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    check out the sunset in Japan
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    Thomas is the pick if the board falls this way. Grab a Pittman/Aiyuk type in round 2.
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    Lets see, Take the #1 CB (by alot), a position we have a huge hole in, a position that is not that deep top end for this draft. or Take the 4th or 6th best tackle (due to scheme fit) or A WR in a super deep wr draft. People mistake take no Defense with take a D position that is premium, as in CB or pass rusher. We are taking a CB in this draft, maybe more than one. I'll take Okudah and the best Wr with our 2nd 3rd rounder than wr and then a CB with that pick.
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    I disagree for three reasons. CB is a premium position , we have a big need and this guy is actually good.
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    These mocks are beyond useless because they change them week by week. I never put any stock into these because they can't even get the pick right when the team is actually on the clock.
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    I'd take Okudah or Chase Young if they fell no other D player.
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    So, I decided to make a poll, because, of course I did...... If Ohio State Cornerback Jeff Okudah drops to 11 and your 4th OT, your 1st WR, and Okudah are all on the board when the Jets pick, who would you draft?
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    It all happens tonight April 7th. Even if you're not into this kind of stuff, you should check it out! When the Sun Goes Down the Moon will be in the Eastern sky and be very close to the Earth. Probably about 12,000 miles closer than usual . Peak time is about 10:30 to 10:35 p.m. It will be huge and pink and actually looks like it's falling into the Earth!! It's an amazing natural Universe phenomenon! So smoke em if you got em' or bring the kids outside and make some popcorn to see something very cool! During these hard times, this is actually a really cool thing!!. Coronavirus sucks ass.. but for the little ones or you and your lady, this is a good night to check it out and realize that it's all bigger than us. Anyway for anybody who enjoys this I hope it helped and I hope it was cool.
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    Okudah is about as refined of a CB prospect as you’ll find... With that said, I’d still rave like a f*cking lunatic if Douglas didn’t take the top rated OT/WR on his board. I don’t give two soppy, wet t!ts how good of a defender falls to #11. Darnold, the closest thing we’ve had to a franchise QB since Buzz Aldrin and Neil f*cking Armstrong stepped foot on the moon, is headed into his 3rd year and we’ve done essentially dick to support him. Do tons of Jets fans seriously not realize that we’re up sh*ts creek without a paddle for the foreseeable future if Darnold doesn’t pan out? Staring at that potential 50 year QB search all over again? Jets fans should know all too well how hard it is to land one of these f*cking guys. Yet they whine, moan, b*tch and lament about Darnold not performing at Patrick Mahomes levels with Jamison Crowder as his top receiver... I’d belt you people in the head with a tack hammer provided that no one tainted it with their covid infested fingers first.
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    I have to push back even more for WR at 11. Lamb and jeudy are both nice players, so is Ruggs but none of these guys to me are super stars.
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    Easy choice - Okudah, and I don't say that lightly. Chase Young and Okudah are probably the best football players in the draft and Okudah is the real deal. Perennial probowler.
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    If Okudah drops on draft day, I would be concerned about why. Given the value of an elite shutdown corner in today's game, if he makes it to 11, there has to be a reason. Maybe he is not seen by NFL GMs as the elite prospect we think he is. I would want to either trade back (if he is that good a prospect, someone should want to come get him), or take the WR-OT. It is time to make major investment in offense on draft day.
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    I would hope that if consensus Top 5 talent like Okudah drops to #11 that would some teams picking in the teens to aggressively try to trade up. A team like the Cowboys who just lost the best FA Cornerback in the league might salivate over a guy they didn't think they had a chance to get. Cowboys send LT Tyron Smith, their 2nd round pick (#51) and a 2021 5th rounder to move up to #11 from #17. The Jets will have immediately solved LT and will take the best WR at #17 (likely someone like Justin Jefferson or Denzel Mims, possibly Ruggs if he drops). That would be a complete Homerun for the Jets. Leaving Round 1 with a LT (Smith) and WR (Jefferson) and then STILL having two picks in the 2nd round.
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    I can't possibly fathom Okudah dropping to 11. He's as squeaky clean as a prospect comes because he tested off the charts and his film is unreal. Dude is a natural at the CB position and would be an instant impact player for whoever drafts him. That being said we have to pick a player from the offensive side of the ball......no more defense.
