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    I am not a fan who has blind faith or will get into fist fights because of the city he was born in and that cities football team. I am here not to talk smack but to give praise. I am a grateful Seahawks fan and no, I am not here to talk about Adams. There were a number of us Seattle fans, a little more analytical in our evaluations that think you got one hell of a Tackle in George Fant. We (Seahawks fans) were hoping that eventually he would take over for Brown at LT as Duane Brown is getting close to retiring. George Fant can move and use his feet. It seems like the Jets are in the news a lot for all the wrong reasons but you should have solid Tackle play for the next 10 years and take it from a fan that knows terrible offensive line play, good Tackles matter as much as who is carrying the ball. When I was a little kid I liked the Freeman McNeil, Mark Gastineau, Joe Klecko, and Al Toon led Jets so I thought I'd come here and spread some love! -Anybody but New England or Buffalo!
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    The Jets only tweak hammys and ankles
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    Here's the observation, an absolutely pathetic, putrid and trash performance by everyone in a Jet uniform. After choosing not to come out for the National Anthem (don't get me started) they should've stayed in there for the rest of the game. A totally fake final score of 27-17 hides the total no show effort: Special Teams - The first play of the game should've been a sign, Josh Malone returns the KO outside the 30. Decent field position, but of course there's a holding penalty. So they start at the 9, typical. Credit to Malone because that was the only semblance of a return all game. I know Ashtyn Davis was a hurdler in college but that needs to be left on the track. He got his bell rung because he stupidly tried to hurdle a tackler - Unfortunately we saw way too much of Braden Mann. Good job by him (46.3 avg) but no one wants to see a punter that much - Sam Ficken was perfect in all his attempts (FG, 2 XP's) but so what Defense - Poor job by the defense in containing Josh Allen's running game in the first half - As usual no front seven pressure which allowed Allen way too much time in the pocket - Is Blake Cashman's body allergic to artificial turf? He gets one snap into the season and he's hurt again? He now has become the "Caucasian Dee Milliner", you have a shot to solidify a starting job and you can't stay on the field. Give me a break - An excellent Trumaine Johnson impersonation by Pierre Desir and that's not a good thing. So poor of a performance that Gregg Williams pulls him for Nate Hairston - Marcus Maye filled the hybrid role as expected and had a good game: 10 Tackles, 2 Sacks, 2 TFL, 2 Passes Defensed and 2 QB Hits - Bless Austin earned a starting job and then backed it up with: 8 Tackles and 1 TFL - Brian Poole had a costly holding penalty in the red zone which cost the team a TD. But he was productive with: 9 Tackles, 1 Sack, 1 TFL and 1 Pass Defensed Offense - What offense? A total nonsensical plan to start the game. The only groups that were able to stay on the field during camp was the OLine, TE's, RB's and Darnold. Why not test the conditioning of BUF defense and run the ball? Nope, let's spread out and have BUF test our pass protection with blitzes. How did that work? They didn't get a first down until two minutes left in the first quarter - Jamison Crowder was the only offensive player who put up decent numbers (7 rec, 115 yds, TD) and he even had a couple of drops - Chris Herndon was a non-factor (6 rec, 37 yds) with a costly fumble. And NOT ONE target for Ryan Griffin? Can someone explain this to me? - Breshad Perriman also was a non-factor (3 recs, 17 yds) - Sam Darnold was horrible I don't care what his stats were (21/35, 215 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT). You are now three years in the league, you can't have a delay of game penalty on the first play of a drive with NO CROWD NOISE. Also, you can't take a sack by running out of bounds when you can throw it away. And finally you can not throw that INT when you have an easy run in front of you that can pick up the first down. Totally inaccurate in the first half and definitely the far inferior QB. I am now officially concerned about what Darnold is and what he'll become
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    I think we all remember where we were. We wish we didn't have to. Thank you to all that served and continue to serve. We will never forget.
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    Bart Scott had a really interesting comment the other day. He said that “people in the league” still feel like Darnold was (and is) far and away the most talented QB in his draft class, even with Lamar on the board, but they question whether he’ll ever be able to put it together with the Jets, and that having a coaching and front office change happening around him really set him back. You can see that, from a tools and personality standpoint, Darnold *should* be a lot better, but you wonder if and when the Jets ever get it together long enough to see it pay off. Simien and Falk were, without question, horrible, but even the year prior when Darnold had the ankle, the Jets have zero chance to win when Darnold isn’t in the lineup, but he elevates what is a dreadful team all by himself when he does play. He might be better than we think.
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    Historically accurate photos have surfaced...
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    Looks like Tarzan plays like Shane.
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    He stepped in 2 years in a row and raised our OL play from epically terrible to bad, which was a great accomplishment
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    Zane getting off the plane.
