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  1. want to take my son, just need 1 ticket anywhere and he will be able to sit in my row. Please let me know.
  2. Please sell this team Woody. QB is not the only problem here. The Jets will have to add the QB throwing from his back at the combine this year to be able to pick their future QB. Painfully horrific.
  3. family coming in and need 4 seats. PM they are coming to tailgate and will be in lot prior to game. Thank you
  4. 150.00 takes it all. I have a family commitment I can't get out of tomorrow.
  5. section 228b covered seats 200 takes it all.
  6. Yawn, you used a horrific example. The Knicks are a terribly run team and when you pay huge money for a coach who has never been a GM you want praise? The Knicks would take the Jets past success in a heart beat. The Jets hired a GM to rebuild, let the man work.
  7. You are condemning a 2nd year QB with a bs cherry picked QB comparison. Flacco threw 22 picks last year I guess he's done too? I can cherry pick too.
  8. Surround a QB with mediocre talent and none of them would be very productive.
  9. Absolutely right. Gee I wonder how many draft picks are 100% agreed upon?
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