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    To avoid making a long post even longer and making a longer introduction, many of you know that I have a source within the organization. Many here can confirm this. My source and I have been discussing the Jets since Sunday and where they go from here and he dropped some tidbits on me that I’ve had confirmed to me by a second, more prominent, source and am now ready to share with all of you as I’ve been given the “ok”...so here we go: My guy is pretty certain that if the Jets don’t go QB, that they will either go Sewell and build around Sam for one more “do or die” season, or they will look to trade down (trading down is the preference). However, JD really loves Sewell and a trade may be hard to pull off (although this was all discussed before Cincinnati won and dropped themselves in the draft, so that could change given how much the Bengals want and, quite frankly, need him). I was also told that Zach Wilson is likely a long shot to be the selection (as of today) and Douglas, if he goes QB, is more likely to go Fields. The team is high on Justin. There is, obviously, still a ton of work to be done however. Personally, I still think there’s a shot for Wilson because I believe he is going to absolutely impress with on the whiteboard and in interviews, something JD weighs heavily. Obviously, it’s December. Things can change drastically as the pre-draft process plays out. The most disheartening news that he spilled though is yes, for those who have been keeping tabs on what I said in another thread earlier, there are legitimate rumblings that Marvin Lewis might get a serious look at Head Coach. I just got finished up with the more prominent source who is very connected to the league in order to kinda get a second word on this and can now confirm it. From what I was told, they’re still going to swing for the fences with Matt Campbell and Pat Fitzgerald, but are not sure if they will leave the college ranks, especially without Lawrence. Other names who we’ve talked, and I have mentioned here before, are Greg Roman, Eric Bieniemy, Robert Saleh, Brian Daboll, Matt Eberflus, Don Martindale, and Joe Brady. Personally, I’d like to see Arthur Smith thrown in there too. I believe he will be. A dark horse discussed was Jim Harbaugh, who Woody loves, and has loved for a long time. However, I don’t believe he leaves Michigan (yes @Defense Wins Championships, as much as I don’t love the idea, there is a chance). The more prominent guy basically parroted what I’ve been hearing since last year and throughout this season. The league is MUCH, and I can’t stress that enough, higher on Sam than the fans and such are, which is a big driving force behind the “give Sam one last ride” idea. While it’s obviously very early and almost everything I’m saying right now as of today can change, the league view on every guy not named Trevor is not favorable. Fields is most people’s number 2, with Wilson rising, but that is more of an indictment on what Fields has put on tape this season. The consensus among the league is that Sam can absolutely be salvaged with the right talent + coaching, and that they actually view that as the scenario that would yield more rewards than drafting Fields, Lance, Wilson, etc. Personally, I don’t know how I feel about that, but I’m not the one who is making that decision so I try and remove myself from that headspace. Ideally, JD, as much as he loves Sewell, wants other players at premium positions to blow up from now until draft day, trade down, and get as much high end talent as possible to build a complete team. The thinking is if Sam can’t do it after that, you can still look for a QB next year in a class that, as of now, looks more “whole” than this years class. Both guys also said to me that the league feeling is that, our boy, Maccagnan was a disaster of unparalleled proportions and Sam is far from “broken beyond repair”. They went as far as to say that they believe he is more fixable and moldable than Tannehill was coming out of Miami. Obviously Gase was discussed and they could not stress enough how awful he is scheme-wise. What he does is not “QB friendly” by any stretch of the imagination. From the limitations on audibles (QB sneak-gate was a big example of this) all the way to route combinations. The guy just doesn’t understand how to help his players, particularly his signal caller. Getting back to the draft, as of today (and of course this can change with big performances from a QB like Fields in the playoffs, more extensive film study, and whiteboard work at the combine, etc.) the thinking, not just with us, is that the QBs in this class not named Lawrence are not worth getting fired over. There is less risk with giving Sam one last ride than associating yourself with, say, Zach Wilson, a BYU QB who lights up UCF and teams of that ilk, for the foreseeable future. Especially if you think Sam can still reach his full potential, which was thought to be very high. Of course we discussed the chance that a team like Denver, Indianapolis, Chicago, Pitt, etc. blows JD away with a trade for Sam as well. It’s unlikely, but will be something to monitor. While this news may not thrill many of you, both my source and the prominent person I spoke to in order to further confirm this, have done everything to back me off the “I can’t believe Douglas would do this, what a nightmare” ledge. They stressed that he will get this team on the right track, one way or another, and that he is the real deal. I was nervous to post this because the whole process is early, fluid, and I have no idea what type of information I will get as things change, but I always told you guys that I would be upfront with the information I could share and I will stick to that.
