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    Not a Jet anymore? Don't care. This is great. "I'm Brian Fellow"
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    Honored to be counted among this group of incredibly wealthy aristocrats
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    The left tackle lines up roughly 2.1 yards away from where the back positions himself in the single-back formation. I just think, based on what we’ve seen, asking Leveon Bell to run 2.1 yards on any given play simply isn’t realistic.
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    Yes there were positives, quite a few actually. I’ve rewatched every play like 10 times now, here are some positive observations: - He looks bigger and stronger, maybe even a bit taller - He was awesome in the pocket, even on bad throws/plays. The “pocket” was very chaotic all day. He stood in there, eyes down field. Did a great job of moving in the pocket and/or finding lanes to scramble and create time to throw. - The second drop by Crowder in the first quarter is maybe the most impressive pocket throw Darnold has ever made. Watch it again closely if you can. - Bounces back from the pick with a great throw to Le’Veon and a nice 2 min drive to get points - His release is absurd. It’s incredible how he took this loopy throwing motion and now has probably the tightest release in the NFL. People love to trash his “mechanics” but his throwing mechanics are good. It’s his footwork that sometime is out of sync. - Overall this was a lot closer to being a good game than it felt like live. It was an incredibly frustrating game to watch because of the uncharacteristic missed throws and drops. It created a barrage of 3 and outs that combined with the D allowing long scoring drives became unbearable to watch. - I have to say, nothing is easy in this offense. Yes, “plays were there to be made” but they were all high degree of difficulty plays that required Sam to buy time and make accurate throws on the move. On to Sunday
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    Historically accurate photos have surfaced...
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    He made it through the first week of the season without a venereal disease, so that's a positive I guess.
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    He looks taller, really? Sent from my Pixel 2 using JetNation.com mobile app
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    It is just horrid. They play basic crap ypu see since Pop Warner. No creativity. NOTICE that Josh Allen was WORST NFDL QB throwing routes 20+ yards in 2019. So what do Bills coaches do? Use his skills, dump most long routes, and go to dump offs, screens and 5-15 yard slants (John Brown). Would Gase ever be that thoughtful and smart? No, he is too arrogant to scheme to his players. Hell, even Belichick admitted ot altering to Cams strength.s I dont know who right coach is, but it is not Gase. The team has no heart cause they know Gase a dunce and they dont like him on top of that. If Douglas like job Gregg Williams did with Browns and from what I hear they think Hines Ward a young up and coming star coach I would fire Gase/Loggains/Vitt now, make GreggW HC/DC and promote Hines Ward to OffCoord. You watch the different attitude. We may lose but you watch heart and more innovative gameplan.. If Douglas has someone else in mid, well I guess we stuck with Gase until January. Go Jets,,,whoopie
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    JD: here's a giant beautiful beast of a road grader. Gase: I should run behind this giant beautiful beast. Gase: But they're going to expect that. Gase: I'll outsmart everyone here. The Jets are lucky to have a genius like me.
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    Imagine this board if we passed on drafting Lawrence
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    That's just mean, Leave Trevor Alone. Let him go to an actual NFL team that has half a clue what to do with a young QB.
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    It's a good thing Chris Johnson is not really the owner. Woody is. [realizes what that means] [lights himself on fire]
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    Because he sucked for 42 minutes.
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    For some positive news. Mekhi Becton's career is off to a good start. On the negative side, DT Javon Kinlaw is already looking better than Q. Williams... 5. T MEKHI BECTON, NEW YORK JETS Becton was the only Jets offensive lineman who wasn't a liability on Sunday. He was a people-mover in the run game and made several impressive blocks, which helped him to a 77.4 run-blocking grade for the game. However, it was Becton's pass protection that was perhaps the biggest surprise of the week. We were worried about how he would fare on NFL true pass sets after seeing very few of those reps at Louisville, but he ended up earning the third-highest grade on true pass sets on Sunday. All told, he allowed just two pressures from 41 pass-blocking snaps and ended the game with a 77.2 overall grade, the 11th-best grade of the week. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-rookie-rankings-highest-graded-rookies-through-week-1-2020 It's only one week but maybe actually got this pick right.
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    Because he'll have 3 years of tape on Darnold to suggest that, even with a decent roster, he'd still not be any good. You don't need awesome circumstances to evaluate a QB. If we end up in a position to draft a new QB, it'll mean we need a new QB (along with a new HC and a bunch of other pieces to surround him with). This isn't all mutually exclusive. Douglas didn't draft Darnold. No one is safe.
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    Odd thing about Robby and fans who hate him. I've literally never seen another player whose big plays are used as evidence of the fact that he sucks. He literally catches a 50, 60, 70 yard TD and people are like "See, that's all he can do is get behind a defense and catch the deep ball. That's why you don't pay him". Yeah, it was such a relief to not have to worry about that with Perriman on the field the other day. Gimme some more of those 7-yard comebacks. WTF?
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    I honestly thought this thread was about us all getting together and drinking the rat poisoned Koolaid together.
