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    The Jets should receive a first round pick.
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    No Quincy. You were paid a lot of money. Reschedule the food until you finish the treatment. and hire someone to take care of the emergency. Rehab is your job right now. You get paid to do it.
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    If the NY Jets are paying QE and for his healthcare he needs to be where he's scheduled to be. QE will never see the field again in a NY Jets uniform.
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    There seems to be this theme presented that players hate Adam Gase, that certain players in Miami said they would want to be traded if Ross retained him. We don't know exactly what the circumstances were but the one thing we all know as fans is when you let the PLAYERS run the asylum it's over. How many times have we heard about creating a culture like the Patriots. Do you know what it takes to create those cultures? It takes people in charge to have the back of their coach over the players. When Stephen Ross came out publically against Gase regarding his handling of the roster by trading Landry, trading Ajayi, it was OVER. In this day & age with these highly priced athletes when they start making the rules it's over. The hypocracy that you witness in the NFL is laughable. You have ME ME players like OBJ praising Bill Belichick while at the same time the reason for Belichicks success is 100% because the team comes 1st, if you fail to do your job he'll cut or trade you, and I guarantee you if you miss practice or a rehab session without calling in your getting fined! Whether or not you think Adam Gase can coach or not, Chris Johnsons vote of confidence & Joe Douglas fining players for failing to abide by team rules is completely necessary to keep order & create a disciplined environment. As soon as a player says, "I don't want to be here", he's admitting he's soft, has no heart to grind on & do his job & should be shipped out. Not only has Gase taken over a terrible roster, a lot of these guys were use to getting paid, not working hard, taking advantage, missing meetings, and zero disciplinary action taken, from Rex down to the super soft players coach Todd Bowles. Do you know how hard it must be to coach & keep the attention of this many players who realize the free ride is over? GW didn't put up with Trumaine Johnsons BS like Todd Bowles did. How many times did you say to yourself, holy sh*t, TJ isn't even trying! JD wasn't going to let KO dictate what he wanted to do after hiding an injury that he obviously claimed he could play through until times got tough & he realized he really didn't want to play anymore after a big pay day. Gase is coaching a roster where 50% of these guys know damn well they'll be replaced. Try motivating a bunch of sh*tty players to perform at the highest level & do their job. You can see the guys who are busting their azz & the guys that have checked out. There was a time where Leonard Williams would preen flipping his big mane back before putting on his helmet like he was doing a shampoo commercial. He was the big man on the Jets campus. Well, we traded the former 1st round 6th overall for a 3rd rounder. Overpaid & mediocre has been a New York Jet staple. The Chutzpah that Quincy Enunwa displayed by airing dirty laundry about being fined for NOT CALLING THE JETS and missing 2 rehab sessions & bitching about the fine is the perfect example of insanity & something that would NEVER be tolerated in New England. Quincy has made like a million dollars a catch for Christ sake! He should literally be kissing Chris Johnsons AZZ for signing the bottom line of that ridiculous retirement contract he signed! I am 100% with Joe Douglas & Adam Gase if it takes 6 year to turn over this overpaid roster of underachievers. I think I saw a stat the Jets Oline was like top 5 in overall salary, disgusting. Mangini had the right plan & brought in the right players & literally was the biggest reason for Rex success. Once that roster was turned over Rex was allowed to influence the draft, bring in guys like Mason ect. everything fell apart. Joe Douglas & Adam Gase together are trying to change the culture here, and find players that love football. Without Chris Johnson being 100% in & allowing these guys the necessary time and assets to do that job and Joe Douglas supporting Adam Gase & all down the line nothing will ever change at Florham Park. You have to break something down to build it back up. I wish them all luck & as a long time Jet fan I'm 100% supporting them along the way. Will they succeed or fail, no one knows, but they have to be given that chance starting this offseason.
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    He can look bad at times, he can look very good at times. Even though QB’s take year two leaps, the kid is 22, has been playing QB for like 5 years, he was still a raw prospect albeit a very highly regarded one...this was always going to take time. We are still in the middle of the trials and tribulations of the youngest starting QB since the merger. He shot out 4 touchdowns and looked comfortable. He looked comfortable last week too. We just need to stack more and more games like these. I know the Redskins aren’t very good but they have a decent defense in place. Most importantly, Gase is finally putting Darnold on designed roll outs and the play calling aside from one or two head scratchers was solid today. Gase needs to continue to make the TE’s a part of the passing game because it helped Sam out a lot to have a in-line blocker as well as a receiving option in the same formation.
