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  1. Titans are not very good. Houston, meh. Bortles, is horrible. Broncos, average. We're winning 2 of those games, and maybe beat Chicago as well. These teams aren't so impressive.
  2. Wait SAR doesn't post here anymore with his girly BMW pictures? That's the only reason I came back.
  3. NFLSHOP.com still has cheap ass Revis jerseys on sale, lol.
  4. Philbin was hired over this guy in Miami, no? Pass.
  5. No rookie head coach whether college or pro. Offensive minded. Tough, he's the coach, not the older fun uncle. Bring in football minded people to run the football side of this business.
  6. no the jets let internal guys finish it up then fire everyone and start fresh.
  7. Just love stumbling upon sh*t like this.
  8. Manning, Brees, Brady, Rodgers, Big Ben, Foles, Luck, Stafford, Ryan, Cutler, Rivers. Top 10, no. Top 20, sure. Progressing in the right direction of year 3, sure.
  9. Players play for Rex. Play like a Jet. 1-8. 6 years coaching under .500. Great week of practice.
  10. $20.00 collected so far, so with the price of the website + tshirts + time spent, I'd say you're already in the hole, typical for a Jet fan investing in this team.
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