get caught up in this nonsense? Wait.... what?
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    No. But the fact that you had to ask shows just how weird the world is today and that this probably could happen and it would only be mildly surprising.
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    1. Sam Darnold 2. Cam Newton 3. Ryan Fitzpatrick / Tua Tagovailoa 4. Josh Allen
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    Darnold Allen Newton Fitzcraptrick #EndThread
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    Up until this moment, I was concerned that Beli thought he had something special in Stidham. I’m now less concerned.
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    Ashtyn Davis was a smart signing. I like the Douglas guy. He might be the real Prez.
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    Good move imo, but what is the league going to do with the let pats hold rule now? Also can be this be removed to the non jamal adams talk sub form?
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    I called this the day the Panthers cut him. Caught some crap for it. Rule 14 for all y'all who don't know.
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    This “theory,” goes right out the window when Prezmal lists a handful of teams he’d go to without a new contract.
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    If Jamal was worried about getting injured playing football, he should have went to law school
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    Wouldn’t that be a great way of trolling him!! #JAMALCONTENT Lets make it a trending thing among the JetNation forum. Prepare the plane!!
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    You just can't help yourself, can you Trolly? Starts troll thread. Says he'll stay out of it. Has about 25% of the posts in the thread. lol
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    1) Cam Newton - don't go to sleep on this guy!!!! Yes, it a one year deal, but he's dangerous because he's looking for a permanent home and multi year deal!!!! Remember he still has an arm and can scramble which makes him a double threat. 2) Josh Allen - has a new weapon at WR with Diggs which makes him better than last year. He still has to play better than last year!!! 3) Sam Darnold - he still has to prove that he can play a full season and mistake free. He still needs weapons at his disposal!!!! 4) Fitzpatrick - is only warming up the position, he's not their future QB
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    Been fighting injuries the past several years. If healthy I guarantee he puts up better numbers than QB 1 for the NYJ.

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