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    So that should just about put to rest any debate of him being any sort of team leader. He's shown his true colors, which are as a headache-causing diva, despite playing at one of the least impactful positions in all of pro football. Not a good combo.
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    Hey guys, its been a little while since posting. Earlier this year moved out of my parents house into my own house, and in between re-painting EVERY ROOM but 2, I have been hard at work on my den which has become my Jets Man Cave. I'm really happy with how this has turned out. I had a rough idea of how I wanted to do things, but it became like a puzzle and all the pieces began falling place. There's a lot of depressing stuff going on right now, so i'm hoping to provide a little relief unveiling it off to the rest of my JetNation friends The first part is what you see when you come down the stairs. Some figures, foam fingers, and some pictures. On the wall is a pic of my dad and I at both of our first game, 2008 Jets Vs Rams. 47-3 Final score Jets W. Got to see Brett Favre play his best game as a Jet. Only game without an interception, and the only thing Jets fans boo'd about was not going for a FG at the end for 50 points. This was still the largest margin of victory as well. Also pictured is me with Sam at last years training camp, a Mark Gastineau signed photo and a Joe Namath Silver Ink signed photo Next as you turn into the den a few framed jerseys and card display. The Sheldon Richardson is a signed Game Used Jersey from his rookie year when he won Defensive Rookie of the Year and a Sack Exchange jersey signed by all 4 members of the sack exchange Behind the sectional is my bobble head collection over the years from games as well as purchases Zooming out is a couple more framed Jerseys: A Game used Jeremy Kerley(from when he scored his first NFL touchdown), and a Boomer Esiason game used signed jersey. Boomer Esiason is the reason I became a Jets fan when I was younger(My dad was an Eagles fan, and I wanted my own team to root for, so I took the Jets because they were Green like the Eagles, and Boomer was the coolest name int he world to a 5 year old kid) This is my favorite piece in my collection. Around the corner is my professionally framed Joe Namath Signed jersey, a Boomer Pennant as well as a card display that has all Boomer, Darnold, and Joe Namath Autographs, Patches, or jersey cards. In front of the sectional is the jumbo 82 inch TV, and framed Wayne Cherbet and Curtis Martin signed jerseys. The Martin has the HOF inscription. And on the last wall is the rest of my collection. Some stuff on this wall: Darnold, Namath, Esiason, and Maynard signed Mini Helmets Signed team footballs from 09-19 one each year for training camp(I purchased the one from 2011 with the lockout, but aside form that all the sigs were acquired by me on the team balls) Mark Sanchez signed football that was for season ticket holders(purchased on eBay) with the new stadium on it Mark Sanchez sweatband from Training camp Santonio Holmes signed Photo Some custom McFarlane figures Mini Helmets on the top Other collectibles And then another card display of autographs or patches Some close ups of the jerseys: And another angle of the room to show off some mini pennants across the beam:
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    What is Gase supposed to do, get involved and screw up JDs negotiations with a player? Really? Excuses and mindless misinformation from Deep thinking Antonio Cromartie. Shocking.
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    I moved to Chicago 20 years ago. Jets/Mets/Islanders fan all my life and nothing has changed. Cannot root for Chicago teams. I am a NYer and always will be despite where I may live. Have also met a lot of other transplated NYers living in Chicago area based on our shared love for our teams. The teams you learn to love as kids are your teams for life. At least that has been the way it is for me.
