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    To avoid making a long post even longer and making a longer introduction, many of you know that I have a source within the organization. Many here can confirm this. My source and I have been discussing the Jets since Sunday and where they go from here and he dropped some tidbits on me that I’ve had confirmed to me by a second, more prominent, source and am now ready to share with all of you as I’ve been given the “ok”...so here we go: My guy is pretty certain that if the Jets don’t go QB, that they will either go Sewell and build around Sam for one more “do or die” season, or they will look to trade down (trading down is the preference). However, JD really loves Sewell and a trade may be hard to pull off (although this was all discussed before Cincinnati won and dropped themselves in the draft, so that could change given how much the Bengals want and, quite frankly, need him). I was also told that Zach Wilson is likely a long shot to be the selection (as of today) and Douglas, if he goes QB, is more likely to go Fields. The team is high on Justin. There is, obviously, still a ton of work to be done however. Personally, I still think there’s a shot for Wilson because I believe he is going to absolutely impress with on the whiteboard and in interviews, something JD weighs heavily. Obviously, it’s December. Things can change drastically as the pre-draft process plays out. The most disheartening news that he spilled though is yes, for those who have been keeping tabs on what I said in another thread earlier, there are legitimate rumblings that Marvin Lewis might get a serious look at Head Coach. I just got finished up with the more prominent source who is very connected to the league in order to kinda get a second word on this and can now confirm it. From what I was told, they’re still going to swing for the fences with Matt Campbell and Pat Fitzgerald, but are not sure if they will leave the college ranks, especially without Lawrence. Other names who we’ve talked, and I have mentioned here before, are Greg Roman, Eric Bieniemy, Robert Saleh, Brian Daboll, Matt Eberflus, Don Martindale, and Joe Brady. Personally, I’d like to see Arthur Smith thrown in there too. I believe he will be. A dark horse discussed was Jim Harbaugh, who Woody loves, and has loved for a long time. However, I don’t believe he leaves Michigan (yes @Defense Wins Championships, as much as I don’t love the idea, there is a chance). The more prominent guy basically parroted what I’ve been hearing since last year and throughout this season. The league is MUCH, and I can’t stress that enough, higher on Sam than the fans and such are, which is a big driving force behind the “give Sam one last ride” idea. While it’s obviously very early and almost everything I’m saying right now as of today can change, the league view on every guy not named Trevor is not favorable. Fields is most people’s number 2, with Wilson rising, but that is more of an indictment on what Fields has put on tape this season. The consensus among the league is that Sam can absolutely be salvaged with the right talent + coaching, and that they actually view that as the scenario that would yield more rewards than drafting Fields, Lance, Wilson, etc. Personally, I don’t know how I feel about that, but I’m not the one who is making that decision so I try and remove myself from that headspace. Ideally, JD, as much as he loves Sewell, wants other players at premium positions to blow up from now until draft day, trade down, and get as much high end talent as possible to build a complete team. The thinking is if Sam can’t do it after that, you can still look for a QB next year in a class that, as of now, looks more “whole” than this years class. Both guys also said to me that the league feeling is that, our boy, Maccagnan was a disaster of unparalleled proportions and Sam is far from “broken beyond repair”. They went as far as to say that they believe he is more fixable and moldable than Tannehill was coming out of Miami. Obviously Gase was discussed and they could not stress enough how awful he is scheme-wise. What he does is not “QB friendly” by any stretch of the imagination. From the limitations on audibles (QB sneak-gate was a big example of this) all the way to route combinations. The guy just doesn’t understand how to help his players, particularly his signal caller. Getting back to the draft, as of today (and of course this can change with big performances from a QB like Fields in the playoffs, more extensive film study, and whiteboard work at the combine, etc.) the thinking, not just with us, is that the QBs in this class not named Lawrence are not worth getting fired over. There is less risk with giving Sam one last ride than associating yourself with, say, Zach Wilson, a BYU QB who lights up UCF and teams of that ilk, for the foreseeable future. Especially if you think Sam can still reach his full potential, which was thought to be very high. Of course we discussed the chance that a team like Denver, Indianapolis, Chicago, Pitt, etc. blows JD away with a trade for Sam as well. It’s unlikely, but will be something to monitor. While this news may not thrill many of you, both my source and the prominent person I spoke to in order to further confirm this, have done everything to back me off the “I can’t believe Douglas would do this, what a nightmare” ledge. They stressed that he will get this team on the right track, one way or another, and that he is the real deal. I was nervous to post this because the whole process is early, fluid, and I have no idea what type of information I will get as things change, but I always told you guys that I would be upfront with the information I could share and I will stick to that.
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    Thank you @Mogglez and @football guy for all the information you guys were able to share with us in the HC search process! Please ignore the trolls in this forum and be sure that your contribution will always be appreciated. Go Jets!
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    Trevor Lawrence you are on the clock. You tell the Jags you won't play there and we will send our kid to Clemson. You go to Jacksonville and then Clemson you are off the list. I feel good knowing that Trevor will have to live with this decision and this pressure could get him to the Jets.
