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  1. Last week was scan week for Lauren, it happens every 3 months. Scans are MRI (Brain) and Upper Body CT Scan (Breast cancer has metastasized). Treatment has been rough lately, she is beat up pretty good. Scans last week, telehealth on Monday and Tuesday with the results (different Doctors). Anyhow the call came in Monday, and when the Oncologist said, I am really happy with these results that was all we needed to hear. They have changed her treatments about 5 times because of inconsistent results. On Monday they gave the Tuesday results and they were even better. This was the first time in a while that everything cooperated. Everything got smaller or stabilized. Some of the spots shrunk by half. So, Aaron Rodgers, I love you, brother, and I want you here. But regardless of what you decide, I got everything out of this week I could have asked for. Thank you everyone for the love and support. @JetFanByMarriage appreciates it. I appreciate it. And you know what, let's double down on a great week. C'mon Aaron get over here, we are in a mood to celebrate!
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  2. We got the results on Friday. Quick recap, her breast cancer had come back last year, a few surgeries and chemo every few weeks, since last May. Then in January (new years eve) to be exact they found out the breast cancer spread to her brain. New chemo started this winter and before that whole head radiation. This process is a real MF'er, it knocks you out for two months. Anyhow, I recap and mention all this because on Friday she had her 2nd brain MRI. The news was fantastic, the radiation worked and the new chemo is working. It is basically all gone in her brain, two pinpoint spots that are shrinking and they might just be scar tissue. Everything else is gone. She has a Scan of her upper body at the end of the month to check on everything else. Last time the news was good there, hoping for more good news. I type all this out because I refuse to let the Jets ruin any day. My daughter and younger son were in a play tonight and I saw the Zach Wilson stuff just as the show was about to start. Sucks. So sad. Devastating. Then I breathe and as much as I want the Jets to win, as mad as I get when bad things happen to the Jets, I remind myself it is just a game. And I appreciate even being able to root for this crazy franchise. Cancer is brutal, wouldn't wish it on anybody. But watching Lauren battle for the past 9 years, man it sure has changed my perspective. Here is to some good news for Zach Wilson on Saturday!
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  3. I know I have the other pinned thread and I will end up merging this. Just wanted to give everyone an update. Lauren has been undergoing chemo and hormone therapy for the recurrence of her breast cancer that had spread to a few places. They started new chemo and it is a bomb, tough stuff but hopefully effective. She gets whole-body scans again today, so we will see if things are still progressing in the right direction (the last scans were good). Unfortunately, she had chemo on 12/30 and on 12/31 she wasn't feeling good. Short-staffed at Memorial Sloan Kettering, they told her to go to the hospital that they are affiliated with. She was admitted and the short version is she has some swelling of her brain, some cancer cells escaped, and were trying to set up shop in a new location. Two weeks of daily whole head radiation will begin this week. They said this is treatable and the oncologist felt she will have a good outcome. It is serious and it is though, they said the radiation will know her out for the month of January. We were about to go shopping for a New Year stay at home with the kid's party. The weekend ended up being Lauren in the hospital with no visitors. Tough, really tough. Thanks, everyone for all the support and prayers. You have been amazing. We appreciate it. Off to MSK now to meet about the new treatment plan and for Lauren to get more scans.
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  4. Tough loss! This one hurts. Hats off to you guys though as you guys deserved the victory. You guys blocked our punt, FG, sacked us 4 times. You forced another fumble on us. I think you had close to 200 yards of rushing on our defense. We usually don’t lose at home and haven’t in the regular season since 2020. This stings quite a bit but congratulations to the Jets. You guys earned it. You kicked our teeth in.
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  5. To avoid making a long post even longer and making a longer introduction, many of you know that I have a source within the organization. Many here can confirm this. My source and I have been discussing the Jets since Sunday and where they go from here and he dropped some tidbits on me that I’ve had confirmed to me by a second, more prominent, source and am now ready to share with all of you as I’ve been given the “ok”...so here we go: My guy is pretty certain that if the Jets don’t go QB, that they will either go Sewell and build around Sam for one more “do or die” season, or they will look to trade down (trading down is the preference). However, JD really loves Sewell and a trade may be hard to pull off (although this was all discussed before Cincinnati won and dropped themselves in the draft, so that could change given how much the Bengals want and, quite frankly, need him). I was also told that Zach Wilson is likely a long shot to be the selection (as of today) and Douglas, if he goes QB, is more likely to go Fields. The team is high on Justin. There is, obviously, still a ton of work to be done however. Personally, I still think there’s a shot for Wilson because I believe he is going to absolutely impress with on the whiteboard and in interviews, something JD weighs heavily. Obviously, it’s December. Things can change drastically as the pre-draft process plays out. The most disheartening news that he spilled though is yes, for those who have been keeping tabs on what I said in another thread earlier, there are legitimate rumblings that Marvin Lewis might get a serious look at Head Coach. I just got finished up with the more prominent source who is very connected to the league in order to kinda get a second word on this and can now confirm it. From what I was told, they’re still going to swing for the fences with Matt Campbell and Pat Fitzgerald, but are not sure if they will leave the college ranks, especially without Lawrence. Other names who we’ve talked, and I have mentioned here before, are Greg Roman, Eric Bieniemy, Robert Saleh, Brian Daboll, Matt Eberflus, Don Martindale, and Joe Brady. Personally, I’d like to see Arthur Smith thrown in there too. I believe he will be. A dark horse discussed was Jim Harbaugh, who Woody loves, and has loved for a long time. However, I don’t believe he leaves Michigan (yes @Defense Wins Championships, as much as I don’t love the idea, there is a chance). The more prominent guy basically parroted what I’ve been hearing since last year and throughout this season. The league is MUCH, and I can’t stress that enough, higher on Sam than the fans and such are, which is a big driving force behind the “give Sam one last ride” idea. While it’s obviously very early and almost everything I’m saying right now as of today can change, the league view on every guy not named Trevor is not favorable. Fields is most people’s number 2, with Wilson rising, but that is more of an indictment on what Fields has put on tape this season. The consensus among the league is that Sam can absolutely be salvaged with the right talent + coaching, and that they actually view that as the scenario that would yield more rewards than drafting Fields, Lance, Wilson, etc. Personally, I don’t know how I feel about that, but I’m not the one who is making that decision so I try and remove myself from that headspace. Ideally, JD, as much as he loves Sewell, wants other players at premium positions to blow up from now until draft day, trade down, and get as much high end talent as possible to build a complete team. The thinking is if Sam can’t do it after that, you can still look for a QB next year in a class that, as of now, looks more “whole” than this years class. Both guys also said to me that the league feeling is that, our boy, Maccagnan was a disaster of unparalleled proportions and Sam is far from “broken beyond repair”. They went as far as to say that they believe he is more fixable and moldable than Tannehill was coming out of Miami. Obviously Gase was discussed and they could not stress enough how awful he is scheme-wise. What he does is not “QB friendly” by any stretch of the imagination. From the limitations on audibles (QB sneak-gate was a big example of this) all the way to route combinations. The guy just doesn’t understand how to help his players, particularly his signal caller. Getting back to the draft, as of today (and of course this can change with big performances from a QB like Fields in the playoffs, more extensive film study, and whiteboard work at the combine, etc.) the thinking, not just with us, is that the QBs in this class not named Lawrence are not worth getting fired over. There is less risk with giving Sam one last ride than associating yourself with, say, Zach Wilson, a BYU QB who lights up UCF and teams of that ilk, for the foreseeable future. Especially if you think Sam can still reach his full potential, which was thought to be very high. Of course we discussed the chance that a team like Denver, Indianapolis, Chicago, Pitt, etc. blows JD away with a trade for Sam as well. It’s unlikely, but will be something to monitor. While this news may not thrill many of you, both my source and the prominent person I spoke to in order to further confirm this, have done everything to back me off the “I can’t believe Douglas would do this, what a nightmare” ledge. They stressed that he will get this team on the right track, one way or another, and that he is the real deal. I was nervous to post this because the whole process is early, fluid, and I have no idea what type of information I will get as things change, but I always told you guys that I would be upfront with the information I could share and I will stick to that.
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  6. Good to be back, let's get started with initial impressions. We'll see if these hold true with the two other practices I'll be attending: General Notes - Props to the staff for the smooth movement of 1000+ fans to the practice facility - Practice ran 2 hours and 40 minutes - Shockingly players were in jerseys & shorts (not even shells). Usually by day four pads are worn - With no pads there were no 1 on 1 periods to really break down players movement skills - For the most part it was a 50/50 practice with each side of the ball "flashing" during certain periods New Staff Notes - Practice has three portions now a 24 minute individual warmup period where players work with their position coaches. A 15 minute offense/defense installation period and then the formal practice begins. During the calisthenics period the performance staff added ball skills, where the players had to catch the ball while exercising - As mentioned before only jerseys & shorts on a day that full pads usually come on - During the 15 minute installation period the defense really emphasized the coordination of LB's & DB's in their coverage responsibilities. At various points Jeff Ulbrich (DC) would pull a LB, CB and S and send a route combination at them to see if they knew what they were doing - The DLine staff has brought in a blocking sled that is MUCH lower to the ground than normal. Forcing the DLinemen to get low in their stances and to get underneath OLinemen. Because as the saying goes in line play "the low man wins" - I don't know if this is what Mike Lafleur (OC) normally does but in the initial 11 on 11 periods he really emphasizes the running game. Then later on he opened up the pass game Player Notes - The players auditioning for PR are Elijah Moore, Braxton Berrios, Michael Carter and Keelan Cole - Carl Lawson is going to be a problem. Relentless pursuit in rushing the passer, excellent get off and a wide variety of moves and hand actions. It was a pleasure watching him go against Mekhi Becton, they should really push each other to be better - The DLine as a whole has much more freedom in getting up the field. To the point where Sheldon Rankins pulled a "Dwight Freeney spin move" from his DT position to rush the passer. Quinnen Williams will be scary in this scheme when he comes back. But that comes with a price because with the emphasis on attacking upfield they got "gashed" a couple of times on cut backs - Nice to finally see a creative run scheme straight out of the "Shanahan book". Tons of motions to influence the defense and out of the same formation multiple plays can be run for multiple players. Michael Carter and Tevin Coleman stood out, showing the ability to read the play and determining when/if it was time to cut back - The OLine was effective in run blocking but they'll need to stiffen up in pass blocking. At assorted times the DLine really pushed the pocket causing QB's to throw on the run. Nice holes opened on the left side by Mekhi Becton and Alijah Vera-Tucker - Solid coverage for the most part by the back seven as they seemed to work on matchup zones. Covering receivers to a certain point and then passing them off to another player. They were solid in their assignments to the point were the QB's had to hold the ball for what would be a "sack". An impressive, acrobatic INT by Jason Pinnock (from his back) off of Mike White as he returned it for a TD (30+ yards) QB Notes - They seemed to be "over repping" Zach Wilson to get him up to speed from the two days he missed. And the talents you see on his tape and from his BYU Pro Day were on display. The play of the day was his 80 yard TD (50 yards in the air) to Elijah Moore. Wilson got pressure from his right side, shifted to the left side of the pocket and "flicked" the ball to Moore in stride 50 yards down the right side of the field. In addition you saw Wilson's ability to create when things broke down and throw with accuracy and velocity even when his feet aren't on the ground. It would be nice to finally not be teased by a young QB, we'll see - Surprising performance by James Morgan, he's big and not overly mobile so you wouldn't think he would fit in this offense. But he did a good job moving within the pocket and showed a strong and accurate arm. His two best throws were a 20+ yard seam strike to Tyler Kroft and a 40+ yard TD to DJ Montgomery Standouts - Zach Wilson - Carl Lawson - Elijah Moore - Michael Carter - Jason Pinnock Concerns - DLine run defense on cut backs - OLine need to tighten up the pocket for the QB's
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  7. My father lost his battle with cancer this past Sunday night. He was the toughest man I know, and put up a fight until the end. Unfortunately we did not get to watch one last game together, but I was sure to let him now that they did win two in row for him. He is the reason I am a Jets fan (yes, its fault lol, but I would not change it for the world). Although we moved to FL when I was young, we would often spend summers back in NY, and one of my fondest memories was when he took me to Hofstra for training camp in 86. It was the first time in my life that I met any professional athletes in person, and I still have a Jets helmet with many of the 86 players signatures. Since I was not around when he was able to see the Jets win their only Superbowl, I had always wished that we would be able to see one together. Sadly, that will not happen, but I know he will always be with me, especially if and when I finally get to see one. This picture is from 2012 in Jax at the Tampa Fan Club tailgate. It was the last game we went to together, and I will always have great memories of watching and discussing the jets with him.
