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    The New York Jets have had 8 (EIGHT!) General managers over the past 29 years. That makes the average tenure slightly over 3.5 years. Hardly the stuff that represents a hallmark of continuity. In fairness to the knee jerk reactions of Jet ownership, scant few of those GM's represented established personnel guys. That also is their failure. Let's review the record, at least under the Johnson's watch: 2001-2005- Terry Bradway- The Johnson's, neophytes as they were, actually looked in the right direction for a start. They hired a personnel guy with a personnel background. It is too bad that he was a stuffed shirt. He was in over his head. Traded UP for Dewayne Robertson. He drafted a kicker in round 2. He traded out of the first for Doug Jolley. He let Lavaraneus Coles run away. To compound the Johnson's error of keeping Bradway so long at GM, after sacking him at that position, they allowed him to stay on in the organization through the 2014 season. Bradway continued to have say in the Jets draft room. 2006-2012-Mike Tannenbaum-By this time, the Johnson's thought they were starting to figure football out. When in doubt, hire someone with roots to the Parcells/Bellichick tree. What can go wrong? A capology guy, and we like money and being smart. Tannenbaum's previous genius had created the poison pill in acquiring Curtis Martin. To be fair, Tannenbaum's tenure can be called the best under the Johnson regime. That bar is low. Not a personnel guy. 2013-2014-John Idzik- Idziks background? Salary cap management and contract negotiations. I guess the Jets liked this type, because they had some modest success with Tannenbaum. Hey, if you don't know anything, go with what you know, right? He was a bookish, non-communicating failure. Not a personnel guy. 2015-2018-Mike Maccagnan- A Charlie Casserly advised hire, and a friend of Casserly. Prior to the Jets, during his last incarnation with the Texans he was noted to be "quiet and unassuming". Hardly the stuff that oozes leadership. Prior to the Jets announcement, his last 3 drafts at talent evaluation had produced no Pro Bowlers and a handful of starters for Houston. The Texans had won 2 division titles in 2011/12. A personnel guy, but not much of a leader. Which brings us to the Jets most recent hire, Joe Douglas. His pedigree? A football lifer: -A Tackle at the University of Richmond, became a volunteer assistant there after graduation. -Then joined the Ravens as a low level assistant He was The Turk on Hard Knocks in 2001. Worked his way up to becoming National Scout under Ozzie Newsome. Do you want to know what was once the joke franchise, and the national laughing stock? The former Cleveland Browns/Baltimore Ravens. You know which owner was despised more than the Johnson's are with the Jets? Art Modell, by both fanbases. During Douglas' tenure with the Ravens, the team turned around and has won 2 Super Bowls and been a model franchise. -Douglas then went for a brief (1 year) jaunt to the Bears, becoming Director of College Scouting. -Then, in 2016 he joined the Eagles as GM Howie Roseman's top assistant. You want to know another franchise that was tortured and felt bereft by incompetence for decades? The Philadelphia Eagles. With Douglas' input, the Eagles went on to win the Super Bowl in 2017. So why does Joe Douglas deserve our patience? He is a personnel guy that was on the cusp of being a GM somewhere. He was a wanted and a known commodity in NFL circles. What former Jet GM has had those credentials recently? He has been a large part of 2 organizations that climbed the summit and won. Two franchises that were doormats, and then created the infrastructure for continued success. Joe Douglas knows the blueprint for success. He knows the parts that are needed in order to build off that blueprint. He was left with a house that needed to be demolished. It was basically condemned. The Home Depot truck is just starting to back up with supplies and parts to build the foundation. You have to start somewhere. Joe Douglas knows football. He knows how successful franchises should be built with the goal being long term success. Not a flash in the pan. Continued success with a plan. He is a personnel guy at heart. Are we guaranteed anything? No, of course not. And the Johnson's may interfere. But give him a chance and see where we are at the beginning of the 2022 season. Aren't we tired of knee jerks and bandaids?
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    Since when is stating objective truth equate to "taking a shot" at the Jets?
