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    I will answer this in another thread.
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    As a die hard for 25 years, I still cant believe Sam is a Jet.
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    Don’t care about him anymore. This team just feels better without him now.
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    They haven't traded away their aging, elite players on defense and they signed Cam Newton. And Bellichick is 68 years old. I am not getting the tanking vibes from the Pats. I think Bill is too stubborn to admit he can't win without Brady this year and I don't think he wants to start rebuilding at 70.
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    “Said two times Adams likely didn’t hear him address team was when he 1) Was in training room against Bengals, and 2) Didn’t play vs Ravens”
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    A move like this helps the Jets get down to an 80 man roster. Makes me wonder if fringe players may opt for this to guarantee the minimum $150k "stipend" (vs getting cut outright)
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    Taking a year off to have sex. Nice work if you can get it.
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    Plenty of us have said for a while that Adams isn’t nearly as loved by teammates as his supporters would lead you to believe. When the team was going through a rough patch during the first half of the season and he’s trying to distance himself by saying/tweeting sh*t like “I’m a winner! I’m not a part of it! We need more dawgs!”...how the hell do you think that’s going to go over in the locker room?
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    It’s ok to Check the board to see if something was already posted. You don’t have to ask.
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    Now that we got Jamal off the team guys are breaking the door down to come here. Douglas and Gase are the football equivalents of chick magnets now that they got the Jamal anchor off the boat.
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    So of course most of us have been listening to all the crap surrounding Jamal (the selfish leader) Adams and just how mediocre to bad the Jets really are and IMHO they have no idea WTF they are talking about. Lets start by saying it was obvious last year this team was absolutely crippled with injuries at every single level and the 1-7 start pretty much made it obvious. When you lose numerous players at numerous levels on both sides of the ball including your starting QB you are in for a world of hurt. No team in the history of the NFL has been able to overcome those odds and the NY Jets are no different. With that being said, this team, even with major injuries and a weak offensive line still managed to end the season at 6-2 which was a pretty damn good turn around if you ask me while still Missing key parts across the board. Now I ask, if this was the NY Giants or lets say the Pittsburgh Steelers everyone would have been pointing at that 6-2 second half and pointing at all the missing players and calling for the big turn around. Players like Moseley, Williamson, Griffin, a still relatively weak Sam Darnold a mix and matched O Line and Hobbled Rookie in Q Williams (plus so many others I didn't mention) all while still trying to form an Identity at the CB position which I think they started to do at the end of the season. Poole Hairston Austin Desir ...these are no bums people 1. Now keeping all that in mind this football team still had a top 10 defense which will be adding Moseley, Williamson, and some very promising young CB's back into the mix and they may not have the big bad edge rusher but they have a stable of "Good" ones who could be used in rotation to keep fresh ...Jenkins and Basham are no bums and I think both are capable to approaching 10 sacks and that's really not that bad when you think about it. Cashman also adds to the Depth and who knows what Huff may turn into with that motor of his. 2. Our defense up the middle by getting back Mosley and Williamson and hopefully a healthy Q Williams and Anderson will be once again devistating vs the run and guys that stepped up last year Like Hewitt will make our front 7 one of the most solid depth filled units in the NFL. No one is running on this team. If somehow Clowney does come here this defense is going to be elite and easily a top 5 defense. So when you have that type of defense why are we ranked so bad ? Even if our offense sucks which it wont (I'll get to that ) we can still win games if we just play solid ball control football and let the D dominate teams. And just to make this clear since we got rid of our hybrid LB/SS/Child I would argue the addition of McDougald actually Improved our pass defense in the middle of the field and if Davis Pans out we will be just as fine as we were before and we wont need sweat bands on our wrists and elbows to look cool doing it. 3. A completely revamped O-line with a very promising young rookie in Becton and 2 very solid Vets added in Fant and McGovern a unit you can also say can be very solid with what is not amounting to some decent depth as well. 4. A completely revamped WR Corp with A very good slot Receiver in Crowder, speed guy in Perrieman (not the puss Robbie was) Mims , and a sleeper I think can turn into and extremely good Possession guy in Lawrence Cager big strong redzone presence , That's not including 2 very good TE's in Herndon and Griffin who both proved they can be effective at the position. Both will be a tough to handle duo in so many ways . And who knows if Doctson with new scenery will turn into..... I mean remind me who was throwing him the ball in Washington ? 