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    Hey guys, Just wanted to let you all know that you will begin to see some posts from a new poster with the name @preteenbean here on JN. This die hard Jets fan happens to be my 12 yr old son. I finally cracked and allowed the kid who has been asking me to come on here since he was 7 years old to become a JN poster. lol He has been looking forward to this day in what feels like his whole life. Do me a favor try and keep an eye on him and try to temper some of the ire for what might end up being misinformed opinions. he hangs out with me all day after all. I'll just get this out now. He's a huge Darnold and... Jamal Adams fan @Maxman help me out hahaha Thanks everyone.
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    Hellooooo Sent from my iPad using JetNation.com mobile app
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    Cameron Clark steps in for an injured Alex Lewis and starts his 10 year run as a starting guard.
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    So, we're all just going to ignore the innuendo of "pre-teen bean?" That's how we're going to play this?
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    My kids have no interest in the Jets. Guess I'm just a better father than some of you.
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    @JustEndTheSuffering you’re dead to me 😭
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    I can feel my brain growing every day, just like mekhi becton’s butt! Sent from my iPad using JetNation.com mobile app
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    The good news for Shyheim? Super low bar for statistical achievement.
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    I figure none of you will be talking to me by the end.
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    Just imagine for one moment that Ashtyn Davis turns out to be an absolute stud free safety (pro bowl level), not out of the question based on his athletic ability & drive. So that allows Joe Douglas to move on from the self appointed Prez so instead of giving him 17-20 million we can continue to build this team by spending in more important positions (pass rushers), (cornerbacks), ect. That one trade of an overrated Dlineman saved us 16 million dollars, plus maybe 17-20 million (33-36 million), on two positions that are not top 5 priority in the NFL. That would be the first time in my memory that any Jet GM didn't resign overrated players to ridiculous cap killing contracts. I think we finally got our man in Joe Douglas. Your GM needs to be a Chess player not checkers, and he's armed with a 6 year contract to protect him from harm building the Jets with his eye on the future. Whatever happens to Adam Gase, Jetnation owes a debt of gratitude to him for forcing McCaggnon out so Joe Douglas could be brought in.
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    Im currently giving Barry and Jets the silent treatment
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    I can only speak for myself, but the Chiefs would have to be stupid to make that deal, IMHO.
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    Welcome to the jungle, young man. You’re going to love it here. Have fun, don’t take things too seriously, and always upvote my posts. Your dad probably told you already, but I’m the smart one in the room.Listen to me, and you’ll be fine....😜
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    Looking forward to helping shape you with career and lifestyle advice. Welcome. SAR I
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    If he’s 12, his brain is already more developed than most of JetNation. Welcome aboard.
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    There he is the little twerp . haha
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    He's got a nice 6 Minute interview on YouTube when he was with the Texans. He's a smart dude I like him I'm rooting for him
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    I wish I can change his name to Vincent.
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    The kid has the speed and now works on his route I can’t wait till I see his improvement.
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    i thought lender Williams was Saposd to be a good play in 09 when hr got drafted he didn't be that good player.
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    I’m sorry Gata. Everything happened so fast. Good game guys.
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    Yeah. Perriman is a huge question mark but this is likely his last real chance to muster up an actual career. It's very possible he just needed a few years to get his feet under him. I really like the timing of his signing. Mims, while still a rookie, has me very excited. I had him as a first rd WR the whole offseason and saw no reason for him to slip other than the odd covid inspired frigidity of many GM's. (Just like Bryce Hall) I studied Mims more than most and never saw the Jets landing him without a trade up. The fact that we got him after a trade DOWN still has me giddy. I can see a team liking someone like Shenault, Ruggs or even Claypool more depending on what a team is looking for specifically, but his slide was bizarre and should n to have happened. It will work to our benefit. I am very confident in that. 6'3". 4.38 speed with incredible route running. Catches the ball with his hands and fights for the contested balls to consistent success. He's a friggin gem and will be the best WR we've had in a very very long time imo. The only real knock is that his route tree is currently limited due to what Baylor had him doing. Give Sam time and Mims is gonna light it up. He and Perriman's (V. Smith too) speed keeping teams D honest is going to open up the middle of the field for Crowder, Herndon and Bell all day. Speed creates pressure. Pressure bursts pipes! lol
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    play music Things weren't right. Somehow the FBI knew things, they should not have known. The could not have known ... without an insider. It was obvious to the Navarro cartel that the FBI had flipped an informant and they needed to identify who it was before they got too far. Rule #1 - Never screw over the cartel. Navarro wanted to see this one himself so he chartered a private plane with the Byrde's and Helen Pierce and had them escorted directly to his property from the airport. Omar met them in the driveway when they pulled in and greeted them. "Thank you for coming, I ... I hope you had a pleasant journey" he said as one of his right hand men walked along side Helen and blew her brains out. JETS (Helen Pierce) - (Mason - converted to FBI Informant) had her brains blown out. It is now night 6. You have until Monday 8am to submit your night actions.
