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    Do we resign him? - Career earnings so far $4m - never broke 1000 yards - Tyrell Williams got 4 years $44m last year - Robby has a thing for peanuts on ladies faces or at least that's what I got from the police report.
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    Robby's football number is 11. He keeps noticing the number 11.11 on things lately. For example, the price of a product being 11 dollars and 11 cents, the version of software being major version 11, minor version 11, or maybe the time of day being eleven minutes after 11 AM or PM. This is intriguing to Robby and he wants you to know about it.
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    Great vid man. Its gonna be hard to beat your Pats conspiracy vid, but this is one of your best yet. I've made my thoughts on Robbie known and I haven't wavered all that much from my stance of wanting to retain him. The thing that is most important other than the on field production piece is a point you made well here. I think it is time the Jets start to commit to their players who have done well by the org. Guys like RA, Jenkins, Adams, Maye etc are really nice pieces to a team on the upswing. Trying to change the culture to one of loyalty to an org where people want to come and stay is not easy. It can be beneficial to make that point to the young guys or even vets like Burgess, that the team rewards hard work and production. look at Anthony Barr last year as an example. He had more money on the table from the Jets but wanted to stay on the team he was on. That is what the Jets should be shooting for. To be a place where players want to come and stay. It also happened with Kyle Rudolph. They had no money left and still found a way to get it done. None of this would matter if the on field production wasn't there of course, but RA has proven to me that he is a player worthy of a financial commitment. The arrests are distant past at this point and do not concern me at all. I mean who hasn't told a cop to suck a lemon in their life?
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    Looking at his wonderlick scores again?
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    Yes. The Jets should try to go 1-15 every year until they think they’re ready to go 15-1.
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    There is another one: Michael Pittman Jr. would love to reunite with Sam Darnold MOBILE, Ala. — One of the Jets’ priorities this offseason is finding some weapons for quarterback to Sam Darnold to throw to. How about one he already knows well? Michael Pittman Jr. is at the Senior Bowl this week, trying to impress teams and move his name up draft boards in a loaded year for wide receivers. The USC graduate would welcome the chance to play with Darnold again for the Jets. “That would be great,” Pittman said. “Sammy D was like one of the best quarterbacks I’ve ever played with. He’s just a straight gamer. He is a young quarterback that has 10-15 years left. That would be nice to have that run with him.” Pittman played his first two seasons with the Trojans with Darnold. He became a starter midway through that second season and caught plenty of passes from Darnold. https://nypost.com/2020/01/22/michael-pittman-jr-would-love-to-reunite-with-sam-darnold/ SAR I
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    Hey, use his superstition against him in contract negotiations! Offer him an 11 year contract for a total of $11 million! He's set for life!
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    I don't want to say it's aliens. But, it's aliens.
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    For real? You are hilarious, not only I did not got an apology but more double down from you after I demonstrate to you step by step, numbers that showed more yards more TD and less int per game before the fraud took over. Keep believing anything you think is the truth, it will take you far in life.
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    Keep up the good work my man. I think this is your best video yet. I wouldn't want to pay Robby anything more than 12 a year. Didn't consider using the transition tag. Might be a good move for the jets considering the other available free agents. If Jets let him walk they have to draft 2 wrs this year
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    Oh, weird. Tomorrow is my son Connors 11th Birthday!!
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    As long as it's not a safety, I'm down with it.
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    Guys just remember.... Its January The senior bowl hasn't happened yet. The combine hasn't happened yet Free Agency hasn't happened yet. I love mock drafts, but some of you guys seem to be taking it at gospel....already. We have a few more months before we get disappointed with the actual pick. relax a little. Jut to remember what its like to enjoy things before we go back to hating them for 2020.
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    That would be a fireable offense. That first pick must go towards supporting Darnold.
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    This place would explode beyond recognition if Douglas passed on Lamb & Jeudy to take Chaisson. He even passed on Epenesa in this mock
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    I think its more realistic then not that at least 3 OL go before the Jets pick at 11... although in this scenario I would rather they jumped on Lamb and not go for an edge rusher
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    LOL. Let me do it for you cause I hate to go back and forth. Tannhill 2015 yards 4208 divided by 16=263 24TD divided by 16=1.5 12INT divided by 16= 0.75 Now when the fraud took over. Tannehill 2016 yards 2995 divided by 13=230. 19TD divided by 13=1.46. 12INT divided by 13=0.92 Now apologize😎
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    That several Gase players had career years the year after they get away from him?
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    he throws candy penises at his baby momma?
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    I would love to reunite Sam with JuJu, would bet they would be all for it too.
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    Keeping Robby should be a priority. Yes, he’s probably needs to be your 2nd threat or even 3rd but he would become invaluable if we can find a true #1 type that will require double coverage over the middle. We need speed... I would def. try and keep the guaranteed money to under 3 years though - once he loses even a bit on his quick twitch he becomes basically useless. My guess is he has 3 more years at or close to this level and he’s done..
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    Thanks GreenBean! 🤣 Haha I think we need to build a strong culture and a lot of that comes from retaining our own guys!
