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    Hell of a job by Joe Douglas in year 1. Known players: 1) Mekhi Becton - already an elite LT. Huge score here for Douglas. 2) Denzel Mims - looks to be at minimum a strong #2 type with potential for more. Another hit. 3) Ashytn Davis - Man he showed a lot tonight. Physical. Fast. Instinctive. He's the kind of player that will get better and better every year. I'm a fan. 4) Braden Mann - excellent punter that can change field position and kick off. That's 4 hits with future starters. Perine looks like a contributor at a minimum for years. Zuniga, Clark, Morgan and Hall are all question marks but if we get anything out of just a couple of them it's gravy. We haven't seen ROI like this on a draft in over a decade. Couple this with some excellent trades (jamal adams) and even the biggest skeptic has to be bullish on Joe Douglas right now.
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    Just thought it was time for an update on the popular Quinnen Williams - Josh Allen discussion. This is from Michael Nania at Jetsxfactor. Against the Bills in Week 8, Williams set a career-high with five pressures, tied for third-most among interior defensive linemen that week. Two appearances later, he went he had seven pressures against the Chargers, another new career-high, and tops among IDL in Week 11. Williams is currently ranked 13th among IDL with a combined total of 4.3 stops and pressures per game (stops are tackles that constitute a “failure” for the offense). He is also one of only three IDL with a 70.0+ Pro Football Focus pass rushing grade, a 70.0+ PFF run defense grade, 20+ pressures, and 20+ stops, along with Cameron Heyward and DeForest Buckner. In the running game, Williams is arguably the most active defensive tackle in the NFL, leading IDL with 2.2 stuffs (tackles in the run game short of the first down marker for a gain of 2 yards or less) per game. He also has 34 total tackles and 3.5 sacks on the season. As for Josh Allen, he has 13 total tackles, 2.5 sacks and is currently on IR. No one is saying edge isnt a move valuable position or that Allen isnt a good player, but for all the talk about trading QW and how he is a bust, I think its pretty safe to say he is turning into an excellent player and for a player who is still 22 years old, has a ceiling of an elite DT.
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    Inspired by @HawkeyeJet, I just posted this in another thread, and figured it might deserve its own thread. Below is a list of the 1st QB taken in each draft class from 1980-2017, juxtaposed with who ended up being the best QB from each class. Please note I was a bit subjective with my "best QB" picks, and in some cases where it was close, I listed multiple "best QB's". I also noted QB's who were 1st round busts. You might also disagree with these choices, but the sample size washes that subjectivity out a bit. I'm sure the most controversial will be the 2004 class, in which I think Rivers and Ben were the superior choices to Eli Manning. And yes, in 2010, Sam Bradford was simultaneously a bust AND the best QB of that class. Take a look if you don't believe me, the 2010 class was THAT bad. But in most other classes, if you look back you'll find its really not very close. And in any case, again, the sample size washes out some of the subjectivity I used. If you don't want to look at the long list I provided, I placed a summary of my "findings" at the top. Take from this whatever you wish. Summary from the 39 draft classes: 16/39 (41 %) instances, where the 1st QB of the class was the best one (or a 1a/1b best QB) 14/34 (41 %) instances where the 1st QB was taken in the 1st round, and was a 1st round BUST 16/39 (41 %) instances where the best QB of the class was taken outside of the 1st round 1980 First QB taken: Marc Wilson (1.15) Best QB of class: Dave Krieg (UDFA) 1981 First QB taken: Rich Campbell (1.6) -- 1st round BUST Best QB of class: Neil Lomax (2.33) 1982 First QB taken: Art Schlichter (1.4) -- 1st round BUST Best QB of class: Jim McMahon (1.5) 1983 First QB taken: John Elway (1.1) Best QB of class: Elway OR Dan Marino (1.27) 1984 First QB taken: Boomer Esiason (2.38) Best QB of class: Esiason 1985 First QB taken: Randall Cunningham (2.37) Best QB of class: Cunningham 1986 First QB taken: Jim Everett (1.3) Best QB of class: Everett 1987 First QB taken: Vinny Testaverde (1.1) Best QB of class: Testaverde OR Rich Gannon (4.98) 1988 First QB taken: Tom Tupa (3.68) Best QB of class: Chris Chandler (3.76) 1989 First QB taken: Troy Aikman (1.1) Best QB of class: Aikman 1990 First QB taken: Jeff George (1.1) Best QB of class: George OR Neil O'Donnell (3.70) 1991 First QB taken: Dan McGwire (1.16) -- 1st round BUST Best QB of class: Brett Favre (2.33) 1992 First QB taken: David Klingler (1.6) -- 1st round BUST Best QB of class: Brad Johnson (9.227) OR Jeff Blake (6.166) 1993 First QB taken: Drew Blesdoe (1.1) Best QB of class: Bledsoe OR Mark Brunell (5.118) 1994 First QB taken: Heath Shuler (1.3) -- 1st round BUST Best QB of class: Kurt Warner (UDFA) 1995 First QB taken: Steve McNair (1.3) Best QB of class: McNair 1996 First QB taken: Tony Banks (2.42) Best QB of class: Jon Kitna (UDFA) 1997 First QB taken: Jim Druckenmiller (1.26) -- 1st round BUST Best QB of class: Jake Plummer (2.42) 1998 First QB taken: Peyton Manning (1.1) Best QB of class: Manning 1999 First QB taken: Tim Couch (1.1) -- 1st round BUST Best QB of class: Donovan McNabb (1.2) 2000 First QB taken: Chad Pennington (1.18) Best QB of class: Tom Brady (6.199) 2001 First QB taken: Michael Vick (1.1) Best QB of class: Drew Brees (2.32) 2002 First QB taken: David Carr (1.1) -- 1st round BUST Best QB of class: David Garrard (4.108) 2003 First QB taken: Carson Palmer (1.1) Best QB of class: Palmer 2004 First QB taken: Eli Manning (1.1) Best QB of class: Phillip Rivers (1.4) OR Ben Roethlisberger (1.11) 2005 First QB taken: Alex Smith (1.1) Best QB of class: Aaron Rodgers (1.24) 2006 First QB taken: Vince Young (1.3) -- 1st round BUST Best QB of class: Jay Cutler (1.11) 2007 First QB taken: JaMarcus Russell (1.1) -- 1st round BUST Best QB of class: Matt Moore (UDFA) OR Trent Edwards (3.92) 2008 First QB taken: Matt Ryan (1.3) Best QB of class: Ryan 2009 First QB taken: Matthew Stafford (1.1) Best QB of class: Stafford 2010 First QB taken: Sam Bradford (1.1) -- 1st round BUST Best QB of class: Bradford 2011 First QB taken: Cam Newton (1.1) Best QB of class: Newton 2012 First QB taken: Andrew Luck (1.1) Best QB of class: Russell Wilson (3.75) 2013 First QB taken: EJ Manuel -- 1st round BUST Best QB of class: Geno Smith (2.39) OR Mike Glennon (3.73) 2014 First QB taken: Blake Bortles (1.3) -- 1st round BUST Best QB of class: Derek Carr (2.36) 2015 First QB taken: Jameis Winston (1.1) Best QB of class: Winston 2016 First QB taken: Jared Goff (1.1) Best QB of class: Dak Prescott (4.135) 2017 First QB taken: Mitchell Trubisky (1.2) -- 1st round BUST Best QB of class: Pat Mahomes (1.10) 2018 First QB taken: Baker Mayfield (1.1) Best QB of class: Lamar Jackson (1.32) OR Josh Allen (1.7)
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    You all know what he's going to say. We could write up a script tonight and it probably wouldn't be far off the mark. "We have total confidence in Sam. He's our guy and we've got to give him the support he needs. He can't do it alone." "Adam is a great coach and a great teacher." "It's not just about the QB. It's not just about the head coach. Everyone in the building has to do better." "We're not giving up on the season." "There are no quick fixes. We've got a plan and we're going to see it through." "Chris Johnson has been great. Couldn't ask for a better, more supportive owner. He wants to win as much, or more, than the rest of us." There you go. I saved you the trouble of having to tune in tomorrow.
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    Currently our SOS is 0.591 and Jaguars is 0.554. This seemingly insurmountable deficit can be closed in just one week if everything goes the Jets way next week. The key reason is because we don't play giving an opponent an automatic win and a what I will call a super game that will have huge ramifications. This super game is the Ravens at Patriots in which the Patriots need to lose which seems likely. This is the extremely rare game in our division opponent, which counts twice, plays a team that we don't and the Jaguars do. The only game bigger than this is Patriots vs Texans the following week. If for example the Colts lose to the Titans we only gain 0.004 but the Patriots game will have a 0.012 swing. These are the key games that could close the gap. Colts at Titans Texans at Browns Bills at Cardinals Washington at Lions Chargers at Dolphins 49ers at Saints Ravens at Patriots If the bolded teams lose the Jets SOS is 0.558 and the Jaguars 0.562. The odds are not all the games will go our way but as long as the Ravens beat the Patriots the gap will narrow.
