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    Was at Rosh Hashanah dinner last night with my family who are all Giants fans. I asked my brother do you think the Jets should tank for Lawrence. He started to crack up. His answer was, boy, you Jets fans must really love being miserable. Do you actually want to see Darnold become a good QB for another team the same way Miami is looking at Tanny? The guy is realistically playing his second season after having mono last season and your WR all suck. Who is supposed to make a play for him? I mean the Giants WR's aren't that good either but at least Shepard makes plays every once in a while and we can throw to Barkley. I explained to him that after the last game, Sam might not be the guy. To that he said, please trade him to the Giants. We would take him in a heart beat over Mr turnover. This is from my brother who has relentlessly teased me about being Jets fan.
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    Despite all the bad things going on with the Jets it is so refreshing to see a coach pull guys if they are having problems and playing the best players. Polar opposite from the Bowles era.
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    That conversation sums up NFL fans in a nutshell. Giant fan says Sam is still young and a victim of circumstance and don’t give up on him, all the while saying he would get rid of his young QB who’s turned the ball over a few times, but he needs to go. Unless you have an Aaron Rodgers type at QB, NFL fans will always want the “other” guy.
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    It'll remind you of the Dallas game last year. The Bills are a very good playoff team with a lot of continuity. Losing by 10 - yes I know it could been worse - after playing as bad as we did in the road isn't going to define this team in 2020. We're finding our way with quite a few new starters during a pandemic New York Jets 24 San Francisco 49ers 13 During the game expect the announcers to keep reminding everyone who's watching that these 49ers are missing Richard Sherman and George Kittle. We'll see their graphic showing the 49ers record with and without their dogs. We'll hear about the West coast team traveling to the East coast. The Jets will get the backhanded yeah but compliments after a win. I cannot wait to see my favorite team in WEEK 2 bounce back with a big win at home. Let's go Jets!
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    Last week they played a bad QB but one that was an elite runner who also had really good weapons at WR. This week they play a slightly better QB but one that can't run, has marginal talent at RB and no pass catching weapons. If this defense is in fact good, this week should be an easy one for them to prove it.
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    1) Anger. This step can begin as early as the 2nd quarter of a game, and can last as late as Wednesday. Consists of frustration, seeking scapegoats, "fire everyone," and general nitpicking of every individual screw up and lousy call by the officials. It finishes with the attitude that this franchise will never get it right. 2) The breather. This is usually Tuesday. The players have the day off, and so there is very little to hear or read. Even the Jets typically don't pull hamstrings on their day off. No news is a relief. 3) Bargaining. This is often on Wednesday. All of those little nitpicks after the game are spun differently, in a less negative fashion. "Well, when you think about it... they don't have to clean up as much as it looked like." "They weren't that horrible, just a few plays here and there and it was a different game." 4) Acceptance and/or apathy. This can be anywhere from Wednesday until Friday. Reading practice reports, getting injury updates, bashing Manish, etc. "Meh... they're not that good and we know it. But they're probably not that bad either. I'll just watch the next game and see what happens." 5) The upturn. Starts on Friday, picks up steam on Saturday, then carries to Sunday morning. The Jets are going to play better. "The Jets will pull off the upset, 'I guarantee it.'" See ya'll Sunday evening for stage 1 again...
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    Trade down and build around a QB, whether that is Sam Darnold or another guy two years from now. With a trade down and the ammo from the Adams deal, two years from now the team should have a great young oline a bell cow back at least one or two WR's and improvements on defense. Then make your decision on the QB. Don;t fall into the same trap of bringing in a new QB to a team with the worst talent in the league.
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    So far, Quinnen ranks 1/2 a cup of coffee out of 5.
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    ...that Quinnen Williams looking like a bust who may be worse than Leo is like the 5th or 6th thing on the list of things we're worried about right now. Seriously? Not one thread on the first page or two talking about last year's #3 pick because we're so worried about the previous year's #3 pick? I simply cannot believe that after all the hype of this past summer, the weight loss, the talk of "being dominant", etc. Quinnen had almost zero impact on the game last week. Josh Allen ran, he threw, he stood back in the pocket reading the newspaper, etc. There was no interior pass rush and no outside pass rush. If not for Gase, Darnold, the wide receivers, the injuries, a Christopher Johnson press conference, etc. I think we'd be talking more about the what should be the best player on the defense right now with no CJ or Jamal Adams playing. Sheesh!
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    No offense but that’s totally illogical. Be patient with Sam but I’m done with my 2nd year QB? And Darius Slayton would be the Jets best WR immediately.
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    This is how I see it. I hope JD knows he should build around Sam for the foreseeable future Don't blow all of the draft capital we've accumulated to take another young kid who will have no team. Let the OL gel, allow Sam time to settle into the idea that his line is giving him time and he will get the ball out to the open guys or slide it into tight coverage as we know he can do. It's wy premature to give up on Sam. I'd like to see Greg Roman with Sam. Or Even Bienemy (who I'm not sold on but still) before I Give up. Jamar Chase or Devonta Smith are coming to town to run around with Mims next season. Let Sam play with those cats.
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    Usually guys that have 6 good games in college are worthy of the # 3 overall pick.
