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    This "Is Darnold any good" narrative is really starting to chip away at my ability to enjoy this team (ikr) and the NFL... It's become such a snowflake sport in both media and the audience forums... He was a 20 year old rookie in his first year and played behind the worst Oline with no WRs in yr2.... what does one reasonably expect? Is his talent Salvageable?.. Fck you, Fck your wife, fck your kids, fck your job, fck your golf game, and fck that sh*t eating dog you love so much.
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    You gotta love Nike saying the name Redskins is unacceptable while they pay slave wages in sweat shops in third world countries.
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    Man the people who hate Sam act as if the NE game is the only game he played and place MUCH bigger value on that performance than all others. It's annoying.
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    As always people only have 2 extreme takeaways. 1. Either Darnold is trash and a 20 yr old QB was supposed to turn this franchise around with a bunch of UPS drivers blocking for him, and since he hasn't he is garbage. Or 2. Darnold is a top 5 QB in hiding and when all the stars align he will be Rodgers outside the pocket and Manning inside the pocket. And as usual both takes are ridiculously stupid. Darnold set a record before either throwing a football in a regular season game, he was the youngest QB to start EVER. It's almost like that doesn't cound for anything? I get we gave up alot to draft him but TBH it was the right move. When you have a chance to draft a FQB you do it. And that is what Darnold is, a FQB. Only QB that would have thrived the past 2 seasons on the Jets would have been Wilson, Rodgers, and maybe a few others. Only because Wilson and Rodgers have had to overcome poor offensive talent and or injuries more than most QB's in the NFL. I can't wait for Darnold to have a fair playing field so he can shut up all you lame ass naysayers up. Bottom 3 OLine and Bottom 5 WR's and TE's, with basically no run game and what many he consider to be a sh*tty coach. But yeah you're right it's all Darnold's fault.
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    I wish I can change his name to Vincent.
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    The kid has the speed and now works on his route I can’t wait till I see his improvement.
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    He should post all the times that he dogged a route (Jacksonville immediately comes to mind), pouted that he didn't get the ball, slowed down on a deep pass causing it to be overthrown (twice in Week 1 of last year), didn't high point a ball, or just flat out dropped it (54.2% career catch rate) F*ck that illiterate goober. If he doesn't like being missed on deep passes, I hope he enjoys Teddy "2 yard per pass attempt" Bridgewater (who, for the record, I love) because the deep ball has never been, and never will be, Teddy's game.
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    John Elway never completed 60% of his passes till his 10th year and in his first 3 years he had 47 tds and 52 picks.. Not everyone starts out like Marino..
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    Back on topic. If you can’t support the change for the right reasons, then support it because Snyder is a prick and seeing him get his way is sad for all humanity.
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    It is so interesting how you can 100% pinpoint whom someone votes for by the level of anxiety they’ll express when you point out that 1. something has transparently racist connotations and/or 2. that racism is bad.
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    My point was a response to your "i don't understand why..." comment. It is not really about your ability to understand why. It is about all of our ability to appreciate how others feel. I daresay a lot of people did not understand why blackface was offensive but it really wasn't up to them. Nor did they need to get an explanation.
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    If he wasn't a massive idiot, he wouldn't have been undrafted. He has absolutely no one to blame but himself.
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    Perhaps because it is not for you to decide whether or how another group should react to a name describing them? Or if you don't like that one then perhaps because a large majority of non-native American people agree that the name is offensive?
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    yup and pay their ceo/executives exorbitant amounts of money contributing to the #1 issue that no one talks about in this country, Low/middle class wages not really increasing since the 1990s while our costs rise and %1 of people control 99% of wealth.
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    I guess this is the part I explain we don’t allow politics, someone post in before the lock, someone post politics and then the thread is locked.
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    Firstly, you do realize the season is still 2 months away and each"phase" has lasted 2 weeks Secondly, the games are played in Jersey not NY (although Murphy is even wackier than Cuomo.
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    The Nets will hardly notice the change
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    In Robby's situation, I don't think either side owes anyone anything. Robby could have just decided to not be a total f*ck up in college and he would have, likely, been drafted. The Jets still took a shot on a totally stupid person in the hopes they could get a good player out of it. Nobody had to offer Robby anything, especially with how his collegiate career went. They could have easily passed on him as an UDFA too. On the other side of it, Robby got his sh*t together (somewhat) and gave the team great value. Kudos to him for that. That all being said, don't b*tch about being undrafted when you have no one else to blame for that other than yourself.
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    Doesnt it go both ways? They gave him an opportunity, professional coaching and paid him money to play while he learned and improved. Being undrafted, he got to pick the team that he’d have the best chance to make. If he had played better in college, he would have been drafted. If he d been a better citizen maybe he d have gotten better contracts. The Jets dont owe him anything but the Carolina Panthers owe him 20 million.