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    Man I hope joe douglas reads this and chooses to keep an eye on the saints
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    Shocked that the game was as competitive as it was. To be honest I expected KC to score 35 points in the first half. But in the end the Jets stayed true to form and they're half way to the #1 pick: - Its now certain, LeVeon Bell is done. In an offense as explosive as KC he looked exactly like he did with the Jets. No speed, no power, no nothing. Credit to the fans who doubted him last year they were right - I know Eric Bieniemy is going to be mentioned as a HC candidate for the Jets. But I question what is he actually responsible for? He doesn't call plays, Andy Reid does and when Mahomes was on the bench he was reviewing plays with Mike Kafka (QB Coach). So what exactly would he bring to the table? - Denzel Mims had a another good first half (2 recs / 42 yds). But then had only one target for the rest of the game. KC CB's aren't that good, Mims needed to be force fed targets to speed up his development. He's the only WR that played who is assured of being on the roster next year, he needed to be featured - LaMical Perine has to replace Frank Gore and get the majority of reps. Again just like Mims he's the only RB who is assured of being on the team next year. Push his development - Wow!!! Chris Herndon's game is absolute trash!!! He either disappears, drops balls or catches balls them immediately fumbles them. WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS GUY??? - Bless Austin shows an excellent ability to tackle. Now he has to develop in coverage because he got roasted today. I guess Gregg Williams was scared to play press coverage (understandable against KC) because Austin gave up a ton of space to the WR off the snap - Good to see Ashtyn Davis in the starting line up but he has a long way to go. Gave up way too much space to Kelce in the middle of the field. And he got turned around and roasted on one of Hill's TD's - Quinnen Williams (3 Tkls, 2 TFL, QB Hit) and John Franklin-Myers (3 Tkls, TFL) continued to show the ability to disrupt and get into the backfield QB Present/Future - My biggest take away from Sam Darnold today is the continued deep ball inaccuracy. The game was 21-9 at the end of the first half and Jeff Smith beat his man by 2 steps and Darnold missed him by 2-3 yards!!! That should've been a layup TD to make the score 21-16 with the Jets getting the ball to start the second half. They wouldn't have won the game but a third year QB has to make that throw Which brings us to the possible QB's of the future Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields. Both of whom have shown terrific deep ball accuracy in their careers, here's a little comparison I did: If Trevor Lawrence is a "generational talent" then what is Justin Fields? Because as I've watched them play the only differences I see between the two are 3 inches in height and games played because Fields basically "redshirted" his first year at Georgia: https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/trevor-lawrence-1.html https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/justin-fields-2.html Fields first year playing full time (2019) matches Lawrence first year (2018): Comp %: Fields 67% - Lawrence 65% Yards: Fields 3273 - Lawrence 3280 TD/INT: Fields 41/3 - Lawrence 30/4
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    Jets finish the season 0-16 or 1-15 with the #1 overall pick. The Jags are the biggest threat to the Jets in terms of #1 pick but based on how we saw Luton play I think they squeak out a game over the course of the rest of the season. Woody Johnson comes home and fires Adam Gase, taking the heat off of Christopher Johnson and Joe Douglas. Coaching Staff HC - Greg Roman, he's a NJ guy (Atlantic City) and has had a hand in developing/designing offenses around his starting QBs most notably Andrew Luck, Alex Smith, Collin Kaep, Tyrod Taylor, & Lamar Jackson. Has never finished worse than 5th in interceptions thrown, in 4 of 7 seasons his teams have been top 5 in points scored, and all but 1 season they've been top 10 in giveaways. Oh and did I mention he was the Ravens OL assistant while Joe Douglas was scouting with Baltimore. OC - Mike Kafka, Eric Bieniemy may be the OC in KC but the guy I have my eye on in QB Coach Mike Kafka. When you watch Patrick Mahomes going to the sidelines it is Mike Kafka who is in his ear not Eric Bieniemy. While he hasn't been a playcaller before he doesn't necessarily have to take on that responsibility fully with Roman as the HC. Kafka will be able to spend his time grooming our new QB unlike the setup in our current regime. DC - Chris Hewitt, he spent 8 years with Greg Schiano at Rutgers as the RB & CB Coach, 8 years with Baltimore as a DB coach and was promoted to Pass Defense Coordinator this year with the Ravens. He follows Roman to NY to take on a secondary in desperate need of a rebuild. Salary Cap Space Spotrac - $84M OTC - $82M The Jets are going to have $30m in cap space roll over into 2021, with