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    Greatest teacher of holding this league has seen.
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    Give the man his due for preventing the Pats from getting 2 more championships 👏
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    You started a thread and you got nothing.
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    I will praise him forever for taking down the pats twice.
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    Love that man. Humble, and had he stayed healthy, he could have shattered all the records. For anyone too young to have seen him play, you look at what Derrick Henry did these past 8 weeks and that was pretty much an average Sunday for Earl.
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    I have a feeling that Jamal Adams is getting a long-term contract and will retire as one of the most respected Jets of all time. SAR I
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    Way to cherry pick the 16’ Class out of the bunch. None of these prospects were half the caliber that Judy or CeeDee are but carry on.
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    He should be removed from his position for dereliction of duty.
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    Take out the outlier NE TEAM debacle and Sam posts a 90+ passer rating behind the worst OL in recent memory while dealing with mono. He posted the 10th best rating over last half of the season even though he played the 3 best defenses in the leuage. If you don’t see it, I can’t help ya.
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    Just protect this kid and we will be a perennial playoff team. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app 24:25:31:32
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    This is terrible. Lost my brother when he was in his early 40's. He left 2 kids behind. It's been 4 years and thank god the kids are doing well but the shock and sadness take a long time to overcome. Still think about him almost daily. Kind of welled up when I heard about this.. brought me back to that day. God bless the family he leaves behind.
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    Has us taking Wills. 1. Burrow 2. Young 3. Okudah 4. Simmons 5. Tua 6. Herbert 7. Brown 8. Thomas 9. Kinlaw 10. Becton 11. Wills 12. Lamb 13. Juedy
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    Bart Scott is 100% right. The stats back him up, and the eye test backs him up. Jordan Jenkins is not a bad player, I would have no problem with the Jets bringing him back, but he is very average when it comes to rushing the passer. Honestly, the Jets would probably be better letting him walk and just using guys like Basham, and Copeland in his spot next year who could replicate his production. This team needs to get better on the edge via FA and/or the draft.
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    The last time he played in all 16 games was seven years ago. The last time he didn’t miss a month of the season was five years ago. Given the new contract you’d have to give him and the cost of dumping Bell, you’d be acquiring an injury prone tackle and handing out roughly $30 million in cash(?) next season for the luxury of also giving the Redskins a 3.
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    I've been having quite the entertaining conversation with numerous posters who are concerned about how cap expenditures should be spent regarding Jets good/elite players. I think that it would be best to remind folks that money to a franchise is looked at and used much differently than us common folk who work for money and have to properly manage that money. How teams access money is much different, and the purpose for those funds are much different. Common folk typically spend money in order to pay bills and to maintain their lifestyle. Teams spend money in order to buy players rights in order to win. A team's cap space isnt based on their own personal revenue that they made for the season. The league has a collective bargaining agreement in place and the hard cap is based on numerous revenue streams such as contracts with television networks, tickets sales and merchandise for example. Pretty much every year the cap number goes up. In 2020 the Salary is about 200 million dollars per team. Now compare that to when this salary cap was introduced back in 1994 when the cap was first put in place at 35 million dollars per team. That's almost a 6X increase in cap over the past 26 years. My point here is this. The purpose of the salary cap isnt to "Nickel and Dime" your way into obscurity. The purpose is to spend the money to keep your current good players and to pay free agents. I constantly here this rhetoric of not paying our All-Pro safety his market value because he's a safety and that would be bad economics, or not paying market value for Robby Anderson (Free Robby, by the way) because of trumped up arrests of 2+ years ago that folks make out to be as if it was this past weekend...and it would be bad economics to invest in a WR that has been our best WR since he's been in the league, and we've only paid him about 4 million over the 4 years he's been in the league. My problem is this. I keep hearing about economics or wisely spending our cap, but our two best players have both been on rookie deals for years. We have a QB on a rookie deal. We dont have a LT on a huge deal, we dont have an Edge rusher on a huge deal and the CB we did give a large contract to we're about to terminate. And speaking of huge deals, the players with the highest contracts have all been guys from other teams that we signed via free agency. Mosley 17.5M (Ravens) Bell 15M (Steelers) T. Johnson 15M (Rams) Crowder 10M (Redskins) H. Anderson 8.3M (Colts) Matter of fact, the highest salary we have on the books from an original drafted player is Sam Darnold at 8.2M! The highest salary that we have from an original Jet player that we resigned is Quincy Enunwa at 7.8M, and he's right behind Sam Darnold. You know who's behind Enunwa? Quinnen Williams, at 7.3 Million. Do you know why we