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    A great many fans on this forum envy you.
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    Jadeveon Clowney is interested in a professional football team who will pay him money, yes.
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    Mehta's hatred for Gase is reaching Fatal Attraction type levels of obsession. He's one year into the job, having won 7 games last year with a talent deprived roster riddled with injuries to key players. But Mehta wants him gone, primarily, because Adam isn't nice to him in press conferences. Gase may or may not be the answer, but he deserves a fair shot to build his team before the win-or-else mandates get handed down.
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    One year ago today, while sipping on a pint of Guiness in Dublin as I played tour guide to some family members, I saw a tweet saying Mike Mac was fired. My initial reaction was to ask why the hell you fire a guy after letting him run a draft and spend a boatload of money. My next reaction was, "If they can get Joe Douglas, it's worth it" It was worth it. Might have a pint of Guiness later.
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    I'm surprised they're not suppositories.
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    “Before all this stuff was shut down, we got to sit down in Indy and go through some film with him. One of the first plays [offensive line coach] Frank [Pollack] had on, it was a run play and he’s pushing this guy. I mean, they’re 20 yards down the field. He might have given him a little late shove there … and Frank was kind of like, ‘a pretty good finish but a little late here.’ He goes, ‘Well, he should have thought about going down.’ I was like, ‘I like this guy.’ This guy has something to him. This guy has some nastiness to him. He’s the type of guy you want to be around.”
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    Why would anyone believe Mehta about anything? Do we have another source to back it up? It should be a board-requirement to have a corroborating source before we post any Mehta proclamations. Dearest Mehta, Are we trading him for Dillard?
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    Becton: Allow QB time to throw receivers open is good Mims: Provide speed on the outside for QB to throw to is good Davis: Coverage sacks are good Zinga: Speed rush off the edge good Clark: See Becton- good Backup QB to run good offense when starter is hurt Is good Best punter in draft: Pinning offenses back deep in their own zone is good Top 5 CB in 5th round to stop opponents good Former 2nd rd. press corner for a 6th rd pick allows time for edge rusher (see above) is good
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    I see a LOT of people here and in the media outright criticizing the Jets for picking a punter in the 6th round. I do not get that. AT ALL We love to talk about "impact" players. Well a team;s punter and kicker are two of the most impactful positions on the team. Example: If we have a remotely competent kicker week one we win period. I LOVE that we picked a punter. Look historically only 19% of 6th rounders start. But with Mann his odds of starting are 100%. His odds of being a Top 10 punter from Day 1 are high as well. Seems to me locking up the best punter in college, who Mel Kiper said is likely to be a Pro Bowler is way way better than selecting a position player with an 80% bust rate It is not that easy to sign street FAs in the NFL and expect them to perform well as kicker or punter. Rant over.
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    That will be the consensus regardless of what the Jets do anyway. If they give him $18mm, it’ll be “wow, they overpaid/what about the offense?/Douglas let himself get bullied and ended up bidding against himself!” It doesn’t matter. Belichick catapults top players off the roster every year and it’s “savvy roster management!” The Jets do it and it’s a High Crime.
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    This is one competitive dude. No way he was gonna' let Quinnen Williams show him up by just carrying a gun in his luggage. Your move QW.
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    When you look at this, Dallas and Las Vegas, it is very disappointing what an utter dump MetLife is comparatively.
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    Today's Manish article : "Jets to sign Ryan - smart move by Joe Douglas". Tomorrow's Manish article: "Jets insult Pierre Desir by signing Ryan - stupid move by Adam Gase".
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    I'm assuming that the signing of Frank Gore marks the end of Bilal Powell's tenure as a Jet. Even though he wasn't a superstar or anything, I've always been a big fan of Powell. Anybody else think the same?
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    These unis suck compared to our classics, End of discussion.
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    First off, I didn't want a QB in this draft. I repeated that many times over the course of the off season, and again as recently as between the second and third days. If I have one complaint about this draft it's that they only hit the WR position once. Replace Morgan with Gandy-Golden, and I probably like this draft a lot better. But that said, I see the logic of it and maybe some inter-divisional strategy as well. There has been a lot of speculation that Morgan was the Pats' guy. Maybe he was? Tough to tell when the Pats opted to not take a QB at all. But I think he definitely could've been the Bills' target. Jacob Eason had just come off the board, any team thinking QB probably starts thinking about taking their guy right then. The big-armed James Morgan would've been a great potential backup for the big-armed Allen. He doesn't bring the running game, but certainly would've let them do the same things in the passing game. Much better fit than the Jake Frommington they took in the following round. Jets grabbed Morgan three picks before the Bills were back on the board, and four picks before they were back, themselves. They took the QB in that spot for a reason. Now that he's here, as long as the Jets think that between him and Fales they're good at backup QB, that's probably gonna save them a few million against the cap that they would've felt compelled to spend on one. Anyone who thinks Morgan is here to push Darnold or send him a message are out of their minds, he's Fales' competition and probably winds up being the #3 QB this year. If he can beat out Fales, that's a cheap, unexpected roster upgrade this year, and a cheap backup for the next few. No small value. If he can come in and perform well in preseasons and/or regular season action, he could get the Jets back much better draft capital than they spent on him down the road. And yeah, I guess for the Darnold darksiders he's a possible insurance policy, too, but just as a backup and potential trade chip I can't kill the pick - especially considering that he acquired that pick in a couple trade downs that netted him three extra picks between this year and next. So yeah, I'm on board. Now I need Mims to be everything I thought he might be before the draft, and that Cager or Campbell can make me forget I wanted another WR in the draft.