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    Thank you @Mogglez and @football guy for all the information you guys were able to share with us in the HC search process! Please ignore the trolls in this forum and be sure that your contribution will always be appreciated. Go Jets!
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    Hey guys, its been a little while since posting. Earlier this year moved out of my parents house into my own house, and in between re-painting EVERY ROOM but 2, I have been hard at work on my den which has become my Jets Man Cave. I'm really happy with how this has turned out. I had a rough idea of how I wanted to do things, but it became like a puzzle and all the pieces began falling place. There's a lot of depressing stuff going on right now, so i'm hoping to provide a little relief unveiling it off to the rest of my JetNation friends The first part is what you see when you come down the stairs. Some figures, foam fingers, and some pictures. On the wall is a pic of my dad and I at both of our first game, 2008 Jets Vs Rams. 47-3 Final score Jets W. Got to see Brett Favre play his best game as a Jet. Only game without an interception, and the only thing Jets fans boo'd about was not going for a FG at the end for 50 points. This was still the largest margin of victory as well. Also pictured is me with Sam at last years training camp, a Mark Gastineau signed photo and a Joe Namath Silver Ink signed photo Next as you turn into the den a few framed jerseys and card display. The Sheldon Richardson is a signed Game Used Jersey from his rookie year when he won Defensive Rookie of the Year and a Sack Exchange jersey signed by all 4 members of the sack exchange Behind the sectional is my bobble head collection over the years from games as well as purchases Zooming out is a couple more framed Jerseys: A Game used Jeremy Kerley(from when he scored his first NFL touchdown), and a Boomer Esiason game used signed jersey. Boomer Esiason is the reason I became a Jets fan when I was younger(My dad was an Eagles fan, and I wanted my own team to root for, so I took the Jets because they were Green like the Eagles, and Boomer was the coolest name int he world to a 5 year old kid) This is my favorite piece in my collection. Around the corner is my professionally framed Joe Namath Signed jersey, a Boomer Pennant as well as a card display that has all Boomer, Darnold, and Joe Namath Autographs, Patches, or jersey cards. In front of the sectional is the jumbo 82 inch TV, and framed Wayne Cherbet and Curtis Martin signed jerseys. The Martin has the HOF inscription. And on the last wall is the rest of my collection. Some stuff on this wall: Darnold, Namath, Esiason, and Maynard signed Mini Helmets Signed team footballs from 09-19 one each year for training camp(I purchased the one from 2011 with the lockout, but aside form that all the sigs were acquired by me on the team balls) Mark Sanchez signed football that was for season ticket holders(purchased on eBay) with the new stadium on it Mark Sanchez sweatband from Training camp Santonio Holmes signed Photo Some custom McFarlane figures Mini Helmets on the top Other collectibles And then another card display of autographs or patches Some close ups of the jerseys: And another angle of the room to show off some mini pennants across the beam:
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    Trevor Lawrence you are on the clock. You tell the Jags you won't play there and we will send our kid to Clemson. You go to Jacksonville and then Clemson you are off the list. I feel good knowing that Trevor will have to live with this decision and this pressure could get him to the Jets.
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    Just want to say thank you. Thursday was the busiest day ever on JetNation.com. Set a post count record for a single day with almost 6,000 posts. Surpassed 100,000 page views. Social distancing and JetNation = perfect together. Thanks everyone.
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    If ANY of you even THINK of saying "hey, lets pick him up, maybe he's not so bad, bla blah blah" I SWEAR TO GOD I will negrep every post you make for the next decade. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
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    Nice job, JD. Two 1s and a 3 plus a player for Adams and a 4. Given the situation, that is a great return.
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    I can't believe the number of you that seem disappointed.... it's outrageous... wtf.... Our biggest need was LT We drafted a LT JN bitched Wirfs is not a slam dunk LT... if that's your hang up
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    If there is in fact a change coming, they better let JD hire him and have the new guy report to him. Enough of the two headed monster
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    Hell of a job by Joe Douglas in year 1. Known players: 1) Mekhi Becton - already an elite LT. Huge score here for Douglas. 2) Denzel Mims - looks to be at minimum a strong #2 type with potential for more. Another hit. 3) Ashytn Davis - Man he showed a lot tonight. Physical. Fast. Instinctive. He's the kind of player that will get better and better every year. I'm a fan. 4) Braden Mann - excellent punter that can change field position and kick off. That's 4 hits with future starters. Perine looks like a contributor at a minimum for years. Zuniga, Clark, Morgan and Hall are all question marks but if we get anything out of just a couple of them it's gravy. We haven't seen ROI like this on a draft in over a decade. Couple this with some excellent trades (jamal adams) and even the biggest skeptic has to be bullish on Joe Douglas right now.
