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    Monday Night Football against Pats week after Sam Darnold came back from mono.
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    They discovered he was not taking his PEDs
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    When Sam attends a feminist rally, he comes back with his shirt ironed and a sandwich
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    This may be the first thing Raiderholic was ever right about. Guy is toast
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    Many detractors on here want to bash Joe Douglas on moves he made and some he didn't. That said: D Thomas looks like he can still play and worth the 2021 6th rounder even though he hurt his hamstring weeks back. Trading for Alex Lewis is probably the best lineman on the offensive side at the moment. Hairston (when healthy) proved that he is better then Trumaine Johnson and will start again soon. Signed an extension to a player mid-season before they went to FA (twice): McClendon and Hennessey. Yes these are role players but I like that the GM is thinking ahead and is active versus multiple previous regimes. Continuously claiming players off the waivers and churning the bottom of the roster and PS to find the right fits. Signed Vyncint Smith and asked a former player their thoughts before bringing him to the active roster. He looks to have a place at least for kickoff returns (Cannon is slowly getting replaced) Doesn't allow the drafted players to sit on their draft status to 'develop' Signed a special team LB.... that at least filled in the position when Hewitt went down... but man, he didn't look great... hopefully Mosley and Hewitt stay healthy. Although the team isn't going to turn into Superbowl contenders this year, you can see how much he has improved the roster already without a draft, FA, or a lot of time before the season. I think he is going to turn this team into an annual contender, given a few drafts and FA periods. Just saying for all the prove it crowd... I think he has done an admiral job given what he had. Not to give all positive... He has made some questionable moves in the Kicker fiasco after his kicker retired. Edit: Forgot about Griffin who is a good back-up TE. And Kahlil is what he is... He tried but thats a waste of 9 Mil...
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    That’s one spin. Another is that he knew the limitations of his third string QB and didn’t ask him to do things he couldn’t. Guess time will tell but the team had a players only meeting and reportedly it wasn’t a bitch session about the coaching and I’d think they’d know better than anyone
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    What?? Who declared him the best QB in the league? All that has been said is that he’s better than a middle of the pack QB like Prescott. I don’t see what’s so outlandish about that. Darnold by every account was the very definition of an elite QB prospect coming out of college and he’s shown signs of greatness in the pros despite playing with a subpar supporting cast. He has the intangibles, arm, accuracy, athleticism, and pocket presence to be one of the top QB’s in the league for the better part of two decades. Some of you guys just refuse to buy into it because of the whole “the Jets can’t have nice things” trope. He’s going to be a great one. Pretty much all teams eventually land one at some point. Sometimes it takes decades. And I’d say it’s about damn time that we had our turn.
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    Sam touched my son's hand at Modell's last April and since that time my son has not even sneezed let alone gotten sick, learned how to skate and won the starting center job on his ice hockey team, learned how to ride a bike, won the grand prize at the state fair, and got a girlfriend. He's in the second grade. SAR I
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    How about we simply play strong, shoot for 9-10 wins and WIN the Superbowl like the Giants did in 2007 and 2011 with 9 wins and 10 wins. I'll wax @SAR I's BMW if we make the AFC championship!
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    He doesn’t like “ the savior “ type stuff let’s keep it real hes just chuck Norris Sam Darnold can kill 2 stones with 1 bird. When Sam Darnold turned 18, his parents moved out. Sam Darnold can delete the Recycling Bin Sam Darnold's calendar goes straight from March 31st to April 2nd. Nobody fools Sam Darnold. Sam Darnold knows Victoria's secret.
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    I'm at a loss that all Jet fans do not understand how special Darnold is. In all seriousness, if you were building a QB to lead your team, what quality would you add that Darnold does not already have? We are so freaking lucky right now. If Joe Douglas just builds the O line and adds a #1 WR, the Jets will be a perennial SB contender. Once you've got the QB, all you need is a competent front office to keep the train rolling. I think we have that now, but I acknowledge we don't really know yet and I temper my expectations with the reality that for the vast majority of my time on earth, the Jets have not had a competent front office.
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    Everything Macc touched dies. His stain and stink has festered in this franchise. And some people wanted to keep and defend him. Good lord.
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    Beating the Pats in the playoffs in 2010 and SBIII
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    A 2nd and 5th for a Leo is absolutely statue worthy.
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    The flu has to get a Sam Darnold shot once a year
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    When Bruce Banner gets angry, he turns into the Hulk. When the Hulk gets angry, he turns into Sam Darnold.
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    When Sam Darnold left the house for college he told his father "you are the man of the house now."
