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    When you look at this, Dallas and Las Vegas, it is very disappointing what an utter dump MetLife is comparatively.
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    No, he's a developmental pick.
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    What's the contract? What's the trade compensation? I'd rather sign him for 4/$50M than trade him for a second round pick, but I'd rather trade him for two first round picks than sign him for 5/$90M.
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    The only people who hate the Jets are us. Nobody else has time enough to care, they're just laughing. Most of the media just troll us cause we're a big market. The best example is that human bottom feeding roach, Manish. He has a career cause he knows we'll give him clicks on his complete bullahit. Guy is a cockroach, but he'll outlast most of us
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    That will be the consensus regardless of what the Jets do anyway. If they give him $18mm, it’ll be “wow, they overpaid/what about the offense?/Douglas let himself get bullied and ended up bidding against himself!” It doesn’t matter. Belichick catapults top players off the roster every year and it’s “savvy roster management!” The Jets do it and it’s a High Crime.
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    So I’ve been working through this 2 hour pod breakdown of Mims by a Jets YouTube guy I don’t know with ex Jet Marcus Coleman. It’s detailed AF. My takeaways were that Mims is supremely talented but has some expected but significant things to learn with getting off press coverage with his shimmies and moves at LOS including hand fighting and not going the long way around the CB. He doesn’t have a ton of counter moves at the LOS. Then at the top of his breaks he has some inefficiencies lunging into breaks with his plant step and not keeping his feet underneath him as well as rounding off his breaks. He also needs to take shorter steps at the breaks for better control and quicker movement. he ran about 4 routes in college he also pushes off A LOT, sometimes very clever and sometimes with brute strength that he’ll get some flags on we have excellent WR coaches in Van Jefferson and Hines Ward to clean these things up and they sound simple on paper but I think in game action it’ll take a lot of reps to develop. WR’s often take a year or two to develop. Mims will probably see 100 balls this year but I think he’ll flash but we shouldn’t expect gangbuster from Jump Street. for anyone interested
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    Better than Fales, at least we have a vet that should be semi functional if we lose darnold. I'm not a huge flacco fan but he is better than the alternatives.
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    "Professional sports teams in NJ may return to training and even competition - if their leagues choose to move in that direction. We also strongly advise that the New York Jets trade Jamal Adams immediately." wow. Huge statement from the Governor's office.
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    Tantamount to saying that Hitler had some real talent as a painter. Grounds for banning iwbh
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    Hi don’t know if this video was published out here but I always like this guys break downs and he explains why Mims is perhaps the Steal of the Draft!!
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    Listen, you guys can an argue about Adams value as a player until the cows come home... but, it’s irrelevant. He wants out. He showed up in this market, began his self-promoting, while simultaneously anointing himself the leader, and has subsequently been criticized for selfish behavior that runs contrary to bring team-first. He’s a very good player. It’s be nice to keep him here at a pragmatic cost. However, it’s concerning to me that he’s shown that he’s 1.) not really a leader, as much as he’s a cheer-leader, and 2.) he’s far too soft, because it’s very clearly under his skin that he was called out for self-serving behavior by fans. Not much you can do with these guys when their insecure nature proves they can’t handle the fans.
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    This --- Getting at worst his 3rd favorite OT at 11 was a great start ... not sure how much of that was fortuitous ... but being secure enough to not need to move up ... at least in front of Cleveland deserves some credit. --- Then that round 2! 33 Higgins, 34 Pittman, 42 Shenault, 46 Hamler, --- 48 ... Please God ... WR! WR! WR! tick tock tick tock tick tock wtf ... pick already tick tock tick tock WE DID WHAT !?!?!?!? --- 49 Claypool (f*ck you JD you're just as bad as all the rest! ) 50 M, 51, A, 52, Y, 53, B, 54 E, 57 Van Jefferson ... OMG --- 58 ... please God nobody trade in front of us and Brett Favre our *$$ !!! --- 59 Mims ... make it Mims ... make it Mims for the love of Chr*st!!!!! ... please God !!!!! We Did It !?!?! ... We Did It !!!!! WE DID IT !!!!!! WE F*CKING DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! --- He got us an extra 3rd rounder too !?!?!?! JD you are my hero ... i love you so much ... you are the greatest ever ... if I ever have another son i'll name him after you i swear ... i bow down and worship you JD!!!!!!
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    Go read the post about him selling placebo pills to capitalize off of a global pandemic and get back to us about whether or not he’s hate worthy.
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    Remember when Mac “could never find the right deal” We have an adult in the room for the first time in over ten years.
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    Fungal infections can grow on you too. And they are still preferable to Tom Shady.
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    Tony Mandarich, Vernon Gholston, Ryan Leaf.....not Bryan Thomas. Like porn, you know it when you see it.
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    People don't really hate the Jets. But.. 1) They hate New York. and... 2) They like to sh*t on New York teams that don't win. You'll never have a "lovable loser" from New York like you do Chicago. New York is the economic and cultural capital of the country, and subsequently has the arrogance to go with it. It's a hyper competitive city that draws the best and the brightest. It's full of winners. If you're a loser here you suck. Nobody loves you. So the solution is simple. We need to win.