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    He threw it away twice after the bad decision he’s STILL very young anyone giving up on him is cognitively challenged
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    Imagine trolling a rookie QB who put up four TDs and a near-perfect QB rating against the secondary you‘re allegedly the leader of.
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    He was never close to broken. We live in a reactionary instant gratification society that lost their minds when they saw a young QB have a bad game on National TV while being micd up. Idiotic narratives are created out of thin air with little context. Sam Darnold will be an elite quarterback in this leuage. His ability is obvious to anyone with half a football brain.
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    He’s going to be the best QB out of the 2018 class been saying that since day 1 even after the “ghosts” game the pat-loving media jizzed all over
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    Not sure why he is expected to show up for work, he only makes 9 million a year.
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    1. Sign Kaepernick on Saturday 2. Beat the Redskins on Sunday 3. Darnold shows up on Wednesday with cornrows. 4. Staten Island by Friday night:
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    He did good taking over a well built Mangini team and then ran it into the ground. Then when on to fail in Buffalo. Not the guy you want leading a rebuild. I’ll always be thankful for those 2 years though.
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    So far, I've started a thread with my prediction of the Jets beating the Cowboys, and last weekend with the Jets beating the Giants. I realize that predicting another win agains the Redskins is not going out on a limb, so let me say that the Jets will win by 20 points this weekend. I say this for several reasons; 1. Great matchup for the Jets. Redskins don't throw the ball very well, but run the ball well. Jets defend the run very well. 2. Jets blitz more than any other team in the NFL, and Haskins, being a rookie, and looking like one, is prime meat for this Jets defense. 3. Darnold seems to have figured out how to avoid the sacks, and string out plays to connect with receivers. Look for this to continue. 4. Washington is the worst team that the Jets have faced this season. I understand that Washington beat the Fins, but that Fins team is different now, and the Fins team we faced is different from the one that Washington faced. Final score: Jets 33 Redskins 13
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    For the first time in over a year (10/7/18 and 10/14/18) the Jets actually won two games in a row. WSH stinks and has an over matched rookie QB but who are the Jets to throw wins back. The key points of this game were the offense generated 34 points for a second week in a row and the defense slapped Haskins around all day: Special Teams - Sam Ficken has opened the door to being replaced in 2020. Granted his misses (XP and FG) didn't affect the outcome of the game but he's showing too much inconsistency. At best he's going to have to fight for his spot in camp next year - Lachlan Edwards has graduated from a boom/bust punter early in his career to a consistent "field changer". He had another solid day with a 42 yard average and one punt inside the 20 yard line - Horrid fumble by Vyncint Smith on his only kickoff return. Fortunately for him WSH didn't score on their possession. Finally an impactful game by Braxton Berrios as he had a 14 yard average on four punt returns Defense - Solid overall game by the defense as they stuffed the run and shut down WSH passing game. From a "stat" perspective I'm sure they're kicking themselves because of the meaningless numbers Haskins generated in the 4th quarter - Another impressive performance by Bless Austin as he built on his pro debut against NYG. How refreshing to watch a CB that's fast, has good awareness, speed and is a willing tackler. The total opposite of Trumaine Johnson, thank goodness - In addition to Austin these were the other defensive stars: * James Burgess has grown as his reps have increased. With 9 Tackles, .5 Sack, 2 TFL, 1 QB Hit * Henry Anderson with 5 Tackles, 1 Sack, 1 TFL, 2 QB Hits * Neville Hewit had a nice return to the lineup with 5 Tackles, 1 INT, 1 PBU * Nathan Shepherd with another strong game 3 Tackles, 1 Sack, 1 TFL, 1 QB Hit. In two games he has put to shame what Leonard Williams has done in the past two years * Jamal Adams with another huge game 4 Tackles, 3 Sacks, 3 TFL, 4 QB Hits - I know its nitpicking but Marcus Maye has to make that INT. He can't let a "scrawny" WR pull the ball away from him Offense - Adam Gase deserves credit for his "first 15 plays", as the offense has scored TD's on their first drive in the past four games. But unlike last week when the offense "blacked out" for two quarters the production stayed consistent. In addition scoring 34 points in back to back weeks is impressive. Getting Sam Darnold on the move by incorporating more rollouts was a nice touch. That's enough credit, now Gase has to keep it up - The OLine was solid in both phases for once. As they finally got over 100 yards on the ground (115) and allowed two sacks early on. They also had to incorporate Brandon Shell back in at RT as Chuma Edoga went down with an injury - I'm starting to be concerned that LeVeon Bell and this run scheme don't fit. Bilal Powell in his few