the lack of fans in the stands the salary cap drops to the agreed upon floor of $176m. For arguments sake I am going to use the lower of these 2 numbers given by OTC/Spotrac giving us a starting point of $82M. Cuts DE - Henry Anderson - $8.2m in savings, has not lived up to his contract **OT - George Fant - I'm torn on him, I don't want to weaken our OL but he leaves a lot to be desired. Jets have plenty of cap space to let this play out for 1 more year. Our Own FAs WR - Breshaud Perriman - Walk S - Bradley McDougald - Walk OLB - Jordan Jenkins - Walk CB - Pierre Desir - Walk LB - Neville Hewitt - Walk LB - Patrick Onwuasor - 1 Year $2m - Same contract he had this past year, a familiar face for CJ Mosley and a cheap stand in until a replacement can be found K - Sam Ficken - ERFA - 1 Year $850k - have been pleasantly surprised with Ficken this year, not tied to this signing would be fine with Castillo under the same contract. WR - Jeff Smith - ERFA - 1 Year $780k - Speed kills and Jeff Smith has a lot of it. With the Jets in need of WR help I think we hold onto a cheap option to see how he gels with the new staff. WR - Vyncint Smith - RFA - 1 Year $2.3m (Original Round Tender) - More than I'd like to spend on Smith since he wasn't healthy this season but I really like the upside for the same reasons I retained Jeff Smith. Slot CB - Brian Poole - 2 Years $12m - He's easily been the best member of our secondary, I'd be willing to up our price to keep him if it comes to it but I think he will show loyalty to the Jets and resign. FS - Marcus Maye - 3 Years $30m - This contract could definitely be lower but we may have to overpay to retain his services. I think he'll try to return home to Florida and play for former HC Todd Bowles or possibly to Miami. Jets need to start retaining some of their own players and Maye has been a leader for this team in the wake of Jamal leaving. This contract would make him the 12th highest paid safety. Salary Cap = $68m Free Agents WR - Allen Robinson II - 5 Years $100m - Let's face it the Jets need WR help and we are not an attractive destination heading into FA. The threat of Trevor Lawrence pulling an Eli is still very real in Jets fans minds. While I think there is a very small chance it happens the Jets should be looking to make this landing spot look as good as possible. As for Robinson, he gets the same deal Cooper got (it does allow for an out after 2 years) but the Jets pay a premium for a WR who has been lights out over the course of his career with sub par QBs. LG - Joe Thuney - 4 Years $60m - This was the big FA I expected the Jets to land last season prior to his franchise tag with the Patriots. I think Joe Douglas will be dialed in again this offseason. Continue to build the OL, an area that was sorely lacking with Sam. Thuney did not commit a penalty during the entire 2019 campaign and has only 2 this season. Oh and this guy has never missed a start. In this situation I'd look to slide Alex Lewis to RG. EDGE - Romeo Okwara - 3 Years $27m - I was a big fan of Julian Okwara last year who is also a member of the Detroit Lions. Romeo initially started his career with the NY Giants as an UDFA. This is a sizable leap in contract for him but again, Jets are not an attractive landing spot. Had 7.5 Sacks in 2018, 1.5 Sacks in 2019 (arrival of Trey Flowers), and has 5 Sacks in 8 games in 2020. Jets will have an out after 1 season if things head south but they roll the dice on a promising young Edge Rusher. Salary Cap = $24m - We'll need to save ~$8m just to sign our draft class, leaving us $16m available to make in-season trades or potentially swing a 2022 late round pick for a player that could be cut before the start of the 2021 season. NFL Draft 1A) QB - Trevor Lawrence - Clemson - This is the generational talent that we have heard about all season long. At 6'6" he is the perfect combination of Height, Strength, Speed, and Smarts. There have only been 2 QBs in the history of the NFL to refuse to play for the team that drafted them Elway and Eli, and while the threat of that happening to the Jets should be a small thought, I think it is drastically overblown. Assuming he'll play here this will be the easiest pick in the draft. 1B) WR - DeVonta Smith - Alabama - That's right 3 WR Smiths on this team. The dude has wheels and would be a much needed shot in the arm. Imagine a WR core of Robinson II, Mims, Smith, Crowder as your top 4 weapons? Douglas decided to go all in on offense and surround his shiny new QB with the best weapons he can. 2A) RB - Kenny Gainwell - Memphis - I really would love Travis Etienne but I get the feeling he doesn't make it out of the first round. I don't like the idea of spending a #1 on a RB because of how high that 5th year option will be, but first pick in the 2nd round is a sweet spot for me. Gainwell opted out of the 2020 season after losing 4 family members to COVID19. He is elite out of the backfield and isn't afraid to burst through the OL. He feels very much like Kamara and will be an elite option in the backfield. *TRADE* The Jets trade Sam Darnold to the Pittsburgh Steelers/NO Saints in