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    If ANY of you even THINK of saying "hey, lets pick him up, maybe he's not so bad, bla blah blah" I SWEAR TO GOD I will negrep every post you make for the next decade. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
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    How perfect would this be. Could really help us out with that #1 pick from the Seahawks next year. Not to mention that tearful reunion with Jamal.
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    Latest I've heard is that a person of interest thinks 49ers DC Robert Saleh will land the job. They cautioned that they haven't been told anything and that the primary decision makers have been pretty secretive, but this was this individual's hunch. There will be follow up meetings and the team is pushing the league to allow for in-person visits, even if the Jets have to go to them. Word is expected from the league within the next 24-48 hours. I've been told by someone else to not rule out Brandon Staley. The playoff performance merely improves the media narrative, but the Jets were impressed by all the endorsements he's gotten from those who have worked with him. Still have interviews scheduled tomorrow and could add a few from the Baltimore tree. Also keep an eye on Press Taylor... if he's fired, Douglas will try to get him on the staff (he won't force it, but I know they're close and he thinks really highly of his football acumen and ability to coach).
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    We just saw what can happen when Deshaun Watson is on a team lacking talent - he goes 4-12. We are so much farther away from contending than just a QB. We need all the help we can get, we need all the picks we can get. Trade down, sign FAs, do anything to get an influx of talent. But don't give up a ransom for Deshaun. That's where I'm leaning. Okay, now talk me into how we get Deshaun and still get better. DC
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    Notes Atlanta: hiring Fontenot is an indication that Joe Brady is at the very least the runner up for that job. Arthur Smith is likely their top candidate with Brady coming in second, but may strike on Brady to avoid risk. Detroit: Brad Holmes is the favorite for the GM job, but if they hire Ed Dodds, the likelihood Saleh goes there increases. Assuming its Holmes, there's a number of ways the HC could shake out. Arthur Smith, Marvin Lewis, even Todd Bowles could be in the cards, as well as opening up the search to include Brandon Staley. Houston: They will probably be the last team to hire a coach. It's not a desirable situation, and I ultimately think they'll be forced to settle on someone. However, they requested Brandon Staley which is significant... he's part of that John Carroll University tree (so is Caserio) and I think the Texans will try their hardest to convince him to take the job if he chooses to entertain it. Los Angeles: it's Daboll's to lose. I think that one is all but official. If Daboll were to turn it down for whatever reason, they may open it back up but I think it would be Staley. New York: the Jets are Saleh, Smith, Staley. There's rumor of a 4th candidate, potentially from college ranks, but I haven't figured out who it is. There's also rumor Staley is a bit hesitant to take the job (any job for that matter) which I think could turn off the Jets/force them to act more quickly. As far as I know, the rest of the guys who have been mentioned aren't among their top 4 preferred candidates. Philadelphia: No idea what's going on here. I don't know how desirable that job is considering their cap situation/aging roster, and Jeff Lurie gets the hype of being a great owner but I know for sure agents don't appreciate his meddling. My Predictions I think Atlanta will add Joe Brady when Arthur Smith decides to take the Detroit job. Smith is the top candidate for many jobs, but I think he'll prefer to have his choice of QB (I believe he will want to work with Stafford) and will get a 5-year deal to align himself with Brad Holmes (I realize Holmes just landed the job as I was writing this) in an organization that has had a lot of tolerance and patience. I think the Jets will land Saleh once the chips fall into place. He's a finalist for the job and fits the profile of coach they're looking for. I have no idea what to think about Houston and Philadelphia... I'm expecting outside-the-box hires. I think Staley will be their top candidate but he might not take it, and ultimately, they promote Tim Kelly (kind of how Cleveland did). Kelly has a good relationship with Watson so while not Bieniemy, it could get his trust back, and if he sinks, they can worry about a HC next year when things calm down there.
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    Ok, even if it doesn't happen at this point, this whole situation is like a confidence boost as a Jets fan. The fact that we are even being mentioned as a favorable destination by other players etc feels pretty good.
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    I’ll be filling you guys in with staff targets when I get out of doing this stupid card game with my girlfriend and her friends
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    Joe Douglas: The Plan Is for Jamal Adams to Be a Jet for Life Feb 25, 2020 at 02:45 PM
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    When we pick #6, we endlessly complain about not picking #2. When we pick #2, we try to think of every way to pick #6 instead. Lol, Jets Fans.
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    OMG lol Jamal Adams would flip. This would be comedic gold.
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    If we land him we might finally have ourselves a steady pipeline of former Colts DB's.
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    And what ? Daboll and Bienemy have HC experience ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The term generational must have changed meanings in the last few years because it clearly doesn’t mean what it used to.
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    Listen a lot of people are saying this is a big Jet site, that it is a HUGE Jets site. I was just banned from Twitter so I am looking for some New Yorkers to talk to in retirement. I don't want to talk politics. I want to catch up on what I missed the past four years. Tell me about this loser Adam Gase, is he finally gone? Your owner is a good man.
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    .. just to see how hard and fast the pendulum swings back. This forum went from absolutely distraught over losing generational talent Trevor Lawrence due to tanking incompetence to "what if we get stuck with Trevor Lawrence at #2," in just a couple weeks. Which was pretty impressive, even for this crowd.