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  8. A lot of frustration goes into being a Jet fan. As Jet fans, we all get it. An eleven year playoff drought and coming off a failed highly touted rookie QB only to replace him with someone who -shall we say- hasn’t exactly lit the world on fire has all of us frustrated, and these are topics worthy of discussion. However, if your primary -or exclusive- interaction on this site is; Zach sucks, Becton sucks, Saleh sucks, etc., and you feel the need to call out, criticize, or insult fans of the team who have simply chosen not to give up yet on some of these guys, you are going to get time off. Some of us are actually looking forward to seeing what happens with all the new additions in the second year with this staff, fully aware of the concerns surrounding that big three and others. We’re not gonna have a few repetitive trolls ruin the site with their spamming every thread with their deeply held negative opinions. Again, we’re all for constructive criticism and there are plenty of ways to have those conversations. Just please keep it civil and keep the repetition to a minimum (odds are that we already know your opinion all too well). This really should be a time for a little optimism. A lot of new talent here, the team is 0-0, let’s see what happens, shall we?
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  9. So we know the team is bad. We know they were bad last year and the year before that. Everyone has a right to complain and voice their opinions. But at the same time, people have a right to be a fan of this team. They have a right to say what they feel good about. Some posters are making the site painful right now, turning everything into a "well nothing matters because Zach sucks" site. We don't censor football opinions but let this serve as notice to the few people that are ruining thread after thread after thread. We are going to clean things up and soon so that people can start talking about things again. If your commentary is taking threads off-topic or just is the same thought over and over again, we don't need to be beaten over the head with it. Tough season, no doubt. I will be there on Sunday, the day after Christmas. Right now people on the site would say I am an idiot for going. We all have our opinions but the hate that Jets fans are receiving, for rooting for the team is over the top. Thanks everyone, and go Jets.
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  10. Stop being such a bunch of hypocritical pussies. All I kept hearing was that we need our own coach and QB. We need to start from scratch. That we need to develop younger players and stop wasting time playing vets. Just this past season the board was overrun with posts complaining that Bell and Gore were on the field. 2015 is lambasted as a disaster because we didn't make the playoffs and developed nothing. The board almost universally complains about late season wins because they cost us draft capital. People would rather go 0-16 than 8-8. Now they are doing what you asked and you whine like my son avoiding "rest your eyes time" at pre-school? Suck it up. Things have looked bad. That is no guarantee of success, but it is not a guarantee of failure either. Andy Reid started off -0-4 in Philly. He was an offensive genius brought over from the Packers and his teams scored 29 points over the first 3 games including being shut out. Sound familiar? Kyle Shanahan, with these very guys on staff, started off 0-9 in SF. sh*t may look up and it may not, but Douglas was a well respected hire. He was not some dunce that couldn't handle a press conference brought over because he was the only guy willing to take on Rex. He was not some coffee addled protege of a guy who goes to the wig store and asks for the Moe Howard. He is a guy everybody said would right the ship and play the long game. He is playing the long game. Live with it. Barring some real insanity he gets this year and next. He should.
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  11. Hey - just wanted to let everyone know that my wife, Lauren, her cancer is back. I had posted about it before, years ago. She had breast cancer about 8 years ago and it came back a few years later. She recently hit the 5 year free and clear mark which is a big milestone. Then unfortunately a routine doctors appointment ended up with an emergency hospital stay and pretty invasive surgery. She was in the hospital for a week in May, her breast cancer has returned and unfortunately spread a bit. The Oncologist got the report right away and the team at Memorial Sloan Kettering took over immediately. This morning she had her 5th chemo treatment. That will happen once every week for 18 weeks. The cancer has changed a bit and in a good news \ bad news kind of way they have hormone therapies they are treating her with as well. The oncologist said she feels the outcome will be good here. It is a long road, none of this is fun. But Lauren has amazing family and friends around her. Lauren used to post her back in the day but I realize most of you don't know her. She is the most positive person I have ever met. She simply never complains, just tackles each step and does it all with a smile on her face. So I wanted to let everyone know because we don't do religious talk here but I am a believer. So prayers are definitely appreciated. Thanks!
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  12. I don't post much at all anymore, but I do read the posts and let you younger guys hammer it out. I've been a Jets fan since '64...a junior in high school when the Jets picked Namath. Before that, not much of a fan of any particular team. Fast forward to 1968, the Jets best team by far. I'm in a little place called Vietnam. Found out the Jets won the SB about 3 days after...communication wasn't like it is today. They hire this Joe Douglas guy and to be honest, I didn't know much about him like most of you...just what I read after I knew the Jets were eyeing him. I watched his presser the other day and afterwards, he brought his family on stage. BAM...there it was! Like a beacon in the dark that made my eyes almost as big as our HC. Joe's dad standing in the back wearing a cap...it said VIETNAM VETERAN. Like I said, it doesn't mean anything to you guys, but to me, this is an omen or it could be nothing. Let's hope this is an omen, because I'm in the winter of my life and not many seasons left.
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  13. So sad that this needs to be a thing but apparently it is. If you want to be racist, feel the need to call out anyone's religion or anything like that you will be banned. Immediately. Plenty of places where you can go on the internet and spread your ignorance. But I deleted multiple posts today because people think it is acceptable to blast the head coach and call him out in ways that have nothing to do with football. Other than the obvious, you should be embarrassed that this hate speech exists in your head, I will add this is a no-questions-asked ban.
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  14. Thank you @Mogglez and @football guy for all the information you guys were able to share with us in the HC search process! Please ignore the trolls in this forum and be sure that your contribution will always be appreciated. Go Jets!
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  15. Hey guys, its been a little while since posting. Earlier this year moved out of my parents house into my own house, and in between re-painting EVERY ROOM but 2, I have been hard at work on my den which has become my Jets Man Cave. I'm really happy with how this has turned out. I had a rough idea of how I wanted to do things, but it became like a puzzle and all the pieces began falling place. There's a lot of depressing stuff going on right now, so i'm hoping to provide a little relief unveiling it off to the rest of my JetNation friends The first part is what you see when you come down the stairs. Some figures, foam fingers, and some pictures. On the wall is a pic of my dad and I at both of our first game, 2008 Jets Vs Rams. 47-3 Final score Jets W. Got to see Brett Favre play his best game as a Jet. Only game without an interception, and the only thing Jets fans boo'd about was not going for a FG at the end for 50 points. This was still the largest margin of victory as well. Also pictured is me with Sam at last years training camp, a Mark Gastineau signed photo and a Joe Namath Silver Ink signed photo Next as you turn into the den a few framed jerseys and card display. The Sheldon Richardson is a signed Game Used Jersey from his rookie year when he won Defensive Rookie of the Year and a Sack Exchange jersey signed by all 4 members of the sack exchange Behind the sectional is my bobble head collection over the years from games as well as purchases Zooming out is a couple more framed Jerseys: A Game used Jeremy Kerley(from when he scored his first NFL touchdown), and a Boomer Esiason game used signed jersey. Boomer Esiason is the reason I became a Jets fan when I was younger(My dad was an Eagles fan, and I wanted my own team to root for, so I took the Jets because they were Green like the Eagles, and Boomer was the coolest name int he world to a 5 year old kid) This is my favorite piece in my collection. Around the corner is my professionally framed Joe Namath Signed jersey, a Boomer Pennant as well as a card display that has all Boomer, Darnold, and Joe Namath Autographs, Patches, or jersey cards. In front of the sectional is the jumbo 82 inch TV, and framed Wayne Cherbet and Curtis Martin signed jerseys. The Martin has the HOF inscription. And on the last wall is the rest of my collection. Some stuff on this wall: Darnold, Namath, Esiason, and Maynard signed Mini Helmets Signed team footballs from 09-19 one each year for training camp(I purchased the one from 2011 with the lockout, but aside form that all the sigs were acquired by me on the team balls) Mark Sanchez signed football that was for season ticket holders(purchased on eBay) with the new stadium on it Mark Sanchez sweatband from Training camp Santonio Holmes signed Photo Some custom McFarlane figures Mini Helmets on the top Other collectibles And then another card display of autographs or patches Some close ups of the jerseys: And another angle of the room to show off some mini pennants across the beam:
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  16. And no this isn't in reference to what Joe Douglas is doing to the Jets roster. People are fighting. Personal attacks. Name calling. Ruining the board. This is a general statement and a final plea for everyone to just use the Ignore feature if there is someone here you find that you don't agree with. We run this site in a pretty relaxed manner (try to) by design. That means we ask people to treat each other with respect. Unfortunately there are many cases were that isn't happening here right now. To the 99.9999% of posters that are doing the right thing and getting along we thank you. Such an exciting time for this franchise. New staff, competent GM, finally have the right organizational reporting structure and the schedule and draft are weeks away. There is so much good stuff to talk about and finally be happy for. So again, to those that come here and are doing the right thing, we do appreciate it. To the few that want to litter the board with politics and personal attacks, the clean up is coming.
