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  1. Will he buy into a system that he feels limits his offensive game and expect to play D? He has the ability to do it.
  2. If the Zen master is allowed to rule the Knicks and brings in a "Triangle" coach, will Carmello buy in? That's the big question and if he can or would then things start to get better. Big dreams?
  3. The conversations between the two of them was awesome.
  4. When you read these guys ripping on a kid who was a successful QB, who played hurt, talk about "narrow base", WTF?
  5. Just read this thread and you guys are dead on! It was a great show and ended perfectly. Can't wait to see what they do with it next the next season. Thankfully Shameless is still going strong.
  6. Ha sorry, I was and you are def. right with there not being any rumors swirling around Keller.
  7. He's was in court last week fighting his synthetic weed possession charge.
  8. Pauline is a ego maniac, who like a weather man, is not at fault when he is wrong. Why did SI.com and USA Today get rid of him?
  9. Smart moves by the Nets, the Knicks are horrific.
  10. The 3 guys doing the passing oops wasn't too bad, Wall's dunk was nice.
  11. Which team and what do you think the Knicks could get for Melo? Melo isn't getting any younger and he's a black hole. He needs to be coached badly.
  12. MM and Reid parted ways for a reason, when MM was the Asst. HC\OC he threw the ball way too much, it was like watching flag football, they had McCoy and he would run the ball 5-10 times per game.
  13. Geno wasn't named the starter for week 1?
  14. You want a presser for the naming of the qb?
  15. Payton Manning threw 28 INTS his rookie year. Please can we just relax with this nonsense, the WR corps has been avg at best.
  16. Yes, you are def right with that scenario, god I hope it doesn't happen.
  17. You are honestly arguing for Simms? I don't get it, why are you arguing for a kid who will be a back-up for the next 5 years? Smith has to learn from his mistakes and benching him for Simms makes zero sense. You are aware of Simms background right? He's been a complete azz since his high school days.
  18. When there's a CPA involved in any club you really think fun is though about?
  19. He's a BEAST!!! Easily the best defensive player in NY/NJ.
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