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    Man, I hope they didn’t find out that Snyder was patronizing a rub and tug that was exploiting enslaved immigrants. He would be in some hot water with the league office.
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    They're going with Washington Wops, I knew it.
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    Stop with the racist bullsh*t. The word is used so often it's virtually meaningless.
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    You can’t stand the political BS yet you take the opportunity to make a very political statement on a football website to deliver your opinions regarding your disdain for the social justice conversations going on across the country. When the games start I bet you’ll be in your seat watching the games as usual but thanks for hijacking the board and getting this off your chest.
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    said no one T0m has ever slept with
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    You are exactly what the problem is right now in society. He didnt say a single racist thing... at all, not one thing. He listed a multitude of reasons he was frustrated, and you picked out one aspect of his frustration and exploited it to fit your point of view. People can not agree with BLM or any other ideology and still be inherently good people. The fact that you attacked him the way you did says far more about your character flaws than it does of his, no matter how much you cry about "undertones" in his comment. Just because someone doesnt toe the PC line and you dont agree with his viewpoint, doesnt mean he is a racist alt right neo nazi. Grow up.
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    FedExField is built on top of an old Native American burial ground?
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    I’ve been a diehard Jet fan since 68. I use to but every Newspaper to catch up on the Jets, my Coudin owned a Deli on LI & we’d read every sports page. I use to have Jets Confidential delivered to me up in Massachusetts. I completely understand why Max doesn’t want politics here but professional sports now is awash in it. You can’t get away from it, it’s 24/7 & now that the NFL has said it will introduce a Black Anthem (amazing that is never heard of a black national anthem B4 this year) Before our National Anthem its the final straw. I absolutely loved football but Roger Goodell & BLM has finally put the final nail in the coffin for me. Yes, I’m sure they’ll be the GOODBYE, See ya, posts, good riddance, lol, but I’ve truly had it supporting this league. For 20 years I got to watch the Patriots run roughshod over the league, by cheating, Brady taking peanuts & earning money selling water in Gillette stadium, the Kapernick bullsh*t, Adams now being a total a$$hole, I’ve had it, done, moving on. I’m actually shocked by how many fans have done this already, friends who have told me “I stopped watching the NFL years ago”. They don’t give too sh*ts about the fans anymore, from owners down to the players. So, my Sundays will be filled with things like working out, biking, boating, and enjoying my life. Part of my enjoyment use to be the NFL, they’ve finally lost me. I get it, I’m just 1 guy but I know in the larger scheme of things, hardcore fans are dropping off like flies. It sickens me how there is nothing left considered sacred as an escape for all of us from the real world bullsh*t. The NFL is like watching Hamilton walk out on Pence. There is no escape.
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    Who's going to throw batteries at the players?
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    And so does every day life. I haven’t seen tweets, protests, marches, celebrities, politicians, athletes, BLM or anyone else up in arms over the black children being killed on a daily basis by black boys and men. I think it was 10 already this week. When they start addressing this instead of something that’s making people millions of dollars and getting them in positions of power I’ll start backing it more because right now it’s an f’ed up mess that people are using to benefit them.
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    If there's one thing JN teaches us, it's that plenty of people do not agree that black lives matter.
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    I mean, they should have worn masks.
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    Don't tell me they found the secret monument to Marge Schott?
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    It just amazes me how people post political stuff because they are sick of things being politicized.
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    Same can be said for plenty of people in their CNN bubble. Anyone who pays attention to any mainstream media is a moron. Right or left.
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    When black on black crime happens there's typically an arrest, and the promise of justice. When police on black violence occurs, there rarely is. I don't suspect this will change your mind on anything, but it's worth knowing why there's a difference between civilian on civilian crime (which, by the way, is more likely tied to proximity than race, but hey, why let that get in the way) than authority on civilian crime, when it comes to people's response.
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    Going to respectfully disagree. Not agreeing with the BLM organization and not agreeing that black lives matter are two entirely different things. If you cant tell the difference, the argument may as well stop right here.
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    Interesting. What's your point about not ever having heard of the song? Perhaps it just proves how whitewashed you education was? Me? I'm a 48 year old white man. I grew up in Brooklyn NY, in a predomantly black neighborhood. I went to P.S. 91 in Brooklyn for K through 6th grade. I was one of the very few white kids in my school Everyday, from Kindergarden through the 6th grade, we stood and said the Pledge of Allegance.....and then we sung Lift Every Voice and Sing. Every. Single. Day. It's a wonderful song and I can't wait to hear it at NFL games this year.
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    No such thing as reverse racism. Racism is racism
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    I watch sports to get away from politics and other BS. They have made that impossible now.
