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    I’m starting to kinda agree with this whole “you need 500+ posts to start threads” shindig.
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    So, Gase has had a near-death Sam Darnold, a quarter of Trevor Simien, and three quarters of Luke Faulk vs two of the tougher defenses in the league.
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    Again, if you care about the secret sauce PFF grade, the position grades after two weeks are kind of interesting. Some real surprises, most of them on defense. - First a happy surprise: Jordan Jenkins ranks 15th among edge defenders with a score of 79.1! That’s better than the likes of Justin Houston, Melvin Ingram, Dee Ford and TJ Watt. This is no fluke. The film shows he’s raised his game this year. - Now a bad surprise: Jamal Adams ranks 56th among safeties with a score of 56.5. He was in the top 20 after week 1, so his score for the Monday game must have been dreadful. Hence the benching. On the bright side, Marcus Maye is ranked third - Jets cornerbacks get no rescpect, but two of them are doing surprisingly well: Brian Poole and Nate Hairston, who rank 17th and 39th respectively. The rest of them are bad, including Johnson, who ranks 75th with a score of 53. - also worth mentioning that Neville Hewitt and Blake Cashman have put in respectable work through two games, with scores of 70 (26th) and 63.6 (32nd), respectively. - And the highest ranked Jets offensive lineman is .... Brandon Shell, who ranks 22nd among tackles with a score of 65.3. His breakdown is 69.6 for pass blocking and 62.9 for run blocking. That actually isn’t bad. But ... - The scores for the rest of the offensive line made my eyes hurt. I won’t go through them all because we all know how badly they’ve played. Kalil is the third worst center in the league. Mitch Morse, the guy we should have signed, is 12th. -Josh Bellamy should send a thank you note to Donte Moncrief because he’s the only one keeping him from being the worst ranked wide receiver in the league. Another great Macc/Gase free agent signing. The highest guy in the group is Anderson, and he’s 56th. So far, this offense is rivaling the Dolphins for worst in the league.
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    The author looks to be 12 years old and he also wrote this line: No, having essentially two Fletcher Coxes (Coxii?) in the trenches would change the way opposing coaches play the Eagles for a full 60 minutes.
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    We kicked a mother Ficken 46 yard FIELD GOAL!!!!!!!!! How is this as overlooked as it’s been? There should be 6 threads dissecting the snap, the hold, the positioning and the KICK!!! 46 yards!!!! Holy cow!! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    I saw Erik McMillan pick 6 Marino, putting a dagger thru Miami’s heart. I saw Brian Washington pick 6 Jim Kelly, which sealed a win against the Bills. I saw Victor Green make a ton of game changing plays for the Jets and the Pats. I cannot think of one game changing play made by Adams.
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    Mentioned in another thread? That’s simply not good enough you badge wearing message board patrolman you. This has been the biggest point of contention since macc let Myers go. Do you realize that was our first FG of 2019??? You carry on man. You carry the F on already Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    😆 Yeah, the fans have been wrong! When the fans said is was dumb to draft two safeties back-to-back, the stupid fans were wrong. When the Fans said Hackenburg was a fourth rounder at best...Stupid fans!! When the fans said drafting DT's every single year was setting us back on offense...Morons! This team needs to stop listening to their fans--that's problem number one? When the fans bitched about letting our pro bowl kicker and returner go, even though we had plenty of cash...Dumb! When the fans were pissed we passed on McCarthy for a guy who was fired by the Miami Dolphins...the fans were obviously clueless. It's not the fans, man. Its the Jets. They actually DON'T know more than we do. The New Stadium? Horrendous. PSL's? 12 year waitlist for tickets gone in a flash. More opposing fans in the stands than Jets fans. The Fans screamed for Winovich, the Jets took Polite. I could literally type for hours on the poor decisions and mismanagement of the NY Jets. If you think "Problem number one with this franchise is listening to its fans", you haven't been paying attention.
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    It would work for me. I had high hopes for Leo when he was drafted, but resigning him would be a mistake. If they could get a serviceable OL, WR or CB and a mid level draft pick in the next year or two, I'd be for it. After all, Q. Williams will eventually supplant him at a lower price, and I see him exceeding the low ceiling Leo has hit.
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    I thought they looked pretty cool.
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    Also, those black uniforms are hideous. I was almost hoping the Browns would roll up the score so the Jets would put those putrid things in mothballs forever.
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    Jumping the snap count in a blowout with 4 minutes left in the game is the definition of stat padding
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    And here is the gold star that you are obviously craving. ⭐️
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    Gonna jump on this while it is just a discussion and not a maccagnan screwed us for all eternity thread. I'm thinking I agree with you on this. I really want to like Leo. He appears to be a good teammate, etc. However the production just isn't there. Especially considering the price tag. I think if you could squeeze a second and say a fourth or fifth, do it. Shoot, maybe even a third, if we're not gonna sign him anyway.
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    Especially dipshits from other teams.
