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    Thank you @Mogglez and @football guy for all the information you guys were able to share with us in the HC search process! Please ignore the trolls in this forum and be sure that your contribution will always be appreciated. Go Jets!
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    Trevor Lawrence you are on the clock. You tell the Jags you won't play there and we will send our kid to Clemson. You go to Jacksonville and then Clemson you are off the list. I feel good knowing that Trevor will have to live with this decision and this pressure could get him to the Jets.
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    How perfect would this be. Could really help us out with that #1 pick from the Seahawks next year. Not to mention that tearful reunion with Jamal.
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    Notes Atlanta: hiring Fontenot is an indication that Joe Brady is at the very least the runner up for that job. Arthur Smith is likely their top candidate with Brady coming in second, but may strike on Brady to avoid risk. Detroit: Brad Holmes is the favorite for the GM job, but if they hire Ed Dodds, the likelihood Saleh goes there increases. Assuming its Holmes, there's a number of ways the HC could shake out. Arthur Smith, Marvin Lewis, even Todd Bowles could be in the cards, as well as opening up the search to include Brandon Staley. Houston: They will probably be the last team to hire a coach. It's not a desirable situation, and I ultimately think they'll be forced to settle on someone. However, they requested Brandon Staley which is significant... he's part of that John Carroll University tree (so is Caserio) and I think the Texans will try their hardest to convince him to take the job if he chooses to entertain it. Los Angeles: it's Daboll's to lose. I think that one is all but official. If Daboll were to turn it down for whatever reason, they may open it back up but I think it would be Staley. New York: the Jets are Saleh, Smith, Staley. There's rumor of a 4th candidate, potentially from college ranks, but I haven't figured out who it is. There's also rumor Staley is a bit hesitant to take the job (any job for that matter) which I think could turn off the Jets/force them to act more quickly. As far as I know, the rest of the guys who have been mentioned aren't among their top 4 preferred candidates. Philadelphia: No idea what's going on here. I don't know how desirable that job is considering their cap situation/aging roster, and Jeff Lurie gets the hype of being a great owner but I know for sure agents don't appreciate his meddling. My Predictions I think Atlanta will add Joe Brady when Arthur Smith decides to take the Detroit job. Smith is the top candidate for many jobs, but I think he'll prefer to have his choice of QB (I believe he will want to work with Stafford) and will get a 5-year deal to align himself with Brad Holmes (I realize Holmes just landed the job as I was writing this) in an organization that has had a lot of tolerance and patience. I think the Jets will land Saleh once the chips fall into place. He's a finalist for the job and fits the profile of coach they're looking for. I have no idea what to think about Houston and Philadelphia... I'm expecting outside-the-box hires. I think Staley will be their top candidate but he might not take it, and ultimately, they promote Tim Kelly (kind of how Cleveland did). Kelly has a good relationship with Watson so while not Bieniemy, it could get his trust back, and if he sinks, they can worry about a HC next year when things calm down there.
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    Ok, even if it doesn't happen at this point, this whole situation is like a confidence boost as a Jets fan. The fact that we are even being mentioned as a favorable destination by other players etc feels pretty good.
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    I’ll be filling you guys in with staff targets when I get out of doing this stupid card game with my girlfriend and her friends
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    Joe Douglas: The Plan Is for Jamal Adams to Be a Jet for Life Feb 25, 2020 at 02:45 PM
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    We just saw what can happen when Deshaun Watson is on a team lacking talent - he goes 4-12. We are so much farther away from contending than just a QB. We need all the help we can get, we need all the picks we can get. Trade down, sign FAs, do anything to get an influx of talent. But don't give up a ransom for Deshaun. That's where I'm leaning. Okay, now talk me into how we get Deshaun and still get better. DC
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    OMG lol Jamal Adams would flip. This would be comedic gold.
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    And what ? Daboll and Bienemy have HC experience ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    There are some great friggin’ names in there.
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    So it was Watson hiding in the bushes outside of the facility?! What a twist.
