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    I am not a fan who has blind faith or will get into fist fights because of the city he was born in and that cities football team. I am here not to talk smack but to give praise. I am a grateful Seahawks fan and no, I am not here to talk about Adams. There were a number of us Seattle fans, a little more analytical in our evaluations that think you got one hell of a Tackle in George Fant. We (Seahawks fans) were hoping that eventually he would take over for Brown at LT as Duane Brown is getting close to retiring. George Fant can move and use his feet. It seems like the Jets are in the news a lot for all the wrong reasons but you should have solid Tackle play for the next 10 years and take it from a fan that knows terrible offensive line play, good Tackles matter as much as who is carrying the ball. When I was a little kid I liked the Freeman McNeil, Mark Gastineau, Joe Klecko, and Al Toon led Jets so I thought I'd come here and spread some love! -Anybody but New England or Buffalo!
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    Here's the observation, an absolutely pathetic, putrid and trash performance by everyone in a Jet uniform. After choosing not to come out for the National Anthem (don't get me started) they should've stayed in there for the rest of the game. A totally fake final score of 27-17 hides the total no show effort: Special Teams - The first play of the game should've been a sign, Josh Malone returns the KO outside the 30. Decent field position, but of course there's a holding penalty. So they start at the 9, typical. Credit to Malone because that was the only semblance of a return all game. I know Ashtyn Davis was a hurdler in college but that needs to be left on the track. He got his bell rung because he stupidly tried to hurdle a tackler - Unfortunately we saw way too much of Braden Mann. Good job by him (46.3 avg) but no one wants to see a punter that much - Sam Ficken was perfect in all his attempts (FG, 2 XP's) but so what Defense - Poor job by the defense in containing Josh Allen's running game in the first half - As usual no front seven pressure which allowed Allen way too much time in the pocket - Is Blake Cashman's body allergic to artificial turf? He gets one snap into the season and he's hurt again? He now has become the "Caucasian Dee Milliner", you have a shot to solidify a starting job and you can't stay on the field. Give me a break - An excellent Trumaine Johnson impersonation by Pierre Desir and that's not a good thing. So poor of a performance that Gregg Williams pulls him for Nate Hairston - Marcus Maye filled the hybrid role as expected and had a good game: 10 Tackles, 2 Sacks, 2 TFL, 2 Passes Defensed and 2 QB Hits - Bless Austin earned a starting job and then backed it up with: 8 Tackles and 1 TFL - Brian Poole had a costly holding penalty in the red zone which cost the team a TD. But he was productive with: 9 Tackles, 1 Sack, 1 TFL and 1 Pass Defensed Offense - What offense? A total nonsensical plan to start the game. The only groups that were able to stay on the field during camp was the OLine, TE's, RB's and Darnold. Why not test the conditioning of BUF defense and run the ball? Nope, let's spread out and have BUF test our pass protection with blitzes. How did that work? They didn't get a first down until two minutes left in the first quarter - Jamison Crowder was the only offensive player who put up decent numbers (7 rec, 115 yds, TD) and he even had a couple of drops - Chris Herndon was a non-factor (6 rec, 37 yds) with a costly fumble. And NOT ONE target for Ryan Griffin? Can someone explain this to me? - Breshad Perriman also was a non-factor (3 recs, 17 yds) - Sam Darnold was horrible I don't care what his stats were (21/35, 215 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT). You are now three years in the league, you can't have a delay of game penalty on the first play of a drive with NO CROWD NOISE. Also, you can't take a sack by running out of bounds when you can throw it away. And finally you can not throw that INT when you have an easy run in front of you that can pick up the first down. Totally inaccurate in the first half and definitely the far inferior QB. I am now officially concerned about what Darnold is and what he'll become
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    I think we all remember where we were. We wish we didn't have to. Thank you to all that served and continue to serve. We will never forget.
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    Bart Scott had a really interesting comment the other day. He said that “people in the league” still feel like Darnold was (and is) far and away the most talented QB in his draft class, even with Lamar on the board, but they question whether he’ll ever be able to put it together with the Jets, and that having a coaching and front office change happening around him really set him back. You can see that, from a tools and personality standpoint, Darnold *should* be a lot better, but you wonder if and when the Jets ever get it together long enough to see it pay off. Simien and Falk were, without question, horrible, but even the year prior when Darnold had the ankle, the Jets have zero chance to win when Darnold isn’t in the lineup, but he elevates what is a dreadful team all by himself when he does play. He might be better than we think.
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    Historically accurate photos have surfaced...
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    I don't think that's really "secretly"
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    That after last night's game, Mahomes is the only QB in the AFC you'd pick to start a team over Darnold. Watson? Has shown the incredible ability to pad stats at the end of games and convince people he's a game changer. He's not Lamar Jackson? 0-2 in the playoffs. Not to be taken seriously Bills RB Josh Allen? Lol, please. This year, Darnold will surpass all of the players listed above and claim his spot as a top 5 QB in the NFL. It's a great time to be a Jets fan.
