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    If Becton puts as much work into his technique as he did into his body we'll have our Jonathan Ogden: https://www.newyorkjets.com/photos/best-photos-of-the-jets-working-out-at-training-camp That's a scary young man!!!
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    The zoom connection was bad, rewatch it. Douglas said I want to send him away on a Jet for life.
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    Sam got a jaw like a Tango and Cash villain.
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    Already lots of Pats players opting out, can’t have too many opting out from the same team.
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    This really sucks. I almost had enough points for the Matt Forte bobble head.
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    You should be apologizing for using a K in Cool instead of a C, you edgy SOB.
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    "I have some leadership, but I am not coming in trying to be a leader. Those things have to happen naturally." Hmmmm. The anti-Jamal.
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    Darnold to Herndon.
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    Offer them 2 future firsts, a 3rd and Bradley McDougal
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    I'm not telling you ******* creeps where I live!
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    Right now Chris Johnson is in the desert outside of Reno burying fifty gallon drums of payroll cash like Walter White. We ain’t signing nobody until there’s a vaccine.
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    So I was listening to the Sam Darnold interview & he was asked about no preseason games. He felt bad for guys that might be on the bubble & not get a chance to show what they can do. Last year, a lot of guys got opportunities & im sure the coaching staff has a much better feel for what they have here on the roster. I think CB & WR will be the toughest evaluation & will be interesting which guys end up on the practice squad. Guys like Hall, Cager & Huff. Gonna be interesting.
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    There was hardly anything available to use this years points on. I’d rather they let me park 30 mins earlier each week instead or give a season ticketholder line to enter the stadium.
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    https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29320154/source-jets-replace-long-trainer-john-mellody-injury-plagued-2019 We replaced the head trainer, that was the godsend.
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    Top TE salaries: Player Team Age Total Value Avg./Year Total Guaranteed Fully Guaranteed Free Agency Hunter Henry Chargers 26 $10,607,000 $10,607,000 $10,607,000 $10,607,000 2021 UFA Austin Hooper Browns 26 $42,000,000 $10,500,000 $23,000,000 $18,500,000 2024 Void Travis Kelce Chiefs 31 $46,842,000 $9,368,400 $20,017,000 $10,517,000 2022 UFA Kyle Rudolph Vikings 31 $36,100,000 $9,025,000 $16,025,000 $9,000,000 2024 UFA Rob Gronkowski Buccaneers 31 $54,000,000 $9,000,000 $18,170,000 $13,170,000 2021 UFA Zach Ertz Eagles 30 $42,500,000 $8,500,000 $20,000,000 $13,318,527 2022 Void Jimmy Graham Bears 34 $16,000,000 $8,000,000 $9,000,000 $9,000,000 2022 UFA Jared Cook Saints 33 $15,000,000 $7,500,000 $8,000,000 $8,000,000 2021 Void Top WR salaries: Player Team Age Total Value Avg./Year Total Guaranteed Fully Guaranteed Free Agency Julio Jones Falcons 31 $66,000,000 $22,000,000 $64,000,000 $64,000,000 2024 UFA Amari Cooper Cowboys 26 $100,000,000 $20,000,000 $60,000,000 $40,000,000 2025 UFA Michael Thomas Saints 27 $96,250,000 $19,250,000 $60,989,043 $35,648,043 2025 UFA A.J. Green Bengals 32 $18,171,000 $18,171,000 $17,971,000 $17,971,000 2021 UFA Tyreek Hill Chiefs 26 $54,000,000 $18,000,000 $35,260,000 $18,340,000 2023 UFA Odell Beckham Jr. Browns 28 $90,000,000 $18,000,000 $65,000,000 $40,959,000 2024 UFA Mike Evans Buccaneers 27 $82,500,000 $16,500,000 $55,008,000 $38,258,000 2024 UFA Brandin Cooks Texans 27 $81,000,000 $16,200,000 $50,459,000 $20,459,000 2024 UFA DeAndre Hopkins Cardinals 28 $81,000,000 $16,200,000 $49,000,000 $36,500,000 2023 UFA Adam Thielen Vikings 30 $64,800,000 $16,200,000 $33,000,000 $14,105,000 2025 UFA Jarvis Landry Browns 28 $75,500,000 $15,100,000 $47,000,000 $34,000,000 2023 UFA Davante Adams Packers 28 $58,000,000 $14,500,000 $18,000,000 $18,000,000 2022 UFA Stefon Diggs Bills 27 $72,000,000 $14,400,000 $40,007,000 $16,907,000 2024 UFA Allen Robinson Bears 27 $42,000,000 $14,000,000 $25,200,000 $18,000,000 2021 UFA T.Y. Hilton Colts 31 $65,000,000 $13,000,000 $39,000,000 $11,000,000 