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    On one hand, I think Sam will be good with real coaching and talent...on the other hand...passing on Trevor would make me sick to my stomach.
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    "I want beautiful clean air" for christ's sake how did this even happen?
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    I already get enough of watching senile out of touch grandpa's yelling at each other reading threads on this forum.
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    30 minutes in I had 3/4 less single malt scotch than I started with.
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    The rest of our division put in a good word for Adam Gase, saying we should keep him.
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    Roman is an interesting choice. Has the baltimore connection. Offensive guy. He was able to design offenses that made kaperdink and Tyrod Taylor functional and Lamar Jackson an MVP. Sounds good to me.
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    Thanks for this well thought out new take on your original thought!
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    Does this happen to you? My friends love sending texts acting like they feel the pain. Check us out on TikTok. JetNation expanding our digital domination. Give us a follow.
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    Chris Johnson has provided several NFL insiders with the number on his yacht and is soliciting advice on the next Jets coach. Here's what he's gotten so far. Peyton Manning has provided Chris with another rousing endorsement of Adam's Gaze. Pete Carroll has praised Brian Schittyheimer as a coach who is taking football back 50 years. Russell Wilson has offered to pay Schittyheimers moving costs to get him out of Seattle. Rex Ryan told Johnson the only guy to lead this team is Rex Ryan. Korn Ferry suggested co-head coaches; Adam's Gaze should be the defensive coordinator because he can stop any offense. And Greg Williams should be offensive coordinator because he makes any offense look spectacular. And Chris Johnson will actually have the title of Head Coach and will have the final say on every play. Joe Douglas called with his list of potential coaches but Chris Johnson didn't take his call. Bill Belichick recommended every assistant coach who ever worked for him because they'll all successful.
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    Doddering, inarticulate septugenarians scold each other and argue. FML. **** that sh*t, bro
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    There is not many guys round these parts that has gotten so much undeserved flack as schottenheimer. His current offense is one of the best in the league, yeah he has an elite QB but he is still producing. While with the jets the team had a head coach who cared nothing about the offense and took pride in trying to destroy his own offense in training camp. He had to deal with an immature crappy QB in mark sanchez and interestingly half the board thinks rex got us to two afc title games in a row and the other half of the board feels sanchez got us to two afc title games in a row and yet the oc is sh*t on all the time and given no credit. Schotty still has a job, rex wishes he had a job. Is schotty great? No, but he sure as heck is not as bad as the majority of the fans on this site think. (He is about 100 times better than our current head coach)
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    He should be high on anyone's list who takes a look at his career. The below link is pretty good but in a nutshell this guy has worked his way up since taking a job at a HS so he could get play calling experience. He called plays for a 12-1 Stanford team and then excelled at multiple NFL stops where MOST IMPORTANTLY, he tailored his offense to fit his team. After watching Gase think that he can draw up a play on Tuesday and simply have it work on Sunday regardless of his personnel or opponent I dont ever want to hear about a coaches system every again. Good coaches adapt to their personnel, lead the players and for offensive coaches they attack their opponents weakness each week and then adapt as the opponents defense adapts. Josh McDaniels hasn't called a running play for his QB in 10 years and yet somehow can design a new offense for Cam without an offseason. Roman seems like he also has enough respect given his longevity in the league to get a good DC to come with him. Is definitely a top 5 guy. https://www.clevelandbrowns.com/news/5-things-to-know-about-greg-roman
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    He developed a brand new offensive system that was predicated around the strengths of their quarterback. While some fans while say “but he likes to run a lot.” So do the 49ers. There are dynamic running systems out there. We as just Jets fans just aren’t used to that anymore.
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    I’ve been called about a half an hour after every game for last 30 years win or lose by my Dad to tell me “ The Jets stink.” He’s 80, so I take solace in the fact that the old Shoe never forgets to do it. He also orders a pizza and asks , “ where the hell is my Uber.?” During the same call.
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    Ok, Southtown, we get which septugenarian douchebag you prefer. Move on.
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    Neither are talking to the American people...this is one of the low points of American history
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    I actually feel sorry for Gase at this point.
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    What an intellectual, well thought out, original concept from a gentleman with a scholarly name like "The Gooch". A post not at all characteristic of someone that chose that name. No. Not at all.
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    Every year I come across Benjamin Allbright rumors on this board. I had never heard of him prior to reading this board regularly a few years ago. I could be misremembering, but I'm fairly certain his batting average is somewhere in the neighborhood of zero.
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    I think he should hire Gaze as his defensive coordinator. If anyone can stop a good offense, it's Gaze!
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    Let's see what happens when we offer equal money as the Colts or Texans.
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    God, what a dime. Who is that? Let me ruin her life with my affections.
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    He’d probably **** this up too.
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    This will be an interesting place come draft time when douglas trades the 1st overall pick.
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    I watched plenty of Sam his second year at USC and obviously first 2 years on jets. He is a talented player. He has no receivers and a lousy head coach. He will be the next player to improve after getting away from Adam
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    Brother in law - Bills fan Best friend - 49ers fan Sister - Ex Colts cheerleader It's been a BRUTAL couple weeks for me...
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    At 18:20 Francesa says Macc used to call him to pick his brain about the Jets next HC (which turned out to be Gase).
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    Almost enough to go full nico. Oh wait, I'm an adult.
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    Shoulder injuries can easily become torn labrums or rotator cuff injuries if aggravated. If this was a Sunday game I'd be far more willing to let his practice participation dictate whether he plays or not. Limited practices leading up to, hopefully, a full practice on Friday would put him back in the lineup. A Thursday game changes that significantly. Playing it safe with the franchise's most valuable asset would be prudent. Rushing him back accomplishes....what, exactly? Maybe saving Gase's job for another week?
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    Still not as infectious as going to a wedding in Queens.
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    Awesome! There's hope this snowballs and they end the season so we don't have to watch the Jets anymore

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