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    I’m happy we have a thread that possibly won’t need locking.
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    I have informed Child Protective Services of your decision.
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    Well thanks for welcoming me to the site Sent from my iPad using JetNation.com mobile app
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    Wait... more father son teams on here then?
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    I watch over him as he sleeps and whisper... "I'm sorry". hahaha
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    Boooooo. Boooooooooo Antonio Brown would be a cancer Vincent Smith is the next Robbie Anderson. We have a nicer young stable developing. JD wants no part of AB and Im with him. Vincent Smith is my dude!
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    <November, as I’m snake-crawling in my gas mask through a burning CVS to recover a bottle of peroxide and steal some antibiotics to treat an infected leg wound I got in the famed Raid on FOB Norwalk, where our makeshift militia group overwhelmed a National Guard unit and acquired a generator for our tent village under the I-95 overpass near Stamford>: Me: Oh I can attend the Jets-Bills this weekend if I sign a waiver? <Fires an arrow at a gaunt dog eating some beef jerky in the ravaged Jerky Aisle in CVS, striking it in the neck, excited at the prospect of adding the fur and protein to our diminishing stockpiles, only to be sad when a Bengal Tiger, escaped from Beardsley Zoo, sprints out of the stockroom to claim my kill> Me: Pretty crazy that President of The Sovereign Northern Americas Commonwealth (SNAC) Woody Johnson was able to get football back so soon. Things are really getting back to norm... <Flaming zombie falls through the ceiling tiles and bites hard into my neck>
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    I was on the train before the draft before I even knew about him but I did know one thing sam needs a target and lamb is that target I would not hesitate to trade Jamal for lamb.
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    So far, I couldn't be happier with Joe Douglas's performance. However, while the future looks bright, it is way too soon to anoint him the savior.
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    Enjoying a Dark & Stormy for my birthday. 🍹
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    We picked up Kyle Phillips as an UDFA last year and I’d rather have him moving forward than Leo.
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    Well there ya go. Who could possibly argue with two juggernauts such as ourselves???? hahaha It's funny sometimes with us Jets fans. We have such a hard time believing that something like VSmith turning into a legit WR when we have had a nice history with such guys coming through and making it from the UDFA realm. Interestingly one just left for a huge payday in Carolina. V Smith working hard and using that speed of his to success isn't that far outside of what's possible. He's a smart kid who has a good work ethic. Those are the kinds of guys I like best. I liked RA but struggled with some of the stuff he said and did. He turned it around nicely and I was happy to see it, but now he can suck a lemon for all I care lol V Smith is going to be in a second vid I'm making with him in it soon. I really believe in that guy. Much more than our 2020 UDFA WR crop actually. I'm not so high on them actually.
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    i didnt realize you had a cruel streak, bean!!! poor lad...
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    He should post all the times that he dogged a route (Jacksonville immediately comes to mind), pouted that he didn't get the ball, slowed down on a deep pass causing it to be overthrown (twice in Week 1 of last year), didn't high point a ball, or just flat out dropped it (54.2% career catch rate) F*ck that illiterate goober. If he doesn't like being missed on deep passes, I hope he enjoys Teddy "2 yard per pass attempt" Bridgewater (who, for the record, I love) because the deep ball has never been, and never will be, Teddy's game.
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    'Educate yoself before you automatically solidified by some mofo and have to skeet in they wife eye"
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    We've still got folks here trying to convince me that Bell is still an elite RB. Big 3.2 yards per carry last year. Pretty sure there's a stat out there that he was hit behind the line more than any other RB, too. That's the excuse for Bell, it's all the OL's fault... But in the next breath, that's not an excuse for the youngest QB to ever start a season? That OL and Robby Anderson as his #1 target? What QB is expected to be effective in that situation? Sure, he has things to work on. But most of them, IMHO, are bad habits he's developing running for his life. Like the back foot throws. He steps up when he can, but that seems to've been pretty rare. Or trying to do too much, again, because of no push in the running game, bad play calling, a penalty, or maybe Darnold himself on occasion putting him in a position where he needs a lot of yards on one play. The support for this kid simply hasn't been there. Does he have to get better? Of course! The whole offense has to get a lot better.
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    The answer is Lyrical Dream Shyheim Carter. Adams is probably getting traded and Carter is a really savvy player whom Gregg will like
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    WR Lawrence Cager
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    Crime in NYC skyrocketing too. Might want to get on that.
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    They have nothing I’d want for him and have no interest in their picks which will likely be 25-32. Pass. Contact the Jags work a Yannick for Jamal swap and give us the edge rusher we’ve been longing for.

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