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    Weak immune system just like Sammy. Fields it is.
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    Great he’ll be immune for mini camps
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    If the Jets posted weekly videos of Olivia Landis and Alex Giaimo scissor-grinding on a mattress in front of Eric Allen, it would still draw zero clicks because Eric Allen sucks that bad.
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    Reason 1468437 he isnt returning to school
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    Gets Covid and may end up a Jet. Tough break, kid.
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    I can't imagine there's any chance they're bringing him back.
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    Do not want. He’s been passed over time and time again- why is that? This is Reid’s offense lead by a generational talent at QB. Even Gase looked pretty good as an assistant in a similar circumstance.
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    In the 50 seasons since winning SBIV: Chiefs superbowls without Darron Lee = 0 of 49 Chiefs superbowls with Darron Lee = 1 of 1
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    Smoke a joint and listen to Steely Dan. It will relieve all of your Dowell Loggains stress...lol.
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    Our strength of schedule is gonna be brutal thanks to playing the NFC West. Which means we cannot under any circumstances have the same record as the Jags or Giants.
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    JetNation posters: critiquing hot chicks :: Jeffrey Dahmer: sharing views on net benefits of the vegan lifestyle
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    Your daily reminder that Mike Maccagnan was the worst General Manager in the history of the NFL.
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    I've been calling this possibility for over a month now. I don't know if it's a 30% chance, a 50% or even north of 50%, but it's definitely not insignificant. A few reasons... 1. Gase hasn't gone off much about how crappy the roster is, the fact that several of the most talented players on the team (Adams, Bell, etc.) have been traded away or released, and that the Jets have been net sellers ever since this summer. He seems to have mostly played the "good soldier" with the media, isn't criticizing management, the GM, etc. as starters have been pulled off his team every week (McClendon being another recent example). The reason he seems to be fine with it.....he's in on the plan and he's likely been told by Douglas, "Be patient. It will be ugly. We're not talented right now and we've got injuries, and even in that situation I'm going to be taking starters away from you. But you'll be here next year to benefit from the plan we have." 2. A vocal endorsement from ownership. Christopher Johnson could have very easily said to the media, "We want to win. We expect to win. I have no illusions about the condition of our team right now and the talent upgrade it needs, but we still field 11 guys like our opponents and I expect us to compete." He could have left it at that. Instead, he endorses the Head Coach and continues to refer to him as a genius. 3. HC replacement options. From the outside this franchise looks like a complete career killer. Whether you're a HC, a QB or whoever the evidence shows that you tend to leave this place with worse prospects than you arrived. The coaching carousel never seems to slow down much over here and there's a track record of shortsightedness and reactionary moves that are a turn off to people. If you're a decent HC candidate do you really want to come to a place where it looks like a HC was hired, his roster was torn down, his best players traded, and then he was fired because he couldn't win? Whether Gase is good, bad or somewhere in between it's a really, really bad look when you think about whether the HC here has been supported and given all he needs to try to win. Similar with a QB, and this is the Trevor risk. If you appear to be a franchise that degrades the talent (and coaching) around a QB and then gives up on him because he's not playing well you have to ask yourself, "Do I really want to go there? Do they only want me so that I can save the asses of the owner, the GM and the coach while they penny pinch and trade away contracts?" Bottom line - Despite rumors of Gase being fired even during the season, I still think there's a chance he doesn't even get fired afterwards. And, it's not just a small chance. Couple that with the Johnsons likely disgust with having to pay for 2 more years of a coach that isn't here any more and you get a case for Gase getting a third year.
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    Teams will be more inclined this season to trade late round picks for meh players because there will be a lot less tape for scouts to look at after this partial college season. Proactive teams looking to fill out the bottom end of their rosters for next season will get a jump on a players potential who is already in the league.
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    I just want the board to know I’m straight, and I like pretty girls, er, hot chicks... And I really like girls. And here’s a picture of a girl that’s really hot, that I like.
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    Manish fully endorsed gase when he was hired so as usual he looks like a donkey. Why is it a 'hit' piece to speak the truth? Gase is the worst coach in the league and the worst offensive coach in the league this should be pointed out to dumbos like CJ at every opportunity.
