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    I don't know if there's any way to confirm this but the dude should 100% be fired if it can be confirmed.
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    I posted this in the Game Observation thread but since his numbers are so stark I figured I'd put them in a new thread: When the season is over everything reboots. But certain things Darnold has done will carry over because he's your QB: - After the MIA game he talked about winning out and making a run. They've gone 5-2. If as a 22 year old he can rally the team after an awful start, that's huge - In the second half Darnold's stats are 140/231 (61%), 1748 yards, 12 TD, 3 INT - And the improvement in facing elite defenses has been drastic: * NE: 11/32 (34%), 86 yards, 0 TD, 4 INT * BAL & PIT: 34/58 (59%), 401 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT
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    Manish accidentally posted this article from the “burner account” quickly deleted it and posted it from his regular account. Looks like he created a fake account to make it seem like it was Adam Gase burner. Manish was also the one to acknowledge this account in any printed articles. The burner account has since been deleted
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    I see lots of people in the gameday thread conveniently hammering different people on the Jets depending on the situation. The same people criticizing Gase end up saying how bad Sam Darnold was playing...so which is it? Did Gase win a game over Mike Tomlin and a playoff caliber team IN SPITE of Sam Darnold? Did he suddenly motivate all these guys to step up today and make solid opportunistic plays when we needed them. Did he buy Sam Ficken some glasses? Or, did Sam Darnold bail out Adam Gase against a Top 5 defense? Can't have it both ways. I obviously think that the notion Gase had somehow "lost the locker room" was complete bullsh:t. The dude is dragging a Bottom 5 NFL roster to a 5-2 record over the past 7 games. There were even posts in the GD thread complaining about the Bell run on 3rd down to make that FG a little closer for Ficken so the Jets could go up 16-10. Could you imagine either going for it on 4th down or an incomplete pass on 3rd that caused Ficken to miss from further away? The Jets would have had to protect the short and intermediate distances on Pitt's last drive so that a FG wouldn't tie the game 13-13. It was absolutely the smart way to manage the game there. He knew the Jets D could prevent a TD....a FG was more dicey. I think Gase has been very, very consistent the past two months. He knows what he has now on this team....and what he doesn't. He's found a decent way to try to balance run/pass with an Offensive Line that can do neither particularly well. This was the Jets best win of the season....and they finish with a winning record at Home. Go Jets!
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    It was the season of mononucleosis, a Week 1 loss with Kaare Vedvik's missed kicks, upset wins vs. the Cowboys and Steelers, too many IR'ed players to count, airplane banners, a current 4-game home winning streak, and of course, @WyattV18. It was an odd season to be sure but after a 1-7 start, a lot of midseason player/coach/GM friction with Osemele's shoulder, Jamal trade rumors and Enunwa's fines the Jets stuck together and dragged a Bottom 5 roster to a 6-2 second half of the season. Given where we started it's hard to be upset with where the Jets are now. We know there's a lot of work to be done on this roster, we know the jury is still out somewhat regarding Gase, but for the first time in a while it feels like a season turned around in a positive way vs. a negative one. And that is something we should appreciate as fans even if we're disappointed with the end result of the season. In fact, the trajectory of this team really starts to look positive when you compare it to what's happening with other teams like the Browns right now. There was no bigger gap between the expectations for a team going into 2019 and their actual performance than the Cleveland Browns. A Browns team that not only will have its 4th HC in 3 seasons (Hue Jackson, Gregg Williams, Kitchens, and TBD 2020) but just watched their supposed GM Messiah in John Dorsey walk away from the team because of ownership's concern about his role in the next HC search. Heading into 2019, nobody on the planet could foresee any circumstance where the Browns would be saying goodbye to both first-year HC Freddie Kitchens and GM John Dorsey before New Year's Day. Going even further, the way the Jets finished the season with 2 straight wins and their current stability at QB, Head Coach and GM, the Jets are on a MUCH better trajectory heading into the offseason than MANY other teams, not just the Browns. How would you like to be a fan of the Raiders right now? Same 7-9 record as the Jets, just got boo'ed out of Oakland, couldn't take a meaningful step forward in the second year of the Gruden-Carr offense, lost to the Jets by 31 POINTS!!!! etc. There were many teams with much more disappointing seasons than the Jets....even amongst supposedly "good teams." How would you like to be the Bears sitting at home this postseason with Trubisky after last year's playoff appearance? Or the Rams (who won only 2 more games than the Jets) with the Gurley and Goff contracts? Frank Reich and the Colts, and Matt Ryan and the Falcons couldn't win more games than the Jets this year?? How about the Jets...OUR JETS... preventing two teams from getting into the playoffs with wins over Dallas (early) and Pittsburgh (late) this season? You want disappointment? Talk to Philip Rivers about the 5 win Chargers. Talk to Luke Keuchly and Christian McCaffrey about the 5 win Panthers. I'm not going to say this was a good season for the Jets. It wasn't. But the roster can only get better and I'm entrenched in the camp that believes Darnold is the one who can lead this team to great things. I'm excited to see Sam get to work in the same offensive system for consecutive seasons for the first time in 4 years (USC, Jeremy Bates, Adam Gase...). In my opinion the arrow is pointing up for the New York Jets!