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    Good Topic. Done with all the "Top 4 OT" threads. Let's look to who is the best FIT for what we think Gase will be running. But you also have EVERY OT as a scheme fit! So what's the point?
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    An actual informative football article from Mehta: https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/ny-joe-douglas-draft-scouts-evaluating-roster-grading-20200407-lo6l56dqjnesndljbhvs6wlani-story.html He had just landed the job of a lifetime when the thought surely crossed his mind last summer: We all have to speak the same language. Jets general manager Joe Douglas has a massive undertaking to re-chart a course for an embattled franchise. He is a careful, patient soul with a singular purpose to pull a wayward outfit back from the margins. He is devoid of glitz and glamour, a slow-and-steady-wins-the-race kind of guy, who knows exactly what is required to reach the NFL mountaintop. Douglas’ biggest challenge after taking over for Mike Maccagnan 10 months ago was aligning the organization’s vision. How could he teach the same people how to analyze the same problems in a different way? What could he impart to make a tangible difference? Joe Douglas has overhauled the manner in which Jets scouts evaluate talent.(Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) Coronavirus restrictions have prompted the NFL to turn the 2020 draft into a virtual experience with team decision-makers selecting players from home. The cancelation of most pro days and workouts will put a premium on the Jets’ year-long evaluations and reveal how successful Douglas was with implementing a new scouting philosophy and grading system. Sixteen of the 20 people tasked to evaluate college prospects are carryovers from previous Jets regimes, but they’ve been taught to find solutions in a different way. Douglas drew praise from former and current employees and co-workers, who spoke to the Daily News, for his ability to master an adopted draft grading system. He knows it like the back of his hand. Douglas’ charge was teaching his new colleagues to evaluate through a different lens. “He knows this scale inside and out,” said one colleague. “He’s really good about placing guys in it. He understands roles and value. He’s a really good evaluator.” Imparting his wisdom was pivotal. The Cleveland Browns model Douglas’ core scouting beliefs stem from the old Cleveland Browns draft model that places a premium on a prospect’s specific value and role for his team’s current offensive/defensive systems. While Maccagnan implemented a round-specific scale, Douglas’ grades are based on how a player fits into his coaches’ schemes. Embracing a role-specific focus was the biggest adjustment for Jets scouts, who had become accustomed to rate and review players before determining which round should be attached to the evaluation. Douglas’ system does not make any such conclusions. So, they no longer scout a player as a “first-round talent,” for example. Douglas, who was introduced to the system 20 years ago as a Ravens scout, laid the groundwork for his scale last summer, making sure that every Jets talent evaluator not only understood the tenets of the new system, but was aligned on how best to approach college coaches/NFL liaisons during scouting trips to maximize the type of information that mattered most for the Jets. Besides, there was no real value for an area scout to claim that a cornerback was a “second-round talent” without a firm handle on how the position looked nationwide. Once scouts purged the round mentality from their minds, they could be freed to truly dissect how valuable a player could be in the Jets offense or defense. What role would he fill? A more streamlined approach The Jets’ new grading scale technically maxes out at 8.0, but it’s highly unusual for a prospect to ultimately earn that score. In fact, none of the evaluators who spoke to the News recalled anyone receiving that mark. For all intents and purposes, a 7.0 is the gold star in this scale. Here are the five tiers of the grading scale that differentiate whether the prospect is a starter, backup or just a warm body: Day 1 starter Starting-caliber player with limitations (that might or might not be correctable) Role player (aka — spot starter or significant contributor in sub packages) Low-level roster player and/or practice squad Training camp/preseason roster filler (aka — Camp body) A 7.0 is reserved for elite Day 1 starters. The rest of the prospects are graded on what scouts believe the player will ultimately become in 2-3 years. It’s essentially a weighted score. Most Day 1 prospects earn 6.7s. Although they’re penciled in as Day 1 starters, they still need to make improvements (like strength or technique) to realize their full potential. Players that score a 6.1, 6.3, or 6.5 are typically taken in the Top 100 (aka — premium players). Any prospect with a 5.8 or above grade is considered draftable. A 5.6 or 5.7 player would fall under the practice squad/training camp body category. The numerical grades come with “alerts” or “types” to highlight potential hurdles. A “Z” alert, for example, signifies an undersized prospect. So, a “6.7 Z” identifies an undersized starting-caliber talent. A “T” alert means that a player offers special teams value in addition to his offensive/defensive position. A “M” type signifies a mental alert if a team has concerns about