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    10 pages for this complete non-story and waste of time!!! The guy hates to lose and didn’t want to be bothered by the animals on social media... Moving along!
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    i was surprised not to see more of these posts the last 24 hours. perhaps some culling of the herd already happened?
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    Some surprising stats in the game vs. Cleveland last night... Jets won time of position, just barely, but they did. Second game in a row where Jets didn’t throw an INT. Jets outrushed CLE 93 to 70, and averaged 3.9 YPC vs. Cleveland’s 3.3 Jets total plays 59, Cleveland 59. Cleveland had 16 First Downs, Jets 13. This game was won based on field position and 3 critical plays made it lopsided. - Jets unable to convert on 4th down and come away with 0 points. - The big OBJ touchdown - Bell’s fumble inside the 10 yard line. The Jets lost a game that was seemingly non-competitive using a 3rd string QB with no Darnold, no Enunwa, no Herndon, no CJ Mosely, no Quinnen Williams, etc. The Browns should have won by more IMO, and the Jets, to some degree hung in there.
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    Did you guys watch what happened to Trevor Siemien last night? Hellooooo? Earth to JI Posters? You seriously want your franchise QB to come back and stand behind that ridiculous OL and possibly get killed? Granted we have no offensive ingenuity so there will be no roll outs or the like to try and avoid pressure so he would in essence be a sitting duck. Darnold Duck LOL (oh that was f***ng bad). I do not want to see #14 play again until we get a competent OL in front of him. It serves no purpose for him to come back at 0 and whatever and get beat up and possibly beat Miami once. The Eagles, Cowboys and Jags all have lethal pass rushes.
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    Beachum should retire after what Garrett did to him.
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    Special Teams - With how much Lachlan Edwards had to punt he deserved two game checks. When your punter had more punts (seven) than five of your receivers had catches you know you're in trouble - Sam Ficken displayed decent leg strength on his kickoffs and kept the team from getting shutout with a 46 yard FG. Far superior than what the other three kickers showed, he can stay for another week Defense - There were five players who were active and productive last night: * Neville Hewitt * Blake Cashman * Tarell Basham * Nate Hairston * Brian Poole - Surprised Trumaine Johnson was benched but glad to see it. If someone isn't getting the job done they shouldn't play and Johnson hasn't done "jack" in two years - Another player who hasn't done "jack" in five years is Leonard Williams. When is he going to get benched or traded??? He needs to watch tape of Myles Garrett last night, that's how you dominate a game. CLE OLine wasn't good, Baker Mayfield was running for his life on multiple occassions. How about Williams live up to his "draft status" and take over the game? At this point he's been a massive disappointment Offense - There was no offense and most of it falls on the OLine. Kelvin Beachum was abused by Garrett, Brian Winters was clueless too often and Ryan Kalil is lacking. I brought this point up during camp, the front office/coaching staff shouldn't have started Kalil until he surpassed Jonotthan Harrison. And at this point Kalil isn't better than what Harrison showed. Sam Darnold's movement skills "hides" the weakness of the OLine but with two immobile backups they are exposed - In addition the TE blocking (Ryan Griffin & Daniel Brown) was also shabby - LeVeon Bell showed glimpses of his massive talent but with poor run blocking and a loaded box he's taking way too much punishment - Luke Falk did a decent job (20/25 for 198 yards) on short notice. He's accurate with a below average arm but has none of the movement skills of Darnold. So Falk isn't a good mix with this OLine, since his days at Wash. St. he hangs in the pocket too long (hoping receivers shake free). How does Adam Gase mesh this QB and OLine into a functional offense? - Awful drop by Josh Bellamy right before the half which gave CLE an extra 3 points. Jets were at their own 12 with 53 seconds left, Falk hit Bellamy right in the hands on a slant for 20+ yards. He dropped it, the clock stopped and ultimately CLE got the ball back a hit a FG to increase the lead to 16-3. With Quincy Enunwa gone and Demaryius Thomas gimpy Bellamy has to be better than that
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    Bluntly, I didn't see that. Saw a team that didn't quit. Did see a few awful plays on defense and an OL that couldn't stop runny eggs. But I didn't see anyone give up.
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    Passing on Watson and Mahomes probably isnt talked about enough.
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    I need some sort of new emoji that shows I can greatly appreciate a well crafted post even if I don't necessarily agree with the underlying point.
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    Can't agree with the personal attack but I do agree that the color of the Jets uniforms had a negligible effect on the game. I've seen this very Jets game over and over and over again over the last 10 years or so: Crappy OL Crappy WRs Ineffective QB Defense that tries but ultimately fails Coaching without answers An incomplete roster: (NO CBs, edge rusher, or freaking Kicker) We've seen this very game, where the Jets look like crap on national tv, pretty much AT LEAST once a season.