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    With the NFL Network stupidly not covering the practices here are some scouting recaps. It seems like Van Jefferson (WR - FLA) the son of our WR coach (Shawn Jefferson) had a big day: https://www.profootballnetwork.com/2020-reeses-senior-bowl-practice-report-north-team/ https://www.profootballnetwork.com/2020-reeses-senior-bowl-practice-report-south-team/
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    It is INCREDIBLY hard to find decent tape out there on Becton so I'll wing it with what I can find. Pros: Mammoth human being who looks the part. He has a great first step and has a clean kick slide while using his arms well at full extension. Moves his feet very well for someone his size and is great when riding his man around the pocket. He can completely punish people in the run game and has the ability to throw 250lbers around like ragdolls. Has a bit of a mean streak although I overplayed it in earlier posts. Started almost every game since his true freshman season and has played both RT and LT. He'll turn 21 a week before the draft making him one of the youngest prospects. Cons: He's RAW and is terrible when it comes to countermoves (reminds me of Shell). Always seems a step slow at the second level. He can't lay a cut block to save his life. He needs to learn how to hold better (get his hands inside and latch on) and keep engagement instead of just punching and lunging. Overview: Many have asked if he's worth the 11th overall and while I waffled on it earlier I just can't see it. The combine will answer many more questions when we can watch him move through the positional drills, although I think he'll look good. He'll struggle as a rookie in pass pro but two years from now I wouldn't be surprised if he's one of the best tackles from this draft with good coaching. I like him at RT more even though he played the majority of his snaps at LT. Late teens, early 20's type of pick unless he elevates during the long offseason. Reminds me a bit of DJ Fluker.
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    ...a perfect exchange to remind me why I'm not a moderator here any longer.
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    Sad truth is society has elevated feelings over facts in basically every situation. It’s as if the Renaissance never happened. Challenging someone’s opinion has become “marginalizing their experience.” Once someone has shown to be “one of those,” I just walk away.
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    @Maxman ghostwrites a little more than half of them — the nice ones. The other half - the ones obnoxiously correcting people even when they’re kinda right - those are the real me, and the repeated one-upmanship attempts are the collective manifestation of decades of personal insecurity because I hit puberty late. So I agreed to letting the bossman do this to soften up my image, so I don’t seem like a total monster. I even offered to step down and change my juvenile username, which he turned down, prince that he is. He only requested I let him keep up the charade, while I’m supposed to work on getting in touch with my feminine side, and clean up my act just good/long enough for him to get press passes. Don’t tell anyone, okay?
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    Absolutely. Biggest difference is that he is a planet that can orbit.
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    What's the old code name? (Asking for a friend)
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    Wasn't 4 tackles, but 2013, 5 OL went in the top 10. 3 OT (Eric Fisher, Luke Joeckel and Lane Jonson) plus Chase Warmack and Jonathan Cooper. Then Fluker went 11. These are the Jets. Nothing ever seems to go as we would hope. I fully expect 3 or maybe even 4 OTs will come off the board and we will draft defense.
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    Chaisson has 9 1/2 sacks for his career! Stay far away at 11. 3rd round, yes. But at 11? GTFO.
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    It matters because even though I agree we should be focused on offense, I would hope that if we do take an edge rusher, he’s good. Unlike the time we shouldn’t have taken a DT but did anyway and he wasn’t.
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    Rivers fell off a cliff this year. His arm is shot, it takes him about 5 seconds to wind up for passes over 10 yards which contributed to him taking a ton of sacks and interceptions. He should either take a McCown role or retire but no team should count on him to be a starting QB. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    Honestly I can't wait for the answer.
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    He is on my 'buyer beware' list. And for the Jets, they need to straight up STAY AWAY. -Production not impressive at all. -Major injury red flags. -Not impressed at all with his pass rush moves- relies 100% on his athletic ability which will not get him far in the NFL. -Looks like he could get devoured in the run game at the NFL level. I wouldn't be surprised if he blew up the combine and rose on some boards. But there is no way he goes that high in the draft- for all the reasons I just mentioned.
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    Hope he keeps posting stupid Sh@t maybe it will scare some teams away and we can get him at a more reasonable price.
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    Here's an idea. Value who can help Darnold the most, Oline or WR. F*ck it, sign Amari Cooper & draft Jerry Juedy! Then just go ALL OLINE with your other free agents & draft with 1 three used on the Best RB Available! SCORE & SCORE SOME MORE! Juedy- Cooper- Crowder- Herndon- Bell- BAP at RB with a 3rd rounder!
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    If all the tackles are gone please reach for the best center. We don't need a reciever who won't be able to get open if we are unable to fix the line anyway. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using JetNation.com mobile app
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    This. It's January. Combine is in a month. Free agency weeks after that. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001011490/article/daniel-jeremiah-mock-draft-10-kyler-murray-lands-with-patriots He had #1 pick Kyler Murray going way down at #32 to the Pats. Rashan Gary going #2; ended up going 12th. Josh Jacobs he mocked #5 overall; was taken 24th. Jawaan Taylor at #10; went 35th. Cody Ford #11; went 38th. He did nail the #8 pick, and mocked Bush to Pittsburgh (though 10 slots later), but that's it. So a year ago his mock draft 1.0 in Jan 2019 he kinda went 2 for 32 and really went 1 for 32. January 2018 before that, he got #2 and #17 totally correct, and #23 mocked the right player to the wrong team. So kinda 3 for 32 and kinda 2 for 32. Point isn't that he doesn't know what he's talking about so much as the more obvious point: it's early yet. Expect about 30 of these 32 mocked picks will be wrong.
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    A lot of people think if you look at a clock when it's 11:11 that its a sign of good luck and you should make a wish. I do it all the time.
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    Both were rumored Douglas played at Richmond with McShay and scouted in Baltimore with Jeremiah.
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    And Sam will lead the NFL in touchdown passes after Gase is fired in 2 years
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    Who knows? Does anyone even care? The fact remains the same, I know what I saw from Tannehill in the playoffs. He was garbage that was propped up and protected by a HC that knew his key to winning games was to keep the ball out of Tannehills hands.
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    They may have the 23rd taken away from them soon.
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    Late in the game, needing a first down to ice the game on 3rd and medium they handed the ball off to Henry because he trusts Henry first then his defense. Tannehill is along for the ride like Sanchez was for the AFC championship runs.

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