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    Weeb Ewbanks. He WON the SB, I don't care if most people don't remember him. Respect the old timers
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    Yes, I have been diagnosed positive for pneumonia. I also tested positive for Covid-19. I have been put on a rotation of antibiotics to fight off the pneumonia. All were confirmed through the usual tests and through CT scans with and without contrast. I am also on a regimen of remdesivir to fight the Covid-19. I'm thinking I'm done now and when I can consistently keep my O2 levels at a point they'll let me leave I'll get discharged. Its absolutely amazing how drained you feel all the time, not tired like you worked a long day, like all the power and strength have been sucked out of you, a tired I've never felt before. The prognosis is good, I feel the world coming back, hopefully it will come quickly. Thanks for the advice, I'm trying to force my self to get up and move around. It helps, I can feel the difference. Again thanks. Just know how appreciative of everyones help and nice words are to read. I appreciate all and will never forget
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    I'd almost keep him out of spite at this point,
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    Cherry on top: "Expected points added per dropback" was a "stat" literally made up by someone on Reddit. I personally posted in the thread he announced his findings in. For what it's worth that "stat" had Josh Allen below Sam and right between Mitch Trubisky and Blake Bortles in everything except rushing EPA/DB in 2019. I'm not a Josh Allen fan, but you can't tell me with a straight face that you'd rather have Trubisky and Bortles over Josh Allen and Daniel Jones. Look, If Sam sucks, he sucks. If he improves, he improves. That's it. There were tons of "alarming" things pointed out and written about Lamar Jackson after his rookie year, and he just improved and won a unanimous MVP award. There is no need for pseudo-analytics from random Redditors to make a point. The good ones rise to the occasion and the bad ones flop. Time will tell what happens with Sam.
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    You are 100% right my friend. I’m the most positive person on the world, explains my jets outlook Iol. But seriously that’s what got me through kidney failure and beating two bouts of cancer. I never thought I wouldn’t win my battle. Anyone facing these types of battles remember your attitude is key
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    This "Is Darnold any good" narrative is really starting to chip away at my ability to enjoy this team (ikr) and the NFL... It's become such a snowflake sport in both media and the audience forums... He was a 20 year old rookie in his first year and played behind the worst Oline with no WRs in yr2.... what does one reasonably expect? Is his talent Salvageable?.. Fck you, Fck your wife, fck your kids, fck your job, fck your golf game, and fck that sh*t eating dog you love so much.
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    Let me just say that it's absolutely hysterical that this tweet bashing the Jets and supporting Jamal Adams is also pointing out how little difference a "1st-Team All Pro safety lol," makes when trying to turn a loser into a winner.
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    Hey guys, Just wanted to let you all know that you will begin to see some posts from a new poster with the name @preteenbean here on JN. This die hard Jets fan happens to be my 12 yr old son. I finally cracked and allowed the kid who has been asking me to come on here since he was 7 years old to become a JN poster. lol He has been looking forward to this day in what feels like his whole life. Do me a favor try and keep an eye on him and try to temper some of the ire for what might end up being misinformed opinions. he hangs out with me all day after all. I'll just get this out now. He's a huge Darnold and... Jamal Adams fan @Maxman help me out hahaha Thanks everyone.
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    You gotta love Nike saying the name Redskins is unacceptable while they pay slave wages in sweat shops in third world countries.
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    The Dolphins were 5-11 last season and the media jerked them off because their head coach is a tough-talkin’ Belichick acolyte. They drafted a tiny QB with a degenerative hip and will likely go 6-10 this year while that beat to sh*t QB develops. Jamal Adams is a ******* a$$hole who would have burned literally any coach alive right now to get to the Cowboys and get his money. Making this a Gase thing is willful ignorance and defiantly stupid.
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    Really surprised the passive aggressive Insta posts didn’t work for him.😒
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    https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/jets-rookie-wr-lawrence-cager-reuniting-with-good-friend-sam-darnold Jets undrafted free agent WR Lawrence Cager is chomping at the bit to line up with QB Sam Darnold for the first time since their high school all-star games. "Me and him were always together. He was my quarterback," Cager said. "We built a relationship there and we've been friends ever since. I've been talking to him probably since the beginning of high school until now, so it's been a little relationship brewing. "He's a great quarterback. I wanted to play with him at USC. Things didn't work out that way in high school, but I've always wanted to play with him. To get the opportunity at the highest level to play with a guy that you've been good friends with and wanted to play with for so long, now you have the opportunity to play with him, I couldn't ask for a better option. I really can't wait to step on the field and catch a fade from him." Cager (6'5", 220) texted Darnold when he