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    We just lost Robbie Anderson and you want to talk about this?
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    As soon as I'm done googling him, I will return with a strong opinion of this. Please wait.
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    PSA:. This has been discussed a million times. I'll save you the reading. Some people are going to be optimistic on Darnold. Some are going to be pessimistic. Both will say they are the ones being objective. Some will point to Darnolds weapons. Some will say it doesn't matter. Patrick Mahomes and Watson will get into the discussion, as will Jamal Adams somehow. You are now up to speed
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    And our OL fired back at the PFF dude.
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    F*ck it. JD gets an upgraded photo for that deal alone. I present to you: Joesideon
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    This is inevitably going to sound cheesy as hell, but shout out to the forum and all you guys during all of this. MUCH needed distraction during the last few weeks, and I value coming here to banter with all of ya knuckleheads. Im sure there is a general thread but figured start something fresh and if anyone wants to talk about ANYTHING not Jets, Politics, or current state of affairs, please do.
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    Very close Joe. Very close.
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    Update: my wife and son today in our front yard. My mother who was positive sitting in the front porch. We are all feeling 100% on our 13th day of quarantine. My father, who has had it worst, is still coughing but feeling better. I appreciate you guys and this board so much! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What’s up jets nation!!! So updates: I’m like 85% better, would be 109 but I have a 7 month old that wakes up no later than 6am and I take first shift (6-830 feed play then nap at 830) and our babysitter due to the virus is staying away (we love her and respect the decision). But wife and son are awesome, happy as can be. Sister no symptoms and chilling (she’s 22 and is treating this as a self care quarantine, can’t be mad at it). My mom is like 75% better. Still slight cough but up and about working from home. Dads like 60/65% he’s 75 so it’s hitting him harder. He slept 20 hours yesterday, but feels so much improved today. Still a cough but more energy and up and working. Overall, fam is in great spirits and Saturday is our end quarantine day (it’s killed the parents not being able to be with their grandson [killing us as we need a break just for sleep lol]) . We’re going to start working out outside today on the front yard and take little man for a walk. Keeping 6+ feet distance from everyone not in our house and feeling better everyday. Appreciate all the well wishes and can not wait for the draft. Dig the signings we’ve made. Love you guys and can not wait for gyms to open! Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    And like that....
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    ESPN, NFLN, sports radio, national news outlets. **** Tom Brady, **** Bill Belichick. **** the referees, Goodell, Adams, Guerrero. **** Edelman, Kevin Faulk, Corey Dillon, Rodney Harrison, Teddy bruschi, Van noy. **** every OL that got to hold their way to pro bowls and Super Bowls. **** every no name RB and WR that handled the rock easier because of deflators. **** the league officials that stomped on the tapes the first time, and **** the league officials that still haven’t come out with a single ******* word about the second time. **** the system that allows the pats to create cheats on cheats including circumventing the cap to pay their cheating system QB under the table. **** all the “fans” that missed the ‘01 SB because they were too busy being latent racist dirtbags but somehow became the loudest and most obnoxious pats fans of them all by the end of 2007. **** the morons yelling tb12, and **** em even after they jumped ship and followed TB to TB. **** New England as a staff, football team, and as a mother ******* franchise. And if you wanna be down with Kraft, **** you too. I haven’t watched ESPN for years and wasn’t planning to today, but covid19 or not, 7 hours of Brady (and by extension, patriots) fellatio on national TV is ******* absurd. That’s all. Thanks for your time. Sorry if I offended anyone. Unless you’re a pats fan - or even worse, a filthy pats apologist.
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    These guys are morons. I understand crapping on the Jets has just become commonplace but JD has actually done a good job with McGovern,Van Roten, resigning Alex Lewis. I know Fant wasnt a well liked move but I do think he brings a lot of potential despite the risk. Plus we possibly will be able to grab a bigtime OL with the 11th pick. Look I know I’m a positive fan but the constant bleakness fans or others have against the Jets is just silly at this point. I mean you would think we won 2 games last year with the way people talk about us lol
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    https://theathletic.com/1685492/2020/03/18/its-a-home-run-why-connor-mcgovern-is-thrilled-to-join-the-jets/?source=shared-article It's behind a pay wall - but here are the direct quotes from the article for those who can't see it: While McGovern was born and raised in North Dakota, his dad was born in New Jersey. His grandparents were born and raised in Brooklyn. He still has a slew of family members in the area. “For the McGovern side?” he told The Athletic. “It’s a home run.” Referees didn’t flag McGovern once last year. They’ve gotten him just nine times on 2,510 career snaps. “That’s something I pride myself on,” McGovern said. “Penalties come when you get beat, you try to counter, and you’re not doing it correctly. You don’t know the proper technique to come back and fix your mistakes early. If you can learn to counter stuff, it’s the best way to unscrew yourself when you get screwed. It comes down to dedication and being able to fix mistakes before they become a bigger issue. “You might beat me on the first move, but I’m going to counter and do everything I can to win blocks. I’m gritty and willing to do anything I can to block you. It’s not always pretty. That’s something I’ve learned over the years. But you can always recover. You can always come back. I’m not one to take a play or second off. I’m a gritty player through the whistle.” McGovern said his preference is to remain at center. He believes it’s the best fit for him. Having guards nearby allows his quickness and strength to shine, while masking the fact he’s not the longest-armed player. It’s one of the reasons his play improved so much in 2019 (71.9 PFF grade up from 49.2 and 58.3 in 2017 and 2018). But if the Jets do move him, that’s fine, too. “Selfishly, I like being the quarterback of the offensive line and having control over what everyone is doing and where everyone is going,” he said. “But wherever the Jets allow me to play, whatever I can do to help the team win the most games, that’s all that matters. I wanted to go somewhere to win. When you’re not winning, it’s not fun. I’m excited to get there and win some games.” “I wanted to go to a team I thought would win, and a team that wanted me,” he said. “I wanted to go somewhere where I could come in, really help, and keep building a program on the rise. The Jets, in my opinion, are on the rise. “I’m really excited about this. It’s a great opportunity. We’re going to do some special stuff.”
