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  1. I thought it was a good challenge as well., not a thread worthy topic.
  2. How will the Jets get rid of him? It is going to be very interesting to see what happens down the road.
  3. JR was also suspended for a drug violation. He's a quality guy.
  4. 350 to 400K for a 30 second commercial during the finale.
  5. I feel the same way, but I think all of these shows have learned from the Sopranos and do not want their shows to flounder.
  6. Ended up at Brothers Pizza with most of the team. Got home for the 4th quarter.
  7. Soccer games in Rumson this afternoon. Any good bars for the Jet game? Appreciate any help.
  8. The only thing we do know is that the ground and pound era is dead and no one wants it back.
  9. We were talking about running the ball against the Patriots, how did Kerley play that night? Gates had multiple drops because he played and not Kerley. The running game was getting 3.5 to 5 yards per carry against the Pats and yet you want to keep bringing up ground and pound? No one brought that up.
  10. That is not what I am promoting at all. The rules def. benefit throwing the ball, but the Jet receivers do not. Running the ball when it is successful game to game is not ground and pound. That is taking advantage of what works for that particular game. Stop changing the argument.
  11. Who has stated Geno doesn't need to improve? Isn't that a given? Majority of us are arguing that running the ball will help Geno get the time he needs and keep him out of 3rd and long situations. That's a good thing.
  12. You are a breath of positive air. Sunshine and rainbows.
  13. Making the same money in Buffalo is a pretty big pay raise. Pettine working for a college coach and knowing he will have autonomy makes sense. Not far fetched.
  14. What does he do at practice????
  15. Pettine's entire coaching career has either been in the shadow of his father (CB West coaching legend) or Rex Ryan. He had to break out to prove he is his own man.
  16. The majority of teams over the last 3 years have put at least in the box because of how horrific the Jets offense has been, but during the NE game everyone knew the Jets were throwing.
  17. You think a rookie QB should be treated equal in that type of situation with mediocre WR's to boot? If the run is working and in turn will give the rookie QB more time to throw when they decide to throw that is not ground and pound that is smart football.
  18. DEF!! If you are unhappy with his training, simply send it back less the shipping and handling!!!! The best Jerry, the best!!!
  19. Sorry, did not want to argue the point to death. I thought Geno threw off his back foot and flat footed a few times. Shoooting a basketball and throwing a football are similar when it comes to having perfect form, it's useless if you do have confidence.
  20. If there is zero form the shot never would go in over 20%. Ray Allen's perfect form is perfection and he has a quick release but also understands the game. Big difference than just simply have a fast release. The article is something that should of been written about Smith as a draft prospect not as a starting QB in the league. Brunner was a back up and now has a sweet gig and jumped at the shot to announce where he has his business to help all the QB's in the NJ/NY area.
  21. Ray Allen has perfect form, if he didn't it wouldn't matter how fast or slow his release was because it wouldn't go in the hoop. The article is BS because the Jets have coaches who coach Geno, no one except for bored fans would care about this article. Brunner cares because he gets to mention his BS camp.
  22. This is exactly what Geno Smith needs more articles questioning him as a starter and now his mechanics. Holy lord this article is BS. Brunner gets a free ad for his business to boot. Ray Allen has perfect form and when you have perfect form speed doesn't matter as much as confidence and not being worried about getting hit as he shoots.
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