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    Gase ran good players off the same way in Miami. Such a disgrace.
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    What an A-hole that Bell was. Playing hard, wanting to win, wanting to be more involved in the offense. How can you win with players like that?
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    Thought this was going to be a satirical thread about Jets trading up from #1 to #0. Disappointed.
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    A QB with the talent that Trevor Lawrence has doesn't come around too often. You do not trade the #1 pick you select Trevor Lawrence. End of discussion.
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    *till the end of the year. Gase is our best chance to complete the tank! Keep Gase for 10 more games! We can do it!
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    Good for McClendon. Great leader, solid vet. With a chance to win some games in the last year or two of his career.
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    If Douglas can get recuperate a 1st round pick for Williams I'll go build the statue myself.
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    Our punter is a very good tackler.
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    The Jets will be the reason the NFL makes a draft lottery.
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    Mims on his first route
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    People in coma's are alive too. Don't freak out when when Mims shows up to practice with a ventilator for his hamstrings.
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    Kinda feel like the Jets did Bell a solid.
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    Oh, so the Jets now think that perhaps Matt Rhule was responsible for good decision-making in his coordinator hiring? Huh... weird.
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    There’s a site that lists the 2021 NFL draft order, and it gets updated after each game. It currently has the Jets picking #3 (prior to week 6). Which is wrong. The reason for this blunder is twofold: 1. Draft order is based on W/L record, with tie-breakers succumbing to strength of schedule. (A team with an easier SOS is deemed “worse” than a team it shares the same W/L record with because losing games to bad teams means your team sucks worse than one that loses games to better teams. Look, the logic checks out.) However, 2. This site is flawed. It is calculating the SOS as the average of ALL 16 opponents for the season. That means it is factoring in the strength of teams we haven’t even played yet. That’s not cool. Or accurate. If you look at the CURRENT strength of schedule for the 0-5 teams, we would actually be drafting first if the season ended today, with the following SOS: 1. NYJ, 0-5 (SOS, .541) 2. NYG, 0-5 (SOS, .640) 3. ATL, 0-5 (SOS, .750) ——— ...as a service to this fine board, I will update these rankings on a weekly basis, until we are properly recognized as the league’s sh*ttiest team, by all of the websites. ***ON EDIT. I can’t calculate what the SOS will be if the winless teams all lose in week-6 without knowing the adjusted pct of all the other teams’ outcomes for week-6 as those will change also. The draft order remains the same but with updated figures to account for the opponents who took a premature bye due to COVID. My apologies for the oversight.
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    "Guys, taking Peyton Manning isn't going to save the Colts. We have much bigger issues with this team that led us to the first overall pick, we should trade down and build around Jim Harbaugh." -- some Colts fans in early 1998
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    How are some of you guys still emotionally involved with this team? Just sit back and laugh all the way to a Trevor Lawrence/Jim Harbaugh culture change.
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    Let’s get rid of talented players and keep the stupid coaches.
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    Reports confirmed that Steve M. agent gave the Jets a list of 31 teams he wanted to be traded to.
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    I’m waiting to see what Douglas does the next 2 offseasons, specifically the draft. He’s at least addressed offensive positions in his first draft with Becton, Perrine and Mims. Mac drafts Darnold and then proceeds to draft 3 DTs after that and one 3rd overall. The man that drafted Safeties back to back. That’s why we’re here.
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    I tried to quit being a Jets fan once and become a packers fan. Aaron Rodgers immediately had a season ending injury.
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    Jets need 12 steps to fire Adam Gase.
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    Nothing worse in sports than draft lotterys
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    We'll pick 6th. Get used to the idea. Maybe a nice safety or interior d-lineman.
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    In the history of clown shoes moves by this organization, giving Macc that draft, and then firing him, may have been the biggest one.
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    All those things can be true AND Adam Gase can be a terrible Head Football Coach. They are NOT mutually exclusive.
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    Anyone who changes teams deserves the bullet.
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    The Jets are horrible either way but I think, between last year and now this year, it's abundantly clear the team is much better when Darnold is at QB. I don't know that reincarnations of Elway, Montana, and Marino could have success with the current state of the Jets. It's fair to say that Darnold has done a reasonably good job with the embarrassing lack of talent around him, and to his credit has never complained that he's probably been the least supported top 5 QB pick of all-time. He just plows forward being tough and trying to be a good leader. For the record I watch a ton of cfb and Lawrence is the best college QB I've ever seen. I still don't think it's the slam dunk decision that everyone thinks it is to dump Darnold for Lawrence and pass on the ransom a trade down would reap. Sam might just take off with a competent roster around him.
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    Not coincidentally, soft tissue injuries are mostly subjective when it comes to evaluating recovery. i.e. it is based on the player saying how it feels. Player in training room: Trainer: How's the hamstring feeling today? Player: Is Adam Gase still coach? Trainer: Unfortunately, yes. Player: Well, then I think I may have aggravated it, It's gonna be at least a few more weeks before I can even think about practicing.
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    I'm always hesitant to say the Jets have hit rock bottom. With this franchise, you never know what could happen next.
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    They don't report to him so what's he supposed to do?
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    "But he has skinny ankles" "He dropped a pass that one time" "He's not a true number one" "He can only run one route" This is what groupthink does. People stop paying attention to the evidence in front of them and begin repeating widely held beliefs no matter how delusional as long as they're repeated often enough.
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    O god, if this isnt the most Warfish thing ive ever seen posted lmao
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    This tear down is different. This is one of the most efficient tear downs and tanks I have seen in well over 50 years of watching Jets football. The efficiency of this tear down is in stark contrast to other Jets tear downs which weren't really tear downs. They were more like a rot out and fall downs. This actually looks like a planed tear down. I'm inclined to believe this is actually a plan rather than incompetence. Of course that's to be determined.
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    agree. 10+ years of bad drafting and free agent signings should of been fixed in 1 year by Joe D
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    This is a scenario that hasn’t been discussed yet? Lol you been living under a rock? It’s literally the only scenario being discussed amongst Jets fans right now. And there’s no shot the Jets pass up on Lawrence and hand Sam a contract for $25m a year. JD will rebuild with the rookie QB contract. Hopefully Sam can net them a 1st round pick in a trade
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    Darnold hasn't been good this year, but two things you can't deny: 1) We are 0-lifetime without him with some of the worst offensvie performances I have ever seen. 2) Think about every touchdown we have scored on offense this season. The majority of them have been Sam running around making schoolyard plays. The organization can't realistically pass on Lawrence, but you can't tell me that Darnold was given a legit shot here.
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    Mosley will now have not played for 2 years. Don't think he could come back from that absence anyway - its not like he's 22 yrs old. He knows the Jets motto - take our money and run - no need to actually play.
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    Opens thread to watch/read how Sam reacted to Bell leaving. Leaves, confused with less information than before.
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    Why'd zubringa dat uppa?
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