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    So much misplaced anger I'm seeing.. "Joe Douglas needs to pay" "Sam is soft" "This is all Khalil's fault" Lol, what nonsense... Guess what - this is what selecting 14 Dlinemen in the last 8 drafts gets you. This is what passing on Centers and Tackles for 3rd round OLBs gets you. This is what paying Quincy to be your starting Z looks like... this is what happens when you don't draft a WR in the 1st since 2001... the list goes on and on and on... Mercs and band aides. Lets recap Our in-house Oline consists of an overpaid RG and JAG RT. our 2 RBs are paid FAs (got to be a first in NFL history) our WR was invisible today, except for the hired help held to catch 5 yard dunks. Despite spending a country's net gross in draft capital on defensive front seven prospect, the only guy who showed up was FA. Our TEs are ballin' Meanwhile: Week 1 Rookies Hollywood Brown and DK Metcalf are already better than any Jets WRs... but who needs to draft skill players when you can just over pay for FAs You don't draft well, you don't win... End of story.
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    That’s too bad. Good guy who worked hard. You bros crying misplaced crocodile tears over the Demaryius Thomas trade can get in line to eat the D.
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    everything is the end of the world. ....If you lose a home game by 1 point it's time to fire the Coach and cut the QB we have posters more interested in being right about the 1 out of 35 things they said 6 months ago than having an honest discussion A mix of uneducated buffoons, arm chair GMs and PFF reading experts is a recipe for disaster thread after thread following a bad loss for me, I think of the Jerry Springer show...but like about sports or something with endless Reply buttons I'm hoping that time, maybe a calm walk through the forest with Jeremy Bates, a nice cold adult beverage, or some time with the gf/wife who some of our posters can't seem to watch football with will help. but....probably not. on to the next disaster! #IsThisTheFireGaseThread #IsThisTheCutDarnoldThread #AmIAtTheRightThreadToSayFireDouglas #WhatButtonDoIClickToBlameMaccagnan #CanIRemindEveryoneThatBakerIsBetterInThisThread #AmIDoingThisComplainingThingCorrectly?
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    He’s not spending his time on a fan forum giving us updates.
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    Feisty, power-hungry dickheads have a long history of success in this league. He’s playing Mac’s players, and it’s early. Can we take a breath?
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    tower 1 my friend...here's my story I wrote up years ago. never forget I'll never forget, I was in the North Tower on the 26th floor. When the plane hit the sound of the explosion was unbelievable, but the aftershock of the hit was worse. The building shook from side to side so violently that I thought it was coming down, my desk was near a window, and as I looked out I could practically see the ground head on. People fell out of their chairs, I was standing and had to hold on to my desk. When the shaking stopped out in the distance looking through my window, I could see what at first appeared to be rocket trails, which turned out to be flaming debris shooting out and down from above. Now I am frozen, and unsure of what is happening. My next sight is burned into my memory, but it took me days to remember it, some poor soul from an upper floor falling past my window, smoldering, this is what got me moving. As I made my way to a staircase, I got hit in the head with a ceiling tile, another thing I didn't remember until someone told me later. The desent down the stairs was orderly, there was a strange smell in the air, which I guess was the jet fuel. As I made it to the lower floors, around 5 or 6 the sprinklers were on, and water was rushing down the stairs. Finally we began to exit the stairwell, onto the mezzanine level, and at that exact moment the building began to shake violently again, this was the second plane hitting. Now I ran, but it was like a dream running in slow motion, as I head for an exit to the plaza I was stopped dead in my tracks by something huge falling from above, just outside the revolving door I was about to fo through. One second faster and I'm sure I was gone. Now I spun and ran the other way, through another revolving door that appeared safe, I sprinted to an overpass over West St. that led to the Winter Garden. A security guard on the other side screamed, "Run!" what was happening, I still had no clue, as I got closer to the guard he said we were under attack, missles or planes, he wasn't sure. I ran towards the water, and then looked up for the first time, the sight was incredible, my first thoughts turned to the friends I had at Cantor Fitzgergerald, I worked for that firm in the past, on the upper floors of that building, including one of my best friends. I could not stay and watch the horror unfold, people were jumping or falling, so I began walking up the West Side drive right away, I was able to make a call to my wife from a pay phone, and I told her I was OK. The South Tower came down, a sight I'll never forget, as I was a safe distance away. A few zombie like minutes later, the North Tower came down, as I was standing in front of Chelsea Piers. My cell phone now worked and I called my wife again, she told me of the Pentagon attacks, and I told her there was no way I was going to Grand Central. I did head over towards mid town, to try a find out more info. Now at some bar in the thirties, looking for water, and info, I run into the guy that sat next to me at work. This is crazy, because we took different routes to get to that point, and we live near eachother in Westchester. He and I walked up, and over the Third Avenue Bridge, where along the way I got hit with bird droppings, as someone said, it was good luck, and I really think it was no small miracle that I got out. In the Bronx, my brother in law picked us up on Arthur Ave. I'll never forget my friends, neighbors, and acquaintances lost on that day. I think of them on a daily basis. I was lucky, my family was lucky, I pray for those that were not.