reps (7 rushes / 42 yards) was much more explosive through the holes being opened. While Bell "eeked" his way to 59 yards on 18 rushes. Gase has to do a better job in utilizing Bell or bring in a run game coordinator. Because right now he's being wasted - I'm also concerned about Robby Anderson's role in the offense. Yes, he had a TD but that was his only catch of the day and it was for 6 yards. I'm starting to wonder if he's going to be re-signed - Ryan Griffin (5 recs / 109 yards / TD), Jamison Crowder (5 recs / 76 yards / TD) and Demaryius Thomas (4 recs / 44 yards) all seem to fit better with Darnold than Anderson does. They all run "dirty work" routes over the middle of the field where Anderson usually doesn't. Something to watch going forward - Awful INT by Sam Darnold as he went through at least 3 progressions on the play then still forced a throw into traffic. It could've been a turning point in the game but the defense held WSH to a FG. I know its strange to start the breakdown of Darnold's day with his only mistake (19/30, 293 yards, 4 TD) but the second half of the season is all about his progression. And proper decision making is critical in taking the next step as a QB. Other than that he displayed his "off script" ability and accuracy on the run as there were more rollouts in the game plan
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    Pretty good, but I prefer Shakira's
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    He’s got an injury guarantee so he should be there. I had a different reaction to this Initially but it’s doesn’t sound like he gave the team enough notice. It is what it is he's wrong plain and simple
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    I'm a police detective. Let's not it get it twisted, he wasn't a social justice warrior to begin with. He was a guy who went to practice wearing police pig socks and walked around with a Fidel Castro tee shirt (I'm sure Cubans and Cuban Americans had reason to be angry). After being called out he suddenly decided he was about social justice and started kneeling, etc. If you're a police officer, child or spouse of a police officer and you enjoy watching football, you shouldn't have to accept players wearing police pig socks infused in your entertainment. If you're someone who had to endure living under a corrupt, repressive regime (Castro, etc.) along with family members who suffered political, economic and personal repercussions living under a despot, you shouldn't have a spoiled brat promoting your oppressor infused with your entertainment. If you're a war hero like Steelers OL Alejandro Villanueva (Villanueva was a captain in the United States Army, in which he served as an Army Ranger and was decorated with a Bronze Star for valor.), you shouldn't be forced to sit in the locker room during the National Anthem because of a person like Colin Kaepernick. So, many people chose to turn their backs on the entertainment that, for them, became less enjoyable and even a bit insulting, particularly when he went from being a childish douche to a Social Justice Warrior by rewriting his existing narrative and getting the media to swallow the whole thing as if he were "brave". He was washed up. He took a huge payout from the NFL (out of court settlement) and now its time to move on from that idiot.
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    "If they sign him, I'm never going to another Jets game again!" tweets 63 year-old man who hasn't been to a Jets game since 1984,
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    Not everyone will agree but I would rather have Darnold finish strong and have a 6-10 or 7-9 record than lose out and get the number one pick. I need to see progress and confirmation that we have our guy at QB. Don't need a top five pick to get a stud olineman.
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    I hope it is the Jets. Think about it, late Saturday night we are dreaming of a Jets win. It gets delivered to prime members the next afternoon.
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    Excepting a couple of free agents, every player on this roster has been a loser his entire career, so excuse me if I don’t give them the benefit of the doubt on “yeah, I no-showed a scheduled treatment, but I had a really good excuse.” And not for nothing, but Belichick once sent Revis home because he got stuck in a blizzard and showed up to practice 15 minutes late.
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    jets will beat the skins and the dolphins and maybe one other team and will have 5 wins, just enough to miss out on the best olieman out there in the draft.
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    It's amazing what a great quarterback can do for an offensive coordinator.
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    They play a kids game and he just turned 24 years old... he's not my lawyer or doctor. I couldn't care less how much time he spends on twatter or the instantgram. Play well and act like you care. Done and Done.
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    Turning out to be a big part of the offense this year. Very unexpected. Several big games, good hands, Sam trusts him. A sneaky offensive MVP candidate for the Jets O.
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    I mean, this organization is gross
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    Winters due $7.5MM next season with no cap hit if cut. Probably played his last snap as a Jet.