always have so much cap space? It's because we rarely hit on draft picks. And because of the lack of overall talent due to rarely hitting on draft picks, whatever money we do decide to spend we have to then overspend to get guys such as CJ Mosley, a 17.5M Price tag that Harbaugh looked at and said "Let him walk". Why did they say that? Because the Ravens were in a situation to where they had to be more prudent with their money given that they had to figure out who is more important for them to keep around (knowing that they'll need future space to keep Ronnie Stanley and Marhsall Yanda) and what players would be more impactful additions (S Earl Thomas and CB Marcus Peters). They were able to do this now that they had Flacco off of the books and have a QB drafted 30-something overall on the 2nd year of his rookie deal. My point is this. The Jets are in no position to be weighing financial options or nickel and dime'ing the good players that they actually drafted. The REAL PURPOSE for the cap is to pay the good players that you originally drafted! Every position has it's market and within that market you have guys who will fit in a range. There would be no point of even having a salary cap if it couldnt meet the market value of players when that market value is based on the salary cap itself. Would Russel Wilson be averaging 35 million dollars a year if the Cap was the same cap that it was in 1994 when it was first introduced??? Of course not. It's one thing to manage your cap in order to make sure you're not just grossly overpaying players. It's another to make it seem like you cant pay all pro Safeties because of their market value when their Market value is based on the cap itself and the Jets are top 10 in salary cap space. It makes no sense whatsoever. Lastly, I've heard examples of how signing Revis and Sanchez were bad decisions. Indeed they were, but they weren't based on economics but incompetency. The year that we should have resigned Revis, we traded him. Then he bounced from Tampa Bay to New England...playing fantastic football during that time, and then 3 years later the Jets want to then give him a contract that they should have given him 3 years ago in his prime. That's not a bad signing because of numbers, that's a bad signing because of a bad front office. The Jets gave Sanchez an extension because his feelings were hurt that Tanny tried to get Peyton Manning from the Colts, and when he failed Sanchez got pissy and then they gave him an extension. Again, that wasn't bad numbers, but a bad front office decision, to extend a guy who you didn't even believe in to begin with. The most hilarious thing that I cant bring myself to understand. So many people have criticized paying Robby because prior production (Though he grossly outperformed his contract) along with past history with the law...while at the same time folk will criticize paying Jamal Adams because he's a Safety (who also grossly outperformed his contract) and because he's too confident in himself and comes off as a "fake" team guy....yet he has never had any issue with law enforcement nor has ever been considered a "locker room cancer". The Salary Cap is meant to be spent. This is why they have a rule that it's a requirement to spend a high percentage of that cap every few years, in order to make sure that teams aren't just sitting on the funds and not trying to pay players who either deserve it that they drafted, or guys in free agency. The rule helps facilitate market prices for the players. There is literally no excuse in terms of "Not being able to afford a Safety" given it's position when we're not spending money anywhere else, especially at premium positions. If anything, this would be the perfect time to pay guys at these position while getting guys at the premium positions at rookie contract prices. This is how you win in the league, by spending the money wisely. This is the perfect opportunity to keep Adams while knowing that you can draft an LT/RT, and maybe still be able to get an edge in free agency given the amount of money we have available. Teams should be wishing that they can be in a position to pay a Strong Safety market prices, that means that they can work on getting their premium position together and pay them rookie prices. When it's time to pay your rookie QB 25-35 million a year and your edge rusher 20 million, that's when you start worrying about paying All-Pro Strong Safeties. You dont let all pro players walk when you have no talent, a bunch of rookie contracts on the books and a ton of money. Let's be real here and understand the purpose of the Salary Cap.
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    Pleased to announce that the Baker Mayfield Anxiety Forum is now the Lamar Jackson Anxiety Forum
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    Everyone has been saying this about the RB position for years. Or that these athletic, run first QB’s are the future... Then we all watched as Derrick Henry sh*t all over the Ravens and Lamar was sent home packing right out of the gate. Yeah, some teams might be able to find a stud WR or RB in the mid-late rounds...but the Jets sure as hell can’t. If the 3 top OT’s are all off the board at #11 and either Jeudy or Lamb falls into your lap, you take them without a moments hesitation. I have no idea why so many people are acting like we’re completely screwed beyond belief if we don’t take an OT in the 1st round. Is that my preferred strategy? Absolutely. But I’m not taking an OL at #11 just for the sake of doing so.
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    You can hold in the NFL and get away with it if you are on the offensive line of a team that the league office is queer for. Most of the Steelers game winning drives with Ben Roethlisberger "extending" the play for 10 seconds or more came courtesy of the zebras looking the other way as the Steeler lineman were grabbing on to defenders's in every manner possible. In the Steeler Super Bowl win over the Cardinals, their MVP should have been the line judge. The refs use holding to control the game... Especially in favor of their favorites like the Steelers and NE.