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    I know it's Manish but I liked the article. I've been saying for quite awhile that Gase under utilized Bell. My God twice Bell had 80+ receptions and Gase is targeting him once a game ? This on a team that has barely any O weapons and has the worse O in the league. UNBELIVEABLE ! The sooner Gase is shown the door the better.
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    Justin Fields wouldn't allow this to happen . Just saying.
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    Someone gave us a pick for jordan willis. 🤷‍♂️
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    Ok man, Its 2:25am and I can't sleep so here I am. I know it's early in the process, but I'd like to throw this guys name into the ring for a candidate for the Seattle 1st or our 2nd rd pick. This highlught vid is from one game. ONE GAME!! It's against Ole Miss and Harris scores 5 TD's. Running, Catching, Bull dozing, Spinning, Burning the defense. This is the closest thing to Derek Henry at 6'2" 230lbs. I think it's time we throw some good old fashioned premium draft capital at a dominant RB to go with our new QB and 3rd rd Guards Any thoughts to the contrary?
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    Like Alex, that dog is a doll. @Beerfish Edit: Another shot of Alex and her Frenchy you might enjoy:
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    LOL. Great. Wow, she's cute. If I were single and 40 years younger, I'd have brought over some nice chicken soup to help her recovery.
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    I don't like that he’s trying to play it off like he wasn’t aware of the trade rumors after alerting his agent on Twitter. Then again, “I didn’t pay no attention,” is a double negative. So technically he is telling the truth.
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    I just can't see him coming back. Woody is firing everyone once he gets off the plane following the election.
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    Well to be fair Gase did say from the beginning Bell wouldn't work in his system! And he damn well was determined to prove it. Gase would rather lose his way than win someone else's way.
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    Clearly the people in Washington, DC aren't to smart.
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    What a relief it must have been for that young man when we where off the clock
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    Harris & Etienne both will be instantly good on the next level. Both their skill sets look like they transition very well. especially Harris.
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    With respect to the Giants, the good news is that they will very likely beat at least one of Washington, Dallas, and Philly. The team I am still very worried about is Jacksonville. We should all be rooting hard for the Jags next week when they play the Texans at home. That might be their most winnable game left, which is scary.
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    Williamson should have some trade value. Look at it this way: a team who badly needs help at his position gets to rent him for half a year at half price, then his contract’s up after the season and they can recoup the pick a year later as a comp pick. The Jets figure to be players in FA (but yes, we always say that) so they may not get any comp pick back. Fant’s real value this year, and yes I’m rationalizing bigtime, was that he could play LT if a rookie wasn’t ready (or if we got boxed out of anyone worth drafting & starting this year). Even though he’s better than I expected he’s overpaid. I’m not seeing the huge benefit to having Fant for $9MM/year. Trading him now clears just over half his salary for this year plus the $4.5MM he’s guaranteed next year (which pretty much guarantees he’s sticking if the Jets can’t find a trading partner after the season, since carrying him over cutting him isn’t much different than a half-decent backup tackle’s money anyway). The problem is the Jets could still do with upgrading at least 2 other OL positions if they keep Fant. Little doubt Douglas wants to build the OL himself with draft picks, and who wouldn’t want that, but it also would be opening up another hole before filling the ones he’s already got. I wasn’t a fan of the pickup, but he’s here and I’d feel differently if he was clearly the worst lineman on the team. First thoughts about it I’m still on the fence. Guess it depends on what someone’s offering. For just a salary dump (i.e. just a 7th rounder), honestly I’d keep Fant at least through FA or the draft.
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    Matt Rhule actually talks to his players during games... What a weirdo! Probably proselytizing about his lord and savior or something.... 😆
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    Get us joe Brady as head coach
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    The way Robby talked about Rhule, once the Panthers came calling, we didn't have a chance.
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    The loathed Todd Bowles was run off by the Jets, considered a leadership failure, and within months is again a highly respected DC and will get several interviews for HC gigs over the next two seasons. Meanwhile, 90% of you turds still slurp Rex Ryan who couldn’t get an interview to manage the garden department at Home Depot. Maybe consider the fact that your eye for good and bad coaching is not the best.
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    Starring as Igor in the touring company of Young Frankenstein

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