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  1. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2010/writers/peter_king/01/08/gameplan/index.html?eref=sihp New York Jets 23, Cincinnati 13. I know the Bengals were vanilla Sunday night, but you saw what I saw -- 27-0 at the half, Cincinnati incapable of stopping the Jets on the ground and even worse at getting anything going on offense. Does home-field advantage mean a sea change in how a team plays? I don't see it. The Bengals have to hope the return of Domata Peko at the nose can slow the best running game in football. Slow? Yes. A little bit. Stop? No. I think the Bengals have to count on a
  2. I suffer from Diarrhea predominant irritable bowel syndrome
  3. I have been taking Align for 3 weeks and I haven't noticed a difference in my digestive health.
  4. For screwing them on so many draft picks.... Nugent Gholston Schlegal Am I missing anyone??
  5. You guys are nuts... I thought Henne was terrific this year, and his performance this is year is what we should expect from Mark Sanchez next year.
  6. http://boards.espn.go.com/boards/mb/mb?sport=nfl&id=nyg&tid=6183636&lid=1 I thought you guys would enjoy this.... Especially the screen name of the guy...
  7. It wasn't bad at all.... I went to a bar that I could actually talk to my friends rather than one of those dancing establishments... I got pretty hammered.... No driving.... It was a good time..... Thanks
  8. The worst loss I have ever seen was the 2004 game vs. the Ravens... For those who don't remember -Quincy Carter started the game -Jets were up 14-0 and driving into Ravens territory with a full head of steam right before the half. - Hackett calls for the infamous Lamont Jordan half back pass - Ed Reed INT's Jordan and returns it for a TD - Kyle Boller lights up our D in the second half - We still have a chance to win late, but Herm's clock management ended any chance we had for the GW TD -Had to settle for a FG bc of Herm's incompetence - Lost in OT That was the
  9. Wow.... They are playing inspired right now...... GO OWLS
  10. I never thought I would become a wet blanket that would make up excuses to his friends to avoid going out, but I am.... I used to be all over it when I was younger, but now I can't stand it... It's so stupid... Everytime I go out I just end up pissed off that I struck out with the ladies, pissed off I spent so much money on booze, and pissed off that drank so much that I am going be sick the next day. It's so weird.... Ever since i turned 21 ( in July) I have looked at going out as chore..... I know my friends are going to give me **** if I don't come out with them on
  11. Well.... You are talking to a vet.... I am going to need to know your age If you're over 50 it is most like benign prostate hypertension (also known as BPH) However, if you're a young man it is likely something else.... I have gotten an STD before.... Let me ask you something are you experiencing burning? Also are you sexually active? If not, than you may have a condition called Prostatitis. This is a very common condition, which I have also experienced. The symptoms are similar to that BPH, but it is not due to the enlargement of the prostate gland, but rather simple
  12. LOL... I could definitely see that But he did lay into the Giants pretty good today. Though when one Jets fan called in and said how he liked that the Jets are in the limelight instead of the Giants he shot him down.
  13. I love this guys show..... All of the Jets fans are calling in happy, and he is just shooting them down. He's probably right that we don't sniff victory if Peyton and the starters stay in though. He ripped Jim Leonard of all people for saying that the defense regained its swagger after Peyton exited. He also doesn't seem to like Sanchez much as he said "Painter makes Sanchez look good" I don't get to see this guys show very often, bc i live in Philly but I miss it... They always seem to find the dumbest Jets fans to call in....
  14. A couple of years back the Bills just needed to beat the Steelers backups to make the playoffs, and they lost. It's happened before.
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