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    So No Bowles \ Fire Johnsons \ Eyes of Adam has been banned over 5 times that I can count. Every time he gets banned he does this: 1. Emails the site saying his ban was unfair 2. A week later he emails the site and this time it is really nice, tells me this is a great site and is very positive. Explains how he was misunderstood and blah blah blah 3. If he doesn't get a response to that he send nasty emails. He sends these often. He must have a lot of time on his hands.This time when he was banned it followed the exact pattern. Today I got this I would like the record to reflect, I don't feel like I am a bad person. But ultimately God will sort all that out after I am gone. So until then the historians can decide lol. Why did I post this? Because a lot of people think it is fine to dump all over me and the site. Guess what, were not gonna take it anymore. Seriously we try to do the right thing but people here aren't getting paid. We have an intern that filters these emails. He is getting college credit and I have instructed him to not forward them to me anymore. I will check with him and if the emails continue I am going to turn one of these email accounts into a parody account. One of you lucky posters will get the password to have some fun with it. Wait, I guess that does make me a bad person. Still not going to take it.
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    You do a helluva job, Dude, and 99.99% of the people on here just appreciate the hell out of you! Keep up the great work!
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    Holy crap this place has officially lost it. He missed a check down in garbage time, unbelievable. You could pick out a bad play from all 32 QBs last Sunday...
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    Sam definitely has happy feet this season and the Jets have to pray to God he can recover if/when Douglas increases the talent along the OL
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    I feel like you are talking about the honeymoon now.
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    I can't help but imagine a lovely family sitting around the dinner table, talking about he happenings of the day; school, sports, what have you.. and then, father, distracted by his phone in his lap, bounces up with a surge of cortisol, and pours himself a double scotch. He pounds his fist on the table, "I'll get that @dbatesman, one day. One day." All look confused, but no one dares utter a word as father downs his drink, grabs his phone and pens another email to info@jetnation.com.
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    Can you ask the intern to do a weekly post where he rounds up the best of the fan mail and shares it with the group?
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    You should offer to hold a Kaepernick-style workout for him and invite the mods from other message boards (i.e. - Jet Nation, Gang Green, etc).
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    haha yep, it happened. No. We had a smaller mostly family wedding. My brothers were co-best men. We did have a formal wedding and I wore a tux after many different debates about beach vs. a more traditional venue. Ironically and I'll have to find the picture but while I wore a tux...my wife had this cool caricature type of drawing made where I was in a bow tie, tux jacket and board shorts. I'll have to find it... Thanks! I've been a married may for a whole 3 weeks! A straight up veteran at this game! I did shoot an 82 at the Slammer and Squire the morning of my wedding. Took a big group out. Shoot really well and legit came 1 inch from my 2nd hole in one!
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    It's not even comparable. This is the dumbest comparison/conversation I've seen in a while. Sanchez walked into the best OL in the league, the best running game in the league and the best defense in the league. We're comparing Apples to sh*t tacos.
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    So hot. Just like I remember from the tailgate. Your wife is pretty as well.
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    Maxman once opened his arms and welcomed me and my now wife to his tailgate without knowing us from a hole in the wall. He was an extremely gracious host when he could have easily just ignored me and my PM to crash to his tailgate. The dude is salt of the earth. Thanks for all you do!
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    No kidding. Dudes like about as genuine good hearted sincere dude you can meet. Gotta hot ass too.
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    Adams will be back JD isn’t dumb enough to trade him for some lottery tickets
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    He was not “gross” in the Bengals...At one point late in the first half he was something like 14 for 18 with three drops and Thomas deciding to stop running halfway through his route for the last incompletion. (14 for 18 might not be exact but it was only 4 inc. for sure) The second half got away from them but that was just a disaster of penalties and the line completely imploded. How can you expect any QB to overcome sh-t like this? Sam is not the problem and won’t be the problem - just protect this kid and get him a weapon or two that can make plays for him instead of him having to be perfect. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app 24:25:31
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    I like looking at individual plays, both good and bad. It's good to know where he can improve, then we can see next year if he has the same problems or if they go away. For balance, here's a good play - except for ugh the drop
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    That's the uncle Mike Glennon's parents never spoke of.
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    It’s amazing what garbage players have been forced into crucial roles on this football team. Some of these guys wouldn’t make the XFL
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    She caught on when there were cookie crumbs and crushed up Bugles in the bed very time she got back from a business trip.
