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JetNation Group Outing: Jets \ Vikings Tickets & Tailgate 10/21: New Thread Updated
So.....the Jets \ Vikings game is going to be fun.    Thanks to everyone who is joining us. We still have a few spots left if anyone is interested in joining please let us know. And if you are reading this and you already have tickets and do your own tailgate that is fine. Still try to stop by and say hi though. It will be good to meet everyone. The group should be over 50 people.

Note: We don't have the ability to provide chairs for everyone.

Here are the details for the tailgate and the game:


I have all the tickets. You can do paper tickets for groups so that is what we have, no mobile entry required so it will be easier. Good old fashioned paper. I will hand out the tickets at the tailgate. All of our seats are in lower level section 123.


The tailgate will run from 9:00am - 12:20pm. The parking lot opens at 8am and that is when we will get there, but give us a little time to setup. We will be ending the tailgate at 12:20 so we can make sure we are inside the stadium for pre-game introductions

Tailgate Menu

Sausage sandwiches with peppers and onions

Meatball sandwiches

Hot dogs


Pasta salad



Beer, soda, water

Games: Cornhole and horseshoes. Horseshoes you say? Yes, horseshoes in a parking lot, what could possibly go wrong with that?

Tailgate Location

We park and will tailgate in Green Lot F. You need a green parking pass to park in this lot. If you have a yellow or orange parking pass (or if you are taking mass transit) no worries, you can easily walk over to us. We will be along the back curb in F11.  The tailgate will be setup next to the RV.


If you are going and you have any questions please ask away. Thanks everyone.
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Sam Darnold Stats and Projection
We live in the fantasy football era. We all know that stats can be misleading and they certainly don't tell the entire story. That being said the Jets are 7 games into Sam Darnold's rookie year so we have seen a good glimpse of his potential. There is a lot to be happy about when you think about the long term possibilities. For now we wanted to look at where Sam Darnold sits today stat wise:

He is a rookie and with that comes a fair share of mistakes. 10 TDs and 10 INTs, not the worst we have seen from a Jets QB and certainly not the best. So let's take a look at how this all projects out over a full season. With 7 games played, the Jets are just under the mid way point of the season. So here is how his #'s project if he stays the same the rest of the way.

Not terrible for a rookie season. If nothing changes the number of interceptions would be the biggest long term concern. It seems like a good bet that he would throw less interceptions in the final 8 games as opposed to the first 8 games. Peyton Manning threw 28 INTs his rookie year and then only threw more than 20 one other time in his career. 

Some things I would like to see from Sam the rest of the way in 2018:

1. He leads the Jets to a 9 win season.

2. He throws for over 4,000 yards. He would have to average 272 yards per game over the last 9 games. That is 51 yards per game more than his current average.

3. He cuts down on his interceptions. Hopefully he can end up no worse than somewhere around 25 TDs \ 20 INTs.

Is that too much too ask for?

I know that stats don't tell the whole story. Darnold is passing the eye test, he is good in the pocket and is reading the field better than any rookie QB the Jets have seen in a very long time.

What do you think?
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Darnold Officially Named Starter
@BrianCoz: Todd Bowles announces that Sam Darnold will be the starting quarterback. #nyj

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Sam Darnold Review – Pre-Season Week 3 (Giants)
Let’s break down the Week 3 performance of Sam Darnold and the Jets, as they lost to the Giants.  The focus for the Jets have to be on Sam Darnold, and it’s quite an impressive ...
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Game Observations (NYG)
General Notes

- An absolutely putrid effort by the Jets with the main culprits being
the defense and special teams

- A horrible display of discipline as the team committed 10+ penalties.
On offense most of them pinned the team back and destroyed drives.  On
defense the penalties extended drives and led to NYG points

Special Teams

- Good efforts by Lachlan Edwards (P) and Jason Myers (K) as they were
the only two players who didn't screw up all night

- Other than that there were mistakes in punt coverage, PAT and ball
security on kick off returns.  Inexcusable error by Charone Peake? as he
left his lane as a gunner which left the whole side of the field empty on
the TD return.  Poor discipline by Jonotthan Harrison on the PAT as he moved
early which led to Taylor Bertolet missing from 38.  Trenton Cannon must
show better ball security, that's two muffed punts and a fumble on specials
in only two games.  In addition there were at least two other penalties
on kick off returns which took the offense out of good field position and
pinned them inside the 20.  A lot of players put themselves on the chopping
block with how they performed


- Yes, the defense hasn't given up a TD in the pre-season but they have
been softer than cotton.  They aren't getting off the field on 3rd downs, the
offense is gaining too much in field position and controlling the clock.  If
the defense does stop them our offense is pinned back which causes them to be
conservative to protect a young QB

- The secondary gave up too many long receptions which flipped the field.  Some
of the culprits were Mo Claiborne, Juston Burris and Buster Skrine.  Jamal Adams
was one of the few players who had a strong game as he had a couple of TFL's

- The ILB's were good in run support and Avery Williamson had an absolute textbook
strip to cause a fumble.  The OLB's had no impact and Jordan Jenkins had a killer
penalty on 3rd down which extended ...
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Offensive play calling
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Welcome to the next edition of the Sam Darnold breakdown.  This week, we will look at some mechanics, as well a breakdown from Pre-Season Game Two.

I just want you to look at that drop back, that’s all.

That is Tom Brady from the Super Bowl last year.   Yes, it hurts to watch them play in that game, but on the bright side, they lost.
The main thing I’m highlighting here is the hop at the end, because it allows for Brady to be better prepared to throw, and you will see this often with him.  It helps him stay consistent with his delivery, if given space, rather than turning his head, and then allowing the body to readjust.  Brady loves to do the small hop to get himself in position to throw with better force, without waiting for his legs to get under him.  Don’t believe me? Let’s go see some more examples:

Notice the hop each time he’s turning his head, so when Brady turns and sees an opening, there isn’t a lag.

Here we see more hops, as Brady goes through the progressions.  You don’t see him flat footed because that creates a lag to generate torque.  Brady makes each of those hops knowing that if a throwing lane opens, he’s ready to throw.
I don’t want to create this impression that Brady does this on every play, because he doesn’t.  There are plays where he doesn’t have time to hop around, so these are just the ones where there is space to operate in the pocket.  Furthermore, this quality isn’t limited to Tom Brady, as almost every good QB has the ability to hop around.  I pointed this hop mechanism out to ease concerns that Darnold isn’t fundamentally sound with his feet.  Darnold does tend to throw passes with open hips, but he’s been fairly accurate in his career.
The second aspect ...

Let's use this thread to keep track of what undrafted free agent players the Jets sign.
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