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    That’d be some sick sh*t to use the name of Gase’s kid in the handle if it was Manish. You couldn’t fire that guy hard or fast enough
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    Darnold 7-6 with practice squad players. Darnold > Baker
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    Full podcast: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/barstool-sports/laces-out Highlights from Mangold via Reddit: • The O Line made him and Brick do the annual rookie dinner in Bermuda because they knew they had to take advantage of having two first round picks that got big signing bonuses. • Favre liked it here, but he was never all in because he wanted to be on an NFC North team so he could get back at Green Bay • He liked the team moving from Hofstra to Florham Park because it was more convenient logistics wise, but he thinks the team should do more LI outreach like one week of training camp there or a full fledged fan fest in the spring. • He and Colon hate James Dolan for ruining the Manhattan stadium, feeling it was perfect for all the fans and everyone could’ve just switched from tailgating to hanging out at bars before the game. • Rex Ryan’s system was great for a veteran team where the players could police themselves, but when they started rebuilding with younger guys who didn’t have that discipline it went to hell • He didn’t mind the Revis holdout because it allowed him and some others to get better contracts • Tebow wasn’t liked in the locker room. Everyone thought that the team should’ve focused on getting Mark actual weapons and better QB coaching • He feels the team should’ve resigned Edwards and let Holmes walk because Edwards had a better rapport with Mark. • Bowles was a bit of a letdown because he was hyped as a Parcells disciple, but did nothing to mimic his discipline • He’s bitter towards Maccagnan not because he cut him, but because he did it while he was on vacation in Disney World
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    We need to acquire talent all across the roster. We should be in the business of acquiring more picks, not giving them up.
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    1-Thank him for everything and wish him a healthy and prosperous future. 2- draft a superior more durable replacement who can run people over like him after the catch 3- profit
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    McCarthy and Rivera arent shiny new toys..they are regiftted presents from your out of touch uncle. And Judge is damn sure a gift certificate because someone didnt know what to get you.
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    In a defensive struggle that had a playoff feel the Jets put a major dent in PIT hopes with a 16-10 win. Fans and critics will try to minimize it but this team is now 5-2 in the second half of the season. Some will now obviously cry about dropping in draft position. But to me its more important that Sam Darnold play solid against an elite defense and win in a playoff atmosphere. Let's take a look: Special Teams - Nothing special in the KO return game and Braxton Berrios had one punt return for 20 yards - Lachlan Edwards had a 45 yard average but had an awful 25 yard shank on the final drive that allowed PIT to start at midfield. He's lucky he got bailed out by the defense - Sam Ficken was 3/3 in FG's with a 54 yarder and a clutch 42 yarder to give the team a six point lead Defense - They allowed only 10 points and pitched a shutout in the second half but they were only solid. Let's face it James Conner and Mason Rudolph were giving them problems until they left with injuries. And without a key PBU by Marcus Maye on the final drive and Devlin Hodges being trash as a QB they could've lost - Bless Austin had his worst game of his short career as he was burned on a TD pass by Rudolph at the end of the first half. Ultimately he was replaced in the starting lineup - Solid return to the lineup by Jamal Adams as he had 8 tackles, 2 TFL and a QB Hit. His ankle must not be 100% because he didn't play in the box as much as he normally does - Marcus Maye was excellent as he had 4 tackles, 2 PD and an INT. He basically saved the game on the final drive as he pulled a TD out of the hands of the WR - After missing a couple of games with a neck injury the "Alabama" version of Quinnen Williams showed up. In easily his best game as a pro Williams finally flashed the skills we saw in college. He had 4 tackles, 1 sack, 1 TFL, QB Hit and multiple penetrations. Against an excellent PIT OLine it was encouraging - The ILB's had their usual productive days as Neville Hewitt had 8 tackles, 1 sack, 1 TFL and a QB Hit. While James Burgess also had 8 tackles and a TFL - Tarell Basham showed excellent athletic ability as he dropped into coverage and made a leaping INT - Active days for Foley Fatukasi and Kyle Phillips as they both had 3 tackles, 1 sack, 1 TFL and QB Hit - Credit to the defensive staff for developing so many "under the radar" players. Because every week it seems like I'm mentioning the same names Offense - The offense got off to a hot start as the "first 15 plays" were well scripted by Adam Gase. A combination of RPO's and an uptempo no huddle put PIT defense on their heels as they scored an