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    My name is Rudy, but people call me RJ
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    Highland Falls, NY
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    Football, Baseball, Hockey, Family Friends
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    High school student

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    2002-03 playoffs Jets 41 Colts 0
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    2008 December collapse, 2004 AFC Divisional round, 2 gw field goals missed.
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  1. http://m.espn.go.com/general/blogs/blogpost?blogname=new-yorkjets&id=34064&city=newyork&src=desktop HOME: AFC EAST, DENVER, OAKLAND, DETROIT, CHICAGO, PITTSBURGH AWAY: AFC EAST, KANSAS CITY, SAN DIEGO, GREEN BAY, MINNESOTA, TENNESSEE
  2. Its sooooooo crutial in the NFL!! You see all the good teams in the NFL, there coaches have been there for numorus years. As much as people grill Andy Reids tenture in Philly, he was 130-93-1 in 14 season as Eagles coaches, made the playoffs 9 times, made it to the NFC Chip game 4 times and appered in the Super Bowl in 2004. Sure they didnt close the deal, but hey! Thats consistent winning!
  3. As reported, Rex Ryan will return for the 2014 season. Next year will be his 6th season as the Jets head coach, tying the 3rd longest head coach tenture in the history of the this franchise (Walt Micheals 1977-82, the first two Weeb Ewbank 1963-73 & Joe Walton 1983-89). We've had 17 different head coaches run our football franchise and only 3 of them had/have winning records as Jets HC, Bill Parcells : 29-19 in three seasons, Al Groh: 9-7 in one season and currently Rex Ryan: 41-38 in 5 seasons. Since 2000, the Jets have seen 4 different head coaches run the show. That year, Bill Belichick was named the new Patriots head coach. The Patriots struggled that year, finishing 5-11. In 2002, the Patriots dropped to 9-7 and missed the playoffs. The previous year, the Pats had a miracle run to win Super Bowl XXXVI. Everyone thought that run was a fluke. Well you guys know what happened after.... I would love to see this Rex Ryan era reach past 10 seasons, i really do. We've seen success and failure under his regime and let be honest, i could name plenty of franchises that would kill for what we've done for the last 5 seasons (try me). This upcoming draft is deep. Next years free agency contains alot of key players, which the Jets are currently lacking. We need a stable core!! and with key draft picks and acquisitions, we can have a winning team for years to come!! That why i look at the 2014 season is the best opportunity to change history. The Patriots are still winning, but i think your finally seeing the crack in the armor. Brady without quality play makers is vulnerable, Gronk is a cripple, and we've seen our defense be able to contain Brady. The Dolphins in big time situations choke in the moment, like today. And the Bills are the Bills. We need to dethrone the Pats! We need to win the AFC East next year! Anything less then that will result in another coaching regime and a more disappointing years to come, and I'm sick and tired of that same old story. So finish this line and give me your thoughts on how we can become a stable franchise... The 2014 New York Jets will...........
  4. Drop Holmes, keep Kerley and Nelson. Draft Sammy Walkins, Mike Evans or Marquis Lