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    Just want to say thanks to everyone who posts (and reads) the forums and blog here. Had a moment at the game last night where I just felt a real sense of pride about what has been built here. I won't bore you with numbers but the stats are incredible. All time highs pretty much across the board. None of it happens if everyone reading this doesn't visit the site as much as you do. So thank you. We are about to start another season, and there is actual hope for once. I am really proud that so many people have worked so hard to build this site. Really proud that so many of you call this place your online home for Jets talk. Now that is enough of the nice stuff. I will be yelling at you all again for cursing in 30 seconds.
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    I'm getting married today. Just wanted to share that with my longtime Jet family. I love you guys. Go Jets! God bless you all.
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    So much misplaced anger I'm seeing.. "Joe Douglas needs to pay" "Sam is soft" "This is all Khalil's fault" Lol, what nonsense... Guess what - this is what selecting 14 Dlinemen in the last 8 drafts gets you. This is what passing on Centers and Tackles for 3rd round OLBs gets you. This is what paying Quincy to be your starting Z looks like... this is what happens when you don't draft a WR in the 1st since 2001... the list goes on and on and on... Mercs and band aides. Lets recap Our in-house Oline consists of an overpaid RG and JAG RT. our 2 RBs are paid FAs (got to be a first in NFL history) our WR was invisible today, except for the hired help held to catch 5 yard dunks. Despite spending a country's net gross in draft capital on defensive front seven prospect, the only guy who showed up was FA. Our TEs are ballin' Meanwhile: Week 1 Rookies Hollywood Brown and DK Metcalf are already better than any Jets WRs... but who needs to draft skill players when you can just over pay for FAs You don't draft well, you don't win... End of story.
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    I was musing today about this multi-month event, and I suddenly had some POSITIVE thoughts about it all, Dog have mercy on me ... First, I suspect disgust with this pick within the Jets building - from Gase and others - was palpable to Chris Johnson right after the draft (if not during it.) If he didn't already have reasons to investigate what was up within the organization, or come the the conclusion that Mac and his allies were clueless, this reach and the lack of due diligence it displayed might have either been what broke the camel's back - or lead Chris to the camel. Second, the meritocracy is hopefully here. Cutting Polite (and Gase's immediate jettison of Lee) showed all the staff and players that spots were earned, not granted. Also, I have not read any reports about players feeling like they didn't get a fair shot, or stating that a cut teammate didn't get a fair shot. Working in a place where fairness is a value helps everyone. Lastly: note that although Polite's poor behavior must have started pretty early on, there was not a PEEP from coaches or players to the press or anyone else about any details, all during training camp. THIS IS GOOD, and IMHO, important. I think it demonstrates a big change in mentality, to one where the players, front office and the coaches have a unified purpose and goal, where it was clear to all that leaks to people outside the organization are NOT cool, and that internal issue are just that - in house. It's tough enough just to field a team and compete - but if you don't have factions in the locker room, the office suite and the executive boxes, THAT is a significant plus.
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    The league needs to exempt QB contracts from counting against the cap because it incapacitates teams forced to pay still-developing QBs top dollar. Or, they need to crack down on the Pats paying Brady under the table. One or the other.
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    That’s too bad. Good guy who worked hard. You bros crying misplaced crocodile tears over the Demaryius Thomas trade can get in line to eat the D.
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    Antonio Brown to the Steelers?
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    That is the nice cherry on top of the Maccagnan era sundae.
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    everything is the end of the world. ....If you lose a home game by 1 point it's time to fire the Coach and cut the QB we have posters more interested in being right about the 1 out of 35 things they said 6 months ago than having an honest discussion A mix of uneducated buffoons, arm chair GMs and PFF reading experts is a recipe for disaster thread after thread following a bad loss for me, I think of the Jerry Springer show...but like about sports or something with endless Reply buttons I'm hoping that time, maybe a calm walk through the forest with Jeremy Bates, a nice cold adult beverage, or some time with the gf/wife who some of our posters can't seem to watch football with will help. but....probably not. on to the next disaster! #IsThisTheFireGaseThread #IsThisTheCutDarnoldThread #AmIAtTheRightThreadToSayFireDouglas #WhatButtonDoIClickToBlameMaccagnan #CanIRemindEveryoneThatBakerIsBetterInThisThread #AmIDoingThisComplainingThingCorrectly?