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    For ongoing raging debate between Jet Nation posters of where Sam Darnold will eventually sit in the pantheon of past Jets quarterbacks, here is the latest installment of hope... https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/08/24/covid-19-false-positives-trial-run-sam-darnold-joe-judge DARNOLD’S DEVELOPMENT FLORHAM PARK, N.J.— You don’t often hear how “raw” Sam Darnold is as a quarterback. But the truth, is back in 2018, before he was drafted, that’s how a lot of scouts saw him. Darnold wasn’t classically trained or privately coached as a grade-schooler, like so many Southern California quarterbacks are. In fact, until his junior year in high school, he was a linebacker. And until he got to USC, he was a multisport athlete, starring on the basketball court as well as the football field. So there’s always been room for Darnold to grow and, in a roundabout way, the COVID quarantine finally gave him the chance to explore all of that. We wrote back in the spring about the QB Quarantine that he, Buffalo’s Josh Allen and Washington’s Kyle Allen were hunkered down in, with throwing coach Jordan Palmer. Those four, plus Josh Allen and Kyle Allen’s girlfriends, and Darnold’s ex-USC teammate Matt Lopes, were together in Orange County when the lockdown began, and made the most of it, working out in a trainer’s garage and running QB drills on the beach or in any open park they could find. At that point, Darnold really had no idea what was ahead. But as it became clear that what he initially expected to be a two- or three-week delay would turn his offseason upside down altogether, he suddenly had an opportunity that he’d never really had before. Without his Jets teammates around him, he had the chance to focus an extended period of time on his own individual growth as a quarterback. “Yeah, I’ve never had this much time to be able to work on that,” Darnold told me after practice on Wednesday. “And, again, that was to my first point. When I was working out in the garage, we didn’t know how long it was going to be. When it first broke out it was, ‘OK, is it gonna be two or three weeks?’ Not, like, ‘Is it gonna be a year or two years?’ It was really taking it one step at a time, and just saying, ‘Alright, this is what I need to work on, let’s work on it. And all of the sudden we had more and more time. “It’s like, ‘OK, well, we don’t need to move on, I still feel like I can improve in these areas.’ And so we kept repping and repping and repping those same drills.” Now, remember, this is a guy who was conference Freshman of the Year in 2016, first-team All-Pac 12 and Rose Bowl champion in 2017, the third overall pick in 2018, and off to a pretty promising start in his first two years as a pro—before he got to do this. So it stands to reason that with a shot at refining his ability to actually play quarterback, another big leap could be coming. To that end, as we talked, Darnold wound up explaining two specific areas that he, Palmer, and his trainer drilled down on over the last few months. The first was to improve his hip mobility and his T-spine mobility. The former should work to make Darnold faster, more agile and more able to change direction. And obviously your ability to move your hips helps with your throwing motion. The latter is important for all athletes in avoiding neck injuries and, for quarterbacks in particular, shoulder injuries. The second thing was way more specific—Darnold wanted to become more consistent closing off when throwing to his right. And here’s where we’ll go into dorky quarterback details. Right-handed quarterbacks’ lead shoulders are naturally closed off when they throw left. But when they go to their right, the tendency can be to just throw, rather than squaring that shoulder to the target. Long story short, that was a problem for Darnold. “We do this throw with Jordan where we get set to throw, we have a seven-step play-action and we’re getting set to throw an in-cut to the left, and then all of the sudden we have to flip back and throw a comeback to the right,” Darnold said. “I was always good throwing to my left because I’m already closed off. Last year, I would flip to my right, and I wouldn’t really move my feet a ton, I’d just flip my shoulders and huck it over there, using all arm. “This offseason, I really made a point of emphasis, ‘If I go to throw an in-cut, and I have a seven-step drop and I’m throwing that in-cut to my left, thinking, OK, if I have to get to that comeback on the right, it’s really getting my whole body over there, and get my legs and my shoulders, everything pointed at my target, and really make sure I get everything into my throw. Because that could be the difference between a completion or an interception.” And then, Darnold used a throw from Wednesday’s practice as an example, one that didn’t look like much to the naked eye, but one where this slight adjustment could turn a routine checkdown into a big play. Turns out, that throw is one, now, he’s making routinely. “That’s shown up these last couple days,” he said. “I’d make a read to my left, it wouldn’t be there, and then all of the sudden, I gotta get back to my back on the right. And I’m getting my entire body closed off and the ball’s a lot more accurate, where Le’Veon [Bell] can get up the field and make someone miss—he has that much more time to get the ball and think about what he’s gonna do once the ball’s in his hands. “He doesn’t have to go that extra inch to reach behind him and all of the sudden the defender’s already on him and he’s already tackled. I’m throwing a better ball and he’s able to make someone miss because he doesn’t have to worry about catching it on his back hip.” So that’s just one example of what Darnold’s hoping will make a difference in the fall. The practice I saw was a relatively light one, and it’s not like you can draw sweeping conclusions from these sessions anyway. But that Darnold feels like mechanically he’s coming together as a quarterback, and that he can feel that in how—between the increased hip and T-spine mobility, and that technical work—he’s far more consistently getting his whole body into this throws, is undeniably great news for the Jets. Add to it that he’s in his second year in Adam Gase’s system (and he spent a good amount of time studying Peyton Manning tape this offseason to build on Year 1 in the offense), and it’s not that difficult to see a bounce coming. At the very least, all this work Darnold’s never had the time to do before has the 23-year-old just so subtly peeking ahead, excited at what might be when the live bullets start flying. “No doubt, no doubt,” he said. “I feel like our whole team has been doing a good job taking it one day at a time. But even for me, it’s like, every day I look forward to going to practice because I feel myself getting more and more comfortable with the offense, and I can feel those little fundamentals creeping in every now and then. I’m being more consistent with how I throw the football. It is exciting. “And that’s what makes it more and more exciting to go to practice every day, to be honest.” And exciting to think of where his game might go a few weeks from now, too. ***
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    The irony of a Poole suffering from dehydration... ...I’ll walk myself out.