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  17. Because someone had the temerity to suggest Maccagnan has done a good job here - or even an acceptable one - page one of JetNation must be counterbalanced with another highlighting how awful he is and has been. There's a well known expression, that gets repeated around here a lot, about the definition of insanity. Keeping a GM like Maccagnan makes me think of that. Another that comes to mind goes something like those who don't know history are destined to repeat it. Well plenty have brought up draft picks, particularly those drafted outside the top 6 overall (where a junior high school kid could credibly succeed if armed only with an internet connection) -- selections that range from the merely terrible to the outright humiliating. However Maccagnan is and has been the GM here, and not merely the head of college scouting, so let's see more of the non-draft GM'ing we can expect more of in the future by looking at the past...if you get an hour with nothing to do, lol: Right away he set the stage to lose Damon Harrison instead of extending him while he had all the leverage. It's stupidity he's repeated to this day, and the only reason it isn't more obvious is he has signed so few players worth keeping that there's again a mountain of cap room. It's doubtful Snacks would have cost even $6MM per year as a RFA in the spring of 2015, when no one would fork over a 2nd rounder to pry him away from us (nor was there a leak anyone offered us anything at all for him, to see if we'd take a 4th rounder or something) -- not even after the draft, when a surrendered pick wouldn't come due until the following season. We had a mountain of cash to spend, and instead of using a mere $5MM-ish of it to reinvest in the DL's keystone, it myopically went on short-term older and bad veterans listed below. So we lost him in 2016, after 1 more year of his consistently good play, and then spent $3.5 MM/year on Steve McLendon to replace him. This FA Master decided that the 30 year-old McLendon and ~$2MM/year savings was worth more than the 27 year-old Harrison. After the swap, the Jets' DL immediately fell apart and it hasn't been the same ever since. Where'd that mountain of cap money go instead? David Harris at $7.5MM per with 2 years fully guaranteed. It was utterly ridiculous at the time to pay him like a top-5 ILB. He was slow 5 years earlier in his mid-20s when Alge Crumpler, who looked every bit of 300 pounds in his final NFL season, ran him down from behind (and from across the field) after a pick was thrown right at him in the playoffs. Solid player once upon a time, but at this time to hand him this contract was just foolishness. It foreshadowed what was to come from a GM who was in way over his head from the start. Antonio Cromartie at $7MM for 2015 (and $8MM per beyond that if kept) was insane. It may have been only 1 year, but they paid him 2 years of his annual value in that 1 year. Arizona got him for half that in between his Jets years. Worse still, this stupidity was offered after already signing Revis and Skrine. Was Bowles the one who had Cro on his wish list? Undoubtedly. That doesn't mean you pay any price if you know better. Macc didn't know better. Bowles actually tried making excuses for Cro's terrible preseason, citing how he's a slow starter but it'll get better. It never did, and he was cut after just 1 year of paying him at the rate of a top 15 corner. Darrelle Revis ended up as 2 years at a jaw-dropping $19.5MM per because Maccagnan guaranteed him some $10MM more than #2-bidder NE, after he already showed he wasn't the player he once was (and was never going to be again). But hey, he got to show off to his boss that he was the one who got Revis back. Revis showed him why even the 2nd-highest bid was so much lower. So we were treated to one pretty good season for $39MM. Marcus Gilchrist at $5.5MM per. Cut after 2 years for sucking on the job. Buster Skrine at $6MM per. Since 2015 he has been every Jets fan's favorite player to rip on, and makes every Jets fan's list on whom to cut the following season. At least now he won't be on those lists because he'll be a FA. Get that? This is the shining example of a successful Maccagnan FA signing who played out the entire contract. Brandon Marshall at $9MM, but the reality to the story is he was given to us by a Bears team that wanted him not just gone, but gone specifically to the Jets so we wouldn't draft a "#1" WR in the slot ahead of them the following month. Any draft pick they got in return was gravy. James Carpenter. At $5MM per season he looked like a brilliant pickup those first 2 seasons. Well he was the leftover starter remaining after other FA targets decided to sign with other teams, so it's not like Carpenter was the target. I think the top target was Boling (can't remember for sure), but he got extended last minute. Next target was Iupati, and after going full court press on him, the guard signed with Arizona instead. Carpenter was the leftover, and exceeded all expectations for '15 and '16 (if it was expected, Carpenter would have been the first choice at this price). But that ended abruptly in 2017, and we still kept him on for another lousy season in 2018 because Maccagnan brought in or drafted nobody else (again). If the drafts weren't so OL-barren maybe he could have been benched in mid-2017 and (appropriately) cut before 2018. Trapping himself into keeping this player for 2 substandard seasons at full pay badly tarnishes the original signing. Quinton Coples. This one gets forgotten about, because we got lucky, but had Coples gotten injured before he got benched in 2015, the Jets would have been locked into paying him $7MM in 2016 because Maccagnan exercised his 5th year option. Coples was cooperative enough to play even worse, without getting badly injured, so he was able to get benched and then cut before he stubbed his toe in the locker room. For all the money spent, there isn't a single totally-good pickup in the whole bunch, and the draft looks even worse with the benefit of hindsight. This should tell anyone how useless the NFL Executive of the Year award really is. Maccagnan's tenure unfortunately didn't end at the 2015 offseason, though: Fitzpatrick the 2016 free agent was an extended, national embarrassment that made Maccagnan look like the enormous amateur he was and is: offering a contract no one else would consider matching, and leaving it out on the table for 5 months of refusal by the player. Then after he caved to Fitz and they agreed $12MM for the season - i.e. after they got some firsthand glimpses of Hackenberg on the practice field - Maccagnan childishly leaked to the media that Fitz had 24 hours to show up to sign it or the GM was rescinding the offer. What an insecure a-hole. Meanwhile if he'd simply cut ties with Fitz instead of offering a 3-year extension, someone else would have signed him. We'd have been rid of him, we'd have had another $12MM to play with, we could have moved on as a team, and as a bonus we would have been granted a compensatory pick for losing him on top of it all. Most of all it would have forced his hand to do the right thing and move up to #1 in the draft instead of staying pat while figuring Fitz was his ace in the hole, and fully piss away two NFL seasons in the process for nothing. A smart GM, if he was going to re-sign Fitz at all, makes a deal with him during the 2015 season not after it's over with Fitz then a UFA eyeing the latest year of salary inflation. Waiting too long on extensions is a pattern with Macc that continues to this day. Breno Giacomini. The Jets had a bit of a cap problem after all Macc's early spending. Breno wasn't a Maccagnan acquisition, but by 2016 the guaranteed portion of his contract was comfortably behind us so he was year to year. He was far too injured to make the opening day roster, wasn't good even when 100% healthy, and instead of cutting him like he should have - or at least negotiating a large pay cut in exchange for a guaranteed roster spot - Maccagnan keeps him at full pay ($5MM; then still decent starter money for a RT). What was the concern -- that there'd be a mad rush for teams to sign a badly-injured Breno off waivers at $5MM? Well after 7 weeks on the PUP list he returned to the 2-5 Jets. After just 5 starts he went on IR and rookie Shell filled in the rest of the way. Remember total wastes like this $5MM when the Jets could have signed this or that player for an extra million or two per season more than they offered. Ryan Clady. This was a mess of Maccagnan's own making; he was not a victim of circumstance here. He did nothing with regards to the overpriced Brick while FAs (e.g. Okung) signed elsewhere. Then a week into April he suddenly gives Brick an ultimatum: take a 50% pay cut or get released. Brick refuses, which unnecessarily creates an hole at LT two weeks before the draft. To fix this he then trades away a mid-round pick for the unreliable Clady, who predictably gets injured, and after playing injured for over a month has to go on IR for the 2nd half of the season. Basically about $1MM per game for Clady; even more if you want to count only healthy games. A smart person would have just done nothing and wait to the draft (or at least wait through the first 3 rounds) instead of creating a crisis, or made sure he signed an available FA LT when he had the chance. Amazingly, after this failure injured half-season, this boob of a GM actually offered Clady another new contract to keep him for longer. As is the case with many of Maccagnan's best non-moves, the Jets were only saved by the player turning it down; in this case due to Clady thinking too highly of his own worth. No one else made him any offer at all, and he retired. Brandon Marshall. After showing himself to be a (if not the) major source for major discord in the locker room in 2016, this doltish GM offered him an extension. Much like with FAs a year later, the offer was turned down because even Marshall didn't want to spend more time on teams Maccagnan was charged with assembling. Jarvis Jenkins. This useless sack of crap was paid $3MM as a UFA to be a backup for half a season, in the same offseason we were due to lose a handful of qualifying UFAs. If Jenkins wasn't such an impossibly awful pickup, and they could justify keeping him for 1 full season, this pickup would have cost us a 3rd round compensatory pick. Read that again; that is exactly what Maccagnan the great FA picker-upper signed on for. A technicality that gave him a redo he never thought he'd need, plus Jenkins sufficiently demonstrating his full uselessness prior to week 10, allowed Maccagnan to be rescued from his own sub-moronic plan. Matt Forte. A has-been who'd been on a steady decline for years. Maccagnan signed this north of 30 years old RB starter-money, guaranteed this starter money for 2 seasons, and as a cherry on top this pickup canceled out the mid-round compensatory pick we'd have been awarded for losing Chris Ivory to FA. After 2 generally poor seasons, Forte's going away present was lobbying to Bowles to fire the only Jets coach/coordinator who didn't call plays like he was trying to get the Jets some spots in NyQuil and Unisom commercials. Bilal Powell. I've liked Powell better than most, I think, but as a GM you sign either Forte or you sign Powell, not both. Pick one veteran, then draft young players for this youngest-man's position. Locking himself into both of these guys for 2 years - plus the compensatory draft pick each cost - undoubtedly influenced undervaluing RB prospects' worth to the Jets when our picks were coming up. Instead of Kamara or Hunt (current news on the latter notwithstanding), the "value" move for Macc was trading down ...and drafting Ardarius Stewart. When a GM surrenders a compensatory draft pick or fails to trade a player for a pick, it's the same as trading a pick itself instead of keeping it. He's choosing one over the other. Well in 2016 alone, Maccagnan was prepared to trade away 4 draft picks so he could sign/re-sign Jarvis Jenkins, Matt Forte, Bilal Powell, and Steve McLendon (I'd throw in Fitz in there but a team is limited to 4 compensatory picks in any one season; so swap him in place of any of the other 4 if you like). Think those draft picks weren't valuable? He did, and he spent half the ensuing 2017 draft trading down to get them all back, and in doing so drafted inferior prospects. He really stinks at this. Muhammad Wilkerson. Another embarrassment. Macc could have extended Mo in 2015 when his price tag was likely in the $10MM/year range. He didn't, because he wanted to trade him instead. Fair enough, but he was and is so bad at this: his asking price of a 1st & more was beyond what anyone would pay. Then a year later in 2016 - after Mo's 12 sack season - he repeats the same exact mistake, seeking a 1st rounder yet again, which of course still no one would pay. Then the 2016 draft comes, and he's miraculously offered a rescue parachute that would cleanly solve all of his biggest problems at once: trade up to #1 and draft a franchise QB. It would have made his then-embarrassing Fitz debacle go away; would have made the Mo holdout and non-negotiation go away; and would have solved the little problem of getting a great young QB in his 2nd year on the job. It would also have saved him from the embarrassment of a QB he did draft. Maccagnan passes up on it all because he felt an extra 3rd rounder made the price too steep. He instead passes up on Goff (or Wentz) at #1 and stays where we were at #20: he drafts Lee, drafts Hackenberg, signs Fitz for $12MM, and then to make room for Fitz he signs Mo to a $17MM/year contract that ended up being $37MM for 2 years (and no draft pick) -- for a player he wanted to trade away in the first place. And as though all that wasn't enough, we find out later that Maccagnan knew of Mo's lazy tendencies beforehand. Sheldon Richardson. While people are fast to point to the Seahawks rescuing Maccagnan from his own stupidity, let's examine. He had Sheldon, Mo, and had just exercised the 5th year option for Coples when he drafted Leonard Williams with the 6th overall pick. Coples aside, since he was still standing up at OLB, it's still one too many: nobody runs a 4-man line with no edge rushers on it; it's just too slow regardless of the individual talent. Moving Sheldon around (including at LB) gets poked fun at by fans, but he was too good to keep on the sideline and it was an effort to get all his best players on the field and Sheldon was easily the most athletically versatile among them (especially in 2016 after Coples was long gone). The solution was to move at least one of them then - either right after drafting Leo, or at the latest after that 2015 season - while both Mo and Sheldon had higher trade value. Instead all 3 were kept for two full seasons. The 2nd rounder for Sheldon of course carried the trade value of a late 3rd rounder, since the pick didn't come until the following season. That's the calculation Seattle made, and saved Maccagnan from his stupid self because his phone wasn't ringing off the hook despite everyone knowing he wanted to move Sheldon. For all the fan cooing over that transaction, we should have already had our FQB before May of 2016, using either Mo or Sheldon to move up to #1, with that opportunity offered on a silver platter. Instead we went with keeping Leo and Mo and Sheldon, drafting Christian Hackenberg, and then bringing back Fitzpatrick (followed by McCown after him). This is the domino effect of not making a move when the opportunity is there, with multiple NFL seasons unnecessarily wasted, as the byproduct of Maccagnan's ineptitude. Ben Ijalana. Though this 2017 FA signing seems insignificant amid some of these whoppers, it should be noted that even after seeing up close what little he brought, and after signing Beachum to a 3-year deal, Maccagnan then signed Ijalana for nearly $6MM for that same 2017 season (eventually declining the following year option at ~$5MM). What this did was effectively make a meh but not unreasonable Beachum UFA signing at $8MM per in actuality a $14MM signing for the Beachum-Ijalana duo at left tackle. For 2017 the Jets spent as much on that Beachum-Ijalana duo as any other NFL team spent for its left tackle starter+backup combo. This was in a planned tank offseason, no less; if Beachum was bad again what would have been the harm? It's not like Ijalana is the cure to left tackle ills anyway. Brian Winters. Entering 2016 Winters was a $3-4MM guard: a marginal starter drafted somewhat recently, with some potential. Winters did a fine job when Colon went on IR, but his play before that was spotty to say the least. Maccagnan has it leaked out he was going to make a play for Osemele in FA. If the Jets did sign Osemele then Winters would lose his starting job and spend the final season of his rookie contract as a backup. That was the time a good GM locks up his young guard. Maccagnan doesn't. And he doesn't sign Osemele either, because the Raiders offer him like $12MM - left tackle money at the time - and Maccagnan had already blown too much cap room in 2015 to afford that (especially with Fitz and Mo situations lingering). So he waits until another full season goes by, and after painting himself into a corner is