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    Dearest Joe, It was great meeting you. On the t-shirt, there is no way we are giving you a free one. Someday when we sell JetNation merchandise we will give you a coupon code that will enable you to buy a t-shirt at the same price as the other members here. Signed, JetNation (the site that cares)
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    Totally speechless after reading that. While I do agree that there are many a$$holes on this site, and agree about the stupid snarky comments most of them make, Max, you owe nothing to anyone here and do a tremendous job FOR FREE to allow knuckleheads like me to post about our miserable football team, and other things as well. I have posted this before, JN IS THE BEST SITE ON THE WEB FOR JETS INFO - PERIOD. NOBODY OWES ANYONE ANYTHING IN THIS LIFE and if people cannot behave themselves, then they deserve to be banned forever. Because my issues are never with any other Jet fans, but are squarely with the organization and team, I see no reason to ever get involved in the nonsense bickering and idiocy that goes on here between posters. In my very humble opinion, we all have valid points and are allowed, by you, to come here and post them. That DOES NOT include fighting and, especially, antagonizing the guy who provides the avenue in which to express these opinions. Max thank you for the site you provide. I for one appreciate you BIG TIME. Andy
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    I don’t know how anyone looks at the current roster and concludes that we 1. Don’t need a sh*tload of draft picks to start repairing it and 2. We should commit huge dollars to a defensive back who has one extreme garbage time interception this year.
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    We were saying Sanchez needs a better OL? lmfao. No. Night day and difference to what Sanchez walked into vs. what Sam walked into. Terrible comparison.
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    He’s 22. Friggin 22. Kids will be coming in this years draft that are older still. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    The thing is, he seems capable of overcoming it week to week so far. The Bengals game was gross for him, but the weeks prior he seemed pretty confident in the pocket. It stands to reason he'll be better when he has a group of professional OL in front of him, but he's been scary inconsistent this year. Douglas is going to have to go balls to the wall on OL, rapidamente
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    Yup, worst fear I had about this season has realized.
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    This is the best thing to happen to the Mets since Frank Cashen. Our new owner was a huge customer of my old firm when I was in the business. Trust me, he does nothing half-assed. What number is Rendon gonna wear?😎
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    It seems like Jamal Adams injury is pretty serious (high ankle?) and with only four games left he may not make it back. What's going to be interesting to watch is the play of the defense. If they play at a respectable or better level will that put the thought in Joe Douglas head that the defense can perform well without Adams? If that occurs I will not be shocked if Douglas pulls the trigger and looks to send Adams to DAL in the off-season. Getting back picks over the next two years to restructure and restock the team would be more beneficial than having a high priced impact safety. Jerry Jones isn't happy with DAL and I could see him making major changes, not only in their coaching staff but in their roster. If Douglas could get something like a #1 and #3 this year and a #2 next year the roster could get overhauled quickly. Imagine having these picks in the draft: #1 our own #1 DAL #2 our own #3 NYG #3 our own #3 DAL That would be SIX picks in the first 100 players in a draft that is deep at OLine among other positions (WR, CB). Of course if the defense collapses over the final four games you can ignore this
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    I'll start a gofundme for bail money if you promise to wear a gopro for the game.
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    Congrats, bro. She’s a dime. Thank God Marvin Jones elected to stay in his lane.
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    it’s something about the nature of posting that gets some folks twisted. The anonymity combined with lack of visual communication like facial expression body language leads to a lot of misconceptions. face to face at a tailgate the vast majority of us would probably get along great
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    Funny Max is actually one of the nicest people I know. Give @TomShane the email access. Disproportionate punishment but it would be funny.
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    Can I borrow the intern? Just for a weekend. Ya know... the leaves aren’t gonna rake themselves. 🤣 Best site on earth! It just sucks that we support the worst team on earth. We would be much nicer if we had a friggin ring to show our friends. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to present.......THE ANTAGONISTIC ASSHOLES OF SNARK!!!! WHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! HELLO CLEVELAND!!!!!
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    Can we bash any banned poster? If so I nominate Tex.
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    I have found that most people act differently when "speaking" from a keyboard. I don't believe this person would have ever said those things in person. Regardless, I like your site very much and your management of it. Thank you.
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    Seriously? After Adams was a one man wrecking crew fo r three wins, you think the FO is going to determine whether to trade him based on the performance of the defense that is missing half it’s starters over the last four meaningless games ? Nope. He’s staying unless the Jets are offered a boatload of picks and he should stay.
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    Can you imagine if Sam, the person we believe to be a FQB, permanently regresses because hes traumatized from how disgraceful this line has been? Probably another 15 years before we get a qb as promising as him from the draft
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    Nope...we need to see how Darnold performs in a system he is comfortable with next year. Personally I think he is the guy, but with another year in the same system + an actual Oline we will all have a clear understanding. There is nothing more important than that to me.
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    Any “real” H.C will be fine. I’d just like them to add a couple of tests, before the interview. You know for mental illness or Psychosis, crazy eyes, stuff like that.
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    Shut him down, the season is lost. No point in playing through injury.

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