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    The season is beyond over and for the first time in my life I'm rooting for the team to go 0-16. There is absolutely no benefit to winning any games, the Joe Douglas plan is now clear: - Secure the #1 pick - Fire Adam Gase and find the right HC - Ensure that Trevor Lawrence is coming out - Deal Sam Darnold - With tons of cap space and picks surround Lawrence with a properly constructed roster when he steps on the practice field for the first time In terms of roster construction let's take a look at some young pieces to see if they can be part of the future: Offense - Mekhi Becton is an absolute beast with unlimited upside. Incredible power, movement skills and decent technique for someone so young - Cameron Clark needs to be worked into one of the guard spots as the season continues. Because I haven't been impressed with Greg Van Roten, way too much softness at his spot - Chuma Edoga should be pushing George Fant but too many injuries and inconsistency makes me wonder about him long term - Chris Herndon's game has gone into the toilet. I would keep him and see if the next staff can salvage his career but a new #1 TE has to be found. Hard to believe he's the same player who was making acrobatic catches and stretching the seam in 2018 - Decent debut for Denzel Mims, now he has to stay on the field and adjust to the pro level. Because in the first half he was making a nice impact but then BUF put White on him and he disappeared. Stay in Hines Ward office and learn all the "tricks" to deal with top notch CB's - LaMical Perine shows good explosion to the hole and plays faster than his 40 time. But he has a ton of work to do in pass protection. Way too many times Perine is late finding his responsibility and gets pushed back into the QB's lap - Its too bad and way too soon but Sam Darnold needs another team. We all know the countless issues where the Jets didn't support his growth (OLine, skill positions, coaching). But the first half INT he threw was mindless and makes you wonder if he'll ever be a franchise QB. You just can't throw into triple coverage when you're almost in FG position. It makes you question his ability to see coverages and situational awareness. There are multiple teams that could be looking for a QB (PIT, IND, NE, JAX, DEN, WSH, MIN?) maybe we can get a #2. But with the questions about Darnold's game and his rookie deal running out the best we may get is a #3. Amazing that his "era" could close so soon Defense - Quinnen Williams has grown and has flashed his Alabama talents. He's on pace for 63 Tackles, 7 Sacks and 17 TFL's which is the range of production I wanted. Now its on Douglas to get multiple edge rushers in the off-season where the new DC can have outside pressure from them with Williams applying the inside pressure. If proper moves are made we may actually see an NFL caliber pass rush - I like the potential of John Franklin-Myers and Bryce Huff. Both have shown athleticism and the ability to penetrate in their limited reps. I want to see more of them down the stretch to determine if they could be starters or JAGs going forward - I want to see more Blake Cashman at ILB. Avery Williamson isn't going to be here going forward and could be traded. We need to see if Cashman can stay on the field and produce as the "speed/coverage" ILB - Bradley McDougald has checked out and needs to go. Marcus Maye needs to be re-signed as the veteran/stabilizer in the secondary. Bless Austin, Bryce Hall and Ashtyn Davis all need to be elevated to starters. Let them take their lumps this year but they could be a young, talented and cheap group next year
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    That would definitely be so Jets. Draft TL then go defense back to back.
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    My girlfriend just looked at my laptop and saw this and can't stop laughing. She said we're pathetic and wants to know why we keep torturing ourselves and why we can't find another team to root for. I just told her that it was complicated.
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    Bieniemy has as much to do with KC’s success as Gase did with Denver’s. No thanks.
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    Michael hugged Fredo right before he went fishing.
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    No way Go all out and make a move for someone like Jim Harbaugh. Get a proven HC and culture changer. Not another goddamn coordinator that doesn’t even call the plays.
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    AZ was 5-10-1 in 2019. Jets were 7-9. Both with young franchise QBs. AZ went out and got their QB Deandre Hopkins, the best WR in football. NYJ let their best receiver Robby Anderson walk, and replaced him with a below average starter in Breshad Perriman, making life tougher for their franchise QB. AZ is 5-2. Jets are 0-6. We reap what we sow. Joe Douglas should not be absolved.
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    Again, Elway had leverage because not only was he drafted into the MLB but he was drafted by the Yankees. There was a very real chance that he could have chosen to go that route. Eli didn't want to play for the Chargers because back then there was no rookie pay scale and picks had to negotiate with the teams to come to terms on their first contracts. The Chargers owners were notorious for not wanting to pay market rate and the Manning's felt they couldn't get the deal that Eli was worth. It had nothing to do with the play of the team or the other players, it was strictly money motivated. Their fears played out because Rivers had to hold out for more than half of camp in order to get a deal signed. That's why Brees started the season. So bottom line is that the BIG 2 examples that people like to recall in the last 40 years have situations that don't exist currently. Last I checked Lawrence wasn't drafted by the Yankees, and with the Rookie pay scale, Trevor doesn't have to worry about getting paid. There is a reason that these things haven't happened since Eli, step off the ledge people.