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    To me the biggest play was Anderson's roughing penalty. It was late third quarter, the Jets up 16-0 and the Bills were stopped. Instead Anderson hit Allen when he didnt have to and it lead to the Bills first three points. I like Anderson, but a terrible play on his part.
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    It's just a sport. Go spend time with your loved ones, find other hobbies, focus on work, go back to school, take a trip, do literally anything but obsess over this ratty tattered chuckledick franchise for a while. In the grand scheme of things, the Jets ARE 100% meaningless. Perspective.
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    Let's let Douglas run a draft board and have a shot at free agency before we even try to grade him.
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    On the plus side, there’s definitely no way this thread will come back to haunt us
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    Leaked footage of SAR confronting Fireman Ed pregame:
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    Don't laugh too hard. You're next....
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    “People complain too much,” he complained
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    I'm sitting here four days away from Week 2 baffled that I was so excited for this season. What is wrong with me? Why do I keep doing this?
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    *says this isn’t a Fire Gase thread* *proceeds to tell you reasons we should eventually Fire Gase.*
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    Did nothing to earn a spot over Harrison who has played well since he got the nod. Was pathetic today.
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    He had happy feet back there. He needs to stop making throws off his back foot when he doesn't need to.
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    It is here, the 2019 season kicks off today at 1pm. Metlife will be rocking with the return of Fireman Ed. We have the JN Group Outing and tailgate. It will be a blast as we watch the Jets start off the season with a win. J E T S - JETS JETS JETS Let's go. Welcome to New York Adam Gase, Le'Veon Bell and company! New coach, new team, new regime so we are going back to basics. Rocky the original...
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    So this is kind of crazy, based on our historical average it seemed like we would hit four million posts in November \ December this year. I said let me get on that so we are ready. Except I just noticed we surpassed four million posts 36,000 posts ago. So we don't have time to bake a cake but I do want to say thank you! I seriously can't believe something as big as 4 million posts could sneak up on us like that. I wanted to make a big splash and have everyone be on the lookout for lucky post # 4 million. The traffic here this year has been crazy. Our top 5 biggest posting days of all time are in 2018 and 2019 and one of them was Sunday. It was one of the biggest days of all time here. The traffic here continues to amaze me, surpassing one million page views month after month is jaw dropping. So thank you for posting, thank you for reading and thank you for making these forums so much fun. We have our moments but it is amazing how little we have to moderate. We set out with a plan to let people have fun and not be heavy handed. The biggest part of that plan was no censorship of Jets opinions. Looks like the plan is working. Here is to a few Super Bowl victories for the Jets mixed in to the next batch of four million posts.
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    Well if nothing else, draft day will be more interesting having a 3rd overall pick again. Any good DT's coming out this year?