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    He is Like Greeny asked in the segment, if you were starting a team from scratch, who would you take behind center? Dak or Darnold? I’m absolutely taking Darnold. And clearly Rex, Orlovsky and McAfee agree. Guys who have all either coached or played in the league for an extended period of time. Hell, Rex straight up laughed as if it wasn’t even a debate. Jets fans need to get over this extreme negativity with regards to the QB position. Darnold isn’t Mark Sanchez. He was a true, blue chip QB prospect coming out of college. Should’ve been the #1 pick. I still maintain that he’s the best QB prospect since Luck and the best thing to happen to the Jets since Namath. I’ve witnessed nothing to sway that opinion. Obviously Mahomes has been ridiculous, but if anyone says they saw him turning into this, especially in such a short amount of time, then they’re lying through their f*cking teeth. Even Andy Reid has publicly admitted that he couldn’t foresee Mahomes turning into this kind of player.
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    It’s a pretty impressive feat, to have 53 guys quit and then come out and beat the Cowboys after, I guess, un-quitting. Like magical.
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    let's see. parcells had no back up when vinny went down in 99 and he's supposed to be a super coach. and then the team brought in rick mirer and went 0-3 before their first win against another 0-4 team. finally mirer stunk it up so badly he was benched for lucas. the point is it took parcells a few games to recover from losing his starter and gase lost his starter and back-up in a week. imo that would be discouraging to anyone. obviously how the team plays in all on gase but some things are too hard to overcome and once the shock wore off gase probably would've settled down.
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    We give Booger a lot of crap here for being a bad analyst, and maybe he is, but I’m giving him big props for calling out the refs tonight the way he did. It takes balls to do that, and do it as harshly and persistently as he did tonight. Good for him.
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    Completely incompetent or totally corrupt. No middle ground
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    Beating the 14-2 pats up in Foxboro after losing to them 45-3 on MNF earlier in the year and sneaking into the playoffs as the sixth seed. Although to be fair, when David Harris got caught from behind by the oldest TE in the league on his Brady pick, I was certain it was a bad omen and those 4 points he left on the field would come back to haunt us. edit: sorry I thought this was about what was the most satisfying win of my life. Most unexpected: Pennington going into SD and beating the Chargers in the playoffs in ‘05.
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    Moments like this I wish I can ban myself
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    It’s f*cking nuts Wow, Dak was without Tyron Smith and La’el Collins you say? Last I checked, he still had two all-pros in Frederick and Martin up front. Meanwhile Darnold is trotted out a week removed from mono behind arguably the sh*ttiest OL in the league and then loses Beachum, an average at best starting LT in the first place, during the middle of the game. Not to mention a completely washed up Ryan Kalil snapping him the ball. Or a rookie 3rd round pick making his 2nd career start protecting his right side against DeMarcus Lawrence. Or a f*cking turnstile like Winters at RG. Oh, Dak lost Amari Cooper, did he? And Randall Cobb was a scratch? A 2nd year Michael Gallup would be the #1 WR on the Jets. Jason Witten is sure as hell washed up, but I’d still take him over a fully healthy and in his prime Ryan Griffin. This sh*t is absurd. Dak is a healthy as an ox, 4th year starting QB looking for a $40 million a year contract on a team who had Super Bowl aspirations less than 30 hours ago. This is me playing the world’s smallest violin for that goof.
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    Idk now.. Hewitt has been an absolute stud this year.
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    Talk about hyperbole? Who has said that?
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    I was going to post this in the Sam Darnold is God thread, but that seem to have taken an unusual turn, and this just does not seem to belong in the middle of a discussion of Chick Corea, Jerry Garcia and other guitar Gods. So glad to have Darnold on this team. And healthy.
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    That it’s Sam or Bust this year and pick #3 without Sam is better than pick #7 with Brock Osweiler
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    Kinda the unsung hero from last nights game. Obviously the names that captured the most attention was Darnold and his return, Adams key play to secure the game and Marcus Maye playing a really fantastic game. However, I want to make sure that Robby Anderson gets some love. It seems like anytime a thread is made on him it's to criticize some misunderstood public situation which usually turns into other things... Dude had a really good game yesterday and really helped the Jets to get in position to put the game away early. What I liked the most was what Romo said about how Anderson has been "Open all year" and it's just been hard to get him the ball. Look at what happens when you hit this kid in stride. He's one of the most dangerous deep threats in the entire league. Sure, he's not a superstar, but he doesnt have to if our QB is a superstar. Hit Robby in stride and he will smoke anyone in front of him. Congrats to Robby and my guy @Losmeister. We've had our convo on this exact situation weeks ago. We knew it was coming. Darnold just free'd Robby! It felt good to see the Jets get a win in that fashion. The stadium was rocking.
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    Well the fans of Adam Gase are fine with the team not performing to any professional NFL level so why should gase. It's Falk how can you expect the team to do anything at all!!?!?! That is not on the the offensive guru coach we hired to make the offense decent! Falk knew the offense better than anyone. Falk was chosen by Adam Gase after having him all that time in Miami. Gase did a brilliant thing in giving darnold most of the #1 reps before he was cleared thus tossing falk into a game with limited reps. Countless other teams have actually bucked up and at least looked decent if not better with out the starters. I thought we hired an offensive coach because he was supposed to be really good at coaching offense? Which means over performing in that side of the ball. Gase to CJ during the coaching interview "I'll have a great plan and will coach great, as long as my starter franchise QB is in there, otherwise just look away for a few games."