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    What’s funny about your response was I told my wife within 2 minutes of posting this someone who has no idea who I am, what I have done, where I have been, how many people I’ve trained in my job, will just fall back on the one thing that is so easy to do in this whole idiot culture & that’s call me a racist 🤔. Sorry if I believe BLM is total BS, I’m not alone & many, many African Americans agree with me, they’re just being drowned out & ignored in the media.
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    Except, BLM isn't an actual organization. That notion is a creation of an actual political organization and its media arm, who's goals are to maintain status quo and power.
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    What’s fun about that part is that the cast of Hamilton didn’t walk out on Pence at all. This is like my coworker who was *convinced* the Lincoln Memorial had been torn down. The Fox bubble is so thick and real and too many good people are trapped inside. https://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/19/us/mike-pence-hamilton.amp.html
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    Maybe he gets that after his rookie deal, I don't think there is any way Douglas pulls the trigger on $18m per year after what Adams has pulled. Sends a message to the rest of the team "That is how you act to get a contract done"
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    I DO so much love the Irony of the NBAs China conundrum lol. Any slogan you want on the jersey as longgggg as it doesnt mention Hong Kong lol. Nothing like embodying your hypocritical nature by complaing about modern slavery, while wearing jerseys made by child slaves and tweeting about it with phones made by other child slaves.
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    I have a bunch of good links for that.
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    Gladly you friggin reverse racist! This is exactly what’s going on today for ANYONE that speaks out against the mob. So is Terry Crews a racist? He thinks BLM is BS. Marcellus Wiley? Doesn’t he have a Columbia education? Thomas Sowell? Or are they just a bunch of Uncle Toms? I’ll gladly walk away & not come back here either. Politics has ruined sports & Jetsnation can’t get away from it by suspending posters. It’s just the facts of sports today, you can blame ESPN, I gave up watching them years ago. I hope they go right down the tubes.
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    So the NFL is going to play a song before another song before the actual game and THATS your tipping point?
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    Looks like they ran with the Washington Reds after all. SAR I
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    What could possibly be more sad and embarrassing than just printing their record for the last 20 years ?
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    Where to begin.. - Portland Oregon - Seattle Washington - Minneapolis Minnesota - Atlanta Georgia - Every good cop in America - Every business burnt down and the families that they supported. It's a long list that I dont have time to type out.
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    Oh trust me, I am well aware of that. My parents have become hooked on it. Hearing the ridiculous sh*t they say is painful for me. I'm embarrassed for them.
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    Yeah I would prefer them to just play. With that being said, I would be fine with jersey messages if ALL messages were allowed. Not just a pre selected few. Freedom of speech except anything anti China or pro American. Very curious indeed.
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    The song absolutely sucks and belongs in church. I went to a predominantly black school in Florida and never heard of anyone singing after the pledge anywhere outside of religious schools but good story.
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    NFL ratings are up for 2 years in a row. https://www.wsj.com/articles/nfl-ratings-increase-for-second-straight-year-11578006629 So the notion that you are "shocked" by how many of your "friends" are tuning out is merely a product of who you choose to associate with. Fantasy Football is exploding and betting on NFL games is exploding. The interest in the sport is pretty much at an all time high unless you are a grumpy old white man. I am not even a Kap supporter,I hate players kneeling and I can't stand Adams antics this offseason but tuning out football would be like cutting off my nose to spite my face. I'd say I am sorry to see you go, but I'm not.
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    Why quit now and miss your big chance to kneel during the black national anthem?
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    Joe Douglas didn't misread anything. Like, at all. Suggesting otherwise is ludicrous. Jamal Adams is a safety. He deserves a contract in-line with Safeties, not EDGE rushers, CBs, or pass rushing DTs. It's that simple. You can't say "it's a new market" in one breath and then talk about positional markets in another. Positional markets are how this has always worked. Jamal doesn't deserve more money because other positions got paid and he sure as sh*t doesn't deserve 18-20 million.
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    I don't know how much sports I'm going to watch in general this coming year now that it's all become an extension of politics, which I'm already exhausted with in every other facet of life. That combined with the longer Covid goes on the less I care if sports come back at all, its hard to care about these overpaid children. I mean having Jamal Adams as the daily focal point of our offseason news is only making the apathy intensify.
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    more and more racists "Stop watching the NFL" NFL Revenues go up and up. Same folk keep predicting NFL's demise since I ever remember watching football back in the 80s (and will celebrate in like 50 years when the NFL folds about how they told everyone all along) In the mean time, NFL Revenues keep going up So...it seems like annoying your ilk is good for business. The rest of us will not care if they're doing something to make a certain section of the population feel better and will just watch football.
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    You have always been one of the biggest clowns both on JetsInsider and now on JN.
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    A meteor Is hitting Earth in 2036
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    Eagles fans can skip a step and report straight to prison.
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    Somewhere, a man dressed as Santa Claus lets out a sigh of relief.
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