5. RB Bell suffered last year because its obvious you can't be effective if you have no WR corp or a competent QB of half the year or and hint of an O- line and no matter how hard it got for Bell he made something out of absolutely nothing so many times you have to be excited what he will do when hes actually getting blocks and working the short passing game out of the back field. Gore may be old but he will be good for 75-100 touches which wont go unnoticed the guy still runs and plays like hes 25 key is don't wear him out and obviously they wont have too with Bell and Perine 6, And most important I think this team is being downgraded so far due to the fact a lot of analysts simply do not think Sam Darnold is the guy because if they did the story line would be much different but while Sam has shown flashes of greatness he has also shown flashes of some bad play as well . Its rookie stuff we all know but if A guy like Pat Mahomes in his current state was the NY Jets QB EVERYONE would be talking playoffs and don't try to convinced me they wouldn't. In summary the Jets have a good football team that is not nearly as bad or dysfunctional as some would have you believe . What this is ALL going to come down to is Sam Darnold (the QB) like it always does. If Sam Plays like we know he can this team will win this division, barring and injury disaster like last year which can happen to anyone. Now add the Fact Mr Joe Douglas has added a boat load of early picks the next few years and you can very well have a damn good team long term and I have no doubt in my mind Big Joe will get it done. Right now IMHO Joe Douglas is the most untouchable man in the NFL and he has brought instant credibility back to the team and organization. The Jets will win this division and IMO if all goes well with no blow out injury mishaps like we had last year be ready to contend for a SB not this season but next. So whats your state of the NY Jets now and moving forward ?
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    Mosely + Williamson make up for Jamal's pressures. Maye + Davis + McDougal improve Jamal's coverages. Two first rounders turn into shutdown corner and edge rusher either via FA or draft. And just like that, the Jets have a Top 5 defense. Thank you, Jamal. SAR I
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    Trading up in the draft gets you the premium player for five years on rookie deal. Jamal wants 20 million now. That's the flaw in Pete's thinking.
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    How can you not like Darnold? Played nice concerning Jamal Adams and then moved on. 🙏
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    Where are all the "we'll miss you" Jamal tweets from his teammates???
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    The only tweets came from Bell who called him out for being two faced
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    This sucks for patriots. They really dont have anyone decent to replace. Which Jets will opt out? If only Russell Wilson would. Would love to see Geno Smith help the Jets get a better 1st & 3rd rd pick next April.
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    Our interior Dline was one of the best in the league last year. Plus their upside is huge as Shepard was just getting in his groove, Foley & Phillips will have experience now & our LBs are back. You add Clowney or Ngokeou to that line with our LBs & NO ONE is running on the Jets. GW instantly has the upper hand regarding making a team one sided & bringing the pressure from everywhere. F*ck the Johnsons money. Spend it as long as it doesn't hurt future cap. I want to win the division THIS YEAR, Jim Kelly & Marino, nor Brady are QBs in this division anymore! Allen? Injured Cam? Fitz? What are we waiting for? Let's go win us a division while we're have a young gunslinging QB.
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    I’m sure he can wake up for it. I’m also sure he was less than thrilled, like any of us would be. But really, tweeting about having to get up early before your first day with your new team? Some things you just keep to yourself and just be quiet, though that is a skill at which he’s yet to show any proficiency. Maybe they wanted to meet with him that day, to help get him set up so he could have a full day with the team since camp started the day after that. Booking a flight a few hours later removes that option since he wouldn’t/couldn’t get to the team’s facility until 7-8pm. Or maybe they figured this would be a less-crowded plane (and airport terminal in NY) that early, and wanted him distanced from others as much as possible. Maybe even someone in the traveling office didn’t pay attention because it’s just not important. Tweeting about getting up early. What is he, a ****ing teenager? The reason for these threads/posts - before the next one chimes in about obsessions/etc - is because things like this reinforce feelings of confidence that this was the right move. This ****er will complain about anything at any time, no matter how inappropriate. Good player, but I’ve got a hard time believing his me-me-me schtick wasn’t already wearing thin on a lot of guys in the locker room before this offseason.
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    Thanks, good stuff from Bart as usual on the Jets. My go to for Jets and Knicks. Alan Hahn is my favorite Knicks insider. I can't even listen to Joe and Evan. It's sad what has become of WFAN.