whether a prospect will be able to grasp nuances of the scheme. Can he learn what is being taught? Character, or a "C" alert, plays an important — and sometimes nebulous –— role in the grading scale. A “C” alert could have multiple layers that play a part in the overall grade. Character matters, but there are always exceptions and amendments if the value becomes too great. It’s not as if Douglas only drafts choir boys. The new model is much more targeted to your team’s makeup. Douglas has a clear sense of what he’s looking for, so expect the Jets draft board to be around 150 players. Maccagnan’s boards that he kept close to the vest (on his laptop) were anywhere from 300-350. Some people felt the large number was simply window dressing, while others rationalized that Maccagnan didn’t have a firm handle of precisely what he wanted. His successor will have a more streamlined approach. Everyone has a voice Douglas has contractual control of the 53-man roster, but he’s hardly an autocrat. Part of his gift is making sure everyone is heard during this critical process. He isn’t the lone voice even if there’s a sliding scale. Douglas’ and Maccagnan’s systems overlapped in a fundamental way. Every prospectis graded on basic qualities like strength, speed, quickness and balance. Maccagnan asked his scouts to attach pass-fail, checks-minuses or numerical grades (on a 10-point scale) depending on the year. Douglas requires his scouts to give straight letter grades — A through F — for what he calls “core traits” for every prospect. Both Maccagnan and Douglas (and virtually every general manager) also ask scouts to give evaluations on position-specific traits. But how they determine the specific qualities differs. These “Critical Factors” in Douglas’ model are guidelines that vary by position created in collaboration with the coaches. It’s an inclusive process that helps scouts better understand exactly what coaches prioritize at each position. For example, pass protection is a critical factor for a tackle, but not necessarily a center. How a cornerback plays in zone and man coverage is a critical factor. There are no hard and fast rules on what the critical factors are each year. Instead, the system allows for flexibility to better meet the desired goal: Finding the best players to fit your schemes. Collaboration with coaches There’s an art to managing egos that not everyone can master. Although Douglas isn’t going to force players on Adam Gase or Gregg Williams, he’s not ceding control of the most important part of his job. Douglas was entrusted to build the roster. His task is to create a path that makes the most sense for sustainable success. He’s well-versed in dealing with opinionated coaches (see: John Harbaugh), so don’t expect him to be significantly influenced by Gase or Williams. “Joe is very convicted in what he thinks,” said one league source. However, there’s nuance that shouldn’t be ignored. Douglas has never subscribed to the my-way-or-the-highway school of thought, according to people who have worked with and for him through the years. So, he will make every effort to supply Gase and Williams with players who possess the skillsets that the coaches say that they want. When Gase describes specific attributes that he’s looking for in a wide receiver, for example, Douglas will deliver a player that fits those parameters even if it might not necessarily be the specific guy that Gase wants. “You want a player who can do A, B and C?” Douglas might say to Gase. “Well, here’s a guy who can do all those things.” Although Douglas’ draft board is continually evolving, the coaches’ evaluations will not prompt a significant move up or down the board. Douglas’ most commendable trait is his willingness to learn from those around him. He might have a strong belief in his own evaluations, but he’s amenable to co-workers’ points of view as long as they are precise. A big part of Joe Douglas' philosophy revolves around implementing the thoughts and needs of his coaching staff into his decision-making process.(Seth Wenig/AP) Douglas doesn’t sit on the fence in his grades. He doesn’t want his talent evaluators to, either. If scouts can justify their grades with clear points, Douglas is willing to review his own evaluation. Dissenting opinions backed by smart evidence are welcomed. “Just because he’s the GM, he’s not going to say you’re wrong if he has a different opinion,” said another source. “If you can back it up, he’s going to go back and look at it again and see if maybe he was wrong. He’s a man of few words… but when we start talking players, he’s much different.” The conclusions in the Maccagnan and Douglas models also differ. For Maccagnan’s final draft, he wanted scouts to review a player’s strengths and weaknesses and where he fit in the league. (He changed what he wanted from the previous year). Douglas is consistent. He isn’t looking for scouts to write an opus. Instead, he wants a 10-12 sentence synopsis highlighting a player’s pros and cons. Scouts are required to add a bottom line section laying out A) the prospect’s specific role for the Jets, comparisons to any players on the Jets or around the league and/or C) players that the scout has evaluated in the past. Douglas will take care of the rest. It’s a thorough, consistent process that has helped Douglas for the better part of two decades. He’s hoping that the people around him now can help by looking at the same picture in a different way.