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    There are some great friggin’ names in there.
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    I wrote back in November that Justin Fields would be the best QB from this draft class, and should be our choice (even when we had the #1 pick). His game translates so much better to the NFL than Trevor Lawrence. Fields is a true dual threat QB (he’ll run in the 4.4s at the combine), is built like a tank, throws the ball downfield accurately, and is exceptional on third downs. He consistently throws the ball beyond the sticks and runs for first downs. He is excellent in the red zone too. The Clemson offense throws so many bubble screens to Etienne and their receivers and Lawrence does not throw the deep ball as accurately as Fields. I think Trevor will have a good career, but Fields is the prize. Next...on to the coaching hire. I am surprised that so many on this board are advocating for Matt Campbell, Martindale, Bienemy, or ANYONE not named Brian Daboll. Just like Justin Fields is the guy, Daboll is so clearly THE GUY. He had the backup QB marching up and down the field today. His schemes are brilliant, always has receivers running open, and has actually (gasp) developed a raw player in Josh Allen into an MVP candidate. We weaken the division opponent who is our biggest competition going forward and gain invaluable knowledge about what Buffalo is doing. Fields and Daboll - get onboard
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    So it was Watson hiding in the bushes outside of the facility?! What a twist.
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    This could be his last game as a Jet. Sam has been nothing but a class act since he got here. There is no doubt he got a raw deal. Came to the organization during a time of confusion, a coaching change, which ended up being our worst since kottite and JD gutted the team this year looking ahead. Regardless of if you want Sam here next year or not you should be rooting for his success. Another solid no turnover game, if not a great game, only improves sam’s trade value or if he’s back next year, raises the competition with someone he may compete with next year at camp. Either way I like sam a lot. I was hoping for more and maybe he is capable of more. As for tomorrow let’s hope he runs all over the evil pats. Jet up
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    Our coaching staff is basically a biker gang and will f*ck your coaching staff up. You love to see it.
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    You youngsters look at that shirt and think of the hot babe, I look at that shirt and think "Damn, Wesley Walker was a GREAT wide receiver"
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    The first thing I would like all of these Darnold "fan" coaches to do is to take Sam aside and tell him, if he ever fails to throw the frigg'n ball away and runs OB behind the line of scrimmage under their watch they will beat the living sh*t out of him.
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    Just spoke to three people now... Barring a snag, I believe Saleh is going to be the next Head Coach of the New York Jets. I was told by one of them that it’s trending towards “done deal” territory. Nervous as f*ck to be putting this out there so the team better not screw this up lmao.
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    Belichick is complimentary of other players and coaches. He is not going to give anyone bulletin board material. He's complimentary of Darnold like a woman is complimentary of her less attractive friend. "My friend is GORGEOUS! You would love her." Her friend.
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    Or put one of them at Right tackle, and get a decent Center, and run in both directions?
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    Rumors are Saleh would bring Kafka in to run the offense. Sounds like a dream team coaching staff could be in the process of being built together by Douglas
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    did not expect him to emerge as the front runner, but I like it!
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    I don't know about you, but I have found rooting against the Jets to be stressful and not fun. Now that our draft spot is locked in, I will enjoy rooting, without reservation, for the Jets to embarrass Belicheat and the Pats. Onward and upwards!
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    So basically Darnold’s situation for the majority of his career.
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    Official Hires HC: Robert Saleh, San Francisco 49ers (2020) OC: Mike LaFleur, San Francisco 49ers (2020) QB: Greg Knapp, Atlanta Falcons (2020) RB: Taylor Embree, Colorado University (2020) WR: Miles Austin, formerly San Francisco 49ers (2019) OL/run game coordinator: John Benton, San Francisco 49ers (2020) Pass game specialist: Rob Calabrese, Denver Broncos (2020) Unofficial DC: Jeff Ulbrich, Atlanta Falcons (could also coach LBs) Notes: Hiring John Benton is a huge score. One of the best line coaches in the league; Jets were able to lure him by “promoting” to Run Game Coordinator. Not news: Douglas/Saleh/LaFleur are all Sam Darnold fans. News: Greg Knapp is a huge Sam Darnold fan. He’s coached among the best, and thought Darnold was Andrew Luck-level prospect. More and more it’s looking like this coaching staff will look to develop Darnold as opposed to getting rid of him. Rich Scangarello, who the Jets also considered, signed with the 49ers. Raheem Morris is among the top candidates for the DC position, but it sounds like he’ll choose JAX. It makes sense for him (more power, no state income tax, etc.) There are a number of defensive coaches being looked at, many who have worked with Saleh before (Todd Walsh, Marquand Manuel, Mike Rutenberg). Another name to keep an eye on is Anthony Weaver; he’s highly respected and Joe Douglas likes him a lot
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    I don’t know these names. So I assume they’re the best.
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    Dan Mullen went to Wagner College on Staten Island Rich Kotite went to Wagner College on Staten Island
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    Hi Everyone just wanted to say that this has been a tough year but I love you all for all the joy you have given me this year, even calling me names! So i say Peace and Blessings Always!

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