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    I wanted Sam. I defended Sam. BUT Weird sh*t happens to Sam on and off the field. He's stupid and plays scared. Sam sucks.
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    Owner, Sam's Smoothie Bar & Creperie, Tarzana, California.
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    I've liked people I've fired and continued to have a good relationship with them after I've fired them. Grown adults understand that you lose your job if you don't get results.
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    I was shortsighted just a week ago, I was still thinking about keeping Darnold and trading the rights to Lawrence for a massive haul. But the key for a GM building a team is to have a big time QB on a cheap rookie deal and financial freedom to fill the rest of the roster. Its now imperative we get Lawrence and restart the clock with his rookie deal, this doesn't give Douglas any excuses though. A good HC with a properly constructed roster should have us ready to challenge for a playoff spot in 2021
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    Lets be real, no one is trading a first round pick for Sam. There is three years worth of footage on his lack of growth with a looming contract year coming. I would be happy with a 2nd rounder at this point.
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    If JD came out and dropped this draft on the Jets after taking Lawrence, lol, just pack it up and wait for the new GM/HC/QB. I mean...
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    Is anyone else like heartbroken that Sam is confirmed to be just...bad? Like, even with all the excuses and the talent, etc, Sam is just a weak-minded mush that we wasted three years and a bunch of high picks on? Yesterday was the first time I watched him play and realized that he’s simply hopeless because his problems are internal and there’s no coming back from a lot of that.
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    Last I saw her, she was in a supporting role on Melrose Place.
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    I actually had to go and look at the numbers Burrow has been putting up. All of these factors, rankings, etc. and these are the statistics: Joe Burrow, through 7 games, has accounted for 12 total touchdowns (9 Passing, 3 Rushing), has completed 65+% of his passes, has amassed 2,100+ total yards, and has only committed 5 turnovers (5 INTs, 0 lost fumbles). He’s provided all of this production while getting sacked 28 times so far. He’s also in a situation that is as bad, if not worse, than Darnold has ever been in, and he’s putting up historic numbers. Let’s take a look at the passing game logs, shall we? He’s thrown for at least 300 yards in every single game, except for one. His NFL debut. If you go deeper, look at, and add the rushing statistics, he’s never accounted for less than 239 yards of total offense and has scored at least 1 touchdown in every game he has played. By all means, those who are making excuses for Sam Darnold and pretending that Joe Burrow, or any young quarterback, wouldn’t be or won’t be succeeding here can keep doing so. I just want you to know how ridiculous it is. If Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields are as good as advertised, they will be just fine. Especially after Joe Douglas spends some of that FA money and draft capital on the OL and skill positions.
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    Remember when we were told on here that Perriman was an upgrade to Roberto? JN is the best contrarian indicator in sport. I wish we had a stock pick forum so I could sell all the recommendations short.
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    Was all ready to vote “high school girls with cold sores.” This thread should’ve been a poll.
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    For a guy who runs as often as Wilson does, and extends plays with his legs, does Russell Wilson ever take a big hit. He just seems to know how to avoid hits. Its uncanny. As is his ability to throw a deep ball. Great throw to Lockett. Wilson is the best player in the game right now.
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    I made a nice long post about this a few days ago. I’ll just copy the post here: “I know the consensus around here is that a mid-season firing is exactly what Gase deserves, but a lot of those same people, sometimes myself included, forget that there is a human element to all of this. Potential coaching prospects do view mid-season firings as a "bad" move. They like to see that they will be given every last opportunity to turn it around, and they appreciate the comfort of knowing that their families lives won't be absolutely shook, smack dab in the middle of the season. That's not even getting to the "agent factor". An agent is supposed to look out for his clients. If you treat a guy like he's expendable sub-human waste, do you really think an agent is going to recommend more guys to take deals or opportunities with your team, be it coaches, GM candidates, or players??? Surprising as this may be, cutting Le'Veon Bell and moving on, giving him free choice of his next team, instead of trading him to some sh*thole for a 7th, was looked at as a good move within player circles. They see that as doing right by the guy. Potential free agents will remember that when taking us into consideration. Same goes for Steve McLendon. They traded him to a team of his choice, that happened to also be a legitimate contender. There is so much more to all of these recent moves, potential moves, and how things were done in the past that affect how an organization is viewed to everyone, whether it be coaching prospects or potential free agents. It's very easy to get emotional and call for a guy's head from the comfort of a forum. It's a totally different thing to actually make that call when you know the ramifications it has on their personal life and how you are viewed as an organization. The Johnson's (and by extension the Jets) have always been viewed as trigger happy and, overall, reactionary. That has to change. Joe Douglas, Christopher Johnson, and yes, even Woody Johnson, are aware of that.” Long story short, there is no reason to fire Gase mid-season, barring him killing someone in a fit of psychotic rage. There is no interim head coach coming to save the day. Just ride it out at this point. There is too much long term harm a mid-season firing can do with little to no short term reward.
