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    Translation: “Grass ain’t always greener now that you have to cover people, you ******* loser.” Preach, Gregg. Preach.
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    Behead your fallen enemies so they can’t be reincarnated.
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    Long as it’s a player and not a mascot I’ll be happy.
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    I wonder what position she passed best as? Hopefully not an offensive lineman.
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    I know the beat writers won't cover it but I was looking forward to seeing Becton vs. McLendon in 1 on 1's. Even though McLendon isn't "elite" his experience/tricks would give an indication on where Becton is in his development
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    If the jets defense was even 16th last year that’s a huge accomplishment. Our offense without Sam literally couldn’t get a first down for an entire month of the season
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    It's funny how many people are willing to accept (legitimate) excuses for why Darnold's numbers aren't as bad as they look (not saying you're one of them, because honestly I don't remember), while excuses are made for why Gase's actual good numbers (6-2 record in the 2nd half last year) aren't as good as they actually were. Gase isn't in charge of personnel. He was stuck with a lousy offensive line too, and an awful 3rd string QB for 3 games, and a ton of injuries, all while trying to implement a new offensive system - and he still was successful in the 2nd half in the only statistic that really matters. Actual production, which is how you said he should be judged - or do the numbers not count if you don't like how they were accomplished? Yes, the 2nd-half opponents last season weren't a Murderer's Row, but 6 wins are 6 wins in the NFL. It's hard to keep a team that's effectively eliminated from playoff contention by November playing competitively. When Parcells did something similar in the 1999 season, he called it the best year of coaching in his career - and he started with a roster that went 12-4 the previous year. If Gase was as horrible a head coach as people are saying, then the team had no business even beating teams that had 4, 5, or 7 wins, down the stretch. Trust me, I wouldn't even sign up for Gase to be the head coach in 2021 at this point. But the number of people here who want to run him out of town after one rough year that ended fairly well is astounding. From my perspective, the jury's still out and let's see what he does from here on out.
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    Throws only Josh Allen can make.
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    That's a severe market reset. 50% above the current highest paid TEs.
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    So in other words, get back to what made him successful in Pittsburgh? Only wrap it up as something Gase discovered independently?
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    I can relate to the guitar master's response. LMFAO! Well done, sir. Only wish you had extended the solo for an additional hour or so.
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    Bell's comments about Gase have literally nothing to do with why some of us are optimistic for the season. A Jet fans level of optimism is directly correlated to how one feels about Sam Darnold.
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    Good luck town! I failed you but I am very sexy so it’s a trade off.
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    It's not about hurt. It's about joy. scha·den·freu·de /ˈSHädənˌfroidə/ Learn to pronounce noun pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune.
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    John & Paul & George & Ringo
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    @slats If he comes back with the screen name Greenhamburgers, I’m calling dibs now.
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    I always love logging onto this site every morning just to see another post about how bad the fans think our team is. Really get's the day off to a good start.
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    The notion that Gase used Bell particularly poorly last year is pure moonshine. The run-blocking last year was beyond atrocious and they threw to him the ball when they actually had an NFL QB out there. The other problem was that Bell just didn't have any burst in the second half of the year. Every other running back on the roster looked more explosive. Let's be honest here.
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    I actually love to hear Gase take accountability for Bell's poor start. It is what a leader does. Hoepfully things will look different this year.
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    Oh, yes, it's Visitor's Night! And the feeling's right Oh, yes, it's Visitor's Night! Oh, what a night (oh, what a night)
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    all jokes aside: my number 1 takeaway from this video? My God how much time he has!!! Man, if Sam could only get that much time.....
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    I guess. I was expecting something insightful.. not ‘My Jets fan friends are excited because Bell isn’t ripping Gase’
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    How he fares against Kittle twice this year will probably help to decide that matter.
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    Congrats to the Isle fans on the forum (from a Ranger fan, but one is also happy about my team). Lamoriello is an absolutely incredible GM.
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    He's the rare exception that outperforms the value of his position. Good signing. Best run-blocking TE, elite receiving weapon, by all accounts a good teammate, a perfect fit for Shanny's offense and 26 years old. Lynch was smart to trade Buckner and re-sign Kittle.
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    The Golden Corral, on prime rib night, me thinks.
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    Robert & John & Jimmy & John Paul
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    You’re trying way too hard to prop Allen up. Relax. It’s unfortunate that Buffalo is going to waste lots of talent before they finally cut the cord with this guy. But at least you have your HC locked to a 6 year contract. I think very highly of him. I wish he were the Jets HC. Allen is going to waste lots of his tenure also.
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    Defense: 7th in yards allowed, 16th in points allowed. Offense: 32nd in yards gained, 31st in points scored. The Worst Offense in the NFL. I don't think the Defense was our problem in 2019.
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    GMs and Head Coaches might not like it, but the owners will deal just fine with a $40M reduction in operating costs. I wouldn't even look at defensive players. An OL or WR that could help Sam, sure. I'm okay with Basham, Zuniga, Luvu, Huff, etc., and just rolling with it on that side of the ball. I like the Jets being one of the few teams that will have room to navigate and exploit free agency next year.
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    Telling on yourself here. 1-7 “mattered” because you hated the Gase hire and 1-7 was vindication. 6-2 “didn’t matter” because it didn’t conform to your priors.
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    Like this one? https://youtu.be/0WyBO8AQp0s
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    The death of the lead investigator into the Stanfield Crew sent shockwaves through the detail. The shotgun shells found at the scene had to mean Omar right? But Spoot wasn’t even investigating Omar.. what did it all mean? Eventually, the pieces started coming together. The beaver was going after Crusher right? Maybe he had some evidence on him? You’re all idiots, crusher said. I’m like Ape except rounder, I’m a Stanfield but not THAT Stanfield. This is all just a huge misunderstanding. The detail didn’t buy it. The guns were already drawn. They were going to avenge their fallen brother. 5 shots fired in unison. The first hit Crusher’s custom made bacon lined BPV. The second struck the fried turkey leg hanging out of his mouth. The third and fourth were absorbed by his immense gut, then propelled back at his attackers like something out of a cartoon. But the fifth.. the fifth bullet struck him right between the eyes. “Ah sh*t” they said. “We’re gonna have to bring a crane in to get this one to the morgue” Crusher, aka Marlo Stanfield, STANFIELD CREW ROLEBLOCKER w/ 1x BPV, has been lynched. It is now night.
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    It is fun to see these guys come up with new ideas for articles that I won’t read or care about
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    this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
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    I'm not doing anything right now, but this is just a super weird hill for a supposed Jet fan to die on. Your defense of this player is borderline irrational. Darnold arguably had a better year passing the football than Allen despite mono, questionable coaching, and a horrendous, injured supporting cast. Switch teams, and Allen is just about out of the league and Darnold's won a playoff game or three.
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    WRs take time to develop as well. Only 14 rookie WRs since the Merger have produced a 1,000+ yard rookie season. And with a lack of prep time this year due to COVID, that will be even tougher for a rookie like Mims this season. If he puts up 850 yards and 5 TDs I'll be thrilled.

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