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    You youngsters look at that shirt and think of the hot babe, I look at that shirt and think "Damn, Wesley Walker was a GREAT wide receiver"
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    The first thing I would like all of these Darnold "fan" coaches to do is to take Sam aside and tell him, if he ever fails to throw the frigg'n ball away and runs OB behind the line of scrimmage under their watch they will beat the living sh*t out of him.
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    Official Hires HC: Robert Saleh, San Francisco 49ers (2020) OC: Mike LaFleur, San Francisco 49ers (2020) QB: Greg Knapp, Atlanta Falcons (2020) RB: Taylor Embree, Colorado University (2020) WR: Miles Austin, formerly San Francisco 49ers (2019) OL/run game coordinator: John Benton, San Francisco 49ers (2020) Pass game specialist: Rob Calabrese, Denver Broncos (2020) Unofficial DC: Jeff Ulbrich, Atlanta Falcons (could also coach LBs) Notes: Hiring John Benton is a huge score. One of the best line coaches in the league; Jets were able to lure him by “promoting” to Run Game Coordinator. Not news: Douglas/Saleh/LaFleur are all Sam Darnold fans. News: Greg Knapp is a huge Sam Darnold fan. He’s coached among the best, and thought Darnold was Andrew Luck-level prospect. More and more it’s looking like this coaching staff will look to develop Darnold as opposed to getting rid of him. Rich Scangarello, who the Jets also considered, signed with the 49ers. Raheem Morris is among the top candidates for the DC position, but it sounds like he’ll choose JAX. It makes sense for him (more power, no state income tax, etc.) There are a number of defensive coaches being looked at, many who have worked with Saleh before (Todd Walsh, Marquand Manuel, Mike Rutenberg). Another name to keep an eye on is Anthony Weaver; he’s highly respected and Joe Douglas likes him a lot
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    I don’t know these names. So I assume they’re the best.
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    I hate when athletes do this, but hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Deshauuuuuuuuuuun
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    I will take one single victory lap. I certainly “worked those phones” and got “what I want” out of this @Jetsbb, which was never anything more than to share information with my friends on this forum and get a great head coaching candidate. My “prominent guy” (cats out now lol) gave me permission to do this. It was his idea actually. He’s corroborated everything I’ve told him. Eat me for how you treated me the other day.
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    #1 there’s already 273 threads on Watson. #2 it’s lazy reporting. 3 first rounders(2021,2022,2023) still leaves you with Seattle’s first in 2021 and 2022. Plus whatever they get from unloading Sam ...plus one of the best cap situations in football. All that with a franchise QB in place.
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    unfortunately it probably tastes like danny amendola
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    🙄 This place is going to crash hard when he stays in Houston. Some of ya'll gonna need this: Suicide Prevention Hotline 800-273-8255
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    As long as Deshaun Watson approves.
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    Or, the culture wasn’t that bad, and both Anderson and Adams are exceedingly immature, high-maintenance crybabies with irrationally high opinions of their abilities, and the teams that currently possess their rights now have to make decisions on how to pay both of them commensurate to their actual levels of performance. Best of luck to em.
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    Quick interview just now on ESPN with Greeny and Orlovsky. On why Saleh is a great coach and fit for the Jets... 1) Excellent listener. Too many coaches talk at players. He listens. 2) Thrived in adversity. Lost lots of players, defense continued to perform. He's adaptable. 3) Bringing LaFleur. The Shanahan tree works. It's all over the league and succeeding. To be good on offense in the NFL you need either a great QB or a great OC. Now on Sam.... Says this isn't just a good match for Sam Darnold, "it's the exact perfect fit." Described the offense a bit, talked about easy throws and decision making. Said he is connected to Darnold thru people and at one point Orlovsky was asked by those close to Darnold, "If Sam is going to move on from the Jets where should he go?" Orlovsky replied, "Do whatever you can to get to San Francisco and under Shanahan!" Now, the SF offense comes to Sam instead of him having to go there. Also said that Schefter doesn't just say things or speculate, if he's saying he thinks Darnold stays it's because someone very close to the Jets or the new coaches told him that. Please add more or clarify if anyone else heard it!
