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    1-Thank him for everything and wish him a healthy and prosperous future. 2- draft a superior more durable replacement who can run people over like him after the catch 3- profit
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    The fact Sherman signed a contract, dodnt get fat, and showed up still playing after he got paid.
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    Ridiculous that Gase was over looked after going 6-2 in the last 8 games.
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    They traded away a SB QB to keep Brady. What a great day today is.
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    The correct takeaway from this is that running back is easily the most interchangeable/replaceable position on the field and there is almost never a reason to have a running back as your highest paid player.
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    Great olines and a good scheme can make many a back look really good.
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    With our oline any Jets back is like this:
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    Did you see the video though? My initial reaction upon hearing this was the same....guessing that OBJ gave a security guard a playful "player slap" the same way coaches smack a guy on the rear when he comes off the field following a good play. This was not that. He sized up the guard in the locker room and smacked the dudes ass, then OBJ backed up from the guard knowing what he did wasn't right, then seemed to mock or taunt the guy. This wasn't harmless fun. This was a rich, entitled prick thinking he's on his home turf in the LSU locker room and essentially bullying a security guard. In a world that overreacts to trivial things this was something that shouldn't be ignored or let slide IMO.
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    There is a distinct difference between a "running" QB & a "mobile" QB... running QB's do not last & will not excel in the NFL... Mobile QB's have been in the NFL since the inception of the forward pass... They will always be there... some will succeed some will not just like pocket passing QB's.
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    Look, we've all slapped the butt of a police officer at some point........
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    Revis in his prime was better than Sherman. Revis's prime was way shorter than Sherman's, and he proved his character and integrity after he got paid, got really fat, and didn't even try. Meanwhile, sherman gives the 49ers what they paid for, years after Revis Island closed up shop, and is going for another ring.
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    Can we part ways with Gase and keep Bell instead?
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    I'm not a football expert, but I believe Adam Gase wants a running back who runs in a forward direction, toward the opponent's end zone.
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    Trading down and taking either Josh Allen, Ed Oliver, or one of the top-rated OL/WR's was the proper move, depending on how far we moved down. As usual, Macc took the worst option possible.
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    NFL Draft conspiracies in January Must be true. 🙄
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    Yeah, about this. I disagree with this.
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    O'Brien brought the Jets the same amount of super bowl trophies as Marino did Miami.
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    I hope the people who doubt Sam Darnold eat every single last word they ever negatively spewed towards this kid.
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    I'm good either way. If the line wasn't the issue, then his year off ended him and he's a shell of his former self. If that's not the case, by the time we have an elite offensive line that can slush-block the way he needs it he'll be shot anyway. Good team guy, I don't want to see him go. But if he does, I'm not going to cry. SAR I
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    How the heck do you included an injury clause to the player's benefit when said player is always injured? Only the Jets.
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    Didn't Brady win 2 bowls since the trade?
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    Douglas is going to purge every Maccagnan signing from the roster. It's gonna be a bloodbath,
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    But Adam & Sam have enough to work with, what a f*cking joke! When you win a game 37-20 & that's your QBs stats it say more about the talent on that team than the QB or the coach. Great freaking job by GM John Lynch. Lets get Sam some help.
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    Thomas Hennessy tied for the NFL lead in tackles among long snappers with four. So there's that...
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    He wanted Tevin Coleman badly, and the rest of the Bell money to be spent on Morse/Paradis. Maccagnan wanted Bell at all costs.
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    Holy overreaction Batman— misdemeanor sexual assault? Lol
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    Great player well deserved, not so sure on the most dominating? Now #75’s going in, let’s get #73 in!
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    About effing time. He was the prototypical elite, athletic LT before it was a thing. Possibly the most dominating Jets player ever.