opening TD. But then the "brown out" trend cropped up as in their final 10 drives the offense had five three and outs and generated only 3 FG's. Some of those three and outs started in excellent field position. They did play an elite PIT defense (49 sacks, 35 turnovers) but this trend has to be eliminated - The OLine "punched above their weight" as they held off PIT pressure to keep Sam Darnold clean and did enough on the ground to keep the defense honest - LeVeon Bell got ample work (25 car / 72 yds and 4 rec / 21 yds) but wasn't able to break anything big - Solid day for Jamison Crowder (4 rec / 60 yds) as he did his normal "chain mover" thing - Robby Anderson scored the only TD (2 rec / 32 yds) with a fantastic hands catch over two DB's - Even though Trevon Wesco had a catch for 32 yards this offense really misses Chris Herndon and Ryan Griffin at TE. It seems like Darnold does have great chemistry with anyone else at the position - "Game manager" effort by Sam Darnold (16/26, 183 yds, 1 TD) against another elite defense. He made quick decisions, got the ball out and knew where his "hot" receivers were. It actually seemed like he was more productive when PIT forced him to make quick decisions. When Darnold had more time he made some errant throws and got away with an INT when Mike Tomlin didn't challenge the Joe Haden play in the first half. On the strip sack Darnold had two hands on the ball so credit to TJ Watt's "fumble" skills
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    Honestly one of the most insane and baseless hit pieces I’ve ever read. Even if you hate Gase this article is a pile of trash. Who ever wrote that should be fired. I can’t believe this was published by a real source.
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    As long as he talks about his plan to improve the interior of the defensive line through the draft, I'm good.
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    The fact Sherman signed a contract, dodnt get fat, and showed up still playing after he got paid.
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    I know most of the bard prefers Brandon Sherff, likely due to his draft pedigree as opposed to his actual play, but the best fit to improve our OL is Graham Glasgow from the Lions. First off, Glasgow is very durable, never having missed a game and very versatile, playing LG, center and this past year RG. Position flexibility is huge with the amount of injuries in the league and having him be able to start at RG and also be a good fill in at center is very important. The other reason why he is an ideal fit as a free agent is that he actually WANTS to leave the Lions as he is upset that he wasn’t extended. Plus he will be hitting FA at a relatively young age (turns 28 in July). Being a former walk-on at Michigan he’s got an excellent work ethic and attitude. Seems like a great fit for position, talent and attitude.
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    I’m so jealous right now. Mike McCarthy was suppose to come here and mold Darnold into Rodgers 2.0 He would of gotten Sam’s mechanics fine tuned and ready to go.
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    Ridiculous that Gase was over looked after going 6-2 in the last 8 games.
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    We should hope we get to be the new Saints.
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    Couldn’t happen to a better weasel or weasel fan base.
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    Those were the number of points scored by the offense during the last five games of the season. I don’t know how anyone can watch these games and defend Gase returning as play caller. I give Jimmy Haslam a ton of credit today. Freddy Kitchins broke Baker Mayfield and he subsequently fired Freddy and will task another HC to put him back together. If you watched Sam today, and compared his play to the last time he visited orchard park you will notice regression. Not so much on the stat sheet, but in terms of confidence. Gase is coaching out the qualities that made Darnold the number 3 overall pick and is installing game plans that expose his flaws. Beyond that the Gase offense simply doesn’t work. It’s been consistently ranked at the bottom of the league in terms of efficiency and the guy has no feel for play calling. If the Jets simply fired Gase and promoted Williams to HC and JimBob to OC I’d feel much better about the season next year. Another year with Gase and Loggains=another lost year on offense.
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    This has got to be getting expensive for Manish.
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    So long Robby Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The kid has responded incredibly since that back to back disasters vs. NE/Jax. It's exciting to have a franchise QB!!!! The future is bright with Sammy D!
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    They traded away a SB QB to keep Brady. What a great day today is.
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    The correct takeaway from this is that running back is easily the most interchangeable/replaceable position on the field and there is almost never a reason to have a running back as your highest paid player.