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    Crap headline... Terrible slant... What Parcells said was actually very complimentary of Darnold saying that he wants to play football and not be Hollywood. And he is also saying that he really likes that about him and is kinda giving shade to another star QB that came out of the draft last year.
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    Hey boys here's a little write-up on what I saw last night. I'll break it down by position. Caveat, I can't comment too much on the line play. It's hard to follow the qb and skill players and then line play also. QB: Sam is the real deal. You don't even need to see the Jersey # to know when he is out there. Almost all his passes are crisp and on-point. He throws pinpoint lasers out there most of the time. It is also noticeable during game play that he tries too push the ball down the field and he also can use the whole field sideline to sideline. Simien- There is a drop off in arm strength from Sam. It is noticeable on outs to the sideline. The ball doesn't get there as fast. Most of Simien's big pass plays were on crossers and in-cuts between the numbers. In game play he is more of a dinker and dunker. He seemed reasonably accurate. Looks like decent backup IMO. Falk- got in sooner than Webb for whatever that's worth. Looks similar to Simien with even less arm strength. Webb- better arm than falk but that's about only good thing I can say. The least accurate of all the qbs. Had some high throws where WR had no chance on sideline routes, threw a fade 5yds out of the EZ. Had trouble moving the O in team drills. RB: Bell was not active in the passing game which surprised me a bit. Has obvious burst and shiftiness. No huge gainers but had some 6-10yd runs up the middle. Scored a TD on run up the middle on 3rd and goal from the 9. Brings a lot of energy, multiple times during practice he would come over and get the fans riled up waving his arms. Montgomery looks real good. Same as what we have seen in preseason, fast and hits the hole hard. Had some catches in the pass game. Scored multiple Tds Powell- not sure if he had a carry to be honest. We already know what he brings to the table though. Mcguire- stuffed for loss or very short gains on all his runs. Same as what we have seen in preseason. Cannon- not sure if he even had a carry. Neither Cannon or Mcguire had many (or any) passes thrown their way, I think that is what they excel at. Curious. WR: Robby had some big plays on out and come backers looked fine. Only had a few catches. Enunwa had a very good practice. Made some tough catches down the sideline in tight coverage. He had the best day of WR Crowder had some long gainers on crossers, short TD similar to the Giants. This was to the left instead of right in the game. Burnett had a very nice practice, caught 2 TD. Had some decent gains over the middle out of the slot Bellamy had a few catches with the #2s. no huge plays Dortch I think had only one catch in the practice. Burnett was head of him for sure Thompson- had a few balls thrown his way but no flashes White did have a TD catch but otherwise quiet Peake may literally be invisible out there. He was open in the EZ on two different occasions but the QB never saw him. Falk did throw him a nice fade in the EZ which he high-pointed nicely with both hands but the ball came loose when he hit the ground. I think that was his only ball of the night. I don't think he makes the roster. TE: Herndon had a few catches no huge plays Brown had several long gainers on crossers from Simien and a TD from webb, he looked good. Had good separation and can run. I think he had the best practice after Enunwa. Griffin one catch maybe two. no flashes Wesco- invisible Tomlinson- don't like him so won't talk about him. did nothing DB campbell had an excellent PBU on pass from same to Q in the EZ. He showed up in the last preseason game too. Maybe we have something here? S nothing of note here. Adams was quiet LB polite had a pressure on simien. Was working with the ST punt coverage team too. Luvu came on blitz at end of practice and jumped and deflected pass right to wint for 80yd pick six the other way. nice play by Luvu there, very athletic. Line play khalil snapped a ball way over Sam's head on 4th and goal from the 2. oops. ST Bertololet missed his first kick of the practice, a short one. But made all the rest, most of them split the uprights. no injuries that I could see.