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    For all those mocking Kiper if we would’ve just drafted off of his big board the last 10 years, we would’ve won a super bowl by now
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    How to make money as an internet/media fake-scout: Evaluating a tackle? Cover your ass by saying he "might have to kick inside to guard." Evaluating a cornerback? Cover your ass by saying he "might have to move to safety" or, if he's under 6'0", say "he's going to be a nickel guy." Evaluating a tall wide receiver? Cover your ass by saying "he's not the quickest guy, but he'll help you in the red zone." Evaluating a sub-6'0" wide receiver? Cover your ass by saying "he'll have to play in the slot." Evaluating a defensive tackle? Cover your ass by saying he "has to work on his hand usage." Evaluating an edge rusher? Cover your ass by saying he's "a little stiff, but has some bend." Evaluating a quarterback? Cover your ass by repeating verbatim what every other draft analyst says about that quarterback.
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    take it from someone who writes 2000 words every week on the NFL offensive line: top shelf WR like Mike Evans, Nuk Hopkins or Julio Jones make more of an impact on who wins the game than any sort of amazing offensive line a guy that Sam can throw the ball to in 50/50 coverage and he still bodies out the CB1 to make the catch they do not have that player and Jets fans forget what it looks like You know who has an awesome line? the Eagles. They didn't have enough weapons, especially at WR down the stretch. The Ravens have a great line, again they fell behind and their bums like Willie Snead didn't get separation. Line is important, don't get me wrong. But there is no "extra second" in the NFL to be gained. Sam (or whoever) is going to have to make decisions in 2.5 seconds or less. this is a passing league and the Titans ground and pound "works" every 10 years or so. Most of the time its going to be a high powered offense leading the way and most of the time there needs to be WR1 production. the Jets already have a 3rd down slot guy in Crowder. But Robby's going to walk. if there's a sick run on OL and they are looking at a Deandre Hopkins style WR at 11 or OT 4, they should take that WR and hopefully find the linemen in rd 2 and 3 In fact they might need 2 Wr when this draft is all said and done, that's how bad the WR need is if you actually look at the roster
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    Let's hope Joe D knows the difference.... Jack Conklin Jeff Conklin
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    Do we resign him? - Career earnings so far $4m - never broke 1000 yards - Tyrell Williams got 4 years $44m last year - Robby has a thing for peanuts on ladies faces or at least that's what I got from the police report.
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    Wow. 32 and the GM of an NFL team. That's mind boggling when I think about the sh*t I was doing at 32.
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    But.....32nd ranking and such. We're bad and winning 3X as many games as we lost in the final half of the season changes nothing. Also...trade Jamal.
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    I love this guy for preventing the world from hearing about 19-0 for all eternity.
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    I’d sign up for Sam to have half the career Eli had.
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    What about Jets fans who do not have an emotional attachment to Jamal and don't care for his dancing and antics, but who recognize that he's an All Pro, the best player on the team and think that he's the kind of talent we need on this team? Where do we fit on the scale between the old you and T0m Shane?
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    Funchess sucks ballz.
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    He is gonna be 32? Head case. That's a no for me.
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    I honestly cannot understand what the people who are really critical of Sam are looking at. A couple bonehead plays a game? Happens to most QBs. His ball placement? Lol, check out the acrobatics Josh Allen's receivers have to accomplish. His long ball? One deep threat that teams can double all game. If you want to see what Sam's talent level is; take a look at what this offense accomplished without him.