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    Hey guys, Thankfully I just got home to VA and missed all of the emotionally based sky is falling period that I would no doubt have been a part of. I've had a lot of time to think and the most important thing I wanted to say is this. Maxman and the crew did a fantastic job with the JN Tailgate party today! The food was great! The atmosphere was great and the people were even better. I am grateful to have been a part of it and my son and I had a great time. It was so cool to finally be able to meet so many of the people I've been talking to for years. Hell, @Thor99 and I met on the old Rivals.com board 25 years ago or something. My biggest takeaway is that @Creepy Lurker isn't half as ugly as I thought he was from his avatar and that was shocking in it's own right. lol So many great posters were there. Such a great crew and I had a blast!!! Thanks to all of the people who helped put it together and @Maxman is just the best! I'm really sorry I didn't get a chance to say goodbye afterward. I saw an opportunity to beat the traffic and head back to VA and I took it without any planning. Thanks JN. Sorry it was a loss today because it was a great day!
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    I'm sure the Patriots will draft Bradys successor with that 6th round pick. He'll be an all generational talent of course.
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    Thank God we didn’t pay Myers. Imagine if we were only 29M under the cap rather than 30M.
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    ...if you judge the team after just the first game, last year you would have thought we were going to the Super Bowl after the Lions game. It takes a few weeks to shake things out..
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    God I hate this place during the season. Mark Sanchez had an incredible OL. Darnold was running for his life all game. You also said Josh Allen is a "Good QB". So yeah. Keep those QB takes churning. One will eventually be good
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    It’s almost like a 4-12 football team that uses all its resources on non-premium positions in the off-season isn’t going to improve very much. The third overall pick of the draft not even playing was a nice little touch too.
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    There has to be a minimum post count to start threads. This trolling is ridiculous.
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    You know, I am not one to keep questioning our teams decision makers, but with the couple of various CBs with experience out there shouldn't we try to upgrade there rather than DLine. CB Roberts all but cost us the game last week wiping out a Maye INT with a holding penalty and then giving up the game winning TD. Not to mention CB Johnson playing in a different zip code off the WR giving them like a 20 yard cushion that I thought you only did on Hail Mary plays. Geez, try to at least stop the bleeding on our biggest weakness at this point.
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    honestly im glad the kid got his money, gave his body for the team.
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    Shows how tough Sanchez was. He didn’t get strep, and he ate brandon moore’s ass during the buttfumble.
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    Two things. One I hate to see this. Man worked hard to get where he is. Best Wishes to Q Two - I told y’all so. Extending a man with a neck injury and depending on him was dumbass dumb. This fcking team.
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    Maybe not so crazy a pick after all? Still wish Darnold had this kid to throw to alongside Herndon (when he gets off suspension), instead of a DT on a team full of DT's.
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    I swear...I don't know why I come to these forums anymore....
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    My theory is that Robbie habitually quits on routes and it’s screwing with Darnold’s confidence and that’s why Gase singled him out.
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    Its one week, Mayfield and the Browns got spanked by the Titans. The Bills are better than Jets fans think.... The preseason is a joke, we are implementing new systems on both sides of the ball. If we had an actual kicker we win. Chill the F out, the world is not over, the Jets have sucked since forever and we are all somehow still alive and on Earth
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    Did you just actually suggest the Jets trade Darnold? Are you on drugs?
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    GFY. The glee you losers take in filling every thread with irrational Darnold bashing is pathetic. Must be a glorious moment for all you roaches to get to bash him with impunity after a bad loss. GFY. It's the last thing this board needs. It's week 1. Teams and QBs are never as bad or as good as they look on game 1. I refuse to jump off the bridge after 1 game. And FU all for successfully provoking me.
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    So, just to recap. In the last 6 days we have: Blown a 16 point Q3 lead Lost a starting WR for the season; possibly ending his career Lost our QB for at least several weeks Lost our top defensive FA signing for at least a game Lost our first round draft pick, also for at least a game Seen a player suspended for PEDs And that is not even mentioning our kicker. One week ago, I was looking forward to a football season with optimism, for the first time in several seasons. Still looking forward to the Monday Nighter, but hard to be upbeat about the season at this point.
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    We need more dawgs on this board.
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    The guy we picked with the Bridgewater pick - Chuma Edoga - is still on the roster. Polite was picked with our own 3rd rounder.
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    I remember watching the giants game on Monday night with my dad. Seemed like a normal Monday night. I was complaining about the Jets getting blown out by the Colts a few days earlier. The next day the world changed. Our fan base more then most was effected deeply. Today take a moment to Remember them all. Go Jets, Go America. Always remember
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