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    This made me lol Sent from my SM-G950U1 using JetNation.com mobile app
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    You think Flacco has been walking around town licking doorknobs so he wouldn't have to play a game for Gase this week?
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    Hey all. I’m a physician- just to explain.. the rapid tests have a high false positive rate. Once they come back positive or inconclusive, they re-test with the PCR- which is much more specific. Hope that helps.
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    It's happening. Our hopes and dreams are coming through. They're gonna cancel Jets games.
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    The best move the Cardinals could have made, and we will all see why on Sunday. You don't pass on game changer QBs because of sunk cost
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    So, by that logic it’s also fair to say that Eric Smith was the far superior Jets safety. Agreed?
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    I mean, none of you know who the hell I am. I smoke sh*t tons of weed so the Jets just don’t get me all worked up anymore these days. So I’m gonna stick around if you don’t mind. Thank you. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    Just looking at the schedule. Cards have a bye in week 8 and Jets have a bye in week 11 so the bye weeks don't work out. However, in week 8 the Jets play the Chiefs, so the NFL can just move the Jets/Cards game to week 8, give the Chiefs their automatic week 8 win against the Jets and everything is hunkydory.
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    Yankees total 2020 payroll: $109.4M Rays total 2020 payroll: $28.3M
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    Mims seems to be okay, although his right hamstring tested positive for COVID.
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    and that Gase gets another shot. Which is the nightmare of all nightmare scenarios.
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    Forfeit the game and all those remaining. Safety first I always say.
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    From the Twitter thread... Sent from my SM-G950U1 using JetNation.com mobile app
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    Sad it took that long to get to this post. Good on ya Sarge, as usual.
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    Holy sh*t at that flag on Mack for the hit on Brady. A week after Sam nearly gets f*cking buried. They don't even pretend to be objective. Disgraceful.
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    Flacco is the best qb to start since Pennington for us. A functional qb that can see the whole field and has remarkable accuracy. Sit back enjoy the ride . In the off-season let's build around him like the Bucs did around Brady .
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    The Jets were not tanking this season. I don’t think either Gase or Douglas was expecting this season to be so bad. They honestly thought the offensive line would improve by about 50%, that the skill position players were improved slightly. I believe they thought this would be about a 6 or 7 win team with a younger roster that was learning along the way, and that the Jets would be positioned to load up with next year‘s Cap money and push a 2021 team to 9 or 10 wins.
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    No, but we also don't want that anyway. We don't want another Vinny or Fitzpatrick scenario - A veteran who has an overachieving, flash in the pan season. For once, we need to have sustained success with a young QB and build a team that can compete year in and year out.
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    Who has made fans of this team embarrassed to admit their allegiance to the green and white Like most billionaires, I'm sure you minimize the vitriol towards you and your brother as jealously of your fortune. While some of that may be true, there are billionaire owners who are admired and loved by their fanbase. You are not among them. You have lost any ounce of respect from your fans. It is you who has: Made shotgun marriages between GM and coaches and head coaches and assistant coaches. Never once has any of these arrangements worked out. NOT ONCE. Taken advice from headhunters, accountants and lawyers on critical hires. Allowed a GM to spend $130mm on free agents and run the entire draft only to fire him 10 minutes later after admitting you were away from the team for too long. Had potential HC hires walk away because you would have forced their assistant coaches on them. Created a reporting structure which puts you in the middle of all critical football decisions. And because off all of your horrible decisions, we are once again at a crossroads. And because these decisions are solely in your hands, even the most loyal Jets fans are skeptical that your next decision will be better than any decision you have ever made.
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    I can write a book on this, having worked in healthcare on the financial side the last 20+ years. Anyhow, this isn't the site for that stuff, so let's just leave it at ... these people who suddenly are experts in ICD-10 codes, who say there is wide spread corruption here, well they are completely wrong.
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    Ironically this is the first "positive" piece of news we've had about this team in 10 years
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    It's not that I disagree with you re: building. However, you're only so often in a position to take the top QB in the draft. As we very well may be, we have to take him. The good news is, we have another 1st round pick, and a high second to support this QB. Even if it isn't Lawrence. The point I was making - as I know you know Darnold is trash - is related to your second point. I don't see him as worth building around. So, lets not pass on a guy who's a great prospect, because the team is trash too.
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    Sure. Fine. Hyperbole. Whatever. We've seen what Sam Darnold is. A bottom tier QB. Overly aggressive adjectives aren't what are going to keep me from being excited to draft Lawrence (or Fields, who I may prefer).
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    Jamal was tired of playing for a dysfunctional losing dumpster fire, and I don’t blame him for wanting out. But I think forcing the trade cost him a ton of money. If he played along he would have been given a giant extension.
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    I haven't really watched any Seahawks games but: -How much more is he being used in coverage? -Does one think that maybe the fact that the Seahawks have been in more "competitive" games than the Jets, that teams may actually have to pass more against them? One thing I do know for sure, the Jets defense has not been better without Adams. And this is not tos say that trading Adams was a bad thing, just be careful in cherry picked stats.
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    Tommy boy yelling at his OL. They should tell him, "we don't get to hold like they do in NE Tom"
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    The Yankees are a better NFL team than the Jets
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    I honestly hope the game gets postponed. I can use a Sunday without disappointment.
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    He sucks. You wish he didn't. I wish he didn't. But, he does. The team around him is bad, but it's not as bad as you're making it out to be. They're also not the reason he holds the ball to long, has poor footwork, bails on the pocket too soon, makes bad decisions, doesn't see open WRs, and misses them frequently when he does. He's also in his third season, and shows no evidence he play a 16 game schedule. He's the same player he was in college. He's the same player he was the prior two years. Sam Darnold is not good.
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    He's already had more of a chance than Josh Rosen ever had to be fair.
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    Quinnen Williams is a player. I stare at this kid during the games as there’s nothing else interesting with Jamal gone. I get we want the stats but he shows up on film every game this year. this word gets used to much but he is absolutely “disruptive“ in a way Leo never ever was. I don’t know what his ceiling is but I feel confident to say that he is definitely not a bust and will have a long career. I hated on this kid hard in the off-season and he’s earned my respect. Not saying much but he’s the best player on the defense.
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