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    This place would explode beyond recognition if Douglas passed on Lamb & Jeudy to take Chaisson. He even passed on Epenesa in this mock
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    https://wfan.radio.com/blogs/steve-lichtenstein/metrics-showed-gase-failed-to-live-up-to-cutting-edge-hype Lichtenstein: Metrics Showed Where Adam Gase Failed To Live Up To Cutting-Edge Offense Hype STEVE LICHTENSTEIN JANUARY 14, 2020 - 2:03 PM If you’re a Jets fan who hasn’t given up watching NFL football after suffering through New York’s wasted 7-9 season, you probably noticed that these playoff games look like a different sport than what the Jets were playing. The talent on display over the weekend in the Divisional Round—namely the speed and the execution of the offenses—was far beyond Gang Green’s capabilities this past season. Still, even if Jets general manager Joe Douglas stuns us by bringing aboard an influx of skilled offensive players, including linemen, this offseason, how many of you feel confident that coach Adam Gase would know what to do with them? By now it’s obvious that owner Christopher Johnson had zero evidence beyond Peyton Manning’s hearsay to back up his claim when he crowed that Gase “coaches to where football is going” upon his hiring. I warned you about the false hype in a post last offseason that detailed how Gase was just as conservative, and sometimes more so, in his three seasons at the helm in Miami than the Jets bumbling prior coach Todd Bowles. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) A Jets fan who goes by the Twitter handle @DrewfromJersey had a fabulous take on Gang Green’s offensive incompetence during the 2019 season. Drew opined that the best thing to happen over 17 weeks that saw the Jets place dead last in yards gained and 31st in points scored (only because New York’s six non-offensive touchdowns bumped them over Washington) was that quarterback Sam Darnold took the initiative after a Week 8 loss in Jacksonville to confront Gase about his garbage playbook. During the Jets’ 6-2 run to close the season, they were far less inept, ranking 16th in the league in points per game. Now, I’m sure Darnold approached the subject with more respect. Gase even praised his 22-year old sophomore QB for providing feedback. Still, Gase has a long way to go before he can call himself a master of the modern game, never mind the future. For the following analysis, I’m going to ignore the three games that Darnold missed last season due to mononucleosis. They never happened. For these purposes, Luke Falk might as well be the secret identity of a DC Comics character. With that caveat in mind, here are two areas of modern football where Gase’s offense fell behind the curve: 1) Play-action The results are in—adding play-action to a call generally adds on average about two yards per pass attempt, per ProFootballFocus.com. Of the 34 QBS with at least 50 dropbacks, only five had negative differentials in yards-per-attempt between play-action versus straight dropbacks. Only two (Lamar Jackson and Mason Rudolph) were worse by more than half a yard using play-action. Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports Darnold was 2.2 yards per attempt better when using play-action. You’d think Gase would have had more of those calls on his chart from the onset given how heavily he was feeding running back Le’Veon Bell at the time. You’d be incorrect. Only 19.4% of Darnold’s dropbacks in the Jets’ first eight games were off play-action. That rate ranked 30th among 34 QBs with at least 30 play-action pass dropbacks. All nine of his interceptions in that span occurred following straight dropbacks. In the season’s second half, however, Darnold’s play-action rate rose to 27.3%, the 13th-highest in the league, despite playing the entire time with ligament damage in his left thumb that may have hindered his ballhandling abilities. Gase still has room to install more play-action schemes. Not including Jackson’s ridiculous 59 pass attempts, with only six using play-action, as his Ravens were getting routed by the Titans, the other seven QBs over the weekend totaled 207 throws, with 30.4% coming off play-action. In the aggregate, play-action netted about 1.6 more yards than straight dropbacks. A modern football coach should be well aware of this. 2) Second-and-long runs I don’t think anything frustrated Jets fans more than all the times when Gase would virtually give up on a series after a negative play on first down. An incompletion, sack, run stuff, or penalty would send Gase turtling. The Jets handed off on 49-of-108 (45%) second downs of ten or more this season, per SharpFoootballStats.com. Only the Ravens — by far the most dominant rushing team in the league — and the Vikings ran more often. Again, I’m ignoring the Falk games, where Gase and everyone watching preferred that he kept the clock running. Billie Weiss/Getty Images Since opponents pretty much figured out that the ball was going in Bell’s hands on those snaps, the Jets averaged only 3.2 yards per carry on second-and-long rushing attempts, well below the 4.3 yards per carry league average for those situations. Unfortunately, this strategy was not adjusted in the second half of the season. To the contrary, it got worse, with handoffs on 52% of second-and-longs in the last eight games. The success rate on those runs was similarly miserable, with the Jets gaining a measly 3.1 yards per carry. Gase would likely point to the scoreboards in those contests as proof that he knew what he was doing. According to modern metrics, however, that won’t be sustainable when the Jets face heavier competition next season. Darnold’s got to get in Gase’s ear about that.