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    There was a ton of derogatory names and jokes thrown around about this matchup. But I'm not going there, the Jets actually won and for one Sunday afternoon I could smile after the game: Special Teams - Lachlan Edwards continued his solid year as he averaged 45.6 yards per punt and put two inside the 20 yard line - Sam Ficken had a solid game with 2 FG's and 4 XP's for 10 points. And his kickoff strength is excellent, BUT if he wants to lock up the job for 2020 he's got to make that 54 yarder before the half. The weather was decent and the wind was calm, you have to pick up your team there and put points on the board - Nothing special in the return game from either Ty Montgomery or Braxton Berrios. But Berrios did have one decent punt return (15+ yards) that allowed the offense to start from the 50 on their second TD drive Defense - A mixed bag analyzing their performance. They performed at a "Hall of Fame" level in the run game holding Barkley and the other backs to 23 yards on 17 carries. But for the first 40 minutes of the game they were awful defending the pass. Allowing Jones, Slayton and Tate to look like Bradshaw, Swann and Stallworth. But in the last 20 minutes of the game things turned dramatically, in that period Jones was held to 8/16 for 53 yards and three sacks. Smart adjustments by Gregg Williams as he threw zone coverage at Jones that looked like man which caused confusion and allowed the pass rush to get home - Terrific games by Steve McLendon (3 tackles, .5 sack, 1 QB Hit), Nathan Shepherd (3 tackles, 1 sack, 3 TFL, 1 QB Hit) and Jordan Jenkins (2 sacks, 2 TFL and 2 QB Hits) - Very poor game by Nate Hairston, to the point where he was benched in the second quarter. He was either getting beat in coverage, blowing an assigment or causing a penalty. Hopefully he can recover because they need young CB's for 2020 - Hairston's awful day led to the debut of Bless Austin and he was impressive. He defended two passes, almost had an INT and showed good run support with 3 tackles. Playing for the first time since blowing out his ACL at Rutgers he showed tons of promise - Jamal Adams stopped pouting and had a "Troy Polamalu" performance (9 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 QB Hits, 1 jump over the OLine & 1 TD). On his TD he "punked" Barkley when he tried to block him and totally dismissed Jones as he pulled the ball away from him. Nice bounce back performance BUT if someone offers Joe Douglas what he wants in the off season I would still trade him. Our priority must be OLine, pass rush and CB for 2020 Offense - The OLine as usual had no push and opened no holes in the run game but they were servicable in pass protection. With Kelvin Beachum back at LT Chuma Edoga went back to RT and performed much better. I want to see more but it seems like Edoga may only be comfortable on the right side - Excellent games by Jamison Crowder (5 recs, 81 yds, 1 TD) and Demaryius Thomas (6 recs, 84 yds). When Thomas was picked up I wondered how much he had left in the tank but I've been impressed with his performance. I wouldn't mind if he was a #4 WR on the team next year - Solid game by Sam Darnold (19/30 230 yds, 2 TD) as he was in control and finally didn't turn the ball over. Displayed his "off script" ability as NYG brought pressure but he was able to find receivers down field as the play broke down. I re-watched the flea flicker three times and think Vyncint Smith broke too much to the sideline which caused the incompletion. No matter who messed up it was an awful missed opportunity which this team can't afford. Darnold has to build on this over the next seven games, he's got to make the "regression" talk disappear - Finally, an awful look on the sideline when the Jets challenged two plays late in the game. Why is Dowell Loggains throwing the flag and talking to the refs??? Adam Gase needs to be doing that, he can't look subservient to an assistant coach
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    I really thought the plane was going to work you guys.
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    was it really necessary to say this on november 13th, the day felix under was asked to remove himself from his place of residence (that request, btw, came from his wife)? why do it today? can't you make him feel a bit more heat so tries extra hard to win more games?
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    Goodell is the dumbest f*ck on the planet earth and he porked this issue from the beginning.
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    Best player on the team wish we had 21 more like him. NOT A HATER BIG FAN OF Jamal Adams. I hate @T0mShane for hating Jamal Adams
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    Seriously Darnold is always going to make throws here and there that make you shake your head. It’s who he is But give him a decent OL and a legit weapon at receiver and he’ll make a helluva lot more good plays than bad. Kid is still only 22 years old and this is only his 5th/6th year of playing the position. He was always going to be a work in progress and he’s going to be awesome down the road.
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    Trade Jamal Adams. That is all.
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    Jets Fans:. We need someone in here to get rid of the Club Med vibe of previous regimes! Also Jets Fans:. This is Bull****!!!
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    It’s amazing to me this surprises anyone. Do any of you guys still make payments on cars you don’t own anymore? This is a cash cow for the Johnsons and nothing else. They make believe they care about the product because one time at meeting Jerry Jones told Woody,” Fans like a winning team.” To this day Woody still doesn’t understand why.
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    Don’t hate him But simply ask yourself what you would prefer... Extending Jamal Adams at $15-16 million a year and keeping his 2-3 big games a season around for the foreseeable future. or Trading him for a 1st and 3rd round pick to help further bolster the OL and WR corps thus putting our talented young QB in the best position to succeed. I’ll personally take option B.
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