signed with the Jets and said the franchise QB replied, "let's go with a lot of exclamation points." Cager, however, chose the Green & White for more than just Darnold — he first attended the University of Miami with TE Chris Herndon and WR-PR Braxton Berrios before transferring for the 2019 season to Georgia, the alma mater for Jets assistant WRs coach Hines Ward. Cager is also extremely close to Van Jefferson, the son of Jets WRs coach Shawn Jefferson. "During the whole draft process, I felt I had a great relationship with Coach Jefferson, Coach Hines, Coach [Adam] Gase, and I just felt like when I get to pick my options, why not go to a place where I feel like I have the most familiarity with the coaches," Cager said. "I think any time you can learn from a guy like Hines Ward, why wouldn't you? The guy was so productive in the league for many years, Super Bowl champion. It was like why not? He's a UGa grad. He had familiarity with the coaches at Georgia, how hard I worked and knows what type of work ethic I'd have coming in my rookie season. … I just knew the way Coach Jefferson coaches, you want to play with him. "When you get an opportunity like that to have those two guys in your corner to be your head guys teaching you every day and be with them every day, I wouldn't pass that opportunity up for anything." During an unprecedented time with a virtual offseason program, Cager is learning on the fly with his fellow rookies but uses his friends to his advantage. "I don't know how many conversations I've had with Chris (Herndon) just about how to be a pro and how to attack coming in being a rookie in New York," he said. "To have a guy like him, one of my best friends, I know he gets tired of it, but I talk to him all the time and ask, 'Hey, what's this?' and ask him questions about special teams, the installs, stuff like that so I don't mess it up. He came in and had a great year and he's one of my close friends. I talk to Sam about other stuff, he's the smart one."
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    Update: Dad is getting 5 doses of Remdesivir, still testing positive for the virus and battling the pneumonia, which is giving him more trouble than anything. Fortunately he's requiring less oxygen than his initial admission. Thank you to all who have sent well wishes. I know he would love to see them!
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    Upset that Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reported a story claiming head coach Adam Gase is unpopular in his own locker room, Jets left guard Alex Lewis came out in defense of his head coach and demanded Mehta reveal his sources, a move no reporter would ever realistically make. Through his Instagam account, Lewis tagged Mehta, saying “Give up your sources. You don’t speak for the locker room or myself. You got no place in the locker room if you’re going to overgeneralize all players. Manish, you are a poison to this team”. With this, it would appear Gase has at least one player in his corner in the locker room and with Lewis speaking up on his behalf, will more follow suit or will they remain silent? Stay tuned. You can see the message from Lewis here. The post Alex Lewis Responds to Manish Mehta via Instagram appeared first on JetNation.com (NY Jets Blog & Forum). Click here to read the full story...
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    He’s going to blame Gase because Jamal is a coward who would rather die than face personal accountability for anything, which is why he’s not an actual leader, but a dime-a-dozen self-promoting hype man. When the Jets lost to the winless Dolphins after getting torched by Fitzpatrick on plays where Jamal was *clearly* out of position on at least two of the TDs, Jamal responded by blaming Darryl Roberts and suggesting that he (Jamal) should play corner. He’s an absolute turd. And as if you needed a better character witness to validate this turdness, having Antonio Cromartie in your corner is like having OJ Simpson write a letter of recommendation to attach to your Match.com profile.
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    aim in the hospital in the Covid_19 section. I'm stuck more than the regular patient since I'm also a dialysis patient and won't be allowed into any dialysis center until I test negative for Covid-19 twice. Until then I have to go to special clinics set up for people like me without an option. But before that I also have to be rid of pneumonia. Getting a little complicated. They did implant a line into my groin so that they can directly inject the remdesivir vaccine directly into my blood stream. My lungs fortunately are fine, I'm dread to the world and in a lot of pain, physically in my legs and abdominals. Painkillers and Xanax are the treatment, lol. Wore part is being on an empty, quiet, scary hospital floor. Reeks of a creepy horror movie. And even the nurses with full face great make it almost next to impossible t communicate. Crazy but save my ass and I'll be happy
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    Would likewise like to report that my future sexual relationship with Amy Adams is also picking up steam
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    Top 3 How I would rank them. Weeb was a very good HC, not quite so good a GM. Parcells may be the best pure HC of the Jets but he left at a bad time. Walt Michaels did a terrific job as HC and football operations (he did not have a GM title but played a huge part in player selection). If Walt didn't get replaced when he did I believe the Jets history would be quite different. 1. Weeb Ewbank 2. Parcells 3. Walt Michaels
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    So to solve the problem with team injuries, the Jets replace the team trainer, hire his "long time" assistant and retain the removed trainer as a consultant. Pretty much sounds like a Jet move. WTF are these idiots thinking? Find someone else with another training philosophy.