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    1. The full on tank for Trevor is on 2. Cowboys absolutely need a qb. 3. Cowboys would essentially be getting Sam on a cheap 2 year deal. They can see if he’s the real deal for them playing with a better OL, WRs and coaching staff until Dak is ready to return in 2 years 4. Jets get a 1st to draft a WR like Jamar Chase to pair with Trevor Lawrence or a Justin Fields 5. Everyone wins
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    Lost Kyle Phillips for the season, so we added a guy to replace him.
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    Maybe they said the coaching staff was high
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    Complete waste of a Draft pick in Round 4 on a team that needs so much help. An OLineman, another WR, a better RB all would have done more for the offense than selecting a guy you hope will develop over time into your backup QB. It was just a strange pick IMO.
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    Harbaugh & Douglas - Don't see how that would work. Harbaugh is a control freak which is why he was thrown out of SF. Plus he's a Rex type run first HC. We need a dynamic offensive mind with a no nonsense attitude that would change the culture as well as open up this putrid offense.
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    The longer the Jets wait to fire Gase, the more likely they are to get the overall #1 pick and, at the same time, convince those that care about Lawrence's future that he should never play for the Jets
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    Asante Samuel JR? My god I am getting old!
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    Actually, the goal should be to surround Lawrence with as many high skill players on offense and give him a chance to succeed. Building a well rounded team is a distant second. I would rather watch Lawrence put up 5k yards passing and go 0-16 again then watch Lawrence struggle but win 4-5 games because our defense is now marginal. Once Lawrence is established you can go all defense in the 2022 or 2023 for all I care.
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    I'll admit it. Today was the day that nearly broke my hope that Darnold could be our Franchise QB. My hope went up during the first half but plummeted during the 2nd half. I was hoping he'd stand up and show us he could be that guy so we might have options if we get the #1 pick and wouldn't be crushed if we didn't. Because the thought of missing in TL and watching Sam become Sanchez is terrifying. But here's where I came out on it. I don't know if Sam is the guy, but with this coaching staff in place, we can not find out anything more about him. He can't succeed in this putrid offensive scheme. Not sure how many QBs can. Obviously Tannehill thrived once he escaped from it so that's at least one argument that this is the case. But if we bring in a coach, interim of course, but a coach who can put Sam and the OL and WRs in a position to be even marginally better, then we can evaluate him more thoroughly and if he shows he is what we thought he was, then he could be our guy, or at least have more trade value if we move him. Right now, we learn nothing and the only benefit I see to Gase staying on is saving the Johnson's some coin. Yeah, we could argue that Gase gives the tank the most chance to succeed but I don't think that's what's going on. I think the Johnson's just don't see that they are wasting this season of evaluating not just Darnold, but all the young talent on the roster to see what we have going forward. Instead we are watching an incompetent coach play vets to try to save some shred of dignity and it's just sad and damaging to the long term prospects of this team. There. That's my rant for the day.
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    In my opinion the first thing the Jets have to do, is make a signature move that demonstrates some confidence and a vision. To me that means giving Adam his walking papers, regardless how you feel about it, and announce Joe Douglas is the GM with complete control. Get rid of this division of power nonsense. For obvious reasons Adam has to go, but just as importantly Joe needs to be recognized as the sole leader. Can’t do that with Adam still here After that Joe is going to have to make a slam dunk head-coaching hire. One that instils a ton of optimism and personality. A true program builder and head coach. Not some coordinator guru
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    I love how obsessed and salty people are about us..THE JETS ARE BACK
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    The defense started to blitz and dared the QB to beat them, the QB sucks so he did nothing.
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    Anyone who accuses Jets fans of being impatient also complains that glaciers move too fast.
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    I wouldn't mind seeing Hackenberg signed and bought in to start. He has the skills we need at the QB position right now to contribute immediately.
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    Sorry, but the oline is NOT horrible. Darnold is horrible at recognizing where the blitz is and where the potential free runner is coming from. He is oblivious. That is where the issue is and that is why teams send overloads because he cannot figure out where the free runner is coming from. Period.
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    Gardner Minshew, a 6th rounder, has played better. On a terrible team. And JAX is considering benching him. If Darnold had his stats this year we'd be saying "finally, he's arrived!" Think about that... MINSHEW CMP ATT CMP% YDS AVG TD INT LNG RTG 162 240 67.5 1,682 7.0 11 5 51 94.1 SAM (not even including tonight stink wad game) CMP ATT CMP% YDS AVG TD INT LNG RTG 82 138 59.4 792 5.7 3 4 69 70.7
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    I can certainty see how you would confuse keenan allen, hunter henry, mike williams with the vast array of jets weapons. And also know that with Adam Gase Herbert would be throwing for 400 yards a game and 5 tds per game.

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