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    He was playing with a broken hand for 11 of those drops. When healthy he had less drops than Jeudy and Lamb.
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    The fake outrage over the loss today is beyond laughable. We are 4 games away from: - Having the ability to draft the "next big thing" at QB - Basically having three first round picks (#1, #25, #33) - Having five premium picks in the first 3 rounds. And with a tradeable asset in Darnold potentially adding a sixth one - Having the most cap space in a year when the cap is going down Stop the fake crying you're embarrassing yourself
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    Tweet in response to the Jets hiring Adam Gase on Jan 10th, 2019.
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    How perfect would this be. Could really help us out with that #1 pick from the Seahawks next year. Not to mention that tearful reunion with Jamal.
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    There’s an adult in the room in Florham Park again. The Jets executed a competent Draft that showed there was a plan and the Jets now understand the intersection of value and need. Positives 1. Trading down to build depth and add more picks for 2021. We now accumulate picks rather than give them up. Joe D paid it forward AND got his guys. 2. Addressing the biggest positional needs (OT, WR, Edge, CB) with good prospects. I think Joe found the intersection of talent/value/need at the right spots, especially the Mims pick at 59. It took balls to move down from 48 with Mims on the Board. Of the countless mock drafts I’ve done there wasn’t a single one where I could get one of the Top 4 OTs (ex. Becton) and Denzel Mims. Joe D had the confidence to make that move. He assessed the teams behind him and took a calculated risk that paid off. 3. Using Day 3 picks to check the box ✅ for unheralded positions like Backup QB and P. The Jets lost games last year partially due to depth at QB and some bad special teams (we still have a K issue). But the picks of QB Morgan and P Mann were very solid even if not sexy. 4. Just like Free Agency, Joe D seemed to pay 80 cents for every $1 of value he got. Mims at 59, Bryce Hall in Round 5....just fantastic value. Not trading up for an OT despite some panicky news reports early on Thursday about a run on OTs in the Top 10. Another sign of a guy being very aware and astute when it comes to how the Draft will flow and where he can get certain guys. 5. Having positional foresight at the FS spot to take Ashtyn Davis so that Douglas isn’t stuck with negotiating extensions for both of the Jets starting Safeties in the next 12 months. I wasn’t thrilled with this pick initially (due to opportunity cost, see below) but Davis is an elite athlete, a true Free Safety, and shows that Douglas has clearly placed his bet on what he wants to do at Safety. An extension of Jamal went from about 55% odds to about 90% during this Draft because A.) Jamal obviously wasn’t traded and B.) With 10 picks in this Draft the Jets didn’t draft a SS, instead gaining leverage over their FS Marcus Maye. 6. Picking P Braden Mann in Round 6 showed that the Jets understand ST can be a weapon. THIS WAS A GREGG WILLIAMS PICK! ....Huh? What is jetstream23 talking about? Think of it this way... In tight games, in tied games, in games with a 3 point lead, having a player that can pin the opponent’s offense deep, can stick them inside their own 10 yard line....that empowers Gregg Williams’ defense. It will let him dial up some attacking blitzes. Mann is a weapon on Special Teams. Negatives 1. Only getting 1 WR. Yes, UDFA’s are options but there was some talent on the board at multiple spots throughout the Draft to get an additional high quality WR in Rounds 3 or 4, particularly after the trade downs. With 10 total picks this is a slight disappointment. Duvernay and Bryan Edwards come to mind. Donovan Peoples-Jones, AGG were there for the taking multiple times on Day 3. 2. Valuing athleticism over production in some spots with players that have injury concerns. At the #68 spot Wisconsin OLB/Edge rusher Zack Baun was there for the taking. Whether the drug/diluted sample issue was a big deal or not vis-a-vis the earlier pick of Becton, it was very hard to pass on this guy. The Jets took FS Davis in that spot and then came back at Edge with Zuniga. So, I’m glad the Edge position was addressed in that round but we took an athletic guy with injury concerns. The 3rd round is where I differed with the Jets on the player selection. Really thought this was the round to grab Baun and do the double-dip at WR with a guy like Duvernay. 3. Waiting on CB to very late in the Draft. I like the calculated risk of Bryce Hall. He’s a 2nd/3rd round talent we got in the 5th.....this feels like a Bless Austin pick. Talented guy but could be on the shelf for awhile due to injuries. The Jets also used a 6th rounder to trade for CB Quincy W. from Indy. So CB was addressed twice in the Draft, just not before Round 5. I’m giving the Jets a B+ overall. This Draft was impressive from the standpoint of getting needed players at the spots they should have been taken (or even later like with Mims and Hall). There’s now an adult in the room. There’s competence in the front office. Joe put on a bit of a masterclass and every thing I pointed out as a negative could very easily look like a positive in 12 months if guys like Zuniga and Davis seem to be starters. My gripes (here and in other threads) about passing on guys like Baun, Willekes, Duvernay, Bryan Edwards, etc. will probably just show why guys like Joe Douglas are a GM and I’m just throwing out opinions on a message board.