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    Gase has been on record as saying he likes WRs with YAC ability. There's no receiver in this draft better after the catch than Lamb. He'd feast on all those bubble screens Gase loves to call
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    I only post the ones I agree with. Because those are the ones that are right.
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    I also like Lamb more than Jeudy. I'd also rather have Lamb over Jefferson and it's not close.....and I like Jefferson. BTW Nice to see you posting again.
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    I have no issue with taking a CB with one of our 3rd’s. But after watching two complete nobodies like Bless Austin and Arthur Maulet do a decent enough job on the outside last year, there’s no way in hell that I can get on board with a CB at #11 when we’re staring at George Fant and Chuma Edoga as our starting, bookend OT’s and Breshad Perriman and Vyncint Smith as our starting outside receivers. If that’s the case, we might as well move on from Darnold right now. Throw David Fales out there and commence the tank for Trevor Lawrence.
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    I'll take any offensive lineman over Okudah. And I like Okudah alot. Sam still needs a reliable LT....people seem to keep forgetting that.
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    The only reason I would consider Okudah is because he's an elite prospect at a premium position and that position is also an extreme need. That said, JDs day two better be very strong if that were the road he went down.
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    best player at a position of critical need. Not an easy decision, but I'd take him.
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    DWC, my good man, my only agenda is trolling you for carrying around Jamal's Jock Strap like its the Holy Grail. - I already stated I don't hate Jamallpro ... I don't like his pomp and circumstance but have also stated that him being asinine doesn't matter much if he is helping our team win. - Many fans issue with Jamal is him celebrating his personal success while the team has not been successful during his tenure. (16wins 32losses) - I'd say I don't like you because you act in an asinine manner, but you are just too much fun not to like. - You have a lot of advice for other posters, you put words in their mouths because you are so triggered by your own non stop debate with about 50 people that you are foaming at the mouth and don't have a coherent grasp on what you are responding too.... It's cute. - (I'll be needlessly bolding in your style of post) - I previously prefaced using the words "Disgusting" and "Sick" because you were the first to bring those "Emotionally charged words" into the debate. Seemingly because you are personally emotionally hurt by anyone saying anything you disagree with about your precious Jamal. - In the above you state I should go to woodyjohnson.com .... Doesn't make much sense, I've only had negative things to say about the Johnson brothers and their ineptitude. You should probably go to Jamallpro.com and see if anyone else wants to sniff Jamal's jock strap with you. - See at the end of the day It's really not about Jamal for me ... it's about you ..it's about pointing out a grown man's needless hero worship of a 24 year old kid (as you keep calling him) ... So much so you refuse to see any of his actions as immature or foolish. - It's not immature to want to stay a Jet and and be upset if you think you were being shopped, it is immature to throw a public hissy fit about it refuse to talk to the Coach and GM, ignore the chain of command and go straight to the incompetent owner. I'm trolling you my dear @Defense Wins Championships because you are a troll. You are an unconscious troll and don't even realize it. So I poke at you because it amuses me. The debate isn't about liking Jamal for most of us... it's about what allocation of resources is best for the team and if trading him could allocate the resources needed to flip over very neglected parts of the roster many people think that could be worth it. You take that debate and make it about why people "hate"the one you "love", the one who according to you is infallible and has never acted asinine. I like and respect some players but I don't do the hero worship thing. So here's a question for you DWC, why the hero worship from a grown man for a 24 year old kid?
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    Thank you! This is the key!! People are so quick to bash Manish that they don’t understand that this is a radically different approach to scouting and drafting players that the Jets want for over a decade. A very informative piece in describing the key differences between MacCagnan and Joe Douglas, so big thanks @KRL ........