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    Chris Ballard to me is the best in the business. I have never heard a GM be this upfront on not wanting to draft a QB high. We have a stud GM. Looks like we are going to have a stud coaching staff. Theres no way we are drafting Fields now - He just doesn't fit a SF system. So Wilson is the only option there. Do these guys really all want to put their jobs on the line for small QB with a large injury history that faced such poor competition. Especially with Wilson only being successful for one year? I just can't see it. I would absolutely be happy with building this team the way the Colts did. Instead of drafting Sam or any QB high they built their team the right way. They now have perhaps the best roster in the league. Trade down all day.
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    For fun, let's speculate that after Rivers-- Ben retires over trying to work with PIT on the financial chaos that looms ahead of that team Brady goes to the SB and hangs them up Brees almost assured to at this point it seems Alex Smith, cause why not? You're talking about a QB Vacuum that will leave - PIT, TB, NOS, IND, WSH all without a proven solution... ALL playoff teams too Fall out would include: Overpaid veterans like Winston, Brisset, Fitzpatrick, Keenum etc HOU could in theory ask for ALL the picks ever, and some GM's daughters. (mileage may vary) An appetite for reclamation projects like Darnold, Haskins, Trubisky, Goff even, Wentz maybe too value of the NYJ and MIA picks at #2 and #3 become more priceless than that bitch Da Vinci painted Thoughts on how the jets leverage all that?
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    Can’t be from years ago since they’re all wearing masks
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    I will write a article too... Brazilian fan reveals miserable experience watching the Jets. It will be my story from the day I started cheering for this team.
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    NY Jets: Joe Douglas was a ‘big factor’ in Robert Saleh’s decision by Justin Fried2 minutes ago Follow @JustinTFried The NY Jets surprised many by landing arguably the hottest name on the coaching carousel this offseason in former San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh. The Jets’ job, while appealing in many ways, wasn’t exactly considered to be the most attractive vacancy. Teams like the Los Angeles Chargers, Jacksonville Jaguars, and even Atlanta Falcons all had arguably more appealing jobs. However, when all was said and done, the Jets sold Saleh on their job. Saleh wanted the Jets as much as they wanted him. And it seems as though a lot of that had to do with general manager Joe Douglas. Douglas was reportedly instrumental in the hiring of Saleh despite having spoken to the guy for the first time just a week ago during their initial virtual meeting on the 8th. As Bleacher Report’s Connor Rogers put it, Douglas was “a big factor” in Saleh’s decision to choose the Jets. Rogers said that there was “a mutual belief in each other.” NY Jets general manager Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh formed a mutual respect for each other Saleh wasn’t considered to be a serious contender for the Jets’ job going into the offseason. He was on their initial list of interviews, but it wasn’t until they spoke with him over Zoom that they realized they had found their guy. Douglas and Saleh immediately hit it off with the two quickly forming a bond. At least, that’s per the words of The Athletic’s Connor Hughes who also said the Jets were “blown away” by Saleh in his interview. More details emerged when Peter Schrager went on Good Morning Football Friday morning to discuss the Saleh hire. He said that Saleh “wanted the Jets job badly” after meeting Douglas. He later hit it off with owner Christopher Johnson and team president Hymie Elhai solidifying the notion that there was no other place he wanted to be. The Chargers had the selling point of the young, promising quarterback. The Jaguars had the allure of the No. 1 overall pick and a ton of future flexibility. The Jets? They had Joe Douglas. And that was clearly the best selling point of them all. Douglas and Saleh seem to have a mutual respect for each other. And as Rogers put it, they each believe that together, they could truly change the culture of an organization that has inhabited the NFL’s basement for the better part of the past decade.
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    Who cares. I just hope he is a good coach. I don't care about his religion.
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    Jaguars should get a head start on their 2024 head coaching search now. After three 5-11 and 7-9 type seasons Urban will have another “heart condition” that will force him to quit.
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    This is really the only relevant part of this. Nothing like this has ever happened before. There's no comparison to be made. Throw the playbook out of the window. If a top 5 QB at age 25 is available, you go after him aggressively. Period.

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