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    It's hilarious considering most of you were all about the o-line and made it seem like receivers were irrelevant. Now all of a sudden it's "why doesn't Sam have weapons???" 🤣
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    Rich Cimini, ESPN: Gregg, does Pierre Desir get his job back and why was he taken out in the first place? We compete all the time, you guys have been around me for a while and I’ve been doing this for 40+ years now, is that whatever it takes to make adjustment, I’ll make an adjustment. It doesn’t make any difference who it is, and we had to make an adjustment, we had to get some better play right there. And again, he missed a lot of time in practice, a lot of time in training camp, so there was some good learning things for him, he’s worked very hard this week and we’ll see how it goes when it comes to game day, but he’s worked very hard. And those are the things that I’ll always do, no matter where we’re coaching.
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    Just make sure you put a towel down this time. Don't want to ruin your keyboard again.
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    I believe the Jets can avoid extending Darnold until after next season, so if he still looks eh in a few weeks, dump Gase, name Gregg the coach, and let JimBob Cooter have a crack at him for twelve games. I think much of Darnold’s struggles are based in confidence levels, and Gase probably isn’t the guy you want nursing a young QB through a dopamine shortage. JimBob at least had experience getting Matt Stafford up and running, so let’s try that for awhile. It’d be a mistake to dump Darnold only because you want to hang on to Gase. That is obviously very unlikely to bear fruit
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    What ******* planet are you on? Sanchez had the BEST offensive line in football and Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes and Dustin Keller to throw to. Please stop it, you're embarrassing your troll ass.
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    He just got his braces removed ... would think he needs some time to adjust.
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    They’re afraid of Sam Darnold ruining their careers.
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    We don't have dynamic LBers and we don't have dynamic edge rushers so we will continue to look stupid against mobile QBs. If we can't contain Jimmy G, then it's time to panic about the defense.
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    No, playtowin is the kiss of death. He’s legit been wrong on every guarantee he’s ever made on this board. We had a chance till this thread started. Now it’s 49ers all day
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    This is exactly what they have to do at the home to get the remote control back from @joewilly12
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    I don't know, but I just don't think you give a QB a free 3-year pass because of an inadequate line (which may be better this year) and lack of weapons. These are legit reasons why his numbers may not be as good as other guys -- but just because his stats may not accurately reflect his ability, it does not mean you cannot judge his performance. Does he make good reads, both pre-snap and post snap? Can he find and hit receivers when they are open? Can he throw them open or put the ball in a spot where only the WR can make a play? Can he avoid forcing a ball into coverage? Can he avoid making bonehead plays like we saw last week. Does he show pocket presence to extend plays or sense where rush is coming from. There are ways to evaluate a QB other than his stat line. Stats are part of it, but watching and evaluating those elements of his play that are within his control is JD's job. Week 1, at least to my eye, he played poorly. He had chances to make plays and didn't. I don't hold him accoutnable for drops, bad routes, breakdowns in protections, etc. But still, I did not think he played well. That said, it was one game. With a roster with a lot of turnover after a limited offseason. He has 15 games left to show us what he can be. He should not have a free pass to 2021. Just my two cents.
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    He turned it over once last week. The real turnover machine, Allen fumbled 4 times. Sam is a victim of horrible preparation via Gase and Loggains.
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    Change that name to Trevor and you can re-use that post in a few years after we draft him as well. Then the next and the next and the next... Only the apocalypse can save us.
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    He’ll probably be our next coach.
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    Giant mosquitoes remind me of Will Ferrell in Land of the Lost! Everybody on this Board needs to stop panicking and questioning whether or not Joe Douglas is a good GM or Sam darnold was a bad pick. Holy crap the sky is falling you bunch of panicky panickers! It was one f****** bad game! I'm sure Emperor Gase is going to turn this all around. Have faith brethren, put your trust in Crazy Eyes. He shall lead us to the promised land.
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    Trade the #1 pick. GM’s that need a QB would give their first born to get Trevor. The haul would be legendary. We need picks, picks, picks. Think of it. We have 4 #1 picks in next 2 years alone. We could easily at minimum get 3 #1 and 2 #2 for it. Easily.
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    Certainly was in week 1. Pretty confident he’ll surpass Baker this week.
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    Yup. We trade away our good players in the hope of using those draft picks to draft good players... and by not paying said good player we save the almighty cap dollar, but then we shouldn't use those cap dollars to sign good free agents because high priced free agents always bust. That's the continued logic of the NYJ's and their fan base.
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    lol jet fans LOVE to hype up talent to absurd levels Ignoring last year- -Herndon's year two years ago was 56 catches and 4tds - a decent player -he is no stud by any means and not a game changer
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    I think we all have done that. Kosher wine has come a long way.
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    There was a weird comment on TNF: “Clyde Edwards-Helaire is the first running back to get drafted in the first round by a SuperBowl winner to then run for over 100 yards”. It’s hard to get excited about a highly specific stat with some abstract condition. Saying Sam is really really good (not the best mind you; top-3) but only if you look at these 3-4 game stretches... seems forced. I like reading them too, but it’s easy to see how this sort of framing neglects the reality which is, Sam is only really really good for 3-4 games in a row.
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    Sometimes you have to buy the process before you can see the results. I buy his process.
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    Hell - they should’ve gave Sammy Watkins a contract. Or Nelson Agholor. Or Emmanuel Sanders. Someone to give Sam a fighting chance out there on Sundays! this is just sad
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    This does not surprise me at all. When Woody left to work his magic in the United Kingdom, I was hopeful. Once again reminded that things can always get worse. As long as the Johnsons own this franchise, this organization will stink.

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