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  1. Ummm I do not think i have ever called Boeheim overrated, please find post. I have called Roy Williams the most overrated coach ever.
  2. Man you have some axe to grind, you may be the dumbest poster here.
  3. Looks to me that after you take out BU and BC Hockey East aint all that great
  4. As a Big12 fan, i could give a sh1t about Duke, i am objective, you are not not baylor lost game on rebounding not on a charging call that could have gone either way if you had any brain and had blood besides carolina blue....... BTW nice trip on RI player last night, enjoy the NIT
  5. All those in red BLOW, thanks for Playing
  6. makes no sense to grab Nnamdi, now that we have AC, none and no way invest that much coin in CB's
  7. Enjoy your NIT bub The game was a home game for Baylor, Baylor lost because of Dukes offensive rebounding, clearly you have no clue about Basketball, a UNC bandwagon fan I'm sure. Roy is still the worst game day coach of all time. He is the Mack Brown of Basketball.
  8. Chung blows dude, Not even sure Butler will be more than serviceable and Vollmer is a big ?
  9. I can beat that I used to like Lions Also i confess that 4 times in a sexual romp is my limit
  10. 60% is pretty significant, if it was 50% they probably would have left it alone
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