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    I mean, none of you know who the hell I am. I smoke sh*t tons of weed so the Jets just don’t get me all worked up anymore these days. So I’m gonna stick around if you don’t mind. Thank you. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    There's only a handful of these jobs available every year. How many guys looking to land their first gig are actually going to put their nose up to he Jets? I doubt many guys think this way.
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    So per PFF, Douglas traded away a borderline "starting caliber safety" for 2 first round picks? Sounds like GM of the year material. Thanks for sharing!
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    Three things: 1. This is why they need to fire Gase now, because every day he’s here, it reinforces the dysfunctionality of the org. 2. The Jets shouldn’t hire a rookie HC anyway. 3. I’m sure Douglas didn’t make a lot of friends in the agent community by refusing to bid on the high-end FA’s in a depressed free agent market. Maccagnan, by contrast, was a useful tool in driving up prices for every FA who hit the market
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    Playing 13 games a year on an Adam Gase team pretty much makes you Cal Ripken.
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    Who has made fans of this team embarrassed to admit their allegiance to the green and white Like most billionaires, I'm sure you minimize the vitriol towards you and your brother as jealously of your fortune. While some of that may be true, there are billionaire owners who are admired and loved by their fanbase. You are not among them. You have lost any ounce of respect from your fans. It is you who has: Made shotgun marriages between GM and coaches and head coaches and assistant coaches. Never once has any of these arrangements worked out. NOT ONCE. Taken advice from headhunters, accountants and lawyers on critical hires. Allowed a GM to spend $130mm on free agents and run the entire draft only to fire him 10 minutes later after admitting you were away from the team for too long. Had potential HC hires walk away because you would have forced their assistant coaches on them. Created a reporting structure which puts you in the middle of all critical football decisions. And because off all of your horrible decisions, we are once again at a crossroads. And because these decisions are solely in your hands, even the most loyal Jets fans are skeptical that your next decision will be better than any decision you have ever made.
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    As per Matt Miller: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2912333-jets-falcons-cant-be-patient-in-2020-nfl-hiring-cycle-after-bill-obrien-fired The Jets, though, who knows with them because they've literally mangled every decision since Todd Bowles and Mike Maccagnan were given extensions [December 2017]." Another factor that plays into this: some coaches will not want to coach for certain owners or in certain situations. Said the agent: "There are places I don't want my guys to go. Like, I'm not sending anyone to the Jets this offseason. There's no way I want my guy getting his first [head coaching] job with that organization. You only get so many chances at these things, so you need a good fit." This doesn't bode well for the Jets, who have an unstable ownership situation and a general manager in Joe Douglas who isn't receiving rave reviews around the league for his decisions since taking the job in June 2019.
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    i want 0-16 so bad i can taste it
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    This won't be as funny to those that don't know what this is in reference to but I cackled when I saw this. Sums up being a Jets fan quite well 🤣
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    Cimini said fant will be play LT and Chuma RT which is the most logical thing to do. Why they didn’t do that for the Denver game is beyond me. Chuma is a serviceable RT but total disaster at LT.
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    Damn. Killing it out there
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    We wouldn’t be headed to the playoffs with Robby Anderson. But we’d be a much better team. Every single player would have benefitted from having him here. How big of a homer do you have to be to claim that losing a good skill player doesn’t even matter?
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    Our bye is on 11/22. That is all.
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    Only for a GM who has been in a coma since the beginning of September.
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    Why? Is the goal to go 0-16/1-15 and land Lawrence or promote some dick like Gregg Williams/Joe Vitt who has no future here, squeak out a couple of meaningless wins and potentially be stuck in no mans land moving forward? Make up your minds I’ll gladly keep Gase around until early January if it means securing Lawrence and obtaining yet another Top 70 pick for Darnold. Gladly Trevor Lawrence + Brian Daboll/Greg Roman + $100 million in cap space + A metric sh*tload of picks over the next two seasons = Potential championship contention for the next 10+ years That’s well worth dealing with Gase for another 90 days.
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    Since when did some random executive from a random team making a random guess mean anything? Seriously? If the Titans get THAT severe of a punishment for what they did, it makes the previous Patriots punishments look absolutely ridiculous. You can directly cheat the game multiple times and get a slap on the wrist or you can have unauthorized practices and get your season wrecked. Seems legit.
