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    I don't see Pollack as the problem... everywhere he's been he's been successful... I see an unfortunate amount of injuries & a mishmash oline as the issue.... and of course the ;lack of drafting oline prospects for the past 5 yrs.
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    Damn I was hoping they would fire Pollack and bring Callahan here.
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    That would never happen - Brady is a free agent and New England picks at the end of the first round. Tua will most likely be going to Miami at 5, or, if he lasts longer, to Carolina at 7.
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    But Adam & Sam have enough to work with, what a f*cking joke! When you win a game 37-20 & that's your QBs stats it say more about the talent on that team than the QB or the coach. Great freaking job by GM John Lynch. Lets get Sam some help.
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    I don't think I've ever been annoyed by something so trivial as this writer abbreviating Safety as "SAF" and not "S".
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    Two things I heard through various sources about Darnold (one from a friend of a friend who plays hoops with him in the offseason in the Dana Point, CA area).... 1. Sam was definitely discouraged from running given the risk to his spleen even after being cleared by doctors. It was more that he was told...not suggested....to avoid running and to always get out of bounds or slide. 2. The protective "flak jacket" he wore last season was heavier and more cumbersome that most people realize. It was custom built for him to protect the spleen and whether it affected him 5%...10%....20%....she had no idea but the thing absolutely was a limitation on his mobility.
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    I agree with this. It's not easy to defend Pollack after the Jets OLine performance in 2019, but it was a unit lacking talent even BEFORE the injuries. Once they injuries started to happen it became a mess. The OLine did improve towards the end of the year, maybe due simply to some experience and reps with the same guys finally starting to take place. I wouldn't be quick to move on from Pollack.
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    Ruh Roh.. last time she modded she terminated 1/2 the game
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    No one is confirmed anything except sexy bitches
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    Oh yas special alright nolderp
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    Great hire - hated him as a HC but boy, he can turn around an O-Line.
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    To be fair they were also 49ers fans in the 80's and 90's.
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    Pats fans are about to become as rare as the Dodo Bird
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    They may have the 23rd taken away from them soon.
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    To hell with the lowlife cheating Rats and all their fetid scumbag fans. I hope they don't win another game for 6 years.
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    Of course not. He's some lucky schmuck that won the "born into money" lottery. Most folks born into money like that are fools. Not gonna hate on the guy for it though. If I was born into billions, good chance I would've bought the Jets too. Howver I wouldn't stay out of football operations.
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    I've never really posted mocks before because I don't enjoy sifting through who other teams will take etc. But since these websites take care of that, here is my first ever attempt.
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    The Top 60 (for those who don't click links)....
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    If Jeudy is there (and the top 3 OL are gone), as tempting as it is to take him, I think Douglas auctions the pick. Say to Philly or some other team desperate for a top WR. He then picks OL later in the draft and pockets an extra second round pick or so. Of course, it all depends on how FA goes. If he signs a few OL, but loses Robby, then WR becomes a more interesting option.
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    Honesty * Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    over/under #weeks before Bill Callahan is the browns interim HC ?
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    Wasn’t the whole Idzik 12 draft based on guys who did well at the senior bowl
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    He's always been a jackbag, from the constant holdouts to going and helping Tom Brady and Bill Belichick win another Super Bowl. Hard to think of a player that didn't care the least bit about the Jets as a franchise, its fans, or the concept of loyalty and integrity as a person at all. The level of effort he displayed on the field his last season here was revolting. Not sure how any Jet fan can feel any sense of loyalty or fandom of the guy.
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    SF is a mirror image of their GM during his playing days. Smart and tough x 100. Anyone have the pleasure of watching Lynch lay guys out? He was a beast.
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    Also, even though this player has been injured the last two seasons, if he remains healthy this week it will show that he is now durable
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    Sam Darnold's last 8 games featured 15 TD's and 4 interceptions. Completion percentage over 60%. QBR 93.3 is 10th best in the NFL. With no weapons. With no OL. With no running game. With an extremely limited playbook. Proof Gase might be a good offensive coordinator. We already know Gase is a good head coach. SAR I
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    lmfao - prior to last night, he eclipsed 100 yards once this season. He had an epic game. People acting like this is the norm and we can now crown him as the best RB in the league are having a little recency bias, to say the least. Side note; I used to see Raheem surfing in New Smyrna growing up, he's a much better Football player, to say the least.
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    The correct takeaway from this is that running back is easily the most interchangeable/replaceable position on the field and there is almost never a reason to have a running back as your highest paid player.
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    Great olines and a good scheme can make many a back look really good.
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    Well, actually, says a whole lot about coaching actually. You don’t just show up to a championship game and run all over a tough defense by accident.
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    It means they found a franchise quarterback and surrounded him with big playmakers. We did the hard part too. Now that we have Darnold, playmaker time. SAR I
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    What with Occupy Wallstreet working so well, I'm confident we can get this done.
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    In situations like this I find its best not to think.
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    Oh another one of these threads. Well raise 2 billion and buy the team 🤷‍♂️
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    If Herbert along with Tua and Burrow goes top 10 we are in a good position
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    I could see Cam with the Bucs. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    That offensive line would be an upgrade
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    Isn't it a possibility that we'll sign 2-4 Tier 2 or Tier 3 FA's rather than one big-ticket FA?
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    Trumaine: 5 yrs, $72.5M w/$34M in guarantees Revis: 5 yrs, $70.1M w/$39M in guarantees Enunwa: 4 yrs, $36M w/$20.5M in guarantees Spencer Long: 4 yrs, $27.4M w/$6M in guarantees Wilkerson: 5 yrs, $86M w/$37M in guarantees Skrine: 4 yrs, $25M w/$13M in guarantees Harris: 3 yrs, $21.5M w/$15M in guarantees Cromartie: 4 yrs, $32M w/$7M in guarantees Carpenter: 4 yrs, $19.1M w/$5M in guarantees Kearse: 3 yrs, $13.5M w/$6.3M in guarantees Fitzpatrick: 1 yr, $12M fully guaranteed McCown (2x): 1 yr, $6M fully guaranteed; 1 yr, $10M w/$5M in guarantees Forte: 2 yrs, $$9M w/$6M in guarantees Marshall: 3 yrs, $26M w/$9M in guarantees Crowell: 3 yrs, $12M w/$4M in guarantees Gilchrist: 4 yrs, $22M w/$3.5M in guarantees Claiborne: 1 yr, $7M w/$6.9M in guarantees Winters: 4 yrs, $29M w?$15M in guarantees Mosley (5 yrs, $85M w/$43M in guarantees) won't be worth the contract we gave him regardless of how well he performs. You just don't pay an ILB anywhere close to what we gave him. The same is true for Bell (4 yrs, $52.5M w/$19M in guarantees) and the RB position. He also took on the latter 2 years of the Raider deal for Osemele (resulting in $10.2M in dead money).
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    Say good bye. His career is over and unfortunately it never really started.
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    1-Thank him for everything and wish him a healthy and prosperous future. 2- draft a superior more durable replacement who can run people over like him after the catch 3- profit
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    Wills. I like Jeudy and Lamb but there are also some very nice WR's in the 2nd and 3rd rounds and later imo. If one of the top three ots are there we need to take him.
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    While were at it, can we sh*tcan Dowell Logjams and hire Shurmur as OC? Not a good HC but a solid OC.
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    Didn't we have him before, and he lasted less than a year? Give Pollack another year with upgraded talent. He has had success in the past.

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