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    Ya ya Paxton lynch was a bust. Sucks, but it’s not like he wasn’t selected in the 1st. but seriously. When have I been wrong? -Bell would be a bust -Gase was a fraud -Macc was a Soviet Spy sent to ruin us -Leonard and Quinnen would be a mistake -Ty Montgomery is not an answer -taking back to back Safeties = kiss of death -Im friends with Aaron Jones -Hackenberg? -pubic hair -etc None of this is Nostradamus sh*t. Many of you felt the same way. What’s my point? Why is some arsehole from Canada able to better manage this team then seven-figure professionals? Why do some of your keep drinking the Kool-Aid? would you rather me run this team than the Johnsons?
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    The Jets only tweak hammys and ankles
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    Compares him to Walter Jones "Just run your offense behind the Big Ticket."
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    And stripped the ball to force a turnover
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    Had a mini-stroke when I saw “Adams activated”
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    Solid job by the rookie, 1st start at LT with zero preseason games, he did have one penalty and allowed one sack (Sam holded for too long), the team had a couple of runs to the left who went very well. Is early but a very good sign for the future of this franchise.
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    Tannehill: 4th highest passer rating IN HISTORY. All y’all arguing over Sam, but I fervently believe we’ve seen enough from him to justify him starting for us. I pretty much refuse to accept a strategy that ships San out, so he can thrive elsewhere, while we double-down on Gase. Even if we draft a QB next season, find a way to keep Sam... give them both a new coach. Best player starts. Foles/Wentz.
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    This plays been talked about on here all day. Crowder being that open makes this play so much worse for Sam I didn’t even see it on tv. A gunslinger makes that throw and if Sams not in that mind set then we've got problems
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    Pre game stuff, half time stuff and commercials are not about football these days. People gravitate towards sports because it is a break from other stuff in this world. Once sports becomes as much about other things as it does about mindless fan entertainment it will sink and a least some people will move on.
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    He signed a $60 mil deal with the Raiders, plays three years there until the guaranteed money ran out, dogged it to the point of getting dumped on the Jets for a fifth, sucked for three games, claimed he was injured, then took his $40 mil earned and went home because the Jets didn’t want to pay him $12 mil to sit on IR and then leave as a free agent. **** this guy
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    Adam Gase is so awful he even made Kelechi Osemele quit on the Raiders before coming to the Jets
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    Hey Moderators @slats @Sperm Edwards @The Crusher @nycdan @Charlie Brown @JoeC36 @Thor99 Check out the enhanced admin profile. It shows all the user names an account has had over the years. For example the OP has had a bunch and was banned under the name George Jetson. Oh and sure this should be in the mod forum. But it is more fun doing this here.
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    Jamal on giving up 450 yards passing to Matt Ryan: “We need more dawgs here.”
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    I'm sure being traded to the Jets will make him feel a lot better!
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    Not a Jet anymore? Don't care. This is great. "I'm Brian Fellow"
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    Amongst a lot of awfulness, Becton’s 77 is really encouraging.
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    Peep this thread if you want. It shows how decimated his confidence and mojo is compared to his rookie year. We complained about the Bates offense, and how we were starting guys like Elijah McGuire, and Andre Roberts. However Darnold was actually comfortable and looked like he would be something amazing. Gase has tried to choke him into being a QB he just isn't, and he refuses to change that one bit. His great natural feel and instinct is being killed before our eyes. All of what he does best is completely neutered by a guy who wants him to play like a pocket passer. The stubbornness of Gase is profound. He's never had offensive success outside of the greatest passer of all time, but insists on forcing his static offense down the throat of so many guys with little to no adaptation to their talents.
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    Hey 2020, you can't hold us back. Sure, you suck and all but the Jets season kicks off on Sunday and it is going to be a good season. Sam Darnold is the truth. Le'Veon Bell is in the best shape of his life. The tight ends are healthy. Q Williams is in incredible shape and will be a force on the D Line. The secondary is better because the corners are a huge improvement over last year. Jordan Jenkins will have over 10 sacks. Oh and the Jets are going to start the season with a victory over the Bills. Covid can't hold this team back. They will win the AFC East. The Patriots are over, the Bills are over rated and the Dolphins are nada. Let's go Jets.