return for a 2nd Round Pick 2B) RT - Daniel Faalele - Minnesota - at 6'9 400 lbs we'd have the largest pair of OTs the league has ever seen. He has only been playing football for 3 years so there is a ton of room to grow. It's not a sure thing that the Faalele will come out this year since he opted out due to COVID. He may decide to return for his senior season. However if he does this is exactly the type of prospect that I'd love to add to our OL. 3A) EDGE - Joe Tryon - Washington - He opted out because the Pac-12 wasn't supposed to play until Spring (they decided to start playing in Nov instead) The Jets haven't had a serious EDGE presence since John Abraham. Tryon may not provide that right out of the gate but the Jets have to start attempting to solve this decade long problem. 3B) CB - Asante Samuel Jr. - Florida State - This name may sound familiar and that's cause he is the son of former NFL CB Asante Samuel. He is not afraid to tackle and has a knack for breaking up passes. 4) G/C - Alec Lindstrom - Boston College - Connor McGovern had a down year in 2020 but I think it may have more to due with coaching scheme than anything else. Top 10 Centers don't just fall to the bottom of the ranks in one season. I'd like to give him 1 more year in a new system before moving on from him. The 4th round is the perfect spot to snag a replacement to groom while we figure McGovern out. Again this player has a family history in the league with brother Chris going in the first round in 2019 and his Father also playing in the league. 5A) LB - Nate Landman - Colorado - Nicknamed "The Hammer" the guy flies all over the field, I would not expect him to start on defense right away but he could see a hefty amount of time on ST 5B) S - Damar Hamlin - Pitt - Another add to the secondary that we can groom and can contribute on ST 6) OLB - Shaka Toney - Penn State - Plays LB at Penn State but projects as an OLB in the NFL. Perhaps we can find a steal in the later rounds to assist with our pass rush but worst case scenario he is a solid tackler on ST. I'm sure draft grades will change and some may go way higher or way lower but that's my initial Mock Offseason.
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    Here come the purity tests. Yes. I’m delighted. Put yourself in a position to get the franchise QB. Whether Lawrence or even Fields are to bust I’d rather swing and miss than to have no shot. We’ve cost ourselves a ton of elite talent over the years with meaningless wins. Nice selective examples too. Lawrence is a better prospect than Mayfield ever was.
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    He's getting us to 0-16. O Captain my Captain
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    Jets fans: Smart teams draft a QB every year. Team drafts a QB: Why did they waste that pick?
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    Two firsts and a third for a strong safety on the worst pass defense in football who *might* play 11 games, at best this year.
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    If Seattle knew this is what they would be getting, they would have laughed their asses off at the idea of giving up 2 1sts and a 3rd. So far this trade has been very good for the Jets:
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    Team that doesn't have a QB drafts a QB. Outrage ensues. More on this at 11.
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    Awesome thread. Here’s me holding my newborn a few days ago. After an extended stay at the hospital, mom and baby girl are doing well and we’re being discharged later today. Her big bro (17 months old) is so excited for us to finally come home so he can meet her. Now is when the real work starts - hoping he doesn’t crush her while trying to play with her!
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    Pat's can't draft the next TB in the 6th if we have all the picks.
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    Hey everyone! Long time no see! Just wanted to pop in and say hi (But definitely not under my obnoxious old user name...apologies to anyone who had to deal with me as an immature teenager)! Thanks for following along, and thanks for the support.
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    Denzel Mims, in games he's been active, leads the NFL in Air Yards. Basically means he isn't getting dink and donk easy pass catching attempts to pad his stats. The current leaders in air yards (who have played the whole season) are Metcalf/Diggs/Jeudy/Robinson/Tyreek/C Ridley/Lockett. That is pretty good company to be in. Of course it wouldn't mean anything if Mims was getting shut out. but he is producing fairly well for a rookie. Denzel Mims is also the first Jet WR to post 40 receiving yards in his first 4 games.
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    What led to Manish losing his Jets credentials? A lot of things. But the last straw was when Manish decided to harass Jets GM Joe Douglas’ child at a baseball game. A low life loser would be the only person to do something like this. JD should have pummeled him.