forced to fork over an $8MM/year deal for a guard he could have had for about half that in 2016 (certainly for no more than Carpenter got a year earlier as a full UFA with a former 1st round pedigree). The reasons this doesn't look so bad? First is the other 4 offensive linemen - the ones that Maccagnan actually brought in himself - are all worse players than Winters. Second is the massive amount of cap room because the team has so few of Macc's picks & pickups worth extending/keeping. Trumaine Johnson. Looks like the latest in a long line of FAs who don't come close to living up to the price paid, using the Jets for their final cash-ins before mailing in their careers. I never saw a player tweak his quad a little in practice and then miss a month (or rather, I hadn't until this season). Turning 30 at the close of the 2019 season, he was always going to be in danger of getting cut after the 2 year guaranteed portion of his FA contract ran out. Therefore it was in his interest to just go after the largest guarantee, no matter where that was, and structure it with a purposely-lower year 3 amount to entice the team to keep him for the first of the non-guaranteed seasons. Basically unlike the other ultra-high dollar FAs who turned us down, he didn't have their concerns about cutting their careers short by choosing the wrong team in 2018, losing perhaps tens of millions in the process. Spencer Long. Of all the things Maccagnan knew he was doing in March or April of 2018, it was getting his franchise QB. Whether that was his first preference for signing Kirk Cousins for an all-guaranteed $90MM/3 deal, or signing on to willingly accept the leftover 3rd-best QB in the draft, one of those two scenarios was definitely happening. Though the 2017 OL was again lousy, and yet again put a starting QB on IR, the entire net sum of OL improvement Maccagnan made in FA and the draft combined? He upgraded from his previous season's pick at center - a healthy but lousy Wesley Johnson - at $2.7MM to a lousy center with injury concerns at $7MM, whose latest injury made snapping the ball an unpredictable adventure for the QB. Long is guaranteed $3MM of his $6.5MM for 2019 if he's on the roster the 3rd day after the superbowl, so the Jets must make a decision on him before they can talk to any FAs (never mind before the draft). That's some ace contract structuring there, folks. So glad now he's in charge of contract structuring instead of Davidson. -- In the 2018 offseason, agents for NFL FAs used this boob, as we saw players turn him down like we've never seen before in the NFL's free agency era. Literally 5 high-priced FAs told our just-recently extended GM to piss off after using him to up their dollars elsewhere. Despite the cap-flush Jets being the high bidder they chose other teams, rather than play on and risk their names and careers playing alongside the garbage roster Maccagnan had assembled to date. In his 4th season Jets under his watch were quite simply an unattractive destination for those with options. None of this gets into the FAs and trades that we didn't make over the last 4 years (e.g. moving up to #1 in 2016) when the opportunities were there. Instead we were repeatedly treated to "The Jets also inquired" in lieu of actual results, or going into a season with emergency/backup plans serving as planned starters without any credible competition (e.g. Wesley Johnson). This ineptitude in acquiring veterans should hardly come as surprising: in his 4th offseason the Maccagnan front office was rated by dozens of NFL agents as being in the bottom 5 worst-prepared in contract negotiations. This is an embarrassing body of work without even addressing the piss poor draft record (particularly outside the top 6 overall picks, where successful teams annually find themselves), or his willingness to part with draft picks for the likes of Forte, McLendon, Jarvis Jenkins, Rashard Robinson, Zac Stacy, Clady, and more. There are 2-3 of the above player failures that individually should be fireable offenses just by themselves. Taking all of them and more collectively, it's ridiculous that he should still be employed, let alone extended further, unless it's just to prevent Macc's successful successor from being hired without Woody Johnson in charge of the process. It's hard to imagine the best possible HC candidates look at all of this and say, "Yep, I want to hitch my career to the players Mike Maccagnan brings in for me." Maybe they just don't know about all of this, or maybe that's what we have to pray for. But it's harder still to imagine, after 3 consecutive seasons (and counting) of Maccagnan rosters earning top-6 draft picks, that a few Jets fans to actually want more of this trash. One doesn't just say "Sam Darnold" after passing on 4 successful franchise QBs available to him in the prior 2 drafts, as though success despite ineptitude (i.e. luck) is the likely expectation going forward rather than the enormity of the messes above and even more from the non-top-6 draft picks. Maybe the thought is this: all the Jets need to build a winner is another decade of regular season ineptitude, so Maccagnan can accumulate 10 more top-6 overall draft picks.
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  18. Took 15 years and the longest last 12 months. but my boy is coming home
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  19. General Notes - Practice ran 2 hours and 10 minutes - Players were in shorts & shells - Elevated spy cameras are now being used to film the "all 22" view of practice instead of actual cameramen - There are now two video replay screens available so coaches/players can immediately review a drill or play - Surprisingly, music is back at practice as it was playing throughout - Marcus Maye, Brian Poole, Brandon Bryant and Bless Austin were working with the trainers. And Brian Winters also wasn't there based on One Jets Drive I expect his wife was giving birth Coach Corner With a change in staff here are some of the differences I noticed: - Practice no longer starts with an exercise period. It started with an 11 on 11 situational drill. The offense was backed up inside the 20 and had a series of plays to move the ball. It was run at half speed - The tempo of the offense has increased dramatically. The play is called and the offense is at the line with 20 seconds left on the play clock - Gregg Williams may be the face of the defense but he let's his coaches coach. Dennard Wilson (DB coach) who was given the title of "passing game coordinator" was actually tying the LB's & DB's together in coverage. Sadly I never saw that with the previous regime - Gauntlet drills are used during individual periods for WR's and OLine. The WR's weave through trash cans and have to catch balls fired at them. And OLinemen have to strike and slide through a gauntlet of five defenders - Mid practice "gassers" were run, not out of anger but for conditioning purposes Player Notes - Quadree Henderson, Greg Dortch, Tim White, JJ Jones & Valentine Holmes were trying out as retureners - LeVeon Bell displayed his unique skills today. Catching a simple screen pass, hesitating and blowing by defenders for first downs. And powering through the middle of the defense for a big run (25+ yards) - Ty Montgomery was also impressive out of the backfield - Tarell Basham (OLB) had a good day showing excellent timing on blitzes and anticipation of the snap count - Frankie Luvu (OLB) had the play of the day with a "pick 6" off of Davis Webb QB Notes - Impressive day for Sam Darnold not because of any sexy plays but with his command of the offense. When the defense brought pressure he was reading it and communicating with Jonotthan Harrison and the rest of the offense to beat it. Excellent chemistry with Jamison Crowder on a couple of blitz beaters which had the defense cursing - Disappointing accuracy by Trevor Siemian and Davis Webb in their reps. As veterans I expected more from them Standouts - Sam Darnold (command of the offense) - LeVeon Bell - Jamison Crowder - Ty Montgomery - Tarell Basham - Frankie Luvu Concerns - Inaccuracy of the backup QB's - Offense didn't function well when Darnold wasn't under center
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  20. I do not see this being mentioned much, but Zach goes into year 2 with the same system and same coaches. This is huge. HUGE NFL teams keep making the same mistake: They draft a QB, team struggles, then they fire the head coach and then the high draft pick has to go into Season 2 getting used to new coaches, new schemes, new players, and especially new terminology and new QB coaches. So whatever strides they made are reset, and instead of having a productive offseason and just building on what they know, they have to relearn everything. And frankly it ruins QB prospects. It happened with Sam. It happened with Daniel Jones and now he is in same situation but trying to save his career. Next year both Fields and Lawrence will be in this situation. David Mills who to me might have been the most impressive rookie QB is in this situation and as a lower round pick may not be given a 2nd year chance. But Zach has none of these burdens. He can work with Beck all offseason who was part of the Jets staff, he does not need to learn new terminology or playbooks, he has the same coaches.... He can just focus on building on what he learned and perfecting it. People used to say that the biggest jump year to year for a football player was Year 1 to 2. But so many QBs now are being robbed of that. It is a good reason to be really excited for the development of Zach. He has the perfect situation to build on all the improvement he showed at the end of the season.
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  21. https://www.si.com/nfl/2021/05/03/mmqb-matt-nagy-justin-fields-trey-lance-aaron-rodgers-daily-cover This was a different type of draft year, and everyone had to get as creative as they could. So back on March 29, at BYU’s pro day, with the Niners-Dolphins trade going down, Zach Wilson getting ready to throw and the tectonic plates of the 2021 draft shifting, Jets coach Robert Saleh ran down BYU alum Fred Warner, his former star middle linebacker from San Francisco, with a bit of a weird request. Warner was there to support Wilson and the rest of the Cougars trying to make their case to all the NFL teams there that day. He also served as a human measuring stick. Hey Fred, can you go give Zach a hug real quick? The first-team All-Pro obliged his old defensive coordinator, and in doing so helped Saleh, GM Joe Douglas and offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur put the final piece in place for the Jets’ decision on what to do with the second pick. The 6' 3", 230-pound Warner is roughly the same size as Patrick Mahomes, and, as he approached Wilson, who’d faced questions about his size, the Jets’ brass could actually see it. Wilson was eye-to-eye with Warner, he had broad shoulders that measured up with a linebacker’s and confirmed what the Jets came in believing: that he had plenty of room to grow physically and could eventually show himself to be like the other big people in his family (his dad was a Utah defensive tackle, and he has one brother who’s a BYU linebacker and another who’s verbally committed to be one in 2022). Right around that time, medical clearance came for the Jets, too, something that was important, given that Wilson had surgery on his right shoulder two years ago, and thus the final pieces were put in place for the 21-year-old to become the latest big swing that New York’s star-crossed football franchise has taken. And obviously there’s a strong belief in Florham Park that this will be different than Mark Sanchez or Sam Darnold, or even the relatively successful Chad Pennington. They wouldn’t have done this if they didn’t feel that way. So how did they get there? A few weeks back, we detailed the Jets’ decision to deal Darnold and search for their next QB from GM Joe Douglas’s perspective. Now, we’re giving you how the coaching staff worked through this—and signed off on Wilson with the No. 2 pick. • Saleh and his staff got going on the quarterbacks about a month ahead of starting on the rest of the draft class, a couple of weeks after arriving in Jersey in January, mostly because the Darnold situation combined with the team’s holding the second pick in a quarterback-rich year demanded that. Saleh studied the five quarterbacks who wound up going in the first round. LaFleur, QBs coach Rob Calabrese and pass-game specialist Greg Knapp did that and went deeper into the class, too, through the whole second tier. The head coach directed his assistants not to talk to one another about the quarterback group to keep opinions on each player unaffected, and, when the staff reconvened in late February with their independent evaluations of the class, a consensus was reached that the top two were clear—Trevor Lawrence and Wilson. And that was with the offensive coaches drilling down on technical details, and Saleh clearly seeing Wilson’s fearlessness, bravado, timing, accuracy and just how smooth he looked as an athlete. • This is going to sound bananas, but the Jets’ coaches actually discussed, at that point, how they preferred Wilson to Lawrence as a fit for their offense. Why? Wilson’s tape showed a very clean translation to the Shanahan style of offense. You can see him go through reads—1, 2, 3, out! Lawrence, conversely, played in an offense heavy on RPOs. That’s not a knock. Justin Herbert played in an RPO-heavy system in college, too, and was obviously fine. It’s just that picturing Wilson running LaFleur’s system was easy, because BYU’s offense carries so many similar West Coast principles. And Wilson also had traits that the offense values, starting with a lightning-quick release and good balance throwing on the move. • The next step was the Zoom meetings, and one thing in particular stuck out about Wilson in that setting. While his ADHD was at one point a story line, the quarterback showed uncanny, Rain Man–like recall. It shined through in particular during his Zoom meetings with the Jets, and as Knapp took him through the BYU tape. Or, more accurately, Wilson took Knapp through it. If you’ve watched coaches’ tape before, you’ve seen how, before a play is shown, a shot of the scoreboard comes up to establish the point of the game the play is taken from, down-and-distance, etc. Well, at one point, in a meeting with Wilson, Knapp had the screen frozen on such a frame. Wilson immediately told him what was coming. He took him through the play call. He took him through the defense’s call. He told him how a certain corner would usually be in the coverage associated with the call. He explained his throw. Then, he told him why the coaches called the play and how it was worked into the practice week. Suffice it to say, that impressed the coaches, and it wasn’t the only time it happened. Again, the formation presnap wasn’t even on the screen yet. • Another part of the process was determining whether Wilson would be equipped to deal with New York. There were two reasons, primarily, the Jets eventually came to the conclusion that he’ll be fine. One, less than a year ago, he dealt with his coaches at BYU, disappointed in how 2019 played out, opening up a quarterback competition—and responded with one of the most finely quarterbacked seasons in school history. And two, Provo’s not New York. But BYU and Utah football are a big deal in that state, so he did have some “fishbowl” experience. The Jets also got feedback on his personality and developed their own opinions as to how it would play in New York. Wilson’s throwing coach, former NFL QB John Beck, was a tremendous resource along the way, too, telling the team he’d never seen a more natural thrower at that age, or a quarterback who could throw that effortlessly off-platform, but also that he was a smart kid with enough of a cocky edge, and self-awareness, to take slings and arrows in New York. Now, here’s one thing that really stood out to me, on how the Jets are going to handle Wilson going forward: They don’t want to put the weight of the world on his shoulders. In fact, if you watch the phone call the Jets made to Wilson after making it official, it’s right there. “All you gotta do is be yourself, nothing more, nothing less,” Douglas told Wilson, before Saleh got on the phone and added, “The biggest thing I want to tell you, just remember this, this organization is going to lift you, not the other way around.” The point was emphasized with the Jets, soon thereafter, trading up for guard Alijah Vera-Tucker, then taking receiver Elijah Moore and tailback Michael Carter. And the concept really does show awareness of where things went wrong with Darnold. The Jets aren’t going to ask the world of Wilson right away (though the plan is to prepare him to start Week 1, as would be the case with anyone on the roster, and the reality is he likely will start). They’ll ask him to be, to steal a phrase from my old NFL Network colleague Bucky Brooks, the trailer and not the truck as a rookie, and allow him to grow from there. A team with that idea going in is a good place for any quarterback to start. We’ll see if that situation eventually adds up to better results at the position than the Jets have gotten of late.