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    I see a lot of half hearted excuses to explain this away, while ignoring the painfully obvious common denominator. People. Do. Not. Want. Social. Justice. Shoved. Down. Their. Throat. During. Sports. At a time when ratings should be higher than ever, because a large majority of people are at home, all major sports leagues have chosen to implement this across the board, as is their right to do so. In doing so, a large swath of people have chosen to tune out, as is their right to do so as well. Sports and entertainment is an escape, people want (need) to escape the real world sometimes, especially in the hardest times. Real world issues consume you 23 hours a day, if that other hour becomes consumed with the same issues, you're going to get bored or look elsewhere. Downvote all you like. Call me a nazi because I simply do not agree with you all you like. Doesnt make my point any less true.
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    Hence why Douglas used a pick on a Punter. 4D chess right there.
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    Honored to be counted among this group of incredibly wealthy aristocrats
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    I mean, you hire a guy with personality disorder, you get a guy with personality disorder. Seems pretty simple.
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    I would rather take a scalding piece of 3/4” anodized rebar, pierce my left eardrum with it, and keep driving it through my skull chamber until it emerged through my right ear.
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    I'm tired of doing this with Jets QBs. He was bad.
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    What? He missed a sh*t ton of throws today on guys that were wide open. On top of bone headed mistakes that rookies make.
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    The wait in that first week in September is excruciating. In an effort to find a football fix coming up to opening day kick off, I will occasionally check out other fan boards for a non Jets perspective. I came across this post on a Bills Forum, a Bills fan writing about his close friend a Jets fan. The power of story about someone you have never met, who like you, is possibly a little obsessive about Jets football. ___________________________________ I will be cheering at least once for the Jets this weekend "One of my best friends from school in the early 90s was a huge Jets fan. An almost annoying "J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets" fan. There were four of us; one from New York (Pete), one from Miami and one from Detroit. Football debates were a-plenty, but it was the tale end of the Super Bowl years so I was very comfortable in making the case for the Bills. "You guys rebuild, the Bills reload.", was a frequent retort. After school ended we each went back to our respective homes and stayed in contact, but never as much as we should. I was glad to say that I was at each of their weddings which were truly blessed times. Pete called me in April to let me know that he had been diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer back in January. He had kept it very quiet. I was the first of our friends to know. During this same conversation he let me know that given the medical lock down as it was in New York City treatment, or at least the treatment and care he was looking for, which included the presence of his wife during this anxious time for him, could not be had. He knew what the unfortunate writing on the wall was and wanted to finish out the time with his family. In our last conversation he wanted me to know that he loved me very much, and that I should let the guys know he loved them, as well. I returned the sentiment, sheepishly and inefficiently because...well...you know...it's never enough...words, I mean. I was careful in my discretion afterwards in checking up on Pete, out of respect for his wishes. His lovely wife called late in June to let me know that after having to briefly be resubmitted to the hospital due to complications my friend. My good friend. My brother, had passed on. I won't forget the final story as told by one of Pete's children during his funeral eulogy that earlier that month when their priest had stopped by to ask Pete if it was OK to do last rights Pete had said, "Well, I was baptized, received first communion, confirmed, and married all in the church so I might as well run the table on this!" That's Pete. That's so Pete...the guy could make you laugh on his final bed. I told our group of friends in a text last month that I want to talk Bills/Jets football, but my guy is gone and I don't have anyone to talk to about them. In retrospect I believe that post was a lie...I just wanted to talk to me friend. The good thing is, though, I do still talk to him and I do still hear him. He was 51, with a beautiful wife and four wonderful children, and he will forever be my friend. So please forgive this Bills fan on Sunday, because among a group of friends and family at an outdoor Bills kickoff party "J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!" will be howled from my pipes at least once. ...but don't you dare expect this will be a regular thing, Pete...I can hear you laughing at me already and telling me I've finally come to my senses. And thank you for being a great friend...a great everything, really." ___________________________________________________________ The many responses to that OP writing about his Jets friend are overwhelmingly positive. Should you wish to add your thoughts to that OP, the forum is Two Bills Drive/StadiumWall), and the OP goes by 'Dollars 2 Donuts'.
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    Proud of my guys, WE WILL NEVER FORGET. A group of us did 106 Floors in full gear, to remember and commemorate our Fallen Brothers.
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    Thread OVER, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Chiefs look like they are going to win the next 600 Super Bowls. Good thread patting yourself on the back about Ty Montgomery. Mahomes though, that's gonna leave a mark haha.
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    Cancel culture. @KRL didn’t even say anything political.
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    “Bro. Bro. Bro. I caaaan’t anymore. I caaaaan’l. Dis guy is terrrrible. I wanted Mickawthy bro, you know dat” ”I can’t argue with you. I can’t” ”Bro. Bro. Bro. I don’t know bro. I can’t” ”Haha let’s go to Artie from Brooklyn” ”<inaudible screaming>” ”Ah-tee. Ah-tee. Duh pain.”
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    You know who wouldnt be putting up with this? Joe Judge. That's who.

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