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    @Raideraholic @Raideraholic @Raideraholic @Raideraholic @Raideraholic @Raideraholic@Raideraholic @Raideraholic @Raideraholic@Raideraholic @Raideraholic @Raideraholic@Raideraholic @Raideraholic @Raideraholic@Raideraholic @Raideraholic @Raideraholic@Raideraholic @Raideraholic @Raideraholic@Raideraholic @Raideraholic @Raideraholic@Raideraholic @Raideraholic @Raideraholic@Raideraholic @Raideraholic @Raideraholic@Raideraholic @Raideraholic @Raideraholic@Raideraholic @Raideraholic @Raideraholic@Raideraholic @Raideraholic @Raideraholic@Raideraholic @Raideraholic @Raideraholic@Raideraholic @Raideraholic @Raideraholic@Raideraholic @Raideraholic @Raideraholic@Raideraholic @Raideraholic @Raideraholic@Raideraholic @Raideraholic @Raideraholic@Raideraholic @Raideraholic @Raideraholic@Raideraholic @Raideraholic @Raideraholic@Raideraholic @Raideraholic @Raideraholic@Raideraholic @Raideraholic @Raideraholic@Raideraholic @Raideraholic @Raideraholic@Raideraholic @Raideraholic @Raideraholic@Raideraholic @Raideraholic @Raideraholic
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    He’s not spending his time on a fan forum giving us updates.
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    For me it feels like today is the beginning of Opening day! I have about a 7 hour trip or so with my 11 yr old son to drive up for the game. This will be his first home opener and my first in about 18 years. I'm really looking forward to finally meeting a bunch of you guys and can't wait to see Darnold and Bell on the field! Here's to a great weekend leading up to the first win of our new era of Jets football! J E T S Jets Jets Jets!!!! Cyall tomorra!
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    TOTAL: 53 Offense (23) Quarterback (2) 14 - Sam Darnold 6'3" 221 USC 19 - Trevor Siemian 6'3" 220 Northwestern (Free Agent Signing) Running Back (4) 26 - Le'Veon Bell 6'1" 225 Michigan State (Free Agent Signing) 88 - Ty Montgomery 6'0" 216 Stanford (WR/KR) (Free Agent Signing) 25 - Trenton Cannon 5'11" 185 Virginia State (KR) 29 - Bilal Powell 5'10 205 Louisville Tight End (3) 87 - Daniel Brown 6'5" 243 James Madison (TE)(Free Agent Signing) 85 - Trevon Wesco 6'3" 267 West Virginia (TE) (2019 Draft Pick) 84 - Ryan Griffin 6'6" 255 UCONN (TE) (Released by Texans) Wide Receiver (5) 81 - Quincy Enunwa 6'2" 225 Nebraska (WR) 11 - Robby Anderson 6'3" 190 Temple (WR) 82 - Jamison Crowder 5'9" 177 Duke (WR) (Free Agent Signing) 15 - Josh Bellamy 6'0" 208 Louisville (WR) (Free Agent Signing) 10 - Braxton Berrios 5'9" 190 Miami (FL) (Waiver Claim from Patriots) (WR) Offensive Line (9) 68 - Kelvin Beachum 6"3" 303 SMU (T) 72 - Brandon Shell 6'5" 325 South Carolina (T) 70 - Kelechi Osemele 6'5" 330 Iowa State (G) (Acquired via Trade with Raiders) 55 - Ryan Kalil 6"2" 300 USC (C) 67 - Brian Winters 6'4" 320 Kent State (G) 75 - Chuma Edoga 6'3" 308 (T) USC (2019 Draft Pick) 77 - Tom Compton 6'6" 314 South Dakota (G/T) (Free Agent Signing) 78 - Jonotthan Harrison 6"4" 300 Florida (C) 71 - Alex Lewis 6'6" 315 Michigan (G) (Trade with