2021 UFA Alshon Jeffery Eagles 30 $52,000,000 $13,000,000 $27,000,000 $14,250,000 2022 Void Larry Fitzgerald Cardinals 37 $11,500,000 $11,500,000 $11,000,000 $11,000,000 2021 UFA Keenan Allen Chargers 28 $45,000,000 $11,250,000 $24,156,000 $20,656,000 2021 UFA Tyrell Williams Raiders 28 $44,400,000 $11,100,000 $22,000,000 $10,000,000 2023 UFA Tyler Boyd Bengals 26 $43,000,000 $10,750,000 $11,000,000 $9,000,000 2024 UFA And then look at the difference between WR and TE tag value: Position Franchise Tag Transition Tag QB $26,824,000 $24,837,000 WR $17,865,000 $15,680,000 DE $17,788,000 $15,184,000 CB $16,338,000 $14,197,000 DT $16,126,000 $13,143,000 LB $15,828,000 $13,767,000 OL $14,781,000 $13,505,000 S $11,441,000 $9,860,000 TE $10,607,000 $9,117,000 It's completely understandable why Kittle sees himself as a WR, and should want to be paid by one. 20 WRs make more on a per year basis than the highest paid TE in the league (21 if you don't count Henry, who is playing on the franchise tag. Tyler Lockett makes $10.6M per; Austin Hooper makes $10.5M per). But the league/market has stood pat on this one. The 2014 arbitration case that deemed Jimmy Graham is a TE, not a WR, really killed the salaries for that position. I don't see Kittle winning this battle. In the end, he'll likely have to settle for no more than Alshon Jeffery money ($13M per, # 16 highest paid WR).
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    Congratulations to Christopher Johnson and the entire Jets organization for turning us around so quickly. SAR I
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    I have to go to bed. I'll dream about probing and disappointments. And not necessarily in that order. Nini ❤️
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    I thought JiF shot an a/s/l pm to all the guys in the forum. My bad
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    a/s/l ? Fun Fact about @Jetsfan80 #81: In a comprehensive survey of a man's sexual attractiveness to men, just over 10 million men were polled after looking at a picture of 80. The results: 17% answered "I'm not gay, but I'd like to bro hug that", 13% answered "Look, I'm not really gay, but I'd let him tickle my balls with his beard", 10% answered "I'd take him home to meet my parents, because he's sexually non-threatening", and a whopping 60% just asked for JiF* *Editor's note, the men surveyed were not given any prior information on who JiF is. They all just seemed to know.
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    vote Kdels Fun Fact about @Jetsfan80 #79: In a comprehensive survey of a man's sexual attractiveness to women, over 30 million women were polled on their feelings after looking at a picture of 80. The results: 0% said they'd have sex with him, 84% said they'd like to be his friend, and 16% said they were put-off by his unusually muscular forearm in comparison to the rest of his pudgy physique.
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    Why are they wearing training bras?
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    It would be nice if they could caption the photos with the player’s names. Lots of fresh faces and catching up to do.
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    At least we have a few hamstring photos but no Braxton Berrios hamstring photos, whats up with that?
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    First off I apologize for not being able to post links as I am in a transition phase in the middle of moving and I have yet to sync my phone to my PC. So any help sharing the links would be much appreciated. The first is Bradley McDougald press conference 7/31 What a cool dude. Very insightful very honest. Pretty much the anti Jamal. Very likeable and intelligent you will not be disappointed. very even-keeled ,the guy knows where he stands yet you can see a hint of a chip on his shoulder. The second is Sam Darnold excited for training camp, SNY interview with Janae Coakley. This is the first time since we drafted Sam that I have ever seen him this relaxed and actually being himself. He's not just towing the company line. You can actually see who and how he is behind the scenes. I was actually really impressed because for the most part I thought he was kind of just a young kid. I found both interviews with these gentlemen to be very insightful and I laughed a bunch of times. I watched them both on YouTube look them up! I promise you won't be disappointed. Again any help posting a link is appreciated. Both interviews are about 15 minutes long, pretty cool stuff check it out.
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    NynGOAT!!!!!!! I posted on DM but apparently that place is as empty as Crushers fridge after a midnight snack...
