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    Jet fan.
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    they all suck. Then came Rex.
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    One of those horrible poor ppl.
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    The 80s.
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    The Asian one. Just guessing, I don't pay attention to them.
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    Yes, and in Nam fighting the Germans to keep your freedoms.

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  1. Collingsworth said during the game you can beat the overload blitz by playing 2 backs and having them move to the overloaded side. Makes sense to me.

    1. gangreenman


      If you watch closely, what all 3 teams did against our blitz this year is diagnose the side our overload is coming from, and shift their entire protection scheme toward that side.

    2. Larz


      that's fine, it all breaks down if you can't cover behind it anyway. many sacks are "coverage" sacks even with an overload blitz

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