Ravens) Defense (27) Defensive Line (9) 92 - Leonard Williams 6'5 300 USC (DE/DT) 96 - Henry Anderson 6'6" 300 Stanford (DE) (UNRESTRICTED FA - Re-Signed) 95 - Quinnen Williams 6'3" 303 (DT) Alabama (2019 Draft Pick) 99 - Steve McLendon 6'3" 310 Troy (DT) (UNRESTRICTED FA - Re-Signed) 91 - Bronson Kaufusi 6'6" 275 BYU (DE/OLB?) 94 - Foley Fatukasi 6'4" 318 UCONN (DE/DT) 97 - Nathan Shepherd 6'4" 315 Ft. Hays State (DE/DT) 98 - Kyle Phillips 6'4" 277 Tennessee (DE/OLB?) (2019 UDFA) 56 - John Franklin-Myers 6'4" 288 Stephen F Austin (Waiver Claim from Rams) (DE/OLB) Linebacker (8) 57 - CJ Mosley 6'2" 250 Alabama (ILB) (Free Agent Signing) 48 - Jordan Jenkins 6'3" 259 Georgia (OLB) 53 - Blake Cashman 6'1" 237 (ILB) Minnesota (2019 Draft Pick) 46 - Neville Hewitt 6'2" 234 Marshall (ILB) (UNRESTRICTED FA - Re-Signed) 50 - Frankie Luvu 6'3" 235 Washington State (OLB) 93 - Tarell Basham 6'4" 266 Ohio (OLB / DE?) 44 - Harvey Langi 6'2" 250 BYU (ILB) 47 - Albert McClellan 6'2" 235 Marshall (ILB) Cornerback (6) 22 - Trumaine Johnson 6'1" 205 Montana (CB) 34 - Brian Poole 5'10" 205 Florida (CB) (Free Agent Signing) 27 - Darryl Roberts 6'0" 182 Marshall (CB) 21 - Nate Hairston 6'0"185 Tulane (CB) (Trade with Colts - 6th round pick) 23 – Arthur Maulet 5’10” 190 Memphis (CB) (Reserve/Future Contract) 32 - Bennett Jackson 6'0" 192 Notre Dame (Waiver Claim from Ravens) (CB/S) Safety (4) 33 - Jamal Adams 6'0" 214 LSU (S) 45 - Rontez Miles 6'1" 210 California (PA) (S) 20 - Marcus Maye 6'0" 210 Florida (S) 41 - Matthais Farley 5'11" 204 Temple (S) (Waivers from Colts) Special Teams (3) Punter (1) 4 - Lachlan Edwards 6'4" 215 Sam Houston State (P) Kicker (1) 6 - Kaare Vedvik 6'3" 207 Marshall (Waiver Claim from Vikings) (PK) Long Snapper (1) 42 - Thomas Hennessy 6'2" 246 Duke (LS) Suspended (2) 89 - Chris Herndon 6'4" 253 Miami (TE) (4 Game Suspension) 51 - Brandon Copeland 6'3" 263 Penn (OLB) (UNRESTRICTED FA - Re-Signed) (4 Game Suspension) Practice Squad (10) 8 - Luke Falk 6'4" 223 Washington State (Waivers from Miami) (QB) 36- Josh Adams 6'2" 225 Notre Dame (Waivers from Eagles) (RB) 17 - Jeff Smith 6'0" 195 Boston College (2019 UDFA) (WR) 18 - Greg Dortch 5'7" 173 Wake Forest (2019 UDFA) (WR/KR)  86 - Ian Bunting 6"7" 256 Cal (Waivers from Bears) (TE) 69 - Benjamin Braden 6'6" 335 Nebraska (G/T) 76 - Calvin Anderson 6'4" 292 Texas (UDFA/Waiver Patriots) (T) 49 - Jamey Mosley 6'5" 239 Alabama (2019 UDFA) (LB) 35 - Kyron Brown 6'1" 195 Akron (2019 UDFA) (CB . 39 - Valentine Holmes 6'1" 200 Australia (RB) (International Player Exemption) Injured Reserve - 3 79 - Brent Qvale 6'7 315 Nebraska (G/T) 54 - Avery Williamson 6'1" 246 Kentucky (ILB) 38 - Brandon Bryant 6'0" 215 Mississippi State (S) Reserve / Non-Football Injury - 2 30 - Jalin Moore 5'10" 212 Appalachian State (RB) (2019 UDFA) 31 - Blessaun Austin 6'1" 198 Rutgers (2019 Draft Pick) (CB) (Reserve Non-Football Injury)
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    Feisty, power-hungry dickheads have a long history of success in this league. He’s playing Mac’s players, and it’s early. Can we take a breath?
