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    Plus you can use your JetsBucks on an in-game ventilator
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    Revis didn’t talk his way off the team. He was a mercenary, not a diva. Revis never sold himself as the leadership guy. Adams actions grossly contradict the pitch he gave us. Selfish, not savvy. I can at least respect how Revis operated. This is actually like a bitch to get traded’ sh*t, like Antonio Brown pulled.
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    I hate 2020. I'm going back to Space.
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    Playa indicates an affinity towards the individual or individuals the tweet is directed towards. Had he ended it with an 'er' as in Player that would seem to be more condescending and shows a lack of respect. You know -- almost sarcastically referring to the person as a fake playa.. Hmm.. really very interesting. After giving it careful consideration and discussing it with my Pug, I believe this is in response to Marcus Maye who offered Adams a copy of IP Man 4: The Finale in 4K Blu Ray. Best Buy accidentally sent Maye 2 so he offered one to his buddy.
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    To be fair a young Keyshawn on twitter probably would have not ended well
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    1. States at #1 that the NY media has driven players out of NY “time and time again.” 2. Is only able to name one player. 3. That player was Odell Beckham Jr. Parents, don’t let your kids grow up to be bloggers. Spring for J-school.
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    TBH, the death of pro sports will at least be somewhat entertaining.
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    Nope. And neither will Joe Douglas. And outside of his social media manipultions, there is not a thing he can do about it. The sound of JD's silence is driving Adams crazy. Adsms will lose his mind long before JD caves in to this utter nonsense.
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    Let me just say that it's absolutely hysterical that this tweet bashing the Jets and supporting Jamal Adams is also pointing out how little difference a "1st-Team All Pro safety lol," makes when trying to turn a loser into a winner.
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    Harvey Langi is his locked in starter at OLB. Huh.
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    Best day will be when they give Logan Ryan #33
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    it's a difference of scope but both Becton and Clark are physical specimens who didn't get coached to their full potential in college
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    Revis never talked. outside of getting new contracts, we never heard a peep from the guy... this is next level millenial ******* bullsh*t. I HATE THE GUY
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    Jamal Adams' biggest problem right now is Jamal Adams. I'm content to let the two of them fight it out. We only need one of them to report in a month.
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    Sleep in a bit and get ninja'd by a tin can and a loose one
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    I have some exercises to loosen up that throat, if you're interested.
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    I'm going with the deferment/refund of 2020 to be put towards 2021. If we do play this year it will be in a half empty stadium with social distancing and the tickets on SH will be dirt cheap. I just don't see the same vibe/feel as we usually have at a Jet's game. I'll have no problem getting good seats at a discount so I'm taking a year off. I am usually an eternal optimist with most things but this pandemic has left me clueless as far as when it will end. Looking forward to when everything is back to normal. Hope all of you in JetNation are safe and well.
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    this guy is THE biggest diva in NYJ history. And there is NO close second. Discuss.
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    Every Jamal tweet is a thread.... 😆 He’s the straw stirring the drink on JN this month.
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    Jamal Adams has ruined me following the Jets. ...notice I said “following” not “liking” because I stopped liking this team a long time ago.
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    Looks like I'm going to have to opt-in for the 2020 season as that's the only way to guarantee playoff tickets. SAR I
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    I thought Max was firing me.
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    It’s not a cult game until we have evidence of it, stop saying it’s a cult game. We know that there’s town, Langmore and fbi as 2 separate factions. We know that certain players are/were looking for each other. We don not know what happens when/if they find each other. This is why all this setup speculation is bad for town. Theories become truths after 20 pages of playing telephone with them.
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    Casserly says Becton should start at LT. So it's a safe bet that Fant will be the Week 1 starter at LT.
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    this is not me claiming/revealing as charlotte!!! thi sis me saying sin;t it better that I am age appropriate in saying I like Laura Linney?
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    if everything is about the run on offense why is Jamal Adams and Quinnen Williams "runstopping" considered worthless on defense?
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    Endoscopy? It's no big deal @JiF can give pointers
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    ArsisStation at your service Toot Toot!!!!
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    this guy makes Keyshawn Johnson look like Mother Theresa. We thought "give me the damn ball" was bad...christ.
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    Thanks for McCagnan and Bowles you tool!
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    Good news for Ozark fans. https://www.whats-on-netflix.com/news/ozark-season-4-netflix-renewal-status-release-date-and-what-to-expect-30-06-2020/
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    Joe Douglas was the worst thing that could have happened to Jamalaboutme©️. Mac would have just signed him to a 7 year 25 mil/year extension this month.
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    Let’s get back to deriding Jamal and his fans.
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    Bell is not a run it down your throat kinda runner though, is he? Gase prefers the one-cut style of Gore and probably Perine, too. I'd expect to see a lot of committee work in the backfield.
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    It’s pretty funny that you can get pages of hate over a tweet that only says "Keep it Playa"
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    I mean, neither is gonna do much damage when wielded by a twink.
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    Usual message. Anyone who tweets regularly is a jackass. Anyone who follows and reacts to those tweets is worse. Go bbq n have a beer.
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    Agreed. This was an escape from Covid and protests and now Jamal ruined it. The off season used to be the one time we were happy
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    Keyshawn was at least an elite player at a position of importance
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    He was post op stomach cancer when he took that role, strictly to leave a legacy to his children who loved the street fighter franchise.
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    Use my 3 iron instead. Things useless anyway.
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    I know I'm in the minority, but this is one of the reasons I start Becton on the right side his rookie season as long as I feel like Fant can hold down the left side for a year. Gives him a chance to be an animal in the running game and work on his NFL pass protection while not worrying about Darnold's blind side.

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