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  22. Chalk this up as a rumor thread, a discussion thread, or just general discussion. As far as my initial points, they're a combination of my own observations from studying this administration over the past year-plus, conversations with people in the league, my own scouting/pulse on a situation, and media sources. I'll do my best to point out which is which. I also hope others on here will contribute because I've come to learn there are a lot of guys on here that contribute some quality stuff - whether it be information or takes The priority of this offseason is to continue building around the QB position. This has been a popular topic addressed by the beat-writers, but it's been made very clear within the organization that they need to build around the QB position if they're to be successful. The way the Jets see it, there's no downside if your properly surrounding the QB position with talent. The Jets front office has admired Buffalo from afar (and to some extent Baltimore - where Douglas cut his teeth for over a decade) and when they tackled their 2021 coaching search, they wanted to somewhat replicate their model of having a stern yet player-friendly "CEO" style coach with an excellent, innovative offensive coaching staff and scheme and a uniform philosophy of building the team through the lines of scrimmage. Not only did they feel that model was most sustainable in today's game, but they felt that model was best for getting the most out of a talented young QB. Both Douglas and Saleh share similar experiences being on teams that have won in-spite of the QB play, so in their mind it isn't just about propping up Wilson, it's propping up the entire room. The particular focus early in the draft will be on the lines of scrimmage. This one seems obvious, but emphasizing it because there's been a lot of mocks out there ignoring the OL/DL in round 1. Even before Saleh, this was, is, and will continue to be Douglas's MO. He has a lot of conviction as it relates to the LOS, and if it were up to him (it is) he would take an OL in round 1 every year. Saleh is in lockstep with him. This year, you can be sure they're going to address both lines of scrimmage, and could do so with both their first-round picks. OFFENSIVE LINE: the team wants to improve the offensive line and continue funneling talent into that group, but make no mistake, Joe Douglas and his staff do not want to see Becton on the bench next year. In recent years, Joe Douglas was salivating at the opportunity to sign one of Brandon Scherff or Joe Thuney, but was never given a realistic chance. He also had interest in Graham Glasgow back in 2020. Clearly, Douglas hasn't been afraid to spend money or draft capital on offensive linemen so on the surface it would seem like the Jets would go in heavy for Scherff, but based on what I've gathered, I don't get the sense this one will come to fruition for a few reasons: (1) the Jets will look into extending both Fant and McGovern as they've played their way into new contracts; and (2) signing a RG of Scherff's caliber comes with caveats - specifically as it relates to flexibility and how Becton fits in the overall construction of the OL. The frustration with Becton is out in the open and moving him to RT is likely going to be the case, but the Jets don't really see it as a demotion as much as Becton's camp does. RT is just as important as LT in this scheme and is especially important in the run game, and if anything, playing him at RT would allow them to great more creative with the scheme and playcalling. Also, it would be easier for them to adjust their scheme to account for a lesser talent at RT if Becton were to miss time than it would be to replace a LT. Having been said, if the Jets find themselves in a position where they add a high-profile FA guard and have a tackle staring them in the face at #4 or #10, Douglas is going to find himself in a very tough spot because he is not prepared to give up on Becton. For this reason, I think the more likely scenario to play out is re-signing Laurent Duvernay-Tardif (or a similar caliber player), drafting an OL in round 1. I believe Evan Neal goes #1, so it would likely be Ikem Ekwonu at #4 or Trevor Penning later, then bring everyone in to compete for the top 5 spots. DEFENSIVE LINE: mark this under obvious, but this is going to be another group that the Jets focus on in 2022. Ideally they would like a steady rotation of 8 DL: 4-to-5 DEs and 4-to-5 DTs. They have a solid interior, but I would expect some change in 2022. They ran a ton of wide-9 fronts in 2021, basically lining up the DTs on the outside of the OGs and the DEs wide outside of the OTs. Quinnen Williams missed some time, but he's the keystone of the group. He primarily lined up over the LG, playing most of his snaps as a pure 3-tech on the right side of the line. Nathan Shepherd, a free agent, was essentially his direct backup. My guess is he signs elsewhere. They want to bring back Folorunso Fatukasi, who played served as the teams primarily "run stuffing" DL/NT in the 1/2i-tech. Personally, I'm not confident this gets done. Both the FA and draft interior DL classes aren't deep, which could result in Foley's market gets pumped up. The Jets value him and will submit an offer, but he may need to be willing to take a "hometown discount" for it to get done. By nature of Saleh's philosophy the team will always look to have a heavy DL rotation, coupled with a big contract on the horizon for Quinnen, I don't see them making a big investment on Foley. Sheldon Rankins essentially replaced Foley on passing downs, playing on the left side of the DL or a passing down NT. I don't get the sense he will get cut, nor do I see his role really changing much, so if he does return my guess is he remains as the "6th man" of the interior DL and could see his usage scaled back to make way for JFM at the LDT spot more often. If that were the case, they may need to sign another veteran to take over Foley's early-down work or consider Jonathan Marshall in that spot. There's also the possibility that the Jets could take one of the top interior DL early in the draft... Fans are going to hate this, but I want to provide the disclaimer: do not rule out a high pick on Jordan Davis or Travis Jones. If they went that route, Davis/Jones would be the long-term answer at "left" DT/NT and could likely play all 3 downs, albeit their usage would be scaled back. John Franklin-Myers will likely stay at LE in base formats, my guess is he will see more snaps in the interior this upcoming season. He was most effective lining up at the 3/4/5-tech spots with rather than a LEO, which lines up at the 7/9-tech. If the Jets were to move on from Rankins, my guess is JFM would see his LEO usage scaled back substantially. Kyle Phillips essentially operated as JFM's backup at the LEO spot only. I would think he'll be back as a RFA but haven't heard anything and it may be tied to how they feel about Jabari Zuniga and Hamilcar Rashed as backups. Either way, I am sure they will look for upgrades. Carl Lawson is going to slide right into the RE spot vacated by Shaq Lawson. The Jets "like" Bryce Huff, Ronnie Blair, and Tim Ward, all of whom primarily backed up Shaq Lawson at the RE spot, but they're not liked enough to prevent the team from upgrading. Again, I think back to how the construction of the Buffalo Bills have been a team Douglas admires from afar and can't help but wonder if he takes a similar approach that they have by investing several Day 1-2 picks in DEs starting with this draft. I wouldn't rule out a veteran acquisition - specifically Derek Barnett - who is close with members of the Jets coaching staff and front office dating back to their days together in PHI. Barnett did not adjust well to Gannon's defense, which limited the "wide 9" usage that he grew accustomed to during his time in PHI. The Jets were interested in Barnett before landing Carl Lawson, so you wonder if they would consider bringing him in if the price was right... if so, he would likely occupy that Bryce Huff/Ronnie Blair role as a backup. More likely, the Jets will look to add via the draft. Everything I've read and heard suggests the NFL is lower on Kayvon Thibodeaux than the media and fans; it's to the point where others who I trust that say he may not crack the Jets top 4 DE prospects. I think it's more likely the team takes a DE with their #10 pick (or later). 3 names to keep an eye on in round 1 are Jermaine Johnson, Travon Walker, and George Karlaftis. It wouldn't at all shock me if they double-dipped and selected someone like Arnold Ebiketie, Kingsley Enagbare, or Boye Mafe in the second frame. The team will invest heavily in the TE position. Everyone associated with the Jets knows that their TEs weren't good enough last year. They tried to sign Jonnu Smith in free agency, but saw him join the rival Patriots. They were high on Tommy Tremble in the 2021 draft, but after trading out of the 3rd round there really wasn't a chance to get him. One thing I'm sure of: this position will be the priority in free agency, and I have heard they are going to prioritize is David Njoku. The Browns want him back, but the question is how badly? Will they franchise tag him or make him among the higher paid players at the position when they have really good players in Austin Hooper and Harrison Bryant on the roster? Time will tell, but if he makes it to the market, I would handicap the Jets as the favorite. If he's not available, it's hard to say who they would pivot to at the moment... best guesses are OJ Howard, Tyler Conklin, or Hayden Hurst. I don't get the sense the draft is filled with guys who the Jets would take in round 2 unless they moved down. More likely, that's a position they would target in rounds 3-5. There are a ton of TEs in this years class who don't get enough love, so don't be surprised if it were someone not-named Ruckert or McBride when all is said and done. How the Jets address the WR position is a hotly debated topic at 1 Jets Drive. It's been discussed with virtually everyone in the organization from ownership down to Zach Wilson himself. The certainly know that continuing to add to the WR room is a priority, but how they go about it is an entirely different story. They want Braxton Berrios back, and no, he’s not asking for $9 million a year. I think that deal gets done. They believe wholeheartedly that Elijah Moore will be an upper-echelon receiver. They think Corey Davis will show better in 2022. Still, the preference is to add a veteran, but they don't want to sign a guy just to sign a guy. Last year they were prepared to go hard after Chris Godwin had he made it to the open market; all I’ve heard with him is that he’s likely to return to TB (besides, not sure how the Jets would feel about him coming off the ACL). They have enough receivers in the room for depth purposes and will look to add someone in the draft, so carrying 6+ vets again is unlikely. Despite their feeling that Moore is a "#1" guy, they want to explore a trade for a "WR1-caliber" player, with Calvin Ridley among the most sought after names. Jeremy Fowler recently suggested Chase Claypool and rumors have connected Amari Cooper, but Ridley is the only one I’ve actually heard that will be a target. If they can't land one, they may hold off and look to acquire one in the draft, more likely on Day 2 than 1. I’ve read all the rumors connecting the Jets to the top WRs in the draft; I’ve heard some Drake London and Garrett Wilson chatter. Still, I’m not sure they would view either as an option to select at #10. More likely, I wouldn’t be surprised if they targeted someone in rounds 2-3 instead. Christian Watson has a lot of fans…