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    You couldn’t get Myles Garrett from Cleveland for Jamal Adams and a first round pick.
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    You’d think a psychic safety would have more than one pick and seven PDs.
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    raiderholic is upset that Waller is such a pessimist.
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    They say you should dress for the job you want. Maybe he's not applying for the right position.
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    I thought Max was firing me.
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    Man, if JD flipped Adams for Collins and a pick this fanbase would be a special kind of sprung
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    Manish getting called out for being the rat that he is:
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    He should post all the times that he dogged a route (Jacksonville immediately comes to mind), pouted that he didn't get the ball, slowed down on a deep pass causing it to be overthrown (twice in Week 1 of last year), didn't high point a ball, or just flat out dropped it (54.2% career catch rate) F*ck that illiterate goober. If he doesn't like being missed on deep passes, I hope he enjoys Teddy "2 yard per pass attempt" Bridgewater (who, for the record, I love) because the deep ball has never been, and never will be, Teddy's game.
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    Down 30 now, doing Keto and Intermittent Fasting, and occasional ADF. Primarily following Dr. Jason Fungs program for fasting but adding tons of HIIT, Circuits, and Powerlifting stuff combined with Heavy Pack and Restricted Breathing mask. Yeah, it's working. 49 y/o 6'2 280, Goal 255
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    A+ handling by Gase Knock him all you want, but he got 7 wins out of an absolutely destroyed team and has handled the media better than most coaches the last couple of decades
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    Gase took the worst roster in the league last year and started 1-7 while losing 3 of those games without his starting QB. He finished 6-2, finished 7-9 on the season while his young QB took a humongous leap the last 8 games all with having an average running game and the worst offensive line in the NFL. He still has a ton to prove but if you can't see the really positive things that happened last year then you just don't want to. Before Douglas and Gase got here this team and organization were led by pussies who let the players do what they wanted and it showed on the field. Im happy Gase and Douglas give no sh*ts about a players stature and treat everybody the same. Guys like Landry and Adams are butthurt bc Gase won't blow them like others have done their entire lives.
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    Douglas should continue doing what he's been doing with regards to this situation. Which is nothing. Adams wants this to turn into to a media war. He wants the attention. Douglas should not stoop to Adams level.
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    I'm gonna be with you 99/100 times on stuff like this, but not with Adams. He's wanted out for a while now, and he's now gone full bore. No calculation here at all. You should probably get used to him being off the team. Again, LOL! What's he gonna do on KC, keep the Honey Badger's seat warm? I like that you're developing into an all-purpose troll. JD handled this exactly right. If he continues to do nothing, Jamal Adams can either play for the Jets or get fined beyond his wildest dreams.
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    We are a family here in that I hate all of you but we still love each other. No need to apologize to me. The only one that owes me an apology is that malingerer @Jet Nut who has faked a trip to the ICU to avoid having me dunk all over his face again. LITTLE DOES HE KNOW...
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    We should’ve done this months ago Mekhi Becton and CeeDee Lamb would’ve been an awesome boost to Darnold’s supporting cast. Oh well. Send him to Detroit.
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    I'm thinking Quincy Enunwa has to be on this list.
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    This sums up my treatment and what it feels like to go through treatments perfectly. Thanks to my great son, he's the best!
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    Will there be a Jamal Adams Club
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    I believe in Darnold. Good QB, terrible team. Hopefully we see it this year with the triage Joe D did on the OL and with the WR corps. I have a legitimate amount of optimism, cautious as it may be. I'll say this: if the Jets are even sniffing the playoffs this year, it's not the defense people are gonna be talking about; it'll be Sam. And you naysayers? Find your own ****ing bandwagon, you're not welcome on mine.