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    No, he's a developmental pick.
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    $55 if you use promo code JETNATION
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    I thought the answer was because he got picked before us.😎
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    Jamal looking at his contract extension after COVID-19....to the right is @T0mShane.
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    Damn, I’m going to have a hard time adjusting my day today with this type of devastating news
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    One reason he chose Jets is because "they had a plan in place for him to make an impact". We really underplay how significant it is having Greg Williams here.
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    believe they will sign? When I was 10, I believed I would marry April from the Ninja Turtles.
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    What's the contract? What's the trade compensation? I'd rather sign him for 4/$50M than trade him for a second round pick, but I'd rather trade him for two first round picks than sign him for 5/$90M.
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    Brutally misused and underused by Gase, just like most players on offense.
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    Taking another QB from the Patriots? You son of a bitch JD, I’m in.
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    The only people who hate the Jets are us. Nobody else has time enough to care, they're just laughing. Most of the media just troll us cause we're a big market. The best example is that human bottom feeding roach, Manish. He has a career cause he knows we'll give him clicks on his complete bullahit. Guy is a cockroach, but he'll outlast most of us
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    Jets could of added 5 High Schoolers and we would be on that list.
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    This cant happen for one reason. Our NY media. There will be three messages that will be a constant drag on the draft class, camp, and the season: - "Is Cam Healthy, how is Cam feeling?" "How does he feel about his role?", "Did the Panthers do right by Cam?" - "How does Sam feel about this", "What is their relationship? "I hear they didn't even speak today...." - "Could there be a QB competition?", "Cam got 3 more reps today that yesterday", "Sam tweaked his ankle, could this be Cams next shot?" I don't want any part of that circus.
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    So I’ve been working through this 2 hour pod breakdown of Mims by a Jets YouTube guy I don’t know with ex Jet Marcus Coleman. It’s detailed AF. My takeaways were that Mims is supremely talented but has some expected but significant things to learn with getting off press coverage with his shimmies and moves at LOS including hand fighting and not going the long way around the CB. He doesn’t have a ton of counter moves at the LOS. Then at the top of his breaks he has some inefficiencies lunging into breaks with his plant step and not keeping his feet underneath him as well as rounding off his breaks. He also needs to take shorter steps at the breaks for better control and quicker movement. he ran about 4 routes in college he also pushes off A LOT, sometimes very clever and sometimes with brute strength that he’ll get some flags on we have excellent WR coaches in Van Jefferson and Hines Ward to clean these things up and they sound simple on paper but I think in game action it’ll take a lot of reps to develop. WR’s often take a year or two to develop. Mims will probably see 100 balls this year but I think he’ll flash but we shouldn’t expect gangbuster from Jump Street. for anyone interested
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    I got a larger signing bonus then some of those guys to join the Army back in 1984
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    just don't let in opposing team's fans and having 15000 or less wont be a problem for them
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    He’s a trail blazer. Not a follower. When they zig, we zag. Great teams create their own formula for winning. It’s a copy cat league, but the copy cats don’t succeed long term because they don’t understand what it took to devise, create and build what they are copying. You want to be the team being copied. That’s what JD is doing. He is fulfilling his vision (not someone else’s) of what makes a great football team.
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    If Joe Douglas proves to be a legit GM then everything that transpired was worth it.
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    As long as he's not pissed at us for passing on him before we picked him.
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    619 people are talking about this “From supporting natural killer cells to replenishing antibodies post-exercise, Protect helps activate your immune system and counter stress-induced immune suppression so you can stay active, resilient, and ready for whatever comes your way,” continues the site. Sure, all of this may be true, and why not take some vitamins right now? But it’s hard to ignore the timing of the release and the asterisk on the front label that states: “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.” Screenshot via TB12 Screenshot via TB12 Strangely, Protect already has one review on its site (for 5 stars no less), from some guy named HR, even though it debuted today and there's a giant red warning on the site that says "due to circumstances beyond our control related to COVID-19, orders containing this item may take an additional 3-5 business days to ship." But this isn't anything new for Brady, as CBS Senior Editor Chris Towers pointed out, the QB also once endorsed a sports drink that promoted concussion "protection." A literal snake oil salesman.
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    Better than Fales, at least we have a vet that should be semi functional if we lose darnold. I'm not a huge flacco fan but he is better than the alternatives.
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    They have to pull the tag at this point. Literally no other team is paying Prescott half of that as a free agent
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    Hating Manish is fine, but I see no reason to disrespect Glenn. He does a lot for JetNation.
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    Nope. Not loaded in a bag isn't as bad as loaded while driving drunk.
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    Does anyone keep anything to themselves at all anymore ?
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    What a haul that 1977 draft was. Powell in the 1st, Walker in the 2nd, Scott Dierking in the 4th, Klecko in the 6th and Alexander in the 8th.

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