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    I don't think that's really "secretly"
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    Brothers and Sisters, it has been revealed to me that I, a humble man of the board, have been deemed worthy of the title of Captain for this 2020 Campaign. I stand before you my fellow citizens as a servant of our community with a simple message in these trying times...a message of UNITY. We have languished as a populace in the throes of darkness for far too long. Browns fans? Lions fans? They think they know darkness? They have only begun to feel the crushing grip of the vanquished. We are JETS FANS. We have EMBRACED pain, the likes of which these other...."fans"....have only begun to understand. Did we not survive the Mud Bowl? The fake spike? Neil O'Donnell? Only we, the true JETS FANS, can know the pain of a fully unleashed Kotite '96, only to rebound and see our team defeat the ghosts of that dark time with THREE visits to the AFC Championship within 15 years of those troubled and disturbed days. But we are unfulfilled. We DEMAND to see the apex, we DESERVE to reach the pinnacle....but we must do so together! The whole world is in turmoil. Yes. And only together can we weather these storms. We have seen a glimpse of that light at the top of the pit we have been subjected to, after these many years. True, so far it has just been flashes... but THIS IS THE YEAR WE BEGIN OUR CLIMB!!! But we must do it together. The strange and isolating off season is over. The team we have now, the one that is now truly in the beginning of a true rebuild after TWO DECADES of charlatans who acted in bad faith, who forced us to suffer their incompetence while we watched in agony... THIS TEAM is the beginning! No longer will we suffer the refuse and effluence of other franchises. No longer shall we witness the abandonment and dismissal of the Offensive Line for such trivia as....box safeties. We know that a new beginning is upon us. The foundation is being poured. The footings SHALL be stable! You must strengthen your resolve for the job at hand! All here play a role in this. My friend @SAR I, a stalwart former Captain plays a role. We need the interjection of optimism and hope! Let the hope FLOW from all of the "Light Siders". We will need it. Likewise, brothers such as @Warfish and yes, my old rival @bitonti and others, with their realpolitik and demand for RESULTS, these are necessary aspects. The steadying hand of the wise, such as @T0mShane and @GREENBEAN. And yes, of our founder @Maxman and his loyal henchmen.... But our differences DO NOT MAKE US ENEMIES. This journey that will be the 2020 NEW YORK JETS SEASON, it will not be easy. There will be many wayward times and forlorn hopes. Some will abandon the cause. We must temper our anger and allow rhis team to thrive. We must accept that Adam Gase is indeed a madman. I recognize a kindred spirit. But for this year, and perhaps into the future, he is OUR Madman. The time for sedition is over. Accept what we have, and come together in support of our team. To those who come to this place under false pretense....consider the next few days a respite. A time of AMNESTY. No longer will those wolves in sheep's clothing, taking on the guise or user name of a TRUE JETS FAN, be welcome to spew their poisons without repercussions. BE WARNED. I am not as....forgiving...as my predecessors. I welcome you all to a brave new fandom, one in which we have thrown off the yoke of tyranny that we have been subjected to since 2002. The road ahead WILL be rocky, of this I am sure....but the journey is nearing its completion. We are on the righteous path. Those who remain, you are the STRONG. We are the ones who have stayed the course, and will reap the reward of our loyalty! STRENGTHEN YOURSELVES, MY FELLOW JETS FANS! GREATNESS..... IS AT HAND!!
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    Meh, he’s two feet taller than I am but 17 pounds lighter. We’ll see.