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    If we keep this up, we might be as good as we were last year on o-line. 😶
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    As you know these are very serious times. I would like to assure the members and guests of this fine community that we are taking matters seriously and have enacted several preventative protocols to keep us all safe. The topic everyone seems to be thinking about this week is the Mod Lounge. A lot of bad things have happened in there over the years. You have my word though it is safe, and you can not get sick from the mod lounge. If you want to be tested, test kits are available. To EVERYONE. Well, they are going to be available. Just know that if you want to be tested you can be. Eventually, Kind of, I think. Anyhow we have implemented these changes: A local crime scene cleaning company was hired to do a deep cleaning of all surface areas and couches. The chalk outline for Smizzy has been removed and cleaned. The chalk outline for @BP has been removed and cleaned. The chalk outline for @faba has been removed and cleaned. The chalk outline for @TaborJet has been removed and cleaned. The chalk outline for @The Gun Of Bavaria has been removed and cleaned. The cleaning company said the first quote of 42 hours wasn't enough, so they stayed an additional 50 hours. We are making extra staff hours available to do regular deep cleanings. Nobody is allowed to sit within 4 feet of each other in the mod lounge. @The Crusher was especially upset about this but we are following the CDC recommendations. We have appointed @JoeC36 to be the head of maintenance. Please direct any procedural maintenance questions at him. @Sperm Edwards is now in charge of germ elimination. @slats can update you all on any travel bans or modifications. The following moderators have been put in quarantine. We are not allowed to say why. @Thor99 @Charlie Brown @nycdan
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    Happy Birthday. How old were you when you started writing that post? Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    His neck is broked. He needs to go enjoy his life with his family. He’s got some money. Dude needs to stay safe!
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    The Patriots SUCK. They cheat. Tom Brady broke up with them. They have salary cap problems. Bill Belichick is old and has won nothing without Brady. Their owner is handing control to his son who will mess things up. Their uniforms are ugly. They have bandwagon fans that won't even know how to cope with a 10 win season. The dynasty is over. The Jets time is now. The Patriots suck. Add your own...
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    This is your Twitter account isn't it? You have handles on various team message boards pushing these made up rumors. On the Chicago site you are Bear Grylls. Andre the Giant on a G-Men site. Fudge Packer on the Green Bay site. Steelers Wheel on Pittsburgh's. I'm on to you.
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    If we stay put at 11, take Lamb or Jeudy. If not, trade back and take Josh Jones Absolutely no to Chaisson or Henderson at 11
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    I am not going to say this again, NO PERSONAL ATTACKS. @T0mShane does the best he can. We all have bad days.
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    Will keep everyone updated. Once I’m healthy I’ll tell you why my work is where the blame lies and I’m going to sue them. And contribute some moneys to sign clowney Anderson and whoever else we need lol but thank you everyone truly! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Oh for sure. Alex Lewis and Chuma Edoga were actually First Team All-Pros if not for Darnold holding the ball for that extra .3 seconds.
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    Wow the lines shaping up to look almost Below average.
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    Gotta give him a HAND for a nice JOB on that. Yeah...I grudgingly have to respect it. Certainly was more than we've heard from Dolan, Johnson, Steinbrenner, Wilpon or any of the owners down here.
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    Connor Hughes ✔@Connor_J_Hughes "We listened hard to @FidelioJet's plan to sign every big-name free agent out there, we really did. But ultimately we determined that moves like spending $20M per on a RT with only one knee left would not be wise." - Joe Douglas on #Jets FA signings
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    Fortunately nothing that comes from any of them is catchable.
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    Just popping in to say that Darron Lee is unemployed
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    Why on earth would any GM tell any player or agent this, even if it was true? They wouldn't.
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    Looks good love the chant on the side.
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    Only thing I can think of is JD insisted he get rid of the Mac tattoo...
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    Well you can see that Douglas has a plan and if plan A is not there he immediately moves on plan B. It indicates he has built and org than can move fast, unlike mccganan.
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    adios Winters...
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    Boo hoo... poor wittle patsie fans all upset Tommy left them. The lead rat abandoning the sinking ship. Screwyou Belichick. The Tuck Rule Dynasty is finally done. As that asswipe TX used to say "stop living in the past!" Screw you and your whole chowder slurping, Ben Affleck loving crew. The pats suck.
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    So, Joe Douglas doesn't suck anymore?

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