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  24. This company has reached out to us a few times asking to buy the site. This time he says give me a number. I say the site isn't for sale but feel free to give me a number. Instead, he responds with send me your website data and financials details. Well two problems with that 1) we don't have financials and 2) the site isn't for sale. Anyhow this was my response back. *****, This was a cold pitch that you made. I am not going to just put that info out there. The site isn’t for sale, just had our 17 year birthday. This is my Yellowstone. Not going to give up an inch of land. Should I pass though, feel free to reach out to my kids. Phil
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  25. It's easy to argue Saleh has been in over his head from the start, and was too arrogant to think he should surround himself with experienced coaches. It's one thing for JD to bring in - or for Saleh to be - a young, first-time HC. Everyone expects a couple bumps in the road unless you're talking about fans with unrealistic expectations. So that's fine, as those early bumps happen even with the ones who are ultimately very successful. What's not fine is the arrogance of putting all these guys together in their first NFL stints in these jobs during a gutting-rebuild and expect any type of consistency in moving the ball & scoring points: 1st time HC 1st time OC 1st time WRC 1st time RBC experienced TE coach but no rostered NFL-level TEs and then, despite losing his one really experienced offensive coach - the QBC - to a tragic accident in late July, doesn't bring in a replacement for a full MONTH, and still started a rookie QB from week 1, despite going mostly unchallenged at BYU. Then in regime year 2, after seeing the rookie QB struggle mightily, hires a first time QBC to work with him. FFS. Then on defense: 1st time DC (other than a few games of mop-up duty; this was the 1st time installing his own defense) 1st time DLC (Whitecotton; the guy QW was screaming at that earlier in the year) 1st time LBC (no wonder they rely upon & praise CJM so much) And even the assistants aren't exactly loaded with experienced guys for these 1st time coaches/coordinators to lean upon & bounce things off: Assistant DL coach Scruggs = 1st time in this NFL role Defensive assistant Willingham = 1st time in this NFL role Offensive assistant Mack Brown = 1st time in this NFL role Special teams assistant Ghobrial = 1st time in this NFL role Defensive assistant Manning = 1st time in any NFL role since a brief stint as an asst DBC 5 yrs earlier; otherwise had mostly been coaching high school Offensive assistant Vandemerkt = 1st time in this NFL role Special teams assistant Leon Wash = loved watching him as a player - we all did - but he's here to coach, and this is his 1st time in any NFL coaching role Experienced coaches: ST Coordinator Boyer generally a good job; he can't punt it for Mann himself. Players seem to know the rules (e.g. Berrios knowing to field a KO by first putting 1 foot out of bounds) and we aren't plagued with block in the back penalties; then again we mostly fair catch this year so opportunities for that are down, lol. OL Coach Benton and his assistant OLC Wilkerson has been handed rough deals between some questionable personnel & so many injuries DB Coach Manuel generally fine once he was given talented players. Sauce has been incredible for a rookie, and Reed has never looked better; fair to give coach at least some credit for both TE Coach Middleton meh; raw deal in 2021 being given no talent to coach. This year's veterans now have unreliable hands & we're all discouraged by the lack of visible development with Ruckert. Never developed a starter in 8 yrs in Jax; only big name was Orange Julius whose career effectively ended under Middleton's coaching) Situational decision making asst Shamash years of experience, but it was almost all with first time HCs who were fired: Chargers (Lynn), Jax (Bradley), TB (Schiano). The exceptions were 2021 with the Chargers, before getting let go (i.e. fired), and with Cleveland under Mangini. So we end up with debacles from extra timeouts to punting on 4th & short in the 4th quarter down by 2 TDs, and more. Turns out he's the one who sits next to MLF in the booth, advising him on what to call & when. FFS. I get not wanting to hire retreads who were failures elsewhere, but a young team with all these coaches who'd just got promoted to their Jets job titles by Saleh? Looking at it all put together like this above, now I'm not sure if arrogance is a strong enough word. Almost as arrogant as I am, thinking anyone's actually reading all my blabbering. But still.
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  26. I'm so glad to be wrong!!! Zach looked like a real QB today against the # 1 defense, and we friggin WON. You were right and I'm sorry. Serve me all the crow you'd like and post everything you've got for the next 2+ weeks here. lol. @football guy @Hal N of Provo @FidelioJet @SuicidalSince98 @JETS SB @Gastineau Lives @Jets723 @slats @Zachtomims47 @Mogglez
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  27. One day we won’t have players like Braxton Berrios.
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  28. Trevor Lawrence you are on the clock. You tell the Jags you won't play there and we will send our kid to Clemson. You go to Jacksonville and then Clemson you are off the list. I feel good knowing that Trevor will have to live with this decision and this pressure could get him to the Jets.
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  29. Hey guys! I'm a long-time Dolphins fan and have posted here over the years during our big rivalry games....which unfortunately we haven't had in several years. Miami was 5-1 against you under Gase (and .500 against NE) and I fully expect that margin to flip in your favor with your new coach at the helm. I was just stopping by to share some insights on Gase and what you got in a head coach. First off, I saw the national media trashing Gase right off the bat for his eyes in the original press conference. Gase is different from your average NFL coach- he doesn't give a crap what anyone says about him. The guy is probably one of the game's top analysts in finding ways to create mis-matches and he's a film genius at spotting weaknesses. While Miami wasn't that good the past few years, it was more because of injuries at QB and offensive line....we just couldn't get going. Here's an interesting stat for you though- with all 11 of our first string offense on the field, the Miami Dolphins were 11-0 under Gase. Heck, we were around .500 starting 3rd string linemen and virtually zero receivers at all...with a backup QB. That all came down to game-planning with what you have and Gase is a true master. In terms of being a "QB Whisperer", I also believe Gase is legit. Tannehill basically straight out panics in the pocket when there's unexpected pressure....he's absolutely fantastic when clean and horrible when pressured. Gase worked with RT's throwing mechanics to bring him from one of the worst deep ball passers in the league to the highest in percentages. He also brought Tannehill's footwork light-years from where it was 3 years ago and gave the kid the confidence to be an on-field leader. I don't know if RT has hearing issues or bad vision to his sides....he just can't sense the pressure coming like your average NFL starter. Gase maximized RT's potential though and had him on an 11 of 12 game win streak at one time (dating across seasons back to 2016)...that's virtually incredible for a guy who doesn't feel pressure and coughs the ball up on strip sacks every other week. Another thing I really love about Gase is his formations....he will switch to something ultra-exotic for a single play, get a huge gain and then not go back to it for years. He spends the entire game reading the opponent's defense, adjusting on the fly and talking strategy with his QB. The media gave him crap for not watching his own D play, but that's because he was always working hard and figuring out where the next score would come from. Again, this was with the Fins with a 3rd string line, no receivers and a backup QB who couldn't throw the ball more than 8 yards with velocity....and we beat some very big teams last season. Our bad losses came from when defenses blitzed from exotic angles, our line couldn't adjust and Tannehill got laid out without any idea of what was going on. They WERE NOT on Gase...he tried to trade Tannehill last year and the front office said no. I will also add that Gase butted heads with the front office often since he's so cerebral. For instance, Gase insisted on Albert Wilson to replace Jarvis Landry....and it was a brilliant move since Gase was envisioning Wilson in a way that he had never been used before. The front office couldn't see it because they're not mind-readers, so know that Gase will often make a seemingly shocking move that feels completely random, but there's a ton of thought and logic behind it. You may never actually hear that logic but that's just who he is....most of his moves work out well though. For instance, I think Tannehill could have had a Pro Bowl year last season if the team had invested more in our offensive line (which Gase repeatedly asked for)....and I'll repeat that Tannehill is the absolute worst in the league in handling pressure. Gase knew how to cover that up though and polish a turd into a diamond. I know we're lifelong rivals but I'm honestly going to be a Jets fan this season because I like Gase more than I like the Dolphins tanking for Tua. Our owner made a massive mistake letting Gase walk since we should have been a 2-3 win team last season....yet we started the year 3-0 to shock all the experts. That's the Adam Gase effect and we consistently won 2-3 games per season that we had no business winning, so I'm expecting a swift turnaround in NY since you guys have a pure stud as a coach. Don't listen to the media....Gase is the real deal and one of the best minds in the league. You are extremely fortunate to have him and I'll be hating it this season as you're sweeping us. Good luck this season Jets fans...I am legitimately rooting for you because I hate we let Gase walk!
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  30. Get it over with. No more of these inexperienced coaches. McCarthy and Darnold = 10 wins is now a bad season. Brady and Belly will soon be riding off into the sunset. Take this division.
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  31. Just want to say thank you. Thursday was the busiest day ever on JetNation.com. Set a post count record for a single day with almost 6,000 posts. Surpassed 100,000 page views. Social distancing and JetNation = perfect together. Thanks everyone.
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  32. Your troll posts lately have been as weak as Becton's offseason workouts. Do better.
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  33. Just want to say thanks to everyone who posts (and reads) the forums and blog here. Had a moment at the game last night where I just felt a real sense of pride about what has been built here. I won't bore you with numbers but the stats are incredible. All time highs pretty much across the board. None of it happens if everyone reading this doesn't visit the site as much as you do. So thank you. We are about to start another season, and there is actual hope for once. I am really proud that so many people have worked so hard to build this site. Really proud that so many of you call this place your online home for Jets talk. Now that is enough of the nice stuff. I will be yelling at you all again for cursing in 30 seconds.