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    In situations like this I find its best not to think.
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    This is the beginning of the all star games and there are two today. The first one is one of my favorite the East - West Shrine game. So there are more than a few players I will be keeping my on for the Jets. I really like Jon Runyan, Jr at OT after watching him this year. He has improved greatly and had a good bowl game against Alabama. Also his teammate Michael Onwenu at guard is another I will be watching. At center Daryl Williams is one I be watching who played for Miss. St.. Another player who plays guard that I also like is John Phillips of Boston College, Now these are the offensive lineman of the East team. I am curious to see the Clemson Center Pollard and Guard Cervenka play in this game. No wide receivers interest me except maybe Isaiah Wright of Temple who under performed this year. At Tight End Mitchell Wilcox is the one I will be watching. On Defense for the East watch this kid Isiah Swan of Dartmouth. He is a sleeper. An interesting player here is Michael Divinity that walked away from his team this year and than we found it he was suspended for marijuana. Now he was the leader of this defense so he better come out to play. He needs to repair his image off the field and on. He is playing with the real good tandem Miami Linebackers, A player to watch on the edge is Alex Highsmith who at Charlotte had 15 sacks and the underrated and all out player Joe Gaziano from Northwestern. The West team Players that I will be watching closely are Brandon Bowen of Ohio St. and Darrin Paulo of Utah at OT. One Player I do love is Calvin Throckmorton of Oregon at Guard. He is impressive when I watched him. Also you have one of the best centers in the nation with Zack Shakelford of Texas. The other 2 centers are not shabby either with Cabral of Arizona St and Mauguia of Wash. St.. There are two receivers here that should of had better years in Juwan Johnson of Oregon and Victor Binjiman of Ohio St. . But I want to watch Dezman Patmon of Wash. St who is a big receiver who has nice hands. On Defense Watch this kid Luc Barcoo at Cornerback of San Diego St. He has nice size and a ball hawk. So underrated. As his teammate Tezino at LB. One of my favorite defensive players is here. Watch Bryce Huff of Memphis at DE/LB. He is a terror and had a great game against Penn St. We also have three FCS players in this game that I watched and will surprise you. Luther Kirk at Safety, Dante Olson of Montana at LB and a terror at DE in Derrek Tuszka of FCS champion North Dakota St. These three will be interesting to watch. As is Casey Toohill of Stanford off the edge. And lets not forget the two kickers. They both are real good and two of the best. I had to come back and write this. I got to give a shout out to two wonderful players who can play in the NFL and are n the armed forces. Malcolm Perry of Navy and Elijah Riley of Army. Both of these players are real good.
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    That’s a dumb move for a RB.
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    Congrats to Tannehill for winning the Chad Pennington award. Now go send Derrick Henry a new car.
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    Robby Anderson did not have a career year. 2019 52 catches-779 yards-5 TD's 2017 63 catches-941 yards-7 TD's joewilly12
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    I think both sides want an amicable divorce. Bell has been a phenomenal teammate, but he’s a luxury wasting his last years on a poor team with a poor scheme fit for his patient style. Better for both if they were to part ways.
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    No one is trading anywhere near a 3rd round pick for him. He hasn’t seen the field yet since a bad injury, so it’s no sure thing that specifically for all of 2020 he’ll already be as good as 2018/prior, and just as significantly he only has that one year left on his contract anyway. He isn’t getting traded and isn’t taking a pay cut. He’s a Jet in 2020 or he’s getting cut to clear cap space.
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    Say good bye. His career is over and unfortunately it never really started.

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