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    Abso-freakin'-lutely! The Bucs are ALL IN on protecting Brady and they already have 2 excellent WRs. Let them trade up for Thomas here. If they do that then the Jets get one of Lamb, Jeudy or Ruggs in addition to a Buc's pick. If the Bucs go another way with a defender or something then the Jets will have a choice of 2 of those 4 (Thomas, Lamb, Jeudy or Ruggs). I've been on the trade back wagon for almost a month now. I see the 49ers and Bucs as our best options. I think the 49ers really want Ruggs and they might want to jump ahead of the Raiders and Jets to get the first pick of WRs. If Lamb or Jeudy are off the board in the first 10 picks then that could really motivate the 49ers to move up. Remember, they're in Win Now mode and just lost Emmanuel Sanders after they traded for him in mid-season. WR is the one glaring hole on the 49ers.
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    Relax. I'm not @CTM and @GATA ok?
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    I remember before the game started you could see the look on Vedvik’s face even under his face mask the guy clearly didn’t want to be there and the announcers said he missed everything during warm ups i knew he was gonna lose us that game
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    I've always thought Jeudy was overrated and have been saying it for a long time now. After seeing how he compares athletically to other receivers he scares the crap out of me. Too many of the people singing his praise right now seemingly leave out that he has a drops problem. I haven't watched much film of Lamb but I've watched him play. He always flashed when I watched him.....always a big play waiting to happen.
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    They both have Great tape... but I see Lamb as the bigger/stronger player & more apt to fight for contested balls.
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    Y’all are crazy lamb to the Jets is great.
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    Nope. Offense at all costs and you can't justify anything else.
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    I love Jeudy but I think there’s more value in a trade back if all 3 receivers and Thomas are on the board.
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    It’s an offensive league. Our defense right now is talent wise in way better shape than our offense i can’t believe this is a discussion
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    Guys, we cant go defense here unless its Chase Young. Darnold needs help, folks. Alot of help. A f'ing corner doesnt do anything for this team.
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    If the Jets have this draft we will have a party
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    I traveled around country looking to escape NY. Came back DUMB. Anyways I got stuck in Nebraska with a truck on a side road and people there were so nice and helped me out. I was shocked how nice they were. I also met this guy and his girlfriend at a salad place in midtown, NY few years back. They said they were from Nebraska. I mean they were so nice and pleasant it was disgusting. New Yorkers aren't use to this niceness.
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    Okudah is a Top 5 prospect overall (maybe even Top 3). If he were to drop to 11, take him
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    I love when people say Becton isn't a fit because of his poor passblocking. The guy gave up four sacks.....not last year.....but for his entire career. Over 2300 snaps and he gave up four sacks.
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    PSA:. This has been discussed a million times. I'll save you the reading. Some people are going to be optimistic on Darnold. Some are going to be pessimistic. Both will say they are the ones being objective. Some will point to Darnolds weapons. Some will say it doesn't matter. Patrick Mahomes and Watson will get into the discussion, as will Jamal Adams somehow. You are now up to speed
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    I'm simultaneously astounded and completely unsurprised that "fit on the team" is a new concept in Jets draft grading. It's absence is how we ended up with Leo and Quinnen
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    unvote *inb4 "uvnote" doesn't count gfy
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    I get it, but in a completely hypothetical-will-never-happen scenario where Okudah lands at #11, then we take him. You can call up WSH, flip them a 3rd this year and 2/3 next and get our LT for 2020-2022... then draft WRs with 2 and a 3. Okudah is the best CB prospect since Peterson, with Revis upside.
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    Finally a thread that realizes JD is NOT going to just automatically take any of the top 4 tackles at #11. I would bet money he has, at most, 3 potential tackles at #11, more likely only 2. If one of those 2 or 3 are gone, it's WR at 11. People are crazy saying he is going to take a tackle no matter what. We have a head coach that admits he doesn't know how to use a potential future hall of fame running back. JD is not going to pick a run blocking tackle at #11 (or anywhere for that matter). As Choon328 said above, look at the OL he picked up in FA, and apply that to the draft. With a run on tackles in the top 10, I'm betting we get a WR at 11.

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