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    The season is beyond over and for the first time in my life I'm rooting for the team to go 0-16. There is absolutely no benefit to winning any games, the Joe Douglas plan is now clear: - Secure the #1 pick - Fire Adam Gase and find the right HC - Ensure that Trevor Lawrence is coming out - Deal Sam Darnold - With tons of cap space and picks surround Lawrence with a properly constructed roster when he steps on the practice field for the first time In terms of roster construction let's take a look at some young pieces to see if they can be part of the future: Offense - Mekhi Becton is an absolute beast with unlimited upside. Incredible power, movement skills and decent technique for someone so young - Cameron Clark needs to be worked into one of the guard spots as the season continues. Because I haven't been impressed with Greg Van Roten, way too much softness at his spot - Chuma Edoga should be pushing George Fant but too many injuries and inconsistency makes me wonder about him long term - Chris Herndon's game has gone into the toilet. I would keep him and see if the next staff can salvage his career but a new #1 TE has to be found. Hard to believe he's the same player who was making acrobatic catches and stretching the seam in 2018 - Decent debut for Denzel Mims, now he has to stay on the field and adjust to the pro level. Because in the first half he was making a nice impact but then BUF put White on him and he disappeared. Stay in Hines Ward office and learn all the "tricks" to deal with top notch CB's - LaMical Perine shows good explosion to the hole and plays faster than his 40 time. But he has a ton of work to do in pass protection. Way too many times Perine is late finding his responsibility and gets pushed back into the QB's lap - Its too bad and way too soon but Sam Darnold needs another team. We all know the countless issues where the Jets didn't support his growth (OLine, skill positions, coaching). But the first half INT he threw was mindless and makes you wonder if he'll ever be a franchise QB. You just can't throw into triple coverage when you're almost in FG position. It makes you question his ability to see coverages and situational awareness. There are multiple teams that could be looking for a QB (PIT, IND, NE, JAX, DEN, WSH, MIN?) maybe we can get a #2. But with the questions about Darnold's game and his rookie deal running out the best we may get is a #3. Amazing that his "era" could close so soon Defense - Quinnen Williams has grown and has flashed his Alabama talents. He's on pace for 63 Tackles, 7 Sacks and 17 TFL's which is the range of production I wanted. Now its on Douglas to get multiple edge rushers in the off-season where the new DC can have outside pressure from them with Williams applying the inside pressure. If proper moves are made we may actually see an NFL caliber pass rush - I like the potential of John Franklin-Myers and Bryce Huff. Both have shown athleticism and the ability to penetrate in their limited reps. I want to see more of them down the stretch to determine if they could be starters or JAGs going forward - I want to see more Blake Cashman at ILB. Avery Williamson isn't going to be here going forward and could be traded. We need to see if Cashman can stay on the field and produce as the "speed/coverage" ILB - Bradley McDougald has checked out and needs to go. Marcus Maye needs to be re-signed as the veteran/stabilizer in the secondary. Bless Austin, Bryce Hall and Ashtyn Davis all need to be elevated to starters. Let them take their lumps this year but they could be a young, talented and cheap group next year
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    Yeah I said it These have nothing but bad luck and bad memories. They reek of McGannan and Gase and I think Jamal Adams designed them with a crayon. Get rid of them I say and start fresh. Hey we can even let Sunshine design them if it helps get him here...even though orange and green might be hard to get used to. Oh and JB Smoove isnt allowed at the unveiling
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    There not gonna move Becton from LT. Especially with dominance he has shown at the position. Not saying they wouldn’t draft sewell but i doubt Becton would Be making position change if they do.
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    I gave him a fair chance....for 3 years I’ve tried to see the good and hope he could cut down on the bad.... No matter how many great throws he makes at times...it’s like he automatically has to have 2-3 brain farts a game... The stans will come in here at talk about the hand he was dealt here...some of it is warranted...but is Adam Gase responsible for him throwing off his back foot into double coverage?....is Adam Gase telling him to take 15 yard sacks?....Is it Adam Gase’s fault that he still has ball security issues?...lemme guess? Adam Gase is responsible for him continually missing WIDE OPEN RECEIVERS 1st I thought Lawrence was the only QB we take and if we didn’t get the 1st pick we should trade down or take a player that can help us elsewhere. Well guess what...everything should be wide open now. Fields and Lance should get a good look as well. That high 1st should be spent on a QB
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    I have a suspicion that the protection calls and responsibilities in Gase'e system are very complicated and they are just not getting executed. I don't think it is a matter of the QB calling the protection as it was rotten with Flacco as well. I just think the entire scheme sucks
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    Jets playing well is not a worry that’s keeping me up at night
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    I don't think the Jets are going to get rid of him until they're certain they can draft Trevor.
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    Because - why can't we be happy about something? Tre'Davious demonstrating his impressive backpedal:
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    Looks like a hit to me. Nice work, Joe Douglas. Our next QB will like having him around.
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    We adjusted just fine. We did not expect the first half to be so close and we adjusted in the 2nd half to align with the strategy to obtaining the #1 overall pick. Even with all of that the parade of Buffalo FGs left us in danger of actually winning the game until very late,
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    My girlfriend just looked at my laptop and saw this and can't stop laughing. She said we're pathetic and wants to know why we keep torturing ourselves and why we can't find another team to root for. I just told her that it was complicated.
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    I can certainty see how you would confuse keenan allen, hunter henry, mike williams with the vast array of jets weapons. And also know that with Adam Gase Herbert would be throwing for 400 yards a game and 5 tds per game.
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    Can we get him some "d" help first?
