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  1. Senior Bowl

    I'm going to save this page so that you all can eat crow at the end of the season next year. Your own coach Rex has said that he likes Tebow and that he will be successful in the NFL. Again, Tebow had a 103 degree fever during the game. I would like to see any QB play better while being that sick. He had several impressive throws, including two passes into tight coverage to convert third downs. Tebow's throwing motion was scrutinized all week, but he was accurate and efficient Saturday. Receivers dropped three of his incompletions, and Tebow only threw one poor pass.
  2. Senior Bowl

    Tim Tebow is falling? Really? Tebow went 8/12 in passing. three of those passes were drops. Only one was a bad throw. He had no designed runs or option plays and never had the chance to throw a deep ball, where he has pin point accuracy. Also, the North defensive line dominated the South's O-line. Tebow had no time to throw. Where as the North QB's had time to bake cookies when they were in the pocket. Oh Ya, Tebow also had strep throat with a 103 degree temperature. I'll take Tebow all day. He's a winner and will take any team to the super bowl. Stop listening to Todd and Mel Kiper, they are idiots.
  3. jets team needs

    If you draft Tim Tebow, the Jets will win the superbowl next year.