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    Interesting dynamics going on in the last two games. Two close losses (good) and within the contests young players are flashing (better). On top of that I've been impressed with the fight I'm seeing. There's been no "loafing" and players seem dialed in looking to win the game. Are these indications that a young roster hasn't been tainted by 0-10 and are developing or is it a "dead cat bounce", we'll see: - Mekhi Becton throws a shutout against Bosa & Ingram as he locks down the left side. LAC actually flipped Bosa to the right side to get him away from Becton. He had a crazy double block on LaMical Perine's TD run, Becton "hand checked" Bosa out of the way then got to the second level and took out the LB. Stud - Impressive leap forward for Bryce Hall in his second game. No longer tentative he competed hard and produced 7 Tkls, a TFL and nice awareness/ coverage on deep routes. He got chewed up by Allen just like everyone else but the tools are there. In my book he's surpassed Bless Austin in just two games - Continued growth by Ashtyn Davis as he finished with 12 Tkls, a TFL and a Fumble Recovery. He's light on strength and his blitz timing needs work but I can see him filling the "hybrid" role in the future - Denzel Mims had his best game (3 recs / 71 yds) so far with multiple high point acrobatic catches. He also drew multiple pass interference penalties and showed excellent strength in not getting knocked off his routes and fighting for catches - I said it before I'll have no problem if Joe Douglas brings back Breshad Perriman on another one year deal. Excellent deep speed and ball tracking again (2 recs / 54 yds / TD), having him as a #4 WR next year would provide terrific depth and versatility - Of course Chris Herndon had to drop another easy ball. But then he infuriates you by making two acrobatic catches (2 recs / 32 yds / TD) as he stretched the field similar to 2018. Question Herndon, which player are you exactly??? - So Sam Ficken you come back to take over for Sergio Castillo and miss 2 XP? Really??? Castillo hang around Florham Park, you'll definitely be invited back for camp next year - LaMical Perine you have to stay on the field. A decent start (8 rush / 33 yds / TD) gets cut short by an injury - With Steve McLendon leaving Foley Fatukasi has grown as a NT. Good game (6 Tkls, 1.5 TFL) as he led an excellent rush defense (26 rush / 29 yds) that clamped down LAC - Quinnen Williams makes a nice return from his injury (3 Tkls, Sack, TFL, 2 QB Hits) Other Stuff - I'm surprised at Justin Herbert's performance so far. Is he this good or is he a product of throwing to big time WR's like Allen, Williams and Henry? Or a combination of both, we'll see - With the fight I'm seeing from the players and Sam Darnold coming back I'm concerned that this team may win some games going forward
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    You constantly gushed over Baker Mayfield... /thread
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    Nice day to have the press conference... I mean there is nothing going on here tomorrow right , right ???
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    Happy Thanksgiving Marty Lyons and thank you for all you do. Mission for ex-Jets star Lyons is granting ill kids' wishes Wed Nov 25 2:26am ET By DENNIS WASZAK Jr. AP Pro Football Writer NEW YORK (AP) Marty Lyons pauses, fights back tears and clears his throat nearly every time he mentions the children who are no longer here. The former New York Jets defensive lineman and longtime team radio analyst has seen way too many youngsters enter his life and then die from the cancer and other illnesses that have robbed them - and their loved ones - of bright futures. ''I mean, these are little kids, but the pain that their families endure for the rest of their life is, sometimes it's unbearable because there's always going to be a missing face,'' Lyons said during a telephone interview. ''There's always going to be a birthday to celebrate.'' But also so many other days to remember the lasting impacts they made in just a few short years. ''These kids that are unfortunately dying at an early age are teachers in the game of life, even though they might only be 4 or 5 or 6 years old,'' Lyons said. ''They have a message. I remember one little girl I met, she looked at me and said, `Mr. Marty, why are you crying?' ''And I couldn't get out an answer because she said, `I'm going to be OK. I've already seen the angels.''' Lyons has been on a mission - 38 years and counting - to fulfill the wishes of children between the ages of 3 and 17 who have been diagnosed with a terminal or life-threatening illness. He started the Marty Lyons Foundation in 1982 and the nonprofit has granted over 8,000 wishes and raised over $35 million while growing to 10 chapters in 13 states. The 63-year-old former football star also has a new book called, ''If These Walls Could Talk: Stories From The New York Jets Sideline, Locker Room and Press Box.'' Co-authored by Lou Sahadi, the book includes tales from Lyons' playing days at Alabama and then as a member of the ''New York Sack Exchange'' with the Jets, along with observations from his 19 years as a radio broadcaster. It's also packed with emotional stories about the young children he has met