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  34. Defense - I think we are going to see some drastic scheme changes. The DLine will still be the focus, but the additions to the secondary leads me to believe we will see: * More 1 on 1 coverage * Less zone concepts * More blitzing from the secondary, particularly the CBs * More positional switching - You don't spend the amount of free agency $$$ (DJ Reed & Jordan Whitehead) and draft capital (Ahmad Gardner) on players to have them play vanilla Cover 2/ Cover 3 all game. Particularly when their tape showed that they're physical, can press cover and blitz - With the depth we have in the secondary we should see massive "cross training" as we head to camp. The staff flipped Jason Pinnock to safety last year and in my opinion we should do the same with Bryce Hall. A secondary that has "positionless" players can confuse QBs and lead to INTs - John Franklin-Myers should "float" between DE and DT based on the situation Offense - I believe the drafting of Breece Hall will shift the RB position from a committee approach to a RB1, RB2, RB3 structure. Hall's size and college production showed he can be RB1 (20-25 touches) and even though Michael Carter was impressive last year he did get banged up. Which leads me to believe he would be better suited to a RB2 (10-15 touches) role. The fight for the RB3 role will be wicked between Tevin Coleman, Ty Johnson, Zonovan Knight, Austin Walter and Lamical Perine - With actual TEs on the roster this year I would expect to see some of the "SF Kittle" package incorporated into the passing game - I'm glad we didn't double dip at WR in the draft. Because I want to see if Denzel Mims has any shot at reaching his draft potential. I'm not expecting it but if Mims somehow finds his game a WR corps with him being WR5 would be scary - Now its all on Zach Wilson to thrive in this offense. Because Joe Douglas has done for him everything Mike Maccagnan didn't do for Sam Darnold. The OLine has been revamped and there is quality and depth at the skill positions. Wilson now needs to show what he did in the TB game for an entire 17 game schedule
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  35. It's time to finally put this discussion to bed, if possible. Below you will find an analysis of 77 QBs selected in Rounds 1-2 of the NFL draft from 1998-2020 who could be fairly easily placed into the camp of "HIT" or "BUST". QBs who fall into more of a "gray area" (decent journeymen, successful backups, out the league under weird circumstances, or jury still out) were excluded. Those 10 QBs were as follows: Kellen Clemens, Chad Henne, Colin Kaepernick, Geno Smith, Teddy Bridgewater, Jameis Winston, Jared Goff, Kyler Murray, Daniel Jones, Jordan Love. I'm sure there will be some quibbles on what is considered a "HIT" or a "BUST" but for the most part, I imagine there will be agreement on the placement of at least 60 or so of these QBs, giving us plenty of sample size to make a proper analysis. Those 77 QBs were then placed into 8 different buckets: HIT/BUST and how long they sat before being named a starting QB (0-3 weeks; 4-8 weeks; 9-16 weeks; >1 full season). Below were the resulting buckets: 1) Played right away (within first 3 weeks of rookie season) - HITS (12) Peyton Manning (1998 - 1.1) Carson Palmer (2003 - 1.1) Ben Roethlisberger (2004 - 1.11) Matt Ryan (2008 - 1.3) Joe Flacco (2008 - 1.18) Matthew Stafford (2009 - 1.1) Cam Newton (2011 - 1.1) Andy Dalton (2011 - 2.35) Andrew Luck (2012 - 1.1) Ryan Tannehill (2012 - 1.8) Derek Carr (2014 - 2.36) Deshaun Watson (2017 - 1.12) Joe Burrow (2020 - 1.1) Justin Herbert (2020 - 1.6) 2) Played right away (within first 3 weeks of rookie season) - BUSTS (16) Tim Couch (1999 - 1.1) Quincy Carter (2001 - 2.53) David Carr (2002 - 1.1) Joey Harrington (2002 - 1.3) Kyle Boller (2003 - 1.19) Mark Sanchez (2009 - 1.5) Sam Bradford (2010 - 1.1) Jimmy Clausen (2010 - 2.48) Blaine Gabbert (2011 - 1.10) Robert Griffin IIII (2012 - 1.2) Brandon Weeden (2012 - 1.22) EJ Manuel (2013 - 1.16) Marcus Mariota (2015 - 1.2) Carson Wentz (2016 - 1.2) DeShone Kizer (2017 - 2.52) Sam Darnold (2018 - 1.3) 3) Sat for 4-8 weeks - Hits (5) Charlie Batch (1998 - 2.60) Michal Vick (2001 - 1.1) Alex Smith (2005 - 1.1) Josh Allen (2018 - 1.7) Tua Tagovailoa (2020 - 1.5) 4) Sat for 4-8 weeks - BUSTS (13) Ryan Leaf (1998 - 1.2) Cade McNown (1999 - 1.12) Patrick Ramsey (2002 - 1.32) Byron Leftwich (2003 - 1.7) Vince Young (2006 - 1.3) Matt Leinart (2006 - 1.10) Josh Freeman (2009 - 1.17) Christian Ponder (2011 - 1.12) Blake Bortles (2014 - 1.3) Paxton Lynch (2016 - 1.26) Mitchell Trubisky (2017 - 1.2) Baker Mayfield (2018 - 1.1) Josh Rosen (2018 - 1.10) 5) Sat for 9 weeks - 1 full season - HITS (7) Donovan McNabb (1999 - 1.2) Daunte Culpepper (1999 - 1.11) Eli Manning (2004 - 1.1) Jay Cutler (2006 - 1.11) Patrick Mahomes (2017 - 1.10) Lamar Jackson 2018 - 1.32) Jalen Hurts (2020 - 2.53) 6) Sat for 9 weeks - 1 full season - BUSTS (9) Akili Smith (1999 - 1.3) Shaun King (1999 - 2.50) Rex Grossman (2003 - 1.22) Tarvaris Jackson (2006 - 2.64) JaMarcus Russell (2007 - 1.1) Tim Tebow (2010 - 1.25) Johnny Manziel (2014 - 1.22) Dwayne Haskins (2019 - 1.15) Drew Lock (2019 - 2.42) 7) Sat for > 1 full season - HITS (6) Chad Pennington (2000 - 1.18) Marc Bulger (2000 - 2.168) Drew Brees (2001 - 1.32) Phillip Rivers (2004 - 1.4) Aaron Rodgers (2005 - 1.24) Jimmy Garoppolo (2014 - 2.62) 8 ) Sat for > 1 full season - BUSTS (9) Marques Tuiasosopo (2001 - 2.59) J.P. Losman (2004 - 1.22) Jason Campbell (2005 - 1.25) Brady Quinn (2007 - 1.22) Kevin Kolb (2007 - 2.36) Drew Stanton (2007 - 2.43) Jake Locker (2011 - 1.8) Brock Osweiler (2012 - 2.57) Christian Hackenberg (2016 - 2.51) By the numbers: Started right away or within 3 weeks: 57 % Bust rate Sat for 4-8 weeks: 72 % Bust rate Sat for 9 weeks - 1 full season: 56 % Bust rate Sat for > 1 full season: 60 % Bust rate So is there any correlation between sitting and success in the NFL? Not so much. @slimjasi @Jim dean @The Crusher @Anthony Jet @southparkcpa @jgb @Maxman @nj meadowlands @derp @Hal N of Provo @Dunnie @fastmover @GangGreen Machine @CanadienJetsFan @Maynard13 @Smashmouth @Jet Nut @BurnleyJet @SickJetFan @doitny @Jethead @BeaconJet @chirorob @Sonny Werblin @JetsRay @T0mShane @AlexVanDyke @Beerfish @GreenFish @Darnold Schwarzenegger @genot @#27TheDominator @More Cowbell @BroadwayJoe12 @Augustiniak @choon328 @Joejet @BornJetsFan1983 @92ShaunEllis92 @DjHoldyHold @FidelioJet @JoeNamathsFurCoat @Bungaman @carlito1171 @Barry McCockinner @oatmeal @68JET11 @Stark @Saul Goodman @VJphillyfan @Dcat @Gastineau Lives @gastineau_intestinal_tract @Suck4Sammy @WeCantDraftGoodQBs @Charlie Brown @Doggin94it @Prodigal Syndicate @sackdance @jamesr @Fantasy Island @SackExchangeNYJ @Sarge4Tide @undertow @Hex @TokyoJetsFan @Jetsfan4life90 @Lurker89 @pointman @Irish Jet @Embrace the Suck @PS17 @Spoot-Face @Beaver @Warfish @Bleedin Green @CTM @GATA @jeremy2020 @usanyj @OtherwiseHappyinLife @harts724 @WhartonJet @Integrity28 @batman10023 @jetsons @Copernicus @Jackie Treehorn @y2k8 @HawkeyeJet @Lith @TuscanyTile2 @thebuzzardman @ZachEY @St Louie Jet Fan @NIGHT STALKER @Claymation @playtowinthegame @Jetsplayer21 @Trotter @BroadwayBen @Ecuadorian Jet @maury77 @INSAMITY! @nickfoshizal @Green Ghost @pumpkin_pie @bitonti @Jet9 @Jet Life @freestater @peebag @Arsis @deckerfan @RevisIsland610 @Latinlawyer @Jets Things @JetPotato @GangGreened @Happy Clouds @sourceworx @Alka @Creepy Lurker @Jets Voice of Reason @Dan. @Darnold's Forehead @BallinPB @NJ @FlightBoyz @fullblast @TBJ @greenwave81 @juxsta @SoFlaJets @UntouchableCrew @OilfieldJet @Paradis @K Clue @Icer @Zachtomims47 @Alentador31 @Origen @Grandy @SuicidalSince98 @xJayce @DLJ @Gangrene @ultraJETfan @Jetluv58 @sciond @bd71 @JTJet @JiFields @jetstream23 @LockeJET @jetspenguin @bla bla bla @Xtina @heymangold @Obrien2Toon @PavlovsDogs @BRONX DUDE @32EBoozer @jetspower @LIJetsFan @MykePM @RoadFan @RobR @FTL Jet Fan @Jets723 @jNYC1 @MindOverMatter @Ghost420 @LSJF @dbatesman @recjet @Sammybighead @Big_Slick @peekskill68 @Thai Jet @static14 @clayton163v @Sperm Edwards @Averagejetsfan1421 @Flashlite80 @Jetworks @maury77 @JetBlue @PorP @xboxjets @Greensleeves @rangerous @RichardTodd27 @Reasonable Jets Fan @JetsMetsRangers @PepPep @JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF @Chrebetfan80 @greenwichjetfan @Gibby @kthisguy @the Claw
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  36. And their scumbag coach. They suck. Let's curbstomp these b*t**es.
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  37. Absolutely stunning!!! I still can't believe that the Jets beat CIN 34-31 with a "backup QB" after last week's NE horror show. I had to review the tape multiple times before posting because there were so many things to analyze. Let's take a look at the game/players and realize a QB controversy is looming: Coaching - Changes made by the offensive staff this week, Mike LaFleur (OC) was up in the booth while Rob Calabrese and Matt Cavanaugh were down on the sideline. - Significant play call changes as more "jet sweeps" and RPO's were included in the game plan. And LaFleur opened up the trick plays as he whipped out multiple WR "flea flicker" passes and the "Philly special" for the final two point play of the game. Special Teams - Braxton Berrios had a 29.5 average on his kick off returns. But his only punt return was on the Jets final drive of the game and it was huge. Instead of fair catching it at the 10, Berrios returned it for 16 yards and got the offense into decent field position. If the offense started at the 10 yard line you wonder how conservative Saleh/ LaFleur would've been. - Matt Ammendola was decent as he was 2/3 in FG and 2/2 in XP. But with his leg strength he needs to have a better attempt on the 54 yarder he missed. - What a pleasure to only see the Jet punter ONCE all game as Tom Morstead generated a 45 yard average. Defense - A bend but don't break effort from the defense. Particularly with them having to deal with three first half turnovers by the offense, impressive that they only allowed 10 points. - Fantastic early stand by them after the first INT as they stopped CIN four times and prevented them from scoring. - Nice return by CJ Mosley as he had 10 Tackles and a TFL. With Mosley and Jarrad Davis making his debut, the defense was able to play an extremely "light box" (6 men) and limit CIN to 16 rushes for 41 yards. - WOW!!! An actual Jabari Zuniga sighting and in one game he produced more than Vernon Gholston did in his career (Sack and a QB Hit). Who saw that coming??? - Excellent game by the DT's as Sheldon Rankins had 4 Tackles, Sack, 2 TFL's and a QB Hit. While Quinnen Williams had 2 Tackles, Sack, TFL, QB Hit and a Pass Defensed. - Shaq Lawson didn't have the "stats" but had the biggest play of the game with his tip and INT that set the offense up in prime position. - With the defense in "nickel" most of the game Michael Carter had a ton of reps and continued to impress (4 Tackles, Pass Defensed). And when he was sent on blitzes he "sped up" Joe Burrow and forced him into incompletions. - Brandin Echols continues to grow at CB, he was a big part of the coverage that limited JaMarr Chase to 3 catches and 32 yards. Offense - Excellent game by the OLine particularly in pass protection, Mike White was kept spotless in the pocket. And Michael Carter was effective running the ball. - Speaking of Michael Carter he was dynamic in all phases as he racked up 172 total yards and a TD (15 rushes / 77 yards / TD and 9 recs / 95 yards). Carter's "contact balance" is outrageous, as he constantly shakes off tacklers keeps his feet and picks up additional yardage. - Ty Johnson contributed heavily in the passing game as he had 5 recs / 71 yards and a TD. - Jamison Crowder and Elijah Moore provided reliable underneath options for Mike White all day. Crowder recovered from his fumble and had 8 recs / 84 yards. While Elijah Moore had 6 recs / 67 yards. QB - Now let's deal with the multiple "elephants in the room", Mike White changed the offense entirely: * Even though he never started before, his experience in the league (drafted in 2018) allowed him to run the LaFleur/SF offense efficiently. As was said in the post game press conferences LaFleur called multiple deep shots early in the game. But White showed an "inner clock" and came off of those progressions when he knew they weren't there and went to intermediate receivers or check downs. This allowed for the offense to keep "moving the chains" and never getting into 3rd and longs. * Another benefit of White not staying on the deep shots in his progression was he got rid of the ball quickly and made the OLine not sustain blocks for too long. The trait White displayed yesterday is one of Zach Wilson's biggest issues. Wilson (so far) looks for the "sexy shot" and doesn't come off of it, leading him to scramble and taking risks down field. Against TEN it worked 4-5 times and they were able to win, but I remember saying it would be hard to sustain an offense based on "off script" deep shots. - White was excellent (37/45, 405 yards, 3 TD and 2 INT) and as mentioned above was a "chain mover" as he specialized in intermediate and check down routes. Its crazy/sad to think he was the first Jet QB in 21 years (Vinny Testaverde) to throw for over 400 yards. - Trait wise White showed the good "inner clock" I mentioned above, and decent arm strength on medium throws. His one deep shot was pretty erratic (40+ yards to Elijah Moore) and he "lumbers" around a little bit on the few occasions where he had to move in the pocket. - Hopefully Wilson was taking notes on the way White ran the offense yesterday. Because he needs to mix White's "inner clock" and willingness to take check downs into his game. - As far as the rest of the season, if White continues to impress I would keep Wilson on the bench and make him earn the starting spot. It would be totally unfair to the rest of the roster to just hand the spot back to Wilson, they deserve to stay enthusiastic and try to win as many games as possible.
