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  1. Oh great the resident Knick-hater.  If I want Will Ferrell fart jokes I've seen umpteen million times I'll talk to you.

    Yawn, you used a horrific example. The Knicks are a terribly run team and when you pay huge money for a coach who has never been a GM you want praise? The Knicks would take the Jets past success in a heart beat.

    The Jets hired a GM to rebuild, let the man work.

  2. You should, he was drafted to be the franchise QB, so with that in mind the Jets haven't been looking for one for the last two years, meaning they will be starting from scratch this off season. It's not like they grow on trees, and even if they find their franchise QB this spring it's going to take time to develop him and put the right pieces around him. Bottom line is if your a jet fan you should care very much.

    Deep breaths

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  3. Look around the league at the young QBs. Andy Dalton, Colin Kaepernick, Nick Foles, Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, RG III pre-knee injuries, did any of them look this bad at QB 20 games into their careers? Did any of them turnover the ball at this rate at any point over the same sample size?

    We're talking about franchise guys here and whether you have one. Geno doesn't look anything close to them. You typically have some sort of an idea if you have something good pretty early on. Just look in the division, EJ manuel and ryan tannehill already have doubts cast on them as well. Is it way too early to evaluate them as well?

    You are condemning a 2nd year QB with a bs cherry picked QB comparison. Flacco threw 22 picks last year I guess he's done too? I can cherry pick too.

  4. I'm not a Vick guy at all. I'm not suggesting benching him because I think Vick is somehow better. I just think that overall, sending a guy who's underperforming as badly as Geno is out there again after his most recent string of performances is just wrong. It's probably just the fan in me talking, but I think on a base level you have to keep these guys accountable somehow.

    It's his second season in the league, Jesus.

  5. From a draft slot perspective, I agree, but from a set back standpoint, and possibly an opportunity cost, I disagree.


    What happens if Geno turns out to suck, which is looking possible, and say Bridgewater or Garapacrapguy turns out to be very good NFL QB?


    Then, we lose several years and opportunity. It is not as simple as just saying who cares it was a second round pick. You can say that with pretty much any position other than the QB.

    Surround a QB with mediocre talent and none of them would be very productive.

  6. Great post. I enjoyed Gilmour's last album, although I admit I was desperate for anything new from him.

    Gilmour is my favorite guitarist.

    I was able to meet Waters and it was very cool. Went to see Waters do Darkside was awesome as well.

    I caveat this as being pure personal opinion and not aimed at anyone here, just general ranting (steam blowing off)....


    .....I think the denegration of the Post-Waters Floyd is truly misguided. 


    Are the lyrics as top-notch as what Waters wrote in his mid-70's peak?    No.


    Are they as good as what Waters wrote pre-Mid 70's and post-Floyd?  Absolutely they are, and I'd say better, because Waters pre-mid 70'd work was far from great, and his post-Floyd work has all the angry bitter political hatred of a internet screed.


    More importantly, are the Post-Waters floyd lyrics as good as otyher bands today, or other bands of their era in the twilight of their career?  Absolutely they are, and again, I'd say better.  Just read some of the recent Rolling Stone lyrics, lol.


    The problem is a band being held to the rigorous expectation (unrealistic) that they have to produce work in the late golden years equal, in lyrics or in music, to match their greatest works ever.....otherwise it's sh*te.


    Thats such a silly standard to hold them to IMO.  Utterly unrealistic, and (in criticism) overblown.


    'Lapse and Division Bell are both excellent albums, with songs (Learning to Fly, Sorrow, High Hopes, Marooned, Great Day for Freedom,  Coming back to Life, etc) that are the equal IMO to anything earlier.


    There are a few "problems", of course.  1. The peak period work was, generally, concept album material (obviously so).  'Lapse isn't, and Bell is, but is (frankly) far more subtle a concept that the earlier Waters works. 


    2. The peak period work was full of very long "epic" song-pieces.  Both Lapse and Bell are not, they're more traditional-length song suites without any "epic" stuff, with more songs, less epic-length.


    3. Passion?  I don't question Gilmours passion......I question only his age.  The man is old, and his music has aged with him, and it shows.  He plays slower, and more deliberate, but with admittedly less energy in the song-structures.  It's an age thing IMO, Gilmour was never a Townsend or Richards, never a rock and roller in that way, and his aging is clear in his music. I'm glad, honestly, 70 year olds rancing around pretending their 20 year odl rock stars is embarassing and (usually) that music is sh*t.  Gilmours usic is most certainly not sh*t.


