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  1. This kid ripped off SNL's Samburg!!!
  2. It is and it is still going to happen, but what does that tell you? Her husband wants to protect her, it is sad.......
  3. Holidays bring out the best and the worst out of people. Just look at the horrible posts Mike Dee posted!!!!
  4. When her husband doesn't want an autopsy done, what does that tell you? http://www.tmz.com/2009/12/20/brittany-murphy-simon-monjack-autopsy-death/
  5. Steven Wright feels the same way.
  6. Ah man that sucks, you could of driven there a hell of a lot faster! Hopefully sales for your pops will pick up on Sunday and Monday. Good luck on your trip!
  7. Is the wedding in Philly or outside? What does your dad sell?
  8. Ouch! Do you have to plug in the car battery?
  9. Taking the train into Trenton and then switching? Have fun at the wedding!
  10. I absolutely agree with you and I swore I just heard Gottlieb interview Jimmy B the other night and it was a great interview. Gottlieb's point of view on his radio show is pretty honest for every sport
  11. Calipari is a salesman and will never win the big one because he barely coaches. He rolls out the ball and watches. I agree with Coach Knight.
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