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    tower 1 my friend...here's my story I wrote up years ago. never forget I'll never forget, I was in the North Tower on the 26th floor. When the plane hit the sound of the explosion was unbelievable, but the aftershock of the hit was worse. The building shook from side to side so violently that I thought it was coming down, my desk was near a window, and as I looked out I could practically see the ground head on. People fell out of their chairs, I was standing and had to hold on to my desk. When the shaking stopped out in the distance looking through my window, I could see what at first appeared to be rocket trails, which turned out to be flaming debris shooting out and down from above. Now I am frozen, and unsure of what is happening. My next sight is burned into my memory, but it took me days to remember it, some poor soul from an upper floor falling past my window, smoldering, this is what got me moving. As I made my way to a staircase, I got hit in the head with a ceiling tile, another thing I didn't remember until someone told me later. The desent down the stairs was orderly, there was a strange smell in the air, which I guess was the jet fuel. As I made it to the lower floors, around 5 or 6 the sprinklers were on, and water was rushing down the stairs. Finally we began to exit the stairwell, onto the mezzanine level, and at that exact moment the building began to shake violently again, this was the second plane hitting. Now I ran, but it was like a dream running in slow motion, as I head for an exit to the plaza I was stopped dead in my tracks by something huge falling from above, just outside the revolving door I was about to fo through. One second faster and I'm sure I was gone. Now I spun and ran the other way, through another revolving door that appeared safe, I sprinted to an overpass over West St. that led to the Winter Garden. A security guard on the other side screamed, "Run!" what was happening, I still had no clue, as I got closer to the guard he said we were under attack, missles or planes, he wasn't sure. I ran towards the water, and then looked up for the first time, the sight was incredible, my first thoughts turned to the friends I had at Cantor Fitzgergerald, I worked for that firm in the past, on the upper floors of that building, including one of my best friends. I could not stay and watch the horror unfold, people were jumping or falling, so I began walking up the West Side drive right away, I was able to make a call to my wife from a pay phone, and I told her I was OK. The South Tower came down, a sight I'll never forget, as I was a safe distance away. A few zombie like minutes later, the North Tower came down, as I was standing in front of Chelsea Piers. My cell phone now worked and I called my wife again, she told me of the Pentagon attacks, and I told her there was no way I was going to Grand Central. I did head over towards mid town, to try a find out more info. Now at some bar in the thirties, looking for water, and info, I run into the guy that sat next to me at work. This is crazy, because we took different routes to get to that point, and we live near eachother in Westchester. He and I walked up, and over the Third Avenue Bridge, where along the way I got hit with bird droppings, as someone said, it was good luck, and I really think it was no small miracle that I got out. In the Bronx, my brother in law picked us up on Arthur Ave. I'll never forget my friends, neighbors, and acquaintances lost on that day. I think of them on a daily basis. I was lucky, my family was lucky, I pray for those that were not.