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    This must be a record. The Jets season is actually over in Game Two: I know I've always said Just End The Season but I never actually meant it...damn WR with previous neck injury is injured and lost for the season in Game 1. Go figure... Starting QB contracts mononucleosis, is lost for a month Actually, lucky for him because the OL is about as bad as I remember any Jets OL being. Far from the upgrade we were led to believe we were getting. Somehow, Winters is actually worse than ever. Le'Vean Bell will be Thomas Jones (playoff version) in three weeks. WRs mostly look like Crowder and three David Nelsons... I have never felt such misery in September as now.
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    The op has a point. Throughout my life I have seen and been totally bewildered by a large number of female and male friends and acquaintances that went out with 100% douche bag assholes or total bitches. Smart people with lots going for them and yet they stayed with mind numbing idiots. And I am a Jets fan,
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    Black ain't the new Green. Bring back the classic Jets uniform and, for Heaven's sake, get rid of the black color in the end zone. We are Gang Green for cryin ' out loud. Geeze! If we're gonna lose, and we sure are going to do a lot of that this season, then at least let's go out like the familiar losers we've come to know and recognize.
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    But....you root for the Jets. What standards could you possibly have?
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    Me too. I’m usually a freedom of speech/expression guy, but you know what, **** that we need some standards
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    But folks here are complaining he sucks and we need to think about going QB in the first round next year. True story.
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    Has the board sunk to such lows as to criticize Sammy for catching Mono? Talk about garbage. Who knows htf he got Mono and since when is it anyone's business but his own? I find these comments to be so stupid.
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    Playing behind our offensive line is way worse for his health than mono.
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    I know it's always in fashion to dump on this team 24/7, 365.. and everyone in the regime, but I thought this team played hard, faulk looked pretty good for a 3rd stringer, gase made the correct calls on 4th down and did not punt, they benched trumaine johnson sending a huge message and bell looked pretty awesome. lots of pain though, beachum was awful, where was the extra protection for these qbs? the wrs had a miserable game, bellamy has to make that catch, and the field position was horrible all game the play calling was a mystery the whole 1st half and then some. and those 3rd down non-stops, come on man... oh well... same as it ever was... still a 4-12 team, but I watched the whole game because I thought the effort was there, so that was my one takeaway....
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    You want edge money then play like one. JJ Watt plays 3-4 DE/DT also. If I’m taking a guy 6th overall, I expect more than 17 sacks in five ******* years. At least some impact plays.
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    Has joe Douglas done that? No. Stop putting the cart before the horse. You don’t build a winning team by trading talented players for the chance at drafting a player. Plus, the jets are always paying other teams players to come as free agents. If they are ever going to be good they are eventually going to have to pay their own players.
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    I’m sure it’s been brought up, but it’s one thing if Garrett abuses beachum. That’s a talent mismatch. It’s another thing when for two straight weeks we have free pass rushers running untouched to the qb with as much alarming frequency as there has been. That’s a pre snap protection breakdown and it’s a coaching failure to not correct that or bench the guy ******* up protections until he’s ready.
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    Nobody knows what their watching. Leo is getting double teamed, and chipped by a third guy on many of these plays. Watch the O-lineman. Who are they looking for. Get real. I hope Leo and adams do get traded. Maybe their new teams fans will know what their looking at.
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    Looks like a case of a good, but not great player who believes all of his own hype. I would trade him in a heartbeat if we could recoup a #1. Strong safety's who don't make game changing plays and are going to cry about losing after 2 weeks aren't needed in a long-term rebuild.
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    Its taken about 3 years for most to see what only a few of us knew. No more double team excuses. Thank goodness thats over with. Id love to see an old williams thread and laugh at how most talked about him.
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    Burnett looks to be a younger, cheaper version of the same player. Cut Bellamy, bring back Burnett.
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    Leo is done as being referred to anywhere near the great/elite status. There are no excuses left for that guy but bench him? Not sure there is anyone better sitting on the bench. Falk scrambled a little bit, even if it didn’t end up as a big play so I would give him a little more credit than you are. He’s not “mobile” but he isn’t exactly a statue either. I agree with the rest though. Too often did Garrett come unblocked. Leo might even get a sack if that were the case. I’d also add that we have zero special teams. Berrios is the new Kerley and if Cannon doesn’t get to fair catch it he ends up around the 15. I’d aim to kick it inside the five and have him return it every time if I were playing us.
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    The defense hustled their azzes off! The Browns seemed to always have good field position. Hairston looks like a keeper. Cashman looks like a player, Basham looked good Hewitt but Leonard Williams was invisible. I said before that this could be a very good LB group when everyone's healthy & Avery & Copeland are back. They can rotate these boys & bring the heat for 60.
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    Are you on crack? Double and triple teamed? That’s a total bogus claim. I did watch him all night. He had times where he was passed from one OL to another when they zoneblocked but he was never double teamed, and certainly not triple teamed. I was stunned at the number of plays he did little more than just stand up. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    True. But the next non Jets fan who says “Wow those uniforms are pretty cool” will be the first. Literally everyone at work was mocking them this morning. They are ugly af. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    Defeatist head coach, defeatist team. This is going great.

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