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    Last 9 seasons for Jets and Bucs (2011-2019) New York Jets 57-87 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 49-95. Playoff Appearances (2011-2019) New York Jets 0 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0 Best record during last 9 seasons (2011-2019) New York Jets: 2015, 10-6 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 2016, 9-7
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    Mister Salty's Pretzel Rewards program is still alive and kicking.
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    Yeah, it's a breath of fresh air with this Mc Dougald kid. Very honest and humble but he's a baller too. Joe Douglas is the best thing this franchise has had in decades. The GM is the main reason I'm keeping the faith.
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    Personally I see Wreck-It Ralph. I am amazed that he can actually shave around that lunch lady mole. That's a big sucka!
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    Sounds like a team in disarray after trading their best player—excuse me—“best player.”
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    There has never been a faker dude that has played for this team in my life time. All the more confidence I have in JD, convinced under pervious GMS they would of caved under the pressure and paid em. Or taken less then what they should of got in a trade. Joe handled it perfectly and got more then we should of got for him. Very un Jets like.
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    Joe Douglas - “We want to make Jamal Adams a Jet for life!“ Also Joe Douglas - “We’re not interested in Jadeveon Clowney“
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    Easy solution is to give them Herman Cain money
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    This ain’t the 80’s. The elite TEs have been just as important as elite WRs past 25 years
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    Patriots will drop like a stone starting this year & plunge down the ranks when Belichick retires. New England fans are the worst. Just look at the Celtics when Bird retired. Place was quiet for years.
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    My point is that we removed Jamal Adams from the roster and the strength of the team didn't really change. The team's expected win total remained virtually the same. If you simply remove Darnold, the expected wins total would drop significantly. Sure, you could try to find a replacement QB that would shore that up, but you didn't even really need to replace Adams to maintain the status quo.
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    Other ways to characterize this offseason; Prioritizing building through the draft Using free agency to improve the offensive line without mortgaging the future Using free agency to band-aid holes (Perriman, Desir, Flacco) Even if we characterize things differently, it's completely objective to say the worst aspect of the team last year was the offensive line, and we're much improved in that area. It's also objective to say the worst aspect of this franchise the past decade was our position valuation. We took three 5 techniques and two strong safeties in the first round during that time. That's half a decade of first rounders on positions that rarely impact W/L. If you drive in the wrong direction for a 100 miles, a U-Turn isn't going to put you back on time.
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    I think another part of the boom or bust talk was about the lack of true pass sets. Louisville didn't run a lot of professional pass sets so Becton wasn't able to highlight his pass protection skills as much as the other prominent tackles in the draft. That doesn't mean he isn't capable of pass protecting - just that a smaller sample size means more variance in expected results - which leads people to conclude he is a boom or bust. I don't see Becton flopping. I could easily see him struggling as a rookie because a lot of tackles do struggle, but I think 3-4 years out his floor is great run blocker mediocre pass protector.
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    Most people on here could care less but a few of the Canadian fans will be paying attention this evening to the CFL draft. (It's like second breakfast for hobbitts) Some CFL draft info: 8 rounds, there are 9 CFL times currently (hopefully 10 soon) The draft is for Canadian players only (or those classified as such, in some cases you do not have to be born in Canada but live there for a certain period of time.) There is no draft for the American players that play up here. It is a combination of plain old free agents, first to sign em gets em. And also each team has a 'negotiation list' of about 20 American players that you have exclusive rights to. CFL rosters are made up of 46 players: 2 QBs, 20 American players, 21 Canadian players, 2 global players. There are also rules as to how many Canadian players have to be starters (or on the field at one time) Due to the mandated roster make ups the Canadian draft is very important to a teams success. If you have poor Canadian content it is tough to win consistently. What occurs in the draft is not always are the best players taken the highest. Why is this you ask? Because some of those players end up in the NFL and you may never see them play in the CFL, for instance this year we have Chase Claypool and Neville Gallimore as a couple of the highest rated players but of course they have both jut been chosen relatively high in the NFL draft. Thus it often makes more sense to not draft these guys the highest and look for the best players who you think will be in the CFL sooner than later. The best guys will get picked at some point in time but only when the risk meets the pick value. Traditionally some position groups dominate the draft (offensive line defensive line or edge, Wide receivers) There is big value on Canadian players that can play a position traditionally manned by an America such as a Cornerback or high end running back. There is your primer in the CFL for anyone that cares. 😀
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    Somewhat amusing to watch these guys admit that an alleged A+++ safety picked at 6 overall is worth roughly the same as Joe Flacco and thinking this is amazing dunk on Jamal haters
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