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    There is another one: Michael Pittman Jr. would love to reunite with Sam Darnold MOBILE, Ala. — One of the Jets’ priorities this offseason is finding some weapons for quarterback to Sam Darnold to throw to. How about one he already knows well? Michael Pittman Jr. is at the Senior Bowl this week, trying to impress teams and move his name up draft boards in a loaded year for wide receivers. The USC graduate would welcome the chance to play with Darnold again for the Jets. “That would be great,” Pittman said. “Sammy D was like one of the best quarterbacks I’ve ever played with. He’s just a straight gamer. He is a young quarterback that has 10-15 years left. That would be nice to have that run with him.” Pittman played his first two seasons with the Trojans with Darnold. He became a starter midway through that second season and caught plenty of passes from Darnold. https://nypost.com/2020/01/22/michael-pittman-jr-would-love-to-reunite-with-sam-darnold/ SAR I
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    Joe Douglas effect is palpable as Jets overhaul gets underway https://nypost.com/2020/01/25/joe-douglas-effect-is-palatable-as-jets-overhaul-gets-underway/ If the Jets’ offseason were a sitcom, it would be called “Everybody Loves Joe.” Whomever you talked to about new Jets general manager Joe Douglas at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala. this past week, the responses were the same: “The Jets nailed it. He’s great. They finally got it right,” or something to that effect. Whether it was longtime Jets employees, scouts from other teams, player agents, coaches who have worked with him, the praise for Douglas was effusive. Just because he seems to be universally respected and liked does not mean he will be successful, but it is a strong step in the right direction. In the end, it will still come down to finding the right players, developing them and getting some luck when it comes to injuries. Still, you can already feel the effect Douglas has had inside the Jets. He has infused confidence into the organization that has been lacking in recent years. He is comfortable in his own skin and gregarious. He has a way about him that puts people at ease quickly and has been a unifying force inside the team. As important as his demeanor has been, the bigger factor in winning over people inside the organization has been his credibility and vision for the future. After getting hired in June, Douglas met with the personnel department in July, about a week before training camp. Though he hired his lieutenants — Rex Hogan, Chad Alexander and Phil Savage — he inherited the scouting staff from Mike Maccagnan. Douglas knew all of them from years of being on the scouting trail together, but this was his introduction as their boss. Douglas laid out a mission statement for them to follow and the core traits the Jets want in players overall, then specifically for each position. Douglas’ philosophy is a blend of different influences in his career. Ozzie Newsome’s Ravens, where he scouted for 15 years, is the biggest influence. But he also brought some Eagles with him from his time there, some Saints from working with Bears GM Ryan Pace, who was in New Orleans for years, and some Broncos from his time with former Denver coach John Fox in Chicago. There is also some Colts influence from Hogan after two years in Indianapolis. In August, the scouting department did some mock scouting exercises to get used to the new philosophy and grading system. It gave the scouts a jump-start on the process that hit full stride this past week. Though the timing of Maccagnan’s firing and the hiring of Douglas may have seemed unorthodox and unwise at the time, it now is benefitting the Jets. Instead of hiring a GM in January and him jumping in just as the draft season hits high gear, Douglas had months to get his staff prepared. “I also didn’t have to rush through implementing a grading scale change, implementing a new philosophy,” Douglas said in his season-ending press conference. “You didn’t have to try to hit the ground running with All-Star games and the [NFL Scouting] Combine right around the corner. So you could really get your processes in place, communicate with the people on your staff about what expectations are, how processes are going to change, what the grading scale’s going to be. “We were able to have some exercises in the summer, do some summer work as far as getting guys used to the new grading scale. Not to bore you with all those details, but there were a lot, lot, of benefits of starting when I did.” Douglas met with each area scout individually in December, and they went over his region in depth. The staff will meet as a group in the coming weeks as they prepare for the combine next month. The coaches will also get involved in the process soon when the Jets begin narrowing their focus. The task in front of Douglas is daunting. He inherited a roster with very little blue-chip talent and no middle class after years of poor drafting. Douglas is already beloved and respected by his peers. If he can infuse the Jets with talent quickly and make them a perennial playoff contender, his popularity with fans might even be greater.
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    I know how the board would react. I don't know how I would. I think we get too caught up with individual draft decisions. I don't think they are as cut and dried as we act. Sometimes taking a risk on a druggie that had a sh*t senor season (Marino) or a guy with knee issues (Munoz) is great. Other times you end up with Lawrence Philips or Dee Milliner. How the team drafts is a strategy and a philosophy and they may have excellent reasons to go after or avoid a certain player. For instance, I didn't kill Maccagnan for passing on Dalvin Cook (who had character concerns) or swinging for the fences with Hackenberg or Polite. I hated both of those prospects, but the problem isn't taking the shot. The problem is that there should be some base of players coming from these drafts and when nobody is left the lack of success is obvious. It isn't the individual mistakes that kill you, it is not having overall success.
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    36 TDS, 6 picks , 66%, and a rating of 113. Without his running abilities he is far and away the best QB in his class
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    Funny thing is theres a sperm cell in this kids ball sack that has a rocket arm and great pocket presence.
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    Go back and watch a few games from this past season. There are key moments where if Sam had an extra 1/2 ->1 second of time to throw, he would have had monster games. I'd love me some more weaponz but get me some protection.
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    Kind of like Bart was with the Ravens.😎
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    I like Jenkins. I think he's a good player and a good leader. I don't think he's an elite pass rusher, but he's a good "2nd guy" . As hard as it is to imagine, there is more to playing Outside LB than just pass rushing. Jenkins is overall an above average starter. He's not a star, but he's certainly not where people should point to for an "upgrade needed" Bart Scott needs to chill out. He's not the gatekeeper for NY Jets Defense.
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    I am really hoping it does not come down to them. Nothing against two very good prospects but I'll be disappointed if we do not come away with a OT at 11.
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