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    Jamal Adams has been traded. What does it all mean? This week GreenBean stops in Ohio to give us an update. The Jets received two firsts a 3rd and a player in exchange for Jamal Adams. Did Joe Douglas play this situation perfectly? Did he anticipate the moves Adams made, before Adams made them? Watch this short video and let us know what you think in our NY Jets forum. Please check out some other recent Jamal Adams updates from JetNation: Blockbuster Deal Puts Douglas in Position to Reverse Gang Green’s Downward Spiral Rapoport: Jamal Adams Tried to Orchestrate Deal to Dallas During Season Jamal Adams NY Jets Podcast The post GreenBean Reacts to the Jamal Adams Trade appeared first on JetNation.com (NY Jets Blog & Forum). Click here to read the full story...
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    who really knows if there will be a season at this point, however karma will prevent me from celebrating anything that happens to a rival prematurely
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    If belichick did this everyone would be licking his butt. I’m sure he’s thrilled that the jets have 2 extra firsts and won’t be tying up 15% of their cap space on a safety who can’t cover.
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    No but I think Leon Washington's wife will have something to say soon.
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    Wow this whole Florida thing really strikes a nerve with you lol.
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    Adams is a very good player, but his production is comfortably 90% replaceable. Mosley will be doing most of the stuff in the box that Adams was doing last year (Adams was basically subbing for Mosley there), McDougald, Maye, and Davis will handle the safety duties just fine, and they'll replace him with an extra LB on obvious running/short yardage downs. He's not worth $15M/year, and he's not worth two first round picks, either. I'm glad the Seahawks disagree, but they're wrong and they're gonna find that out.
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    Is Mo Wilkerson still in the league? This opt out thing would be his Jam!
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    All part of the Tank for Trevor plan I'd have thought.
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    It’s the offseason & this just happened yesterday. The Jets news cycle isn’t that fast that we should move on to something else already. Plus no one asked him to post how he feels about not being a Jet anymore. You have to admit this isn’t exactly adult-like. I mean, go re-read McDougald’s post and then re-watch that video of Adams leadershipping all over his home. It’s not even like he got a pay raise or anything, seeing how he’s playing for $825K in Seattle this season.
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    I'm glad Bart mentioned Marcus Maye as an overlooked talent especially in coverage. I always thought Maye outplayed Adams in their rookie years. Maye will have a great opportunity to make us say "Jamal Who?"
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    Isn’t this an indictment of their general manager, that they’re not getting impact players in the first round and don’t have faith that they will in the next 2 drafts?
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    What's worth noting is Bradley McDougald's reputation as being a team-first, well liked football player. He get's traded as a small component in a mega deal...he immediately tweets positively after being traded from a top ten NFL franchise to head to the Jets. Monday he is already recruiting! We need more McDougalds... Not too shabby Brad'ster, welcome to New York.
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    Like when the Jets are cashing in that second first rounder and the Seahawks are shopping Adams under the franchise tag?
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    My two cents..... Performance is the result of talent matched to a system. There is not doubt in my mind that Jamalfeasence will be afforded every opportunity for his talent to shine in Seattle because Pete Carroll likes to run his D through a Safety. In college and pros, when Carroll had a talented S, he figured out ways to allow the guy to "ball". Similarly, last season when the Jets were down to ILBers #5 and #6, Gregg Williams decided to run the D through Jamalignancy -- which he never likes to do. Rather, Williams wants the O to wonder where pressure is coming from, but without much ammo in his arsenal he leaned heavy on Jamaladjusted and he produced. In a D with Mosely and Williamson at ILB, Jamalibu Barbie would have less opportunities to shine. Clearly, McDougald is not as talented as the guy he's replacing, but in the system he will be in, IMO McDougald's production will likely only be slightly less than Jamalpractice would have posted had he remained a Jet.
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    What is he celebrating? He's making the same money in a crappy, wet city on a team that won't make the playoffs and is cap-strapped. He can put on a good face and make it look like he won, but he lost. I feel sorry for the clown. SAR I
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    Step aside, Joey Joe joe... I'll take it from here 1st Devonta Smith, WR Bama 1st (SEA) Kyle Pitts, TE Florida 2nd Chuba Hubbard, RB OSu 3rd Amon-Ra St Brown, WR USC 3rd (SEA) Landon Dickerson C, Bama 4th (NYG) Stone Forsythe, OT, Florida 4th Dillion Radunz, OT N.Dakota State Done.
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    He's been opting out since Mac gave him that contract.
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    If they don't, we have 4 first rounders to trade to the top spot and keep him from New England. Lawrence can be a quality backup to Darnold, maybe play a bit of WR too. SAR I
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    So their starting RT and their "CJ Mosley" are opting out and Brady is gone. I feel bad for them, NOT
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    I would for sure look into it seriously, one year deal, even if it is an over pay, he walks we probably get comp pick.
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