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    This is twilight zone material. Swear to god. We're gifted wrapped one of the best prospects to mold, and look at this sh*t Rookie yr under OC Jeremy Bates, a guy who was lost hiking for 2 years Two yrs with Adam Gase whose offenses have been statistically the worst No one seems to understand the notion of scheming to talent. like 7 different RBs who all sucked, including washout Bell Virtually NO consistency at WR to develop chemistry with.... Robbie was the closest thing - adios Anderson! THE OLINE... MY GOD.... 18 different starters. Outside of Becton, this team is measurably worse since Darnold started in 2018 Like WHAT IS THIS?
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    I am not a fan who has blind faith or will get into fist fights because of the city he was born in and that cities football team. I am here not to talk smack but to give praise. I am a grateful Seahawks fan and no, I am not here to talk about Adams. There were a number of us Seattle fans, a little more analytical in our evaluations that think you got one hell of a Tackle in George Fant. We (Seahawks fans) were hoping that eventually he would take over for Brown at LT as Duane Brown is getting close to retiring. George Fant can move and use his feet. It seems like the Jets are in the news a lot for all the wrong reasons but you should have solid Tackle play for the next 10 years and take it from a fan that knows terrible offensive line play, good Tackles matter as much as who is carrying the ball. When I was a little kid I liked the Freeman McNeil, Mark Gastineau, Joe Klecko, and Al Toon led Jets so I thought I'd come here and spread some love! -Anybody but New England or Buffalo!
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    The Jets only tweak hammys and ankles
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    As soon as I'm done googling him, I will return with a strong opinion of this. Please wait.
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    Was it for stealing $53M in guaranteed money from the Jets in that second contract?
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    We just saw what can happen when Deshaun Watson is on a team lacking talent - he goes 4-12. We are so much farther away from contending than just a QB. We need all the help we can get, we need all the picks we can get. Trade down, sign FAs, do anything to get an influx of talent. But don't give up a ransom for Deshaun. That's where I'm leaning. Okay, now talk me into how we get Deshaun and still get better. DC
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    Latest I've heard is that a person of interest thinks 49ers DC Robert Saleh will land the job. They cautioned that they haven't been told anything and that the primary decision makers have been pretty secretive, but this was this individual's hunch. There will be follow up meetings and the team is pushing the league to allow for in-person visits, even if the Jets have to go to them. Word is expected from the league within the next 24-48 hours. I've been told by someone else to not rule out Brandon Staley. The playoff performance merely improves the media narrative, but the Jets were impressed by all the endorsements he's gotten from those who have worked with him. Still have interviews scheduled tomorrow and could add a few from the Baltimore tree. Also keep an eye on Press Taylor... if he's fired, Douglas will try to get him on the staff (he won't force it, but I know they're close and he thinks really highly of his football acumen and ability to coach).
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    Gase ran good players off the same way in Miami. Such a disgrace.
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    Sorry, I was busy for the last two minutes.
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    I've been hesitant to give my heart away again... but Joe's draft tells me I don't need to hide my Douglas pin ups any more. LT with jupiter upside, check WR I've been crushing on for a year, check CB I've been crushing on for a year, check RB i said was the best bang for your buck, check Finally a true FS... check If he can worm away a couple decent UDFA like Justin Hill, or if someone like Hodges/KJ Hill fall out altogether.... well, then I might sleep a proper 8 hours for the first time in 10 years.