    4. Ignoring Roger Waters solo work....which is (in the great majority) a steaming pile of WORDS, endless words over mostly sh*t music, wasting the brilliance of BOTH Clapton (Pros and Cons) and Beck (Amused).  Only his most recent work, circa the early 90's, Amused to Death, was even in the ballpark of pre-breakup decent.  Waters without Floyd is FAR worse that Floyd without Waters, by a longshot.


    In any eveny, for me it's easy, ANY Floyd is far far far better than no Floyd.  At it's very worst, Endless River will be an hour+ of "Marooned" mixed with "Shine On" mixed with a taste of the "Orb/Gilmour" combo on "Metallic Spheres".  I'll take that happily, any day of the week.


    And as a honorarium for Rick Wright, I respect it regardless of how it came to be or how old the sourse or how much liek Bell it may sound, the man deserves a honorarium IMO.


    Given the generally bereft music scene of that Floydian style of music, fans like me are hardly flooded with options, and certainly not superior options.  I'd listen to Gilmours noodling demos over most of what gets released as "prog" today, frankly, and I'm no old man who hates todays music, I love a ton of modern rock honestly.


    I just think the post-Waters Floyd is held to a standard no man could reach, a standard Roger certainly can't reach himself, every album must be "Dark Side II" or it's sh*te, and it wears me out hearing it.  Liek it or not, but remember that shtting on the happiness of dedicated fans over a non-sports thing is just wasted time. 


    While I wish they could have settled their differences on this disk, and worked together one last time, it was never going to happen, no matter how much it could have made them all monetarily.  Floyd is no Eagles.


    P.S. for those hoping for a Tour, I'm sorry, but there is no tour planned.  Without Rick, and at their ages, there likely will never be another tour fromt he Gilmour side, even if he puts out another solo album (as expected he will in 2015). I think those days are done now.  Waters may tour again with his long-awaited never-materializing solo disk (also due in 2015 per Waters) but Gilmour will not.

  7. I'll certainly give this one a listen, but the excitement over it is, in my opinion, a bit overblown. Momentary Lapse and Division Bell are not that great (though Learning to Fly is a personal favorite). I'm sure the live shows will be awesome and I will try to be there, but these guys clearly have a hard time finding a direction in the studio without Waters or Barrett.

    I personally don't care for the majority of the Barrett days. I like both records without Waters and I like the majority of Waters solo stuff as well.

    Did you like Gilmour's last solo record?

  8. It hasn't happened here. Gee I wonder why?

    It may be of interest to note that two of the folks here decrying the Hampur Off-Topic Forum (SAR and cr) were all but universally disliked (SAR) actively, or ignored (cr) passively.  One a main board troll, one a politics board troll, IMO and in the opinion of many others.


    Haters gon hate when they're not part of the club for this reason or that.


    At the end of the day, the Hampur was nothing more than an Off-Topic forum with an active core of 20-30 off-topic posters who created a community.  Like any community, some folks felt (or were) excluded, for various reasons, and some choose to exclude themselves, or didn't like the core group, or didn't enjoy the commedy, etc.


    Want it or not, you don't really have a choice.  If enough folks start posting at JN Off-Topic, the same thing will happen, a community will form, and some will be included and some will be excluded, for the same variety of reasons as happened at JI.  Frankly, gieven the differences between JI and JN, I don't see a Hampur (or an active thriving Off-Topic forum) here at JN happening anyway.


    Community Moderation will occur no matter what Admin wants.  Like in any social group.

  9. Thanks for proving SAR's point.

    A forum and sub-forum is by definition a clique: people with same interests shooting the sh*t. Inside jokes bother you? You think JN/The Lounge will be any different? It’s just as loaded with history, insider jokes, fat people and ghey mods.


    The only people who were ever rudely greeted in the Hangar were people w/baggage from past posting (ie: you). I never had a problem directly with you and tbh some of the OT threads from the past where you played a role (Africa cam and some of your barbs with SBIII) were part of the reason I started posting: because I wanted to be a part of it. 


    Good luck here.

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