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  1. not spitting in someones face because they disagree, spit in someones face because they pissed on someones grave. think dude.
  2. actually i am an anarchist/libertarian. but thanks...
  3. haha, free country, yeah, different discussion but, haha.
  4. you might want to tell that to your penis. he is urinating all over chris henry's face.
  5. Well, I grew up in the country, people fall out of trucks all the time. its not that hard.
  6. nothing funny about taking a dump on someones grave. maybe you think its funny, i do not.
  7. thats fine, as long as you, SME and Alk all get a loogie in your face, all is good.
  8. you should be happy that you are so lucky. instead you just like pissing on graves. what a nice person you are.
  9. ugh, ok. don't forget to take a dump before moving on.
  10. no you shouldn't. all you deserve is someone spitting in your face.
  11. no one said it was a smart thing top do. reread
  12. no one is saying a discussion can't be had, but a discussion doesn't need to involve people defecating on someones grave. thanks.
  13. what was the speed or angle being turned? i dunno about you, but i think its a bit easier to fall out of a truck that you think. you don't need to be standing to fall out of one, we don't even know if the tailgate was shut. if it was not, it would be easy to fall out, and these days many people drive with their tailgates down.
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