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    Jets draft sh*tty players for years and rather than pay a guy who becomes an all pro by year 3, we trade him to roll the dice on two players?
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    Eric Allen Not sure about individual players on Gase. Don’t think they really feel any which way about him. Front office guys felt the poor season wasn’t his fault, due to the injuries and all that happened. With Jamal it’s love/hate thing. The drama during the deadline was frustrating, players don’t like his antics and attitude when things get tough. And the comments he made about never being a loser and such. But when he plays as good as he does, you kinda just deal with it because he’s backing it up on the field. Gase thinks Darnold is an idiot often, missing easy reads and such but I think this is just being hard on him, not that he doesn’t like him. Dont think a ton of guys like Robby. I’d be shocked if he’s brought back. Due to a number of reasons. He’s not smart and he’s not the type of guy Douglas preaches being here. It’s all about him, with things. Giving that kinda guy money is dangerous. Not sure about plans moving forward. Too early from my stand point. I’m not Douglas right hand man lol. But I know he’ll be going hard at fixing the oline. Gase knows that too.
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    I believe in karma and I love it when it comes full circle. Backdrop to why this matters to me and why I'm sharing; I live in Jacksonville and have had to hear about 2 straight losses to that embarrassment of a franchise from all my co-workers, friends, etc. now for 2 years. This team has double digit losses 9 out of 10 years, yet, they have our Jets number. I'm out a few happy hour bets because of it. That unfortunately said, it brings me comfort that 2 straight years in a row, the Jags have done some classless bush league sh*t to the Jets during the game. Last year it was going for 2 while up 27 points, this year it was playing the ghost busters song before Sam took the field. 2 years in a row, that classless act has immediately resulted in a season ending downward spiral for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Just thought I'd share that sometimes the world corrects itself.
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    PIT defense came into the game with 49 sacks and 35 turnovers. With a talent base of: Watt Heyward Dupree Bush Fitzpatrick Haden If you can't appreciate how Darnold managed the game you should stop watching
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    No brainer move that the Jets should have made last offseason. Unfortunately we are the Jets.
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    Between the roster Maccagnan left us and the injuries, it was a tough season. Gase did a really nice job.
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    Giving QW some love, his sack prevented a sure 13-13 tie when they were on the 30 but he knocked Hodges back to the 39 and killed that chance with not many more possessions. Had that not occur the game could have been different with a tie for the ret of regulation.
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    Wut? Braylon was very good for us but the amnesia around here about Brandon Marshall is just brutal. He was the last #1 Wr we had. 109 catches, 1502 yards, 14 tds.
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    Not surprised; the great Rex Ryan once said, 2 things that consistently win in Dec/Jan and you can take on the road anywhere you go are 1.running the Football and 2. Defense. And he won 4 road playoff games with Mark freaking Sanchez, so he'd know what he's talking about.
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    Woody is one of my favorite follows on Twitter and by far my favorite Jets follow. Every struggle related to the offense can be linked back to the OL first and foremost. Can't block run, so teams don't have to honor it. Can't run limits effectiveness of PA. Don't have to honor the run, pin your ears back and rush the QB. Can't pass block to begin with, so now at even a bigger disadvantage when throwing. Can't throw down field because can't protect long enough to do it. Viscious circle.
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    Usually, this post is filled with math, because opponents' winning percentage is a tie-breaker. But our schedule was so god-awful this year that it's irrelevant: we'll have the worst opponent's win percentage of any team we tie with no matter how this week's games go. So: If the Jets lose to the Bills, we'll draft somewhere between 6 and 10. To draft at 6, we need all 4 of the 5 win teams to win next week: Jags v. Colts, LAC @ Chiefs, Panthers v. Saints, Cards @ Rams. Realistically, only the Jags and Cards could conceivably pull it off, which would leave us drafting 8th. If we beat the Bills, we'll draft somewhere between 10 and 13, depending on how the Broncos (v. Raiders), Browns (@ Bengals), and Falcons (@ Bucs) do. All are realistic possibilities, with a Browns victory highly likely. So our true range of outcomes seems to be drafting between 8-12. I'm going to go out on a limb and say we end up with the 11th pick (we beat the Bills and the Broncos beat the Raiders, but the Falcons lose)
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    I almost want the Jets to sign Gase to a 10 year extension just to spite the goofs who spend their own money on this stupid sh*t.
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    Embarrassing. Not for Manish. That’s who he is. Embarrassing for the many posters here who believed that Adam Gase had a burner account.

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