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    Because our remaining Maccagnan supporter's wrongness deserved it's own thread: Josh Allen (20 games played) 12.5 Sacks 2 Forced Fumbles 13 TFLs 30 QB Hits 19 QB Knockdowns 49 QB Pressures 17 QB Hurries Quinnen Williams (19 games played) 4.5 Sacks 1 Forced Fumble 8 TFLs 8 QB Hits 4 QB Knockdowns 14 QB Pressures 5 QB Hurries
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    I agree with DJ. The NFL is a QB league. I think GMs will see the value in acquiring a 23 year old potential-FQB (who clearly has been severely mishandled by this incompetent organization) for a relatively cheap price. For the record, I still want him here unless we can draft Trevor.
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    Gase throwing Loggains under the tank to try to prove he isn't the problem.
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    The Douglas hate by some is goofy. What can you really knock the guy for besides not keeping Robby? What, the Khalil signing last year? It didn’t work out but I don’t exactly blame him for trying. We were set to have Harrison man the line, who can’t even make Buffalo’s active roster. In his first draft, he landed us what appears to be a 10+ year all-pro LT, Mims should be a quality #2 wideout with the chance to be a legit #1, Perine should be a solid Powell-esque complementary back, Braden Mann is already one of the better punters in the league, etc. If we bring in a quality WR in FA, some more OL help in the way of someone like Thuney or Scherff and end up landing Lawrence in the draft, then I’ll be downright giddy about this teams future.
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    He's getting it from the segment of our fanbase that has patience and understands the reality of our situation.
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    That would definitely be so Jets. Draft TL then go defense back to back.
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    Maybe a better QB will be better.
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    It wasn't a parting shot. The headline isn't even what he said. He didnt say he was happy to be BACK in a good offense He said he was happy TO BE IN A GOOD OFFENSE. Didnt say he was in a bad offense in NY, even though everyone knows he was. Man, thats not the same thing or insulting. Medias pissed Bell wasn't insulting to the Jets and didnt bad mouth the team or his time in NY.
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    because offensive lineman are very valuable and teams dont part with good ones. JD added the best that was available in FA. The pickins were slim. You need to draft them and you cant draft all 5 at one time. He got the LT in the draft and that is a nice start. blame mr coffee who ignored the offensive line each and every year
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    I love Mark Sanchez response when asked about Daniel Jones new "highlight", he said 'well he got past the offensive line, so he did better than I did...' 😆 Marks a good dude.
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    I don’t see why you’d trade Q for a 2nd, he is a good player.
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    Has a "type"? So do I! FirmCornyBallpython-mobile.mp4
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    Michael hugged Fredo right before he went fishing.
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    No way Go all out and make a move for someone like Jim Harbaugh. Get a proven HC and culture changer. Not another goddamn coordinator that doesn’t even call the plays.
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    So, the strategy is move the only decent player we have drafted in a decade to another position and draft another player for the position he shows promise at? We deserve all the misery we get.
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    Agree only major jerseys in production are Adams,Bell and Darnold which aren't selling. Bring back the good ones.
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    Let me save you some time. If the Jets have a chance to select Lawrence, Sam will be traded. If the Jets can't select Lawrence, they won't. There, that is the case for trading or not trading Sam
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    Need a stud center to anchor the line. A Nick Mangold-type center changes the entire offense.
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    Bieniemy has as much to do with KC’s success as Gase did with Denver’s. No thanks.
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    Another week, another L. We're still in the driver's seat for #1 overall with the Chiefs up next. * The Jets caught the Bills off guard early switching up play calling duties from Gase to Loggains. Credit Gase for some solid gamesmanship after telling the media we're on step 2 last week. The offense looked effective early and the players were executing well. * It took all of about 2 drives for the Bills to adjust to what the Jets were doing offensively and then completely snuffed it out. * The Jets offense is fundamentally flawed in pass protection and has been since Gase arrived. They seem to be incapable of picking up additional rushers. This has been consistent throughout the Gase tenure regardless of QB. * Darnold continues to regress. His INT before half was awful, he's holding the ball too long and he nearly got Perriman killed throwing him into the safety on the last drive. * The Jets offense almost never takes shots down field. * Mims looked good in his debut. There was nothing about his play that stood out as special but he was able to get open, catch the ball and looked the part. * The defense played well in the redzone not giving up any TDS and had a generally good game plan. They forced Allen to dink and dunk his way down the field giving him a lot of opportunities to screw up which he did a couple of times. * Quinnen Williams had a very strong game and spent a lot of time in the back field. Hopefully a coming out party of sorts for him. * Bless Austin continues to impress. * It looks like the Jets have some nice young players to build around going forward.
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    Joe Judge should thank God every day for the NY media’s Adam Gase obsession, because the Giants are outright clownshoes right now
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    He's been a mechanic for the army since his last stint in the NFL. He is an expert working on tanks.
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    No surprise but the logic is still flawed. This coach is doing tangible damage to the team and players. There is evidence all over the place that players play poorly under gase and flourish after he is gone. The jets have plenty have of interim candidates that could take over for the rest of the year.
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    Another example of what a clown show this team is. Any competent GM and coach doesnt play him.

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