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    Notes Atlanta: hiring Fontenot is an indication that Joe Brady is at the very least the runner up for that job. Arthur Smith is likely their top candidate with Brady coming in second, but may strike on Brady to avoid risk. Detroit: Brad Holmes is the favorite for the GM job, but if they hire Ed Dodds, the likelihood Saleh goes there increases. Assuming its Holmes, there's a number of ways the HC could shake out. Arthur Smith, Marvin Lewis, even Todd Bowles could be in the cards, as well as opening up the search to include Brandon Staley. Houston: They will probably be the last team to hire a coach. It's not a desirable situation, and I ultimately think they'll be forced to settle on someone. However, they requested Brandon Staley which is significant... he's part of that John Carroll University tree (so is Caserio) and I think the Texans will try their hardest to convince him to take the job if he chooses to entertain it. Los Angeles: it's Daboll's to lose. I think that one is all but official. If Daboll were to turn it down for whatever reason, they may open it back up but I think it would be Staley. New York: the Jets are Saleh, Smith, Staley. There's rumor of a 4th candidate, potentially from college ranks, but I haven't figured out who it is. There's also rumor Staley is a bit hesitant to take the job (any job for that matter) which I think could turn off the Jets/force them to act more quickly. As far as I know, the rest of the guys who have been mentioned aren't among their top 4 preferred candidates. Philadelphia: No idea what's going on here. I don't know how desirable that job is considering their cap situation/aging roster, and Jeff Lurie gets the hype of being a great owner but I know for sure agents don't appreciate his meddling. My Predictions I think Atlanta will add Joe Brady when Arthur Smith decides to take the Detroit job. Smith is the top candidate for many jobs, but I think he'll prefer to have his choice of QB (I believe he will want to work with Stafford) and will get a 5-year deal to align himself with Brad Holmes (I realize Holmes just landed the job as I was writing this) in an organization that has had a lot of tolerance and patience. I think the Jets will land Saleh once the chips fall into place. He's a finalist for the job and fits the profile of coach they're looking for. I have no idea what to think about Houston and Philadelphia... I'm expecting outside-the-box hires. I think Staley will be their top candidate but he might not take it, and ultimately, they promote Tim Kelly (kind of how Cleveland did). Kelly has a good relationship with Watson so while not Bieniemy, it could get his trust back, and if he sinks, they can worry about a HC next year when things calm down there.
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    Well. The title says it all. Wish us luck, baby #4 for me. This child shall only know football happiness as the trevor era begins.
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    https://nypost.com/2020/07/26/jamal-adams-trade-takeaways-jets-teammates-wont-be-too-upset/ Jamal was a manipulative fraud that wanted out the whole time and just needed an excuse to do so. It came out that JD and his agent have been working for weeks on a deal, but Jamal did that Manish piece anyway to attempt to spin favor to himself. He's the definition of a diva, and I'm glad we were able to be done with all of this. Important lesson: Being loud doesn't make you a leader.
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    I can't rehash it all out here but I've been pretty consistent and posted a ton of tape and interviews. We'll have the best LT in the league within 3 years.
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    Ok, even if it doesn't happen at this point, this whole situation is like a confidence boost as a Jets fan. The fact that we are even being mentioned as a favorable destination by other players etc feels pretty good.
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    Just thought it was time for an update on the popular Quinnen Williams - Josh Allen discussion. This is from Michael Nania at Jetsxfactor. Against the Bills in Week 8, Williams set a career-high with five pressures, tied for third-most among interior defensive linemen that week. Two appearances later, he went he had seven pressures against the Chargers, another new career-high, and tops among IDL in Week 11. Williams is currently ranked 13th among IDL with a combined total of 4.3 stops and pressures per game (stops are tackles that constitute a “failure” for the offense). He is also one of only three IDL with a 70.0+ Pro Football Focus pass rushing grade, a 70.0+ PFF run defense grade, 20+ pressures, and 20+ stops, along with Cameron Heyward and DeForest Buckner. In the running game, Williams is arguably the most active defensive tackle in the NFL, leading IDL with 2.2 stuffs (tackles in the run game short of the first down marker for a gain of 2 yards or less) per game. He also has 34 total tackles and 3.5 sacks on the season. As for Josh Allen, he has 13 total tackles, 2.5 sacks and is currently on IR. No one is saying edge isnt a move valuable position or that Allen isnt a good player, but for all the talk about trading QW and how he is a bust, I think its pretty safe to say he is turning into an excellent player and for a player who is still 22 years old, has a ceiling of an elite DT.