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    Gase makes the fatal error of assuming the Jets fan base isn’t comprised of idiots, so he doesn’t spend a lot of energy jerking off their fragile egos by telling them they’re the bestest and that their team, with the third string QB, is going to go out and kick a bunch of ass no matter what when it’s obviously nonsense. This is the one thing Herm and Rex got right—they knew that significant swaths of the base were absolute boneheads with daddy issues and they rode those human piñatas to extra unearned years of employment here.
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    I didnt like the Gase hire, but I cant say that the man quit during any game or at any time. When folks say things like that they should be more specific, such as "how" he quit. Did he stop preparing for games, did he slack off on team/coach meetings or taking the time to review film? Where exactly did he quit? Did he decide not to coach the game during game days? The comment is ridiculous. Did he like his situation? No. Did he like fielding Siemian or Falk? No. Were either of those guys competent enough for us not to miss Darnold? Hell no. Honestly, I dont mind calling a player or coach trash, if that's what they show. But to say someone quit? That cant even be taken seriously. Dude got his first win. Let the man have his moment.
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    I think they mistaken disappointment for quitting. Guy was so hyped to work with Sam and then the Buffalo game happen . Sam shows up all sluggish and weak. They lose best defender then drop a fourth quarter lead. Then he finds out his red headed warrior got the mono and gone fir at least a month. Dude was like a kid at Christmas expecting a puppy opening the present and finding only the collar Then his mom says,” you’ll get the rest next year honey.”
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    Come on. You think the players know better than Fat Mike?
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    Not to mention, Macc’s Plan A was to give Kirk Cousins 34 million dollars a year. I know it’s not the best week to rip on Kirk. Still worth pointing out, again.
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    As others have pointed out, the logic of simply assuming a 3rd round comp for Leo is extraordinarily flawed and highly questionable. He is far from guaranteed to get a big enough contract in FA to be worth a 3rd and even if he is, the Jets are then stuck either losing that pick by FA spending, or being handcuffed from making any big moves to help a roster desperate for them. Bottom line, I'd be fine with anything as low as a 2020 4th, as while obviously not ideal, it ultimately nets out as a win for the only cost to the Jets' being a half season without a major disappointment who has contributed nothing of value to a mostly awful season. Keeping him around ultimately provides very little benefit to the team at this point or in the future, so let the bidding begin.
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    LOL... OK. Listen, I get it. I, like you, was alive and remember Joe Willie and SB III. I understand that patience is thin with the NYJ. Besides the wait, this generation wants everything now. But you have to give people at least some time to succeed. Killing Gase over his choice for PS QB who is then thrust into starting due to injury is like number 25 on the top ten reasons to kill him over. Here's Darnold stats in 2019, despite playing week 1 with Mono: COMP ATT YDS COMP% YDS/ATT YDS/COMP TD INT QBR LONG SACKS SACK YDS FUML 51 73 513 69.9% 7 10.1 3 1 97.57 92 6 32 0 JD whiffs on a K that someone before him traded a draft pick for...whatever. Kalil played better this week, is a former pro bowler brought out from retirement..he may actually be serviceable, and at the very least we needed a backup OC anyway. I just wish people would back off the ledge, and not be so melodramatic. Everything is 'kill him' or 'HOF!'. Just gets tiring...like you saying 'there a better QBs on the street'. There ain't.
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    They found Sam’s diary in his locker...it is known as the Guinness Book of World Records
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    Not when Eric Clapton was in the room.
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    Sam's tears can cure cancer. Too bad he never cries.
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    Any news on what this means for his band?
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    plus, isn't that the week where he had almost 70% completion, 1 passing TD (plus 1 passing 2 pt conversion) and ZERO turnovers, and was the 11th ranked QB in the NFL? oh and he was playing the Bills defense. ask tommy boy about 'em. oh yeah and he had mono. I love how everyone acted like Sam threw 3 picks in that game or something...
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    Only key player missing is CJ Mosley. That’s like showing up to an all you can eat Buffett without your teeth.
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    Interesting. What was the reasoning for that comment? I was thinking that the offense was trimmed down due to what Falk could handle. We could see that Falk was struggling to see open receivers and looked shaky back there behind a suspect OL. You can't open up the playbook when the QB is struggling with the basics. It's really a shame too. Falk was simply not ready IMO. Not ready even with protection from a stout OL, but he was thrown to the wolves and got cut for it. His career may be over and that just sucks in reality. I am not a Gase fan but I don't know if I saw quit in him as you are stating. Any particular reasons for that thought other than a feeling?

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