along the way. ''I wanted to make sure that the readers understood that there was more to me than being a football player,'' said Lyons, a member of the Jets' ring of honor. ''Certainly, I appreciate it and I'm very humbled and honored to be a part of the Jets organization, and I loved every minute of it. But there is nothing more important than me telling crossover stories about kids that have lost their lives at an early age because of cancer.'' Lyons signed over all of the proceeds he gets from the book directly to his foundation, which was started after the most emotionally tough week of his life. His oldest son Rocky was born on March 4, 1982, and Marty's father was making plans to fly to New York to meet his grandson. Leo Lyons never made the trip, dying at 58 of a heart attack on March 8. While attending his father's wake in Florida two days later, Lyons called home and received the news that Keith, his little brother in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, died of leukemia just two months shy of his sixth birthday. ''So, in a matter of six days, I was challenged,'' Lyons recalled. ''I kept asking myself, what am I doing wrong in life? Why would God do this to me? And the more I asked why me, the more I learned to understand I was actually saying, why not somebody else?'' But Lyons didn't want anyone to feel the pain he was experiencing. So he approached Jets teammate Ken Schroy about what he could do to make more of a difference. From there, the Marty Lyons Foundation was born, and the two continue to brighten young children's days by granting wishes - a visit to Disney World, celebrity meet-and-greets, a computer, a swimming pool - and being there for their families during the darkest of times. ''He takes that passion from his playing days and switched it to a passion for the children,'' said Schroy, a former safety who was Lyons' Jets teammate from 1979-84. ''It's amazing to see him interact with so many children. We've been to so many hospitals with children fighting for their lives. Granting the wishes was the easy part. Helping them fight the disease moving forward was tough. ''And Marty, he just wears his heart on his sleeve. He always did. He's just an amazing man.'' The coronavirus pandemic has hampered the Marty Lyons Foundation's abilities to grant as many wishes as it usually does. It's holding a virtual silent auction through its site from Nov. 27-Dec. 11 to help raise funds to fulfill more wishes. Lyons is quick to deflect credit for his foundation's work, insisting it's the group of staffers, friends and volunteers that has helped him build it to what it is today. The book has allowed him to recognize them, while also impacting readers. ''I've had people reply back: `When I read the book, I found myself laughing and I found myself crying, and at the end of the book, I found myself inspired,''' Lyons said. ''I know for me writing it, it was an emotional roller coaster.'' The chuckles in the locker room and on the playing fields. The tears shed over the children and their families. And, the lessons learned over 38 years. ''My dad loved life,'' Lyons said, his voice cracking. ''But, if I had to tell him, `Dad, you're going to die so that I could start a foundation and I could help all these kids,' he would've said, `Fine. Let me have one more cigarette, one more beer and I'm good.' It doesn't take away the pain. But when I started the foundation, it was the vehicle for me to move on because life doesn't stop for any one of us. ''When all is said and done and you look back at your life and what you were able to do and what you were able to accomplish, the biggest question you can ask yourself is, did I make an impact?''
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  28. 24 points
  29. 24 points
    So let me get this straight, One of the prime coaching candidates we would be lucky to land in Joe Brady, is a staff member of Matt Rhule. The guy who (just 20 months ago) we couldn’t lock down because we were afraid he couldn’t assemble a competent coaching staff Seriously?
  30. 24 points
    This is gross. Moving from one city to another doesn’t “cure” depression, as Jamal asserts in this clip. To try and play his comments off as admitting to a mental health crisis (instead of as whining) is disgusting and does a huge disservice to those who actually struggle with depression.
  31. 24 points
  32. 24 points
    I realize it’s CGI, but this officially counts as your 1,000th picture of a shirtless male posted on JetNation dot com.
  33. 23 points
    Sad news to report. A long-time member of the NC Jets Fan club passed away last week. It especially hurts as his family and my family have been close for over 40 years starting back in Poughkeepsie NY before both our dads got transferred with IBM to NC in the early 80s. Sean was a great dude, always the life of the party, always made everyone feel welcome. He was one of the "cool kids" growing up and even though I was a "nerd" he always included me whether we were on the same Bambino league baseball team where both our dads were coaches (Go Golden Corral!) or just hanging out. Here's a link to his obituary. https://www.brightfunerals.com/tributes/Sean-Loughran From his obituary: "He was a huge NC State and NY Jets fan. " He bled green all the way. 42 years young. Too soon. RIP my man.
