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    That's it. End the season tonight. Start the playoffs next week. Lock in the draft order. No debate needed. Lock it in.
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    Just cancel this crap fest pandemic season already and reward the Jets with the #1 overall pick and Jax the #2 overall pick and be done with 2020 (10 games is a big enough sample size to respect our #1 pick status).
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    He was never staying and is not going to refuse the Jets. Ridiculous media orchestrated narrative that makes no sense for him professionally.
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    oh sht.. that looks like a Q-Anon Christmas Card. I take it back.. Butterbean looks like he needs to be rescued.
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    No one cares whether he has sources or not. We care that he's a snake, a liar, and apparently he's even worse than we all thought. You're focusing heavily on issue # 887 out of 1,000 when it comes to Manish Mehta.
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    Usually we're just the worst team in the division. It was exciting enough just to be the worst team in the league this year. But to be the worst of all time? This is something of which, I believe, we can all be proud.
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    How is this possible with an offensive genius as HC?
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    As a veteran of the Army Signal Corps, I can tell you that he is actually blinking SOS. (Okay both of those things are lies)
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    No surprise there. Let NFL Twitter change the story to ‘Trevor is going to pull an Eli’ next now that the ‘Trevor is going to go back to school to avoid the Jets’ story is gone
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    Still get chills watching this man stand up to a totalitarian regime. Iconic image
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    I think 3 HCs have been fired already this year but somehow not Adam Gase, who is worse than all of them.
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    Mehta DOES have sources. People go to him when they want a slanted version of their story told (example: Jamal Adams).
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    hey no spoilers! some of us over 50 are waiting for cosell to call it next saturday on wide world of sports.
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    Just for clarification: I don’t really remember you at all but you seemed pretty upset about something I apparently did a decade ago, so I apologized. So I can’t really confirm anything.
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    Tyson won pretty handily. LMAO at that being ruled a draw. Mike’s hands are too heavy for Jones
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    Kudos to everyone that paid $50 to watch a YouTube star beat up a washed up NBA player half his size and two 50 year olds fight to an exhibition draw. Next time just give me $25 and I’ll kick you in the balls.
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    Anyone who ever thought Trevor would rather return to the NCAA for another Covid depleted season rather than living out his childhood dreams of being selected #1 overall into the NFL; was absolutely nuts. And having Mekhi Becton as his Franchise LT in order to protect his blind side for the 10+ years, is even more attractive than having A+ available salary cap space along with the most amount of draft capital over the next 3 offseasons in order to build around him.
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    There are three Tysons: Before Robin Givens and Don King: He had his original managers and Kevin Rooney and the desire to be his idol, Jack Dempsey. After Givens and King: Once they came along he dropped Kevin Rooney, forgot fundamentals like jabbing and head movement. Teddy Atlas called Jay Bright the guy that would make the muffins with Camille in the kitchen. Aaron Snowell was another lackey. They tried to quell the swelling in his eye when he fought Douglas with a ******* frozen water balloon instead of endswell. Jesus. After Prison: He was done. The layoff was too much and even though he had Richie Giachetti who trained Larry Holmes, it was good enough for the Buster Mathis' and Orlin Norris' of the world, but he was 8-5 in his last 13 (I think there was a no-contest against a terrified Andrew Golota in there) He was fighting for paydays at this point.
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    The December wave is looking like it’s going to explode. this is just the beginning
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    Yet another rotten piece of fruit falls from the Belichick poisoned tree.
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    Harbaugh staying in Michigan after all?
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    I don’t know, but I’m not interested in taking the chance to find out. If we somehow play ourselves out of Lawrence and Fields, then I’d rather just build the hell out of the offense around Darnold and see what happens. If he falls flat on his face next year, so be it. At least the next young QB will walk into a much more comfortable situation in a year or two.
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    I don't think he's into that stuff.