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  38. Ultimately it's not any one thing. It's all of them at once, and one of them influencing another is the core of why the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. For example, other teams have had a single awful offensive lineman before. They've even had two who were so lowly rated/ranked. The problem is everything else isn't remotely in place, so they can't possibly handle & cover for it. I glossed over it in another thread: QB = Wilson's a rookie who typically worked out of shotgun, and - despite the attributes that made him a good prospect, like a very fast release and accuracy while doing so - has only worked in one offense and was able to do a lot of college'y things with impunity before he got here, like running backwards to avoid pressure, and many lengthy stare-downs which are really two problems: telegraphing the play to the defense and holding the ball too long. They're all fixable, rookie QBs make mistakes, and he needs to work through them; but with so many other things going on here he looks even worse and his uphill climb even steeper: LT = Becton was initially out of shape or whatever since we never got straight answers, then returned and got schooled by his own edge rusher in practice or opposing edge rusher in scrimmages. Then he got injured halfway through week 1. Fant then took over, but he was playing the other side the whole summer (except not really; more on that below). I'm not nearly buying his notion as though it's like a righty throwing lefty, but will acknowledge there's an adjustment period. LG = AVT missed all 3 preseason games. Looked totally lost week 1, but has since settled. C = McGovern is just a horrible center. While certainly not a great center with Denver before this, he didn't look nearly this bad in 2019 even when sandwiched between a weak rookie LG Risner and a has-been RG Leary (whose career ended after 2019). RG = GVR. Missed a lot of snaps this summer in a 4-headed guard competition between him, Clark, Lewis, and Feeney (and who knows how may, if any, snaps were also given to Edoga or anyone else initially). RT = Moses lost a camp competition to Fant. What that means is neither was getting all the snaps needed while installing a new system, and each probably received even less than GVR got at RG next to them. Then Fant had to switch sides when Becton went down in week 1. A cluster****. WR group is a mess. New addition Davis was, if anything, sure-handed in Tennessee. Now he has no hands at all. Mims has been discussed plenty, but it's enough to say he's not on the field. Moore missed weeks of the summer himself, then wasn't playing to his speed (thinking about scheme too much?), had hands issues of his own suddenly develop, and then got concussed. Crowder (badly undervalued by the fanbase all spring/summer) is a weird one of late; he was never an ironman but it's definitely a head-scratcher so far & couldn't possibly be so hurt he can't see the field at all since getting over covid (even while there was an extra active spot with Mims being deactivated yet again himself). Cole was supposed to be so good we didn't need Crowder anymore, since he was also more physical, and he's mostly been a ghost, only seeing action after Moore went down. Berrios is the only one playing well above expectations. Snicker all you want about him; he probably doesn't have the talent of any of the above 5, but has created enough separation in his role to get 21 targets in 3 games and reliably catch 14 of them. If only the other 5 all had his heart & dedication. RB group - some running talent here, but obvious issues with TJ picking up blitzes means he really shouldn't be on the field on passing downs until that's settled, making the play call too obvious to just have him out there on running downs. Carter looked good week 2, but by then was NE just protecting against the pass? Really, until the passing game starts doing some damage there isn't going to be much running room or consistency. Coleman is about what I'd expect given the circumstances, and ok as part of a committee. With a more legit passing threat and some better blocking he'd look a good amount better himself; but big whoop, what RB wouldn't? TE group... (*crickets chirping*) That's just the personnel. Ability-wise, there are some weak points, but the problem is all these weak points showing at once, and if there's anything compounding them. And there is: OC = LaFleur's first year of a first-time OC, installing a new offense for the first time ever, calling plays for the first time ever. He came out of a successful program, but what's starting to show is something more. It's really the only offense he's coached much and, at age 34, doesn't seem to have a seasoned-enough background to be able to change things up when he doesn't have the personnel to run what he wants, on top of all these players running it for the first time, which itself is on top of how many didn't even get a full summer of working on it with the first team because of injuries and position competitions. HC = Saleh's first year of a first-time HC, mostly powerless to do anything to change it, since that's not his forte either. Saleh's only possible remedy to change to something simpler is to demote Mike LaFleur and promote Cavanaugh. Cavanaugh isn't the greatest of the great, but he's an experienced offensive coach with many years as a QBC and OC in several different systems. He's got enough experience in other schemes to change to something different, and LaFleur may not. Except even that is an extreme long shot because there's obviously a conflict in Saleh's personal relationship ("best friends") with Matt LaFleur. If he demotes his best friend's brother, after just a few games, personally awkward wouldn't even be strong enough language. Assistant coaches on offense: Knapp (RIP) had his life cut short suddenly QBC Calabrese is 31 and is in his first year as a QBC. He was a QBC/OC at Wagner from 2017-18, lol. Coaching a rookie QB, in a system he's never coached or played in himself. OLC Benton is experienced in this scheme (or similar enough). Would seem to be a good and sensible hire. The problems with the OL may not be of his making. Assistant OLC Moreland is in his first year coaching in the NFL after being at mostly forgettable college programs. Cavanaugh came on late after Knapp's untimely passing. Good hire under the circumstances, but really he got here and then the season started like 5 minutes later. Miles Austin was a terrific receiver for a few years but at 37 is in his first year as a WRC and the early returns are pretty bad; Taylor Embree is 32, and in his first year as a RBC Middleton is an experienced TE coach, but...yeah he's just a TE coach, on a team without any discernible talent to exploit/feature at TE Anyway there's so much new all at once, it's almost folly to point to just one of them. Problems with personnel quality, problems with missed time due to health and competition at too many positions at once, all on top of a lot of newness in the scheme for all involved except for LaFleur and Benton. It was all poorly conceived, and only arrogance in doing so - plus blind optimism from the HC on down, and the fanbase - would expect non-failure given all of it at the same time. I suppose it should only get better as the newness gets less new, but there's a legit concern that Wilson's health and other things will hold up by then. I don't have a strong opinion on it, other than the strong opinion that this sucks. OK it's not an opinion; objectively this offense sucks.
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  39. In 2018, I began following the NFL for the first time in my life. I'm in my mid 50's and have been a BYU Football fan since age 8. In 2018, I began following Taysom Hill and the Saints. Now, I fully plan on also following the Jets. No doubt in my mind there will be thousands more like myself as we don't have an NFL team in Utah. I feel It's going to be a fun year. Go Jets!!
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  40. We are at the cancer institute right now and today is the last day of chemo. She has a few other monthly procedures throughout the fall and surgery next year but chemo is almost over. Her hair has already started to grow back. The scans and images they did are all clear. That was the best news ever. It has been a roller coaster since she was diagnosed in the spring. This after going through it in 2013 and almost a full year of chemo and radiation in 2014. Really feeling thankful for all the kind thoughts and prayers. Thanks guys!!!!!
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  42. Amazing!!! For the first time since 2019 the Jets have won three games in a row as they physically manhandled GB 27-10. In back to back weeks the Jets have stomped out an opponent and made the final 8 minutes of the 4th quarter irrelevant: Special Teams - Even though he missed a 54 yarder Greg Zuerlein continued his solid season as he went 2/3 on FG's and 3/3 on XP's. His leg strength on KO's has surprised me. - Excellent game by Braden Mann (45 yd avg) particularly in the first half when he "flipped" field position multiple times when the offense was struggling. - Braxton Berrios was productive as usual with a 29 yd avg on KO's and an 11 yd avg on punts. - The punt protection had one mishap as Jamien Sherwood didn't seal off the middle of the line and allowed a punt block. But other than that Brant Boyer's units were off the charts as Quinnen Williams blocked a FG and Michael Clemons blocked a punt that led to a "scoop & score" by Will Parks. Defense - I can't remember a defensive effort as good as we saw today, it must be back in the 2009 and 2010 seasons when Rex Ryan was HC. Much improved secondary play and relentless DLine pressure abused Aaron Rodgers all day. As he was sacked 4 times, knocked down 9 times and had 5 passes defensed. - Let's highlight the "beasts" from today's game: * Quinnen Williams is elevating his game into Aaron Donald territory. He blocked a FG, had 5 Tackles, 2 Sacks, 2 TFL's and 3 QB Hits (yawn). * Quincy Williams made a dramatic return from injury with 14 Tackles (many of them HUGE) and coverage all over the field. * CJ Mosley was an excellent "tag team partner" to Williams as he had 11 Tackles (many of them HUGE) and one pass defensed. * Ahmad Gardner's coverage skills are so advanced for a rookie it's ridiculous. He has serious make up speed, change of direction, ability to close on routes and the ability to knock balls out of receivers hands. If Gardner keeps on this path we will be bringing up Revis comparisons fairly soon. * DJ Reed may be short but his coverage skills and physicality make up for it. In addition Michael Carter shouldn't be forgotten because he's raised his game in his second year. * The safety play of Jordan Whitehead and Lamarcus Joyner has elevated since the CIN debacle. Now when double coverage is being called they're consistently in position. Also, they are providing a physical presence when they are coming into "the box". Offense - The performance of the offense can be summed up in one word "sledgehammer". The OLine and running game led the way with 33 rushes for 179 yards (5.4 avg). Duane Brown needs special recognition as the 37 year old wasn't only physical but fast. As multiple times he got into space and blocked LB's and DB's 10+ yards downfield to break long runs. - Breece Hall was the star with 115 yards on 20 rushes and a TD. We may have entered with a committee approach in the RB rotation but Hall is going to change that. His production will make him RB1 shortly with Michael Carter as the "change of pace" RB. - Tremendous play call by Mike LaFleur on Hall's TD run. Wonderful use of motion and misdirection led to a gaping hole in GB defense. - Huge two play sequence by Corey Davis in the third quarter that got the offense going. A 10 yard slant that got a first down then a 40 yard bomb that led to a TD by Berrios on a Jet sweep. QB - Zach Wilson was a game manager again as he generated very little in the passing game going 10/18 for 110 yards. He had one "sexy" sequence when he connected with Davis on the 40 yarder mentioned earlier. But let's not overlook Wilson's most important stat, he's 3-0 since he's come back from injury. And the offense is averaging 30 points a game, hard to complain about that.
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  43. To play one season at RG, switch to LG and then when the team needs you, move to LT is really amazing and he deserves a ton of credit for his versatility. He is infinitely more valuable then Jamal Adams if we dont also add in that we have Garret Wilson because of that trade. To have someone this versatile is so valuable to the team, I hope AVT's contribution today doesnt go unnoticed with the drama surrounding the win. It will be interesting to see what we do with the OL next week. Will Duane Brown be back? If he is, then does AVT play RT and we keep Herbig in the game?
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