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    These are unprecedented times. We have always had a no politics rule here and it has served us well over the years. We never wanted to be a site that saw Jet fans fight with other fans over things that aren't football related. That is why we have avoided it, the partisan bickering with both sides shouting and neither side listening is easier for us to avoid all together. That being said, 2020 is like nothing we have ever seen. There are so many topics that are directly impacting us all and it is hard to not speak about them anymore. How do we say, hey we know you are forced to stay at home and you may have lost your job, but please don't talk about Covid here because it gets political? It is impossible, there are things going on that are on everyone's mind. We don't even know if the NFL season will be played in front of fans. Whether fans are there are not we can be certain that there will be players protesting. It all adds up and makes it impossible to not discuss here. Some people tell us they love that the site is free of all of this. Others tell us we are censoring people by not allowing these threads. How do we find the balance? We are implementing a solution called Clubs that will make it possible for both to exist. The NFL forum and Lounge, all of the existing forums here will remain politics free. We are here to talk football. The other stuff is important but if it isn't football it isn't going to be in the forums. The new Off Topic Clubs - Beta will launch on Sunday night. These Clubs are topic based and they allow for threads, image uploads and a calendar option if needed They are Opt In Because of this we are going to be able to allow the conversation to continue in a direction we haven't in the past Just as the Clubs are opt in, they are also opt out, which means anyone who doesn't play nice with others will be removed from the club We need the Off Topic Clubs to be a community based thing. We need everyone to LISTEN to each other. If you are going there to simply rile others up or name call, it isn't going to work out for you. Clubs are not the kind of thing you will be banned from. They are the kind of thing you can be kicked out of and there is no expiration date on that. It is a one and done kind of thing. So we ask that you take them seriously, treat each other with respect and avoid personal attacks. I will post the link on Sunday and you will have the option to join any clubs you are interested in. I stress that if you like the way the site is now, please just post as you are doing. Don't feel any pressure to check out the off topic stuff. They are there for those that want to discuss these topics, but we realize most will probably want to keep the site the way it is now (football only). Thanks everyone and have a great weekend!
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    After re-watching every 2019 game and thinking about free agency and the 2020 draft here's my June 2020 random thoughts: Sam Darnold is going to be a great QB. It is shocking to see how much duress he was under last year on virtually every passing play yet Sam managed to still make plays. It was especially clear in the Giants game that Daniel Jones had so much more time than Darnold did on every play yet Sam managed to outplay him. If he gets time this year he will be an assassin. Greg Williams is a brilliant defensive coach. It's just shocking to see what he did last year with so many guys who aren't very good. It will be very interesting how good they can be with better players. If guys like Zuniga and Huff can produce a decent amount of pressure, they will take another step up this year. Offensive Line is the wild card in 2020. Most fans are giddy with all of the bodies Joe Douglas brought in by I have reservations. The lack of practice time certainly won't help. I'm not a fan of Alex Lewis and I hope he doesn't have to play LG especially since the LG will be playing next to a raw rookie. He's a penalty machine. I'm curious to see what happens with Fant. I find it curious that Douglas saw fit to pay him $10mm (keep that number in mind) per season. It just doesn't feel like he could have gotten that much from another team. I think Chuma Edoga showed well when he played RT and I'm not sure what so many fans have given up on him. It's likely because of Macaggnan-itis. For my money I would have given Robby the $10mm per season for two years. Imagine how much more excited the fan base would be if Robby were joined by Mims, Perriman, Herndon and Crowder. I just don't get that one. Everyone is excited about Douglas's first draft and for good reason. For the first time in a long, long while it seems the GM drafted players who fit the (coaches) system and the teams' needs. Still, while others have penciled in every single pick to be starters in 2021 I think that's going too far. My expectations are a bit more realistic. Becton and Mims are rookie starters for sure. Ashtyn Davis should see a lot of playing time in many different positions and may start in 2021. The Gators (Zuniga and Perrine) should play in 2020 and should contribute more in 2021, as should Bryce Hall. To call them sure fire starters in 2021 is over-doing it a bit. I think Cameron Clark is an unknown and have I no expectations of him. I just love the Brandon Mann pick. Love, love, love it. I like the UDFA Douglas signed, especially Huff, Lamar Jackson and Cager. I think all of them could easily have gone in rounds 5-7 without surprising anyone. That said, I think the fan base gets overly optimistic about UDFA. I think if Huff makes the team it will likely be at the expense of last year's UDFA Frankie Luvu, but if it's an upgrade, I'll take it! That's all I got. It's now back to reruns of "Car 54 Where Are You?".

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