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    Im not a coach nor do I have the all 22 so disregard my opinion if you would like. When was the last time you saw us run a back shoulder throw? How about a pick play? How about a designed rollout/moving pocket - we dont even run play action. How about a designed run by sam? The contact rules have changed the game over the last few seasons and there are ways to get at least a few cheap completions each game. RPO plays allow an athletic QB like Sam to get a relatively easy read and move the chains. Motion and misdirection can help an OL that doesnt have elite talent and help a QB keep a defense off balance but we dont run any misdirection. How about matching your personnel to your gameplan. We were down Mims and Vincent Smith, 2 of our 4 top WRs and both player who can stretch the field. We also had our TE back for the first time in a year, along with last years starter. Did Gase go with a ton of 2 TE sets to allow Sam to have a run and pass play called in the huddle and then change at the line - nope. Instead we used Chris Hogan who doesnt require any safety help and allowed buffalo to double perriman and not give up any big plays. The guy has had two good seasons as a coordinator, and that was with a QB who basically called the offense himself at the LOS. Not sure how worse this team could be prepared and play then what we saw sunday
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    Jets will win Sunday and people will hop back on the Darnold bandwagon. SF is nowhere near the same team as last years team and they have to travel across the country. I am extremely confident. Go Jets
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    I can't take it anymore guys, started a go fund me.
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    You're a wealthy aristocrat in the same sense that Barry Bonds and I combined to hit 762 HRs.
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    Is this a normal scheduled press conference? If not, I'm very worried as to why he even opened his mouth instead of JD.
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    Chris Johnson knows he's not supposed to climb into the microwave with his food right?
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    Lock as in "lock johnnysd in the nut house and throw away the key?"
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    So you be like what's up sir purr? 😂😂
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    He calls the bad plays that don’t work.
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    We have zero chance to make the playoffs this year. That was a good pick.
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    Is it early though? We have a very tough schedule and nothing we've seen from Gase indicates that we'll perform better as the season goes on. IMO, and I am a strong Sam supporter, it is not too early to be thinking about this possible decision
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    This should put to the rest the thought that Chris is NOT worse than Woody.
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    Why isn’t Douglas doing this? Zero chain of command. Mess as usual.
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    LOL of course throw someone no longer with the team under the bus but don't hold current personal accountable for anything,
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    How rewarding will it be for Vilma to personally witness the reminder as to how lucky he was to leave the Jets.....
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    It was over before it started. I had them 6-10. I honestly don’t even think they win 6. So yeah!!! It’s over. Maybe next year.🤣
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    Playoffs??? A better question would be... What would you do with the #1 pick? Draft Trevor or Trade to build around Darnold?
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    Can the Johnson's please just let the football people make these decisions? It's time to remove this structure of the HC and GM reporting to the owner. They gave Joe Douglas a 6 year contract, he's brought in an experienced group to run the front office, let them do their job and stay out of it. How would Christopher Johnson really know better than Joe and his team if Gase is a good Head Coach? It's a ridiculous thought and poor management.
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    Owner JoeWilly12: “As punishment, no one gets their practice shirts back until we get twenty wins!”
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    Darnold's performance in Buffalo was the first and only time I've doubted his qualifications as a franchise quarterback. I am still a believer, but I am stunned about how unprepared he was considering: 1. The 1-7 start from last year and consuming himself to avoid that same disaster. 2. The 6-2 finish and how that should have left him supremely confident. 3. Covid which, while tragic, allowed him to have 3+ months of quarantined specialized training time with his personal quarterback coach. 4. A full year in the same playbook with 100% of the coaching staff returning. 5. 5 weeks of live training camp and no preseason games which should have left him fresh and feeling great. 6. Better OL, better RB's, better WR's than he had at any time during last year's injury-riddled campaign. 7. The media trying to humiliate him and his teammates at every opportunity since May. You add all that up, Darnold should have come out like a man possessed on Sunday. He should have been in total control, he should have had that eye of the tiger, he should have been screaming at teammates on the sidelines, he shouldn't have taken a loss instead of an incompletion, he shouldn't have been daydreaming during a TV timeout, he wasn't exactly facing Bill Belichick's ghosts. In other words, he should have looked like a grown up professional in complete command and not a timid boy making Pop Warner mistakes. SAR I
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    Football seems too complicated to replace a HC mid-season (let alone early season). We may as well stick with Gase and hope the team can turn it around. There are a couple of reasons to hope we might get better anyway: -Very limited pre-season. Maybe the team will gel as the weeks go on. -There's an extra wildcard this year so 8-8 could get us in -Mims and Perine will come back at some point. -Maybe someone emerges (Sam?) an pulls us out of the morass? -The unknown. We're only 1 week in so there's plenty of time for unpredictible stuff to happen. You never know with injuries, players coming from nowhere, etc. Stuff does happen (though usually not in a good way for us). But let's see. -Braden Mann has only begun to unleash his powers.

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