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    'Educate yoself before you automatically solidified by some mofo and have to skeet in they wife eye"
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    He's simply answering the question. There have been plenty who have failed, and there have been plenty that have risen to the occasion. At the end of the day, we'll have a much better idea of what Sam is by the end of this year. Will he join the aforementioned list of players who stepped up....or will he bomb like so many before him? We'll just have to wait and see. Considering that I don't believe we'll be bad enough to land Trevor Lawrence, or even Fields, we better be praying to whatever we believe in that he is successful, because the next few QB classes are looking like hot friggin' garbage.
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    Wouldn't it matter how he looks in practice and team drills?
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    https://twitter.com/skysportsnfl/status/1278939027501129728?s=21 The name absolutely should be changed since it is a derogatory term. I doubt Snyder will ever listen.
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    How about we talk about the insensitivity of your face.
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    Um maybe a 1st, 3rd, AND Njoku. ...and that's where we start the conversation.
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    Can I think the Redskins name should be changed, yet still say I’m beginning to get offended by people expecting me to be offended by every single thing that offends them? Am I also allowed to say the suddenly popular need to dox or cancel every single person who isn’t up to other people’s standard of “Woke” or fits a perceived “Karen” persona seems offensive to me also? Am I also allowed to say that when someone with my political leanings starts to wonder about things like this, I’m pretty sure I’m not alone?
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    The name should have been changed to something else other than that which means the scalped head of a Native American Stop arguing against it, the term is inherently egregious
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    Or, America watched three cops stand by and watch another cop choke a black dude out with his knee for nine minutes, then saw the PD try to hide it, then watched the ME state that the black dude died from “pre-existing conditions” and America finally decided that maybe we should believe black people when they say that the problems range much farther than the one white cop who choked the dude to death? But, yes, that evil Pelosi.
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    LOL.... If Dr. Frankenstein were to ever cobble together the parts to construct the perfect anti-Jets person this sounds like it.
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    Bill Barnwell has written about his struggles with depression, and body image. He lost 125 pounds in 2015.[20][21] He is a fan of the New York Giants, but acknowledges that he also "worships" Tom Brady.[22]
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    True. Which is an implicit acknowledgement that a decision from 1932 should be reconsidered in light of modern standards, such as they are.
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    Just over 50 years ago, Washington became the last NFL team to allow blacks on it's roster. The owner at the time was this guy: "In 1932, Marshall bought the Boston Braves football team. After five years of sparse crowds, and a loss of $85,000, Marshall moved the team, now named the Redskins, to Washington." https://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/07/sports/football/50-years-ago-redskins-were-last-nfl-team-to-integrate.html So the guy who didn't want blacks on his team also thought it would be fun to change the name of his football team from the much less offensive Braves to the Redskins. Screw that guy, and screw Snyder for sticking with it. The federal government was involved then, withholding the use of the stadium on federal land if they didn't integrate. Same pressure is being applied this time as Snyder tries to move back to DC. At this point, it really just feels like a matter of time.
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    Look how soft you’ve gotten over the years. Old Angelo would have gotten himself permabanned already. The Angelo Frenchmen.
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    I'm a Jew, you cant get more 'you people" globally, historically than that.
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    Snyder, to this point has held firm. But the times... they are a changing. Pressure is mounting. BTW, FedEx is not just a sponsor with stadium naming rights, but Frederick Smith, the chairman, CEO and president of FedEx owns a minority stake in the Redskins. Recently, it appears that Nike has removed all Redskins gear from it's online store. For those who will ask, my facts come from here: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29401445/stadium-sponsor-fedex-asks-redskins-change-nickname The point is that this is the beginning of this issue hitting Danny boy right in the wallet. It will likely get worse for him and ultimately he will be forced to give in. Because money talks.
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    Change it to the Washington Bullets.
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    The snowflake paradox. Snowflake A wants to be mindful of others, and do right by them by over-correcting racist bullsh*t from the past. Snowflake B, despite being wholly unaffected outside of just being aware it’s happening, completely loses their sh*t. People don’t vote for policy anymore. They vote for which side of being offended they align with.
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    Native Americans have called it offensive for much longer than the media. Not everything can/needs to be attributed to “because if the media”.
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    Redskins is the only term (of these) that was used as derogatory. Tribe name as ranks are a bit different, seeing that half the tribe names were used to name so much more than teams. That said, the mascots might need altering. I’d defer to the disenfranchised. As a white guy, it’s not my call. I’m certainly not in the camp of snowflaking it because change makes me angry. Do what is right by those that are impacted.
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    I don’t care, but I will never understand how using a name in an idolizing fashion is offensive.
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    i have pretty decent hopes for this kid! He could be a bright spot!
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    I just ate a gummy and been drinking some kind of hard seltzer’s. Enjoy the night!

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