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    They will be forced to trade a 4th round pick to the New York Jets and take a Jets starting player. Titans have called this a death sentence of a penalty.
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    Probably because joining a group of fans who enjoy crashing onto folding tables in a parking lot near Canada after ****ing their sisters is an even worse solution.
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    Hiring Jim Caldwell and Jameis Winston would, I think, result in fans literally burning MetLife to the ground.
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    Last year was glorious! I still can't decide if my favorite win was the last second FG against hapless Miami, the remarkable victory over 3rd stringer Duck Hodges, or our courageous win over a Buffalo team that was barely paying attention.
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    Gase is taking matters into his own hands. You have to applaud the fact that he's not willing to stay the course with whatever training regimen is putting more players onto IR than onto the field. Parcells would have done the same thing. SAR I
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    Lots of draft capital. No where to go but up. Potential #1 pick. Potential stud LT. A fanbase that if you win here you will be a hero for all eternity. If a coach doesn't want this job then we don't want him. No punks allowed. It's going to take the right personality to win here. Coming in scared isn't it.
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    You mean like, after skipping over the first two of the three 2nd rounders used to move up to #3) using the next pick on a 25 year-old rookie DT from some Div II school none of us had heard of, who hadn't seen a player get drafted in any round in over 30 years? Taking a stab at him sure was wiser than taking a shot on someone on the QB's side of the ball like Orlando Brown, Michael Gallup, or Mark Andrews -- all coming off the board in the next 5 offensive picks. It's no accident when a successful team hits on 2 of those 3 prospects back to back after drafting their round 1 QB while we chose Nathan Shepherd over both of them. Doesn't mean Darnold would have been great, but wasting a day 2 pick on Shepherd certainly didn't help.
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    Alternatively, it’s like when you’re hammered drunk at a wedding and your sh*tbag cousin sets you up with a cute-ish bridesmaid whom you bang that night in a Motel 6 and she subsequently pretends to get pregnant so you stay with her for a few months until you come to realize that it’s not a “baby bump,” she’s just regaining all the weight she had lost to fit into the bridesmaid’s dress, meanwhile she keeps demanding access to your debit card PIN and you’re like “nah” so she leaves you for your more successful neighbor and, over the course of three weeks, your neighbor starts losing his hair and she crashes his car and they both pack on thirty pounds and he eventually throws her out on the street, except in this analogy the neighbor originally feels bad for “stealing” her from you and compensates you with two Mercedes Benz’s, a jet ski, and the equally cute, but mentally stable chick he thought he was upgrading from.
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    The problem is Gase is trying to fit Darnold into his offense instead of designing an offense that highlights Darnolds abilities. If the Jets drafted Lamar Jackson and Gase was coach Lamar would be absolutely horrible. Darnold is not Peyton Manning and never will be but Gase is trying to run that same offense with Sammy. Gase is at fault here.
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    If Sam continues his streak of 13 games per season, he’ll have effectively found a way to only play 4 seasons worth of games on a 5 year contract. We should make him GM.
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    The other thing that I think is often overlooked in this particular topic is that when we fans think of the "common" rebuild most of those teams at least have 1 or 2 adequate to good players spread across the most important positions on the team(QB, WR,OT, Pass Rusher and CB). The Jets didn't even have that. Douglas "hit rate" in this first draft would have to be 100% and all picks be immediate adequate NFL starters to turn it around in 1 off-season while still positioning himself well for the years to come.
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    looking at the schedule....we are easily going 0-9
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    Can we tell Goodell that Gase held an unsanctioned practice offsite one time???
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    Screen grab. Lets make that the southwhatever guys avatar. You know, the guy who "quit" the forum.
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    @JiF your plan is already in disarray
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    "You're either with us or with the terrorists."
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    I realize that the coach has been a disaster and is public enemy number 1, but I really can't criticize him for "changing things up"
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    He looked good to me on Thursday night (yes, I know he had the killer penalty) and very good in the SF game. More of him, please.
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    Damn, that's cold. Too soon.
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    Lot of posters on here with torn labia over this torn labrum
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    Darnold needs a mental reset and better coaching/players and he’ll be fine. We need to get talent talent and more talent around him, and a real winning football culture. Darnold is surrounded by talentless losers right now, starting with Gase.

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