  34. 23 points
  35. 23 points
    Max might want to start thinking about a subscription service for JN with hard hitting reporting like this. I’d pay.
  36. 23 points
    Amazing what happens when you have a QB under center who can diagnose a pre snap blitz and read more than half of the field.
  37. 23 points
    You're 0-8 with the 32nd ranked offense. Let Morgan or White play the second half. Becton starts, 10+ targets for Mims, get Cam Clark some reps, 15+ carries for Perine, let Hall get majority of reps at CB, let Zuinga have all of Henry Anderson's reps with Byrce Huff doing the same to Jordan Jenkins. Oh, and Braden Mann gets his usual dozen or so punts. Season is over. Develop some of these guys.
  38. 23 points
    Standing at 6'6", he was an athletic specimen at LSU. His measurables were 'off the charts' crazy. The finest of athletic specimens. That man? Jamarcus Russell. Highly touted at LSU in 2007, Russell was a big physical specimen with a cannon of an arm who was highly productive. Obviously, he's going into the hall of fame. Pro Tip: If you think you discovered some secret to picking players who will be superstars in the NFL...take a deep breath, whisper T0mShane into the mirror 3 times, take a dump and then realize you didn't. It's never that simple...and certainly not 'undefeated'
  39. 22 points
    Extremely misleading. Mims two games didnt have Perriman. Perrimans two games didnt have Mims. That makes a difference.
  40. 22 points
    He basically makes the game worth watching. So do the other rookies. Glad to see they are actually pretty good already.
  41. 22 points
    Sure he’s had some missteps along the way. Not resigning Robby, drafting a QB in round 4. However these 2 moves alone have cemented him a great GM. 1) Drafting Mekhi Becton. This guy is an All Pro LT for next 12 years. 2) Trading Jamal for two 1s and a 3. What an absolute haul. Not to mention saving the $16m in cap space we’d have to use on him. Jamal having a lot of problems in Seattle Douglas is the best GM this team has had in awhile. He will make us a contender soon.
  42. 22 points
    My old ass ugly self with my better looking family. And another picture of my son and why I've delegated any boy harassment issues of the girls to him.
  43. 22 points
    This is an old pic of me. Excuse the mess.
  44. 22 points
    Weak immune system just like Sammy. Fields it is.
  45. 21 points
    The 2005 Jets were coming off a playoff season, and one in which Chad Pennington had played reasonably well. However, it was also a season where he missed 3 games to injury. He'd missed 6 in 2003. However, this seemed to be enough at QB to "run it back" in 2005, and the Jets decided to trade back from the # 23 spot with the Raiders, adding worthless TE Doug Jolley in the mix and ending up taking a Kicker with their first pick in the 2nd round. Who went the pick after the Jets' original pick slot? Aaron Rodgers, at # 24. Granted, there's no reason to believe the team would have taken Rodgers at that spot even if they were ready to move on from Pennington. They may well have opted for an alternative QB in that draft, like Jason Campbell, Charlie Frye, Andrew Walter or David Greene. But its still true that Rodgers would have been available to them. In 2012, the Jets tried to bring in Peyton Manning, and failed. As part of a "makeup sex" attempt, they unnecessarily went out of their way to hand Sanchez an expensive contract extension. In Round 2, rumor has it that Terry Bradway was "pounding the table" for Russell Wilson, but Mike Tannenbaum opted to run it back with Sanchez instead. We're all well aware of the Christian Hackenberg-Jamal Adams vs Pat Mahomes/Deshaun Watson decision. No need to rehash that one. That's 3 instances where the Jets had chances to draft HOF-caliber Quarterbacks, but instead settled for what they already had on the roster, despite all available evidence suggesting their QB's at the time were not the answer. Those few fans out there who are afraid of Sam Darnold going on to greatness elsewhere, and would prefer to hang on for another year, should be far more worried about passing on a QB (whoever it is from this class, if anyone) who may well go on to be a future Hall of Famer. After all, no Jet QB who failed with the Jets went on to great success elsewhere. But at least 3 times, QB's the Jets passed on did.
  46. 21 points
    Depression is a real thing and not to be confused with being a whiny bitch baby.
  47. 21 points
    Can we please see James Morgan? We're tanking, I just want some second half play once Flacco leads us to a deficit.
  48. 21 points
    Me with Sanchez and Smith, Father's day this year. Darnold joined about 3 weeks later.
  49. 21 points
    A recent photo of me and the missus, me and the big guy (my son), and my new little lion.
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