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    This just seems so contrived. What happened to making a stop on defense in order to get the ball back? There is great football drama when the D is pumped up after a score and are going balls out to get the ball back. 4th and 15 seems way to easy in today's offense skewed game.
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    Giant Zoom sessions. Put the fans up in small squares on the jumbotrons. Pipe in the noise.
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    First, I would bet that 95% of the receivers coming out of college, and the vast majority of NFL receivers don’t run every route in the tree, it’s an over-blown attribute. Second, if you watched Hill at Ga. Tech you could see the severe limitations he had, it was an easy eval. Smith, was about straight line speed, he possessed nothing else. Being fast is about the only thing Mims has in common with Hill and Smith.
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    Just a side note on Morgan, I’m a Canes fan and I watch that kid take apart the Hurricanes defense and made them look like a joke. Just so you know Morgan could have a huge upside, can’t say for sure, the Pros are a huge step up. Yet, I can tell you he has a great arm and from what I saw, very smart with the ball. So that was no wasted 4 round pick, he could be a hell of a backup in a year or two. He could even turn out to be a great trade candidate down the road and a starter sometime in the future. So not a wasted pick but a very smart gamble on Douglas part. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    I don’t recall anyone making this argument, but way to derail the thread with the first reply!
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    Hill couldn’t catch. Mims can Take a break from obsessing over route tree and look at Mims’ tape from college catching balls thrown behind him while being covered well
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    JD and his staff were well prepared. He read this draft properly...and was able to acquire an impressive haul of talent to fill immediate needs and future positions. A punter and a long term backup QB may have been the biggest surprises. But it took a heavy set of ballz...and instincts of a professional gambler...to pass on Mims at #48...and still snare my man Mims at pick #59! The more I thought about hybrid multi positional picks like Ashtyn Davis and Bryce Hall...the more excited I got about these guys. For both the secondary and in GW's blitz packages. Zuniga...should be an effective contributor this year in pass rush situations. An has the skill set to develop into a productive 10+ edge player somewhere down the road. A RB like Perine...with his explosiveness to the hole...and quick cutting style...is ideal for a zone blocking scheme. And is a solid pass blocker with downfield receiving skills too. Oh...didn't forget about Becton...he oozes with Jonathan Ogden potential. And liked Cameron Clarke for development too. IMO...JD hit it out of the park with this draft.
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    I vote - do nothing. The Jets are holding all the cards despite what some media twerps think. He does not want to play for $3.5 - fine sit and get nothing. Next year he gets tagged. I doubt he sits for the tag amount. Is he worth more than the $3.5 - of course he is. Is he worth $14 - no way. Now if he was a WR, a CB or an OT - I might see it differently.
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    Be honest. Who else thought he was 100% gone when his PED suspension was over? I'm glad I was wrong on that one because of how much it would've sucked to watch him get picked up elsewhere and play well. Have to like this D-line with Quinnen, McLendon, Fatukasi, Shepherd, Phillips, Anderson and Zuniga
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    Also, any team that would give up that price for Jamal is insane, but that’s his worth. The jets will not get enough value for him. They should just make him play and revisit next year. You don’t take a crappy trade because you fear you might lose him. That’s what stupid teams do.
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    He wanted the same contract language that others got. And I believe he got it. So I don't think he held out for nothing.
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    Regardless of what team he plays for, he is still an arrogant, cheating douche. Now that he is out of our Division and our Conference, I don't really care that he is an arrogant, cheating douche. But he remains one nonetheless.
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    This is my take on Adams. You replace him with Average SS X and you're going to get about 85% of what Adams gives you on the field, and I'm probably being generous to Adams with that number. Then you get the point that @T0mShane keeps pounding, that Adams strengths are LB strengths, and that this year -hopefully- the Jets will have both Mosley and Wiliamson at ILB. How often are you going to need to bring Adams to the line of scrimmage with both those guys on the field? And the Jets are deep at ILB, too. And in this year's draft, they took a true FS and an Edge in the third round. Hmmm... You move Maye to SS, have Davis playing not Adams' position, but the position of Troy Polamalu and Ed Reed, plenty of guys in the middle to disguise blitzes along with Zuniga as a situational guy as a rookie, and I'm really not feeling like the Jets defense is suffering all that much without him. Then you tell me that the Jets could get a 1st and 3rd, or a first and a guy like Michael Gallup for Adams? I mean, c'mon, sign me up, already! Dude, you don't sign a SS to a huge extension because you have your QB under control for two years, you string your SS along for the three years that you effectively have him under control for and save that money for your QB. If Darnold puts up a passer rating near 100 with something like 4000 yards this season, I want to be ready to open negotiations with him immediately.
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    What about a penalty for an automatic 1st down on that 4th and 15? That's one thing that would irk me is a team using this new "onside kick" method and having a debatable holding call or something create an automatic conversion that lets a team retain possession of the ball.
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    Was shocked Mims wasn’t drafted in the first rd let alone fell to 59
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    If he earns a huge contract it’s the best problem we could have.
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    Cheating a$$hole, who even to today is a snake oil salesman, low character dick aided by cheating and blatant favouritism by the refs for years.

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