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    Here's the observation, an absolutely pathetic, putrid and trash performance by everyone in a Jet uniform. After choosing not to come out for the National Anthem (don't get me started) they should've stayed in there for the rest of the game. A totally fake final score of 27-17 hides the total no show effort: Special Teams - The first play of the game should've been a sign, Josh Malone returns the KO outside the 30. Decent field position, but of course there's a holding penalty. So they start at the 9, typical. Credit to Malone because that was the only semblance of a return all game. I know Ashtyn Davis was a hurdler in college but that needs to be left on the track. He got his bell rung because he stupidly tried to hurdle a tackler - Unfortunately we saw way too much of Braden Mann. Good job by him (46.3 avg) but no one wants to see a punter that much - Sam Ficken was perfect in all his attempts (FG, 2 XP's) but so what Defense - Poor job by the defense in containing Josh Allen's running game in the first half - As usual no front seven pressure which allowed Allen way too much time in the pocket - Is Blake Cashman's body allergic to artificial turf? He gets one snap into the season and he's hurt again? He now has become the "Caucasian Dee Milliner", you have a shot to solidify a starting job and you can't stay on the field. Give me a break - An excellent Trumaine Johnson impersonation by Pierre Desir and that's not a good thing. So poor of a performance that Gregg Williams pulls him for Nate Hairston - Marcus Maye filled the hybrid role as expected and had a good game: 10 Tackles, 2 Sacks, 2 TFL, 2 Passes Defensed and 2 QB Hits - Bless Austin earned a starting job and then backed it up with: 8 Tackles and 1 TFL - Brian Poole had a costly holding penalty in the red zone which cost the team a TD. But he was productive with: 9 Tackles, 1 Sack, 1 TFL and 1 Pass Defensed Offense - What offense? A total nonsensical plan to start the game. The only groups that were able to stay on the field during camp was the OLine, TE's, RB's and Darnold. Why not test the conditioning of BUF defense and run the ball? Nope, let's spread out and have BUF test our pass protection with blitzes. How did that work? They didn't get a first down until two minutes left in the first quarter - Jamison Crowder was the only offensive player who put up decent numbers (7 rec, 115 yds, TD) and he even had a couple of drops - Chris Herndon was a non-factor (6 rec, 37 yds) with a costly fumble. And NOT ONE target for Ryan Griffin? Can someone explain this to me? - Breshad Perriman also was a non-factor (3 recs, 17 yds) - Sam Darnold was horrible I don't care what his stats were (21/35, 215 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT). You are now three years in the league, you can't have a delay of game penalty on the first play of a drive with NO CROWD NOISE. Also, you can't take a sack by running out of bounds when you can throw it away. And finally you can not throw that INT when you have an easy run in front of you that can pick up the first down. Totally inaccurate in the first half and definitely the far inferior QB. I am now officially concerned about what Darnold is and what he'll become
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    Per PFF, QB's with over 400 attempts. - No QB had fewer clean pockets than Darnold - With clean pocket, Darnold was 9th in the NFL in comp pct at 72.2% Better O-line Heathy Herndon/Griffin (hopefully) Blazing speed on the outside in Perriman/Mims Crowder and Bell to work underneath Barring a million injuries, no excuse for the offense not to be middle of the pack at worst.
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    PSA:. This has been discussed a million times. I'll save you the reading. Some people are going to be optimistic on Darnold. Some are going to be pessimistic. Both will say they are the ones being objective. Some will point to Darnolds weapons. Some will say it doesn't matter. Patrick Mahomes and Watson will get into the discussion, as will Jamal Adams somehow. You are now up to speed
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    The site turns 15 years old today and I want to say thank you. These forums are so much fun, they keep growing thanks to your passion. To everyone that reads the forums and the site, and everyone who posts in the forums: THANK YOU SO MUCH. We put some stats in the video below, it is a bit of a flash back. A walk down memory lane and it has been an incredible ride so far. The results on the field haven't been what anyone hoped for but this fan base never gives up. The site is a reflect of that, the passion of Jets fans is stronger than ever. The numbers are staggering, over 100 million page views, closing in on 20 million site visits, WOW. I know I left people out of the thank you video, there are too many people who have helped build this site to name everyone individually. Just know that I appreciate all the hard work, all the effort that so many have put into this. You are what makes this site great. Check out the short video and let me know what you think.
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    I’ll be filling you guys in with staff targets when I get out of doing this stupid card game with my girlfriend and her friends
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    Williams was never the problem. His looming contract was. I wouldn’t trust him to maintain this level of play after getting paid.
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    Pretty sure Quinn didn't go 6-2 at the end of last season.
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    And our OL fired back at the PFF dude.

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