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    To me the biggest play was Anderson's roughing penalty. It was late third quarter, the Jets up 16-0 and the Bills were stopped. Instead Anderson hit Allen when he didnt have to and it lead to the Bills first three points. I like Anderson, but a terrible play on his part.
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    Seriously though, is there a more cracker team than the Patriots?
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    it doesn't matter who starts it matters who finishes (3rd down, 4th quarter etc) don't be scared fellow Jets fans this is what a healthy defensive line rotation looks like Maybe if these guys get normal rest they can do more.
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    So I spent way too much time today talking football with Colts fans. I responded to someone who said they love Jets picks with: Thanks for Sam Darnold and Henry Anderson. Then all hell broke loose. Here are the low lights of what Colts fans had to say today:
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    We have a single Baker Mayfield and his Mouth thread because he's a Cleveland Brown. Sam's a New York Jet, he can have as many damn threads as the people here want.
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    Now we know what Gase was doing when Mike Maccagnan was picking Jachai Polite.
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    The guy we picked with the Bridgewater pick - Chuma Edoga - is still on the roster. Polite was picked with our own 3rd rounder.
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    It's just a sport. Go spend time with your loved ones, find other hobbies, focus on work, go back to school, take a trip, do literally anything but obsess over this ratty tattered chuckledick franchise for a while. In the grand scheme of things, the Jets ARE 100% meaningless. Perspective.
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    Let's let Douglas run a draft board and have a shot at free agency before we even try to grade him.
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    On the plus side, there’s definitely no way this thread will come back to haunt us
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    The cost could of course end up being too outrageous to consider, but there's definitely nothing wrong with at least calling to find out, especially when it's for a position that has been a hole on this team for a very long time.
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    If we do trade a WR, I guarantee it will be Enunwa...because I just bought his jersey.
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    If I had a choice, I'd take Trent Williams before a big named receiver.
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    Gase is turning out to be the 100% polar opposite of what we all thought about him. Anytime I see him talk he is funny, personable, a pleasure to listen to, and man does he love football.
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    So, just to recap. In the last 6 days we have: Blown a 16 point Q3 lead Lost a starting WR for the season; possibly ending his career Lost our QB for at least several weeks Lost our top defensive FA signing for at least a game Lost our first round draft pick, also for at least a game Seen a player suspended for PEDs And that is not even mentioning our kicker. One week ago, I was looking forward to a football season with optimism, for the first time in several seasons. Still looking forward to the Monday Nighter, but hard to be upbeat about the season at this point.
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    Leaked footage of SAR confronting Fireman Ed pregame:
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    The Raiders should have already filed tampering charges....
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    Are we finally signing namdi asamohah?
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    I think our Defensive Coordinator said it best: The goal is for each defensive player to learn two positions. When someone goes down, as they inevitably do, it's the next man up. If Dorch was a great punt returner but is unable to step into the wide receiver role if called upon, then he doesn't live up to the standards that the current Jet organization has set for itself. If you are listed as a wide receiver and can't contribute as a wide receiver, then let's get someone who can play wide receiver and have them pull their weight on special teams. Charone Peak is an excellent example of this new philosophy, one which I agree with 100%. Like they say in New England, if you are a football player, then you are a football player. None of this specialty stuff which hamstrings an organization, especially when it's time for "next man up", but the "next man up" can't play the position that they were drafted for. Perhaps I am going out on a limb here, but our new field goal kicker can also punt on an NFL level, and he illustrates the ability to play two positions. Please don't respond to me regarding Darnold or our long snapper, but I think you get the drift of what I am saying. It is my feeling that this new philosophy is a winning philosophy, and in the long run will benefit our team and our organization.
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    You think they regret passing on Darnold?