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    That after last night's game, Mahomes is the only QB in the AFC you'd pick to start a team over Darnold. Watson? Has shown the incredible ability to pad stats at the end of games and convince people he's a game changer. He's not Lamar Jackson? 0-2 in the playoffs. Not to be taken seriously Bills RB Josh Allen? Lol, please. This year, Darnold will surpass all of the players listed above and claim his spot as a top 5 QB in the NFL. It's a great time to be a Jets fan.
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    You've been praising Joe Judge all offseason and anointing him one of the NFL's top HC's already based on Training Camp tweets. But feel free to condescend some more!
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    Three down...one to go. Nice job Adam, keep up the good work!
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    Ya ya Paxton lynch was a bust. Sucks, but it’s not like he wasn’t selected in the 1st. but seriously. When have I been wrong? -Bell would be a bust -Gase was a fraud -Macc was a Soviet Spy sent to ruin us -Leonard and Quinnen would be a mistake -Ty Montgomery is not an answer -taking back to back Safeties = kiss of death -Im friends with Aaron Jones -Hackenberg? -pubic hair -etc None of this is Nostradamus sh*t. Many of you felt the same way. What’s my point? Why is some arsehole from Canada able to better manage this team then seven-figure professionals? Why do some of your keep drinking the Kool-Aid? would you rather me run this team than the Johnsons?
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    Personally, I think our fans are underestimating the Hogan signing. He’s no stud, but very serviceable... and he belongs in the NFL, which is nice.
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    Not saying the guy deserved to be shot but WTF do people think is going to happen when you resist arrest and reach into your car for something? Good luck finding anyone to ever be a police officer if this is supposed to be acceptable behavior. I must be getting old because this makes zero sense to me.
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    Manish wrote a hit piece which I won’t link. In the piece he claims that Adam Gase did not fight to get in- person meetings with his players throughout camp. Manish cites anonymous sources claiming there are 2 reason for this. 1) Ownership did not want to change the layout at 1 Jets Drive since the arrangements would cost around $1 million dollars in order to be compliant with regulations. 2) Gase doesn’t care about having meetings and would rather not speak to players or coaches. This led to Gase being asked questions about the set up the Jets employed during training camp. Gase stated that Jets rented out an entire hotel for their players for the last month. That their team plan was to create a dorm room for the players to live in and build relationships. Gase also stated that the when their roster is trimmed they will begin with in-person meetings. All of this then lead to pointed tweets from Jets beat writers clearly aimed at Manish. In conclusion, Gase hates Manish, the beat writers hate Manish, Manish does not have credentials.
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    Sounds like it could happen. Mehta said it's not happening.
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    Good. Looking forward to seeing it, as opposed to hearing it.
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    Maybe we have been under-appreciating Jenkins while he quietly but consistently produces solid results these past two years.
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    Ah yes. Training camp injuries are evidence that Joe Douglas made a mistake on draft day. That's most certainly a call that can be made in August.
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    Compares him to Walter Jones "Just run your offense behind the Big Ticket."
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    So little access to Adam Gase. Week 1 is here, this is what the guy that took Manish's press pass asked today. My question is why would Jets fans care if Gase agrees with their assessment? If the team is bad he gets fired. Nobody needs Gase's permission to feel a certain way about him. He didn't ask, what would you say to Jets fans who think you should be fired? He basically tried to bait Gase into saying something bad about Jets fans. Just garbage. The Daily News is going out of business. This isn't helping.
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    The more important question. Will you finally realize you have no life and that's why you're on a Jets fan site?
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    Aaaaand the "Offense Sucks" crowd is now scrambling across the room to the "Defense Sucks" side like Usain Bolt finishing the 100m dash.
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    Lots of good science and data kicked around in that confab for sure.
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    This Darnold crap is making this place borderline unreadable. Two camps. Camp 1 thinks he can do no wrong and there are no signs of concern. That is not true. Camp 2 thinks Patrick Mahomes could walk right into this same situation an all the sudden the Jets are a terrific offense and Mahomes looks exactly does with the Chiefs. That's also not true. I for one think Darnold has done very well given the cards he's been dealt. He's still got a long way to go and he may never get there.
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    Is it acceptable that I don't know who Jeff Smith is while simultaneously be worried about his injury?
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    Weird. It almost sounds like this was directed at someone specific.
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    And stripped the ball to force a turnover
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    Had a mini-stroke when I saw “Adams activated”
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    Go throw your kid through a folding table. It’s past five, you should be wasted.
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    I expect Josh Allen to contain the Bills' upgraded WR group.
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    Solid job by the rookie, 1st start at LT with zero preseason games, he did have one penalty and allowed one sack (Sam holded for too long), the team had a couple of runs to the left who went very well. Is early but a very good sign for the future of this franchise.
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    And the board can now exhale...

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