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    I just don't believe in Darnold any more. When Darnold plays badly, he seems to be excused. How can he play with a bad OL and bad receivers. Poor Sam. I think criticsm of the OL is way overblown, especially when Flacco is sacked at almost half the rate that Darnold is. When I watch Sam's film, and I try to watch items that are in his control, I see a guy who is lost in the pocket. He does not feel the rush. When receivers are open, he does not see them. He does not make accurate throws from the pocket. He does not throw receivers open or put the ball in a spot where the reciever can make a play even if covered. He does not throw an accurate deep ball or make big plays from the pocket. He still seems to make rookie mistakes, throwing balls up for grabs, off his back foot or into coverage. His big plays this year have been outside the structure of the play, when he either is forced to scramble or bails out. I have not seen him make accurate deep thows like the long TD passes Flacco has thrown each of the last two weeks. I don't think it is all Sam's fault, he was put in a bad situation where it was difficult to succeed. -- he has been poorly coached and he has below average receivers. And even though i think the OL is better than last year, it is still below average. I think Joe Flacco gives the team a better chance to win. Which was my point in posting the stats. I think Flacco has been better than Darnold this season. I also do not think either guy has been good. That said, Darnold is and should be the starter the rest of the season if healthy. He deserves the chance to show he is better than the numbers indicate. I would like to be comparing a young Jets QB to the top QBs in the league. Not to a 35 year old who has not had a really good year in about 8 seasons.
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    No way in the world I would ever root for the Fins. Squish the Fish!
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    A loss today with the Raiders, Seahawks and Rams the next 3 games would be awesome. Just for today.....
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    All I care about is 0-16, not which 0-16 is the worst.
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    Part of me feels bad for Nate, 100% of me definitely hopes he's good health and spirits. Never wish to see another person seriously hurt. But at the same time, part of my is shaking my head at the fact that he really challenged a guy to a boxing match when he has no boxing experience (there's a reason why they say "You don't play boxing"). And even worse is you had people thinking he was really going to win SMH. But that's just a personal peeve of mine.. I myself have a little boxing experience (3 years) so stuff like annoys me a bit. Since fighting is one of the most natural activities we as humans partake in, everyone thinks they're an expert in fighting and overestimates they're ability to fight. Can't tell you how many people I've seen come to the gym thinking they're hot stuff, only to get their butts handed to them and ran out the gym. Definitely is a humbling experience. Hope Nate learned a valuable lesson from this experience
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    Any link like that isn't safe. Tyson looked good, was in great shape. Totally agree, this is a very relative thing. Tyson could dominate the senior circuit. But 54 is 54, you aren't putting him in with an actual heavyweight in his 20's. No way. Those videos of Tyson working out looked great. But looking fast on a video and in the ring are two different things. Dude, you aren't getting off to the best start here. If you want to hang around, take a chill pill. That reference is from the 80's FYI.
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    WTF oh no crap music - they should send Abba out there in between fights - tone it down some
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    The 1976 0-14 Buccaneers (-287 point differential) need to be in this graphic. They're the only team worse than the 2020 Jets. So far. The two 0-16 teams were a LOT more competitive than the 2020 Jets, that much has been clear for a while now. There have been quite a few teams in history that were worse than the '08 Lions and 2017 Browns but managed to win game(s). The 1990 Patriots (1-15, -265 point differential) and 1986 Buccaneers (2-14, -234) come to mind.
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    He's a good qb. Even coming out of HS he was donminating all the summer camps - he's smart, makes quick decisions, has a good arm, tough....but IMHO, he's not an elite athlete, not much of a runner, and not someone with a top A+++ NFL caliber arm. I'd put him in the 2nd to 3rd rd category. I can see him being one of those steady 10 year NFL backups But he threw 5 TDs today against auburn so he's the greatest human on tne planet
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    Wish they were playing jags this week Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    I'm going to say No, at least from what I see. What makes Mahomes special is that he has an elite arm with very good accuracy when he's off base. On pure arm talent, someone like Josh Allen is better, but he can make throws that are rare while on the move, or not completely set. Other than Rodgers, I'm not sure I've seen someone that is accurate as him on off-balance throws, which really put the pressure on defense. For Lance, I think he has potential, but I don't see it on tape for his accuracy while being off-centered. Could he be? Sure, I don't know.
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    Man is holding a LAMINATE call sheet and a pencil.

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