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    The Jets are not on the Saints level as a team and on initial watch this game "felt" like a mismatch. But on review it wasn't as bad as I thought, even though there's still a ton to work on: - An awful slopfest of a game which wasn't helped by an officiating crew who must've been paid by the flag - NO first offensive series was a clinic by Brees, Kamara and Thomas as they marched down the field for a TD. But for a crew who threw 30 flags, they missed an obvious offensive pass interference. Neville Hewitt came up to cover Kamara on a wheel route and was blocked for an obvious penalty. Nothing was called which led to a key 30+ yard gain on the drive - In Hewitt's first start since replacing Avery Williamson, he showed good coverage as he stayed with Kamara on the previously mentioned play. And then later broke up a TD on a Brees pass to their TE (Griffin?) - Brian Poole had a good game in coverage and showed his physicality as he put a couple of big hits on NO receivers. But he should've had an INT on the Brees to Thomas (20+ yard) throw on their TD drive - Still waiting on Quinnen Williams to get his first sack, but again he drew multiple holding penalties and had a couple of QB hits - Jordan Jenkins was very active off the edge and in NO backfield a number of times. In the final year of his rookie deal can he build off of 2018 (7 sacks) and break out? - Alex Brown built off his performance in the ATL game. He was picked on multiple times but held up well in coverage. He had multiple PBU's, drew an offensive pass interference penalty and displayed his solid tackling skills. Can he keep this up and increase the depth at the CB spot? - For the first time the OLine struggled particularly up the middle, as there was way too many hits on Sam Darnold - Ty Montgomery's fumble disrupted the flow of the offense as it prevented them from getting enough reps. It took until the #1's final drive of the night before they looked like they did in the NYG and ATL games - Good to see Darnold struggle early and recover before leaving the game. Think about how far the team has come at the position when the QB can be 8/13 for 97 yards and 1 TD yet he "struggled" - Good "building block" game for Robby Anderson. As he continued to show diversity in his routes, beating Lattimore on an out. And adjusting to a slight underthrow on a vertical from Darnold (40+ yards) - Greg Dortch won the punt return job with that 30+ yarder. Showing excellent balance and wiggle - Taylor Bertolet keeps himself in the kicker discussion with a bounce back game. Two FG's from long distance (49 + 56) opened my eyes - Trenton Cannon probably had his best game from the line of scrimmage. As he finally found holes and utilized his speed to break off a couple of nice runs - Finally Luke Falk has taken the #3 QB spot, what took so long???
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    This was the perfect pre-season matchup for us. Secondary is banged up and what better opportunity to see what some of these kids can do than to play a NO team that threw the ball 45 times last night. Put as much stress on these guys as we can in August to see who can play (Brown/Poole) and who can't (Nickerson/Bryant). Still think we add a couple of CBs after cut down day, but a game like yesterday, win or lose, is exactly what the CS needed to see. Saints are a bad matchup for a team with weaknesses in the ssecondary, but that is exactly what makes them a good preseason matchup.
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    https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/adam-gase-preseason-press-conference-8-22 Around the 5:30 mark Gase was asked about the fact that last year the Dolphins were statistically the slowest offense in terms of average time per play in the NFL, yet with the Jets everything seems to be up tempo. Was asked if it is a change in philosophy or because of the Jets players and Gase's answer is so perfect it makes me feel better about this team: Slight paraphrase but very close: "The players we have dictate the way we play. With the players we had last year what we were doing was what we had to do (to be successful) and what we are showing this year is what the players are telling me that's how they want to play" I read "players" as Sam Darnold and a small input from Bell, Robbie and others, but mostly Gase is building the offense specifically for Sam. It is such a refreshing an awesome thing to hear him say, especially since it is not just lip service, we can SEE the differences in what he did with a Tannehill and what he has planned for Darnold. Still in "wait and see" mode with Gase but I thought this comment was just awesome.
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    We’ll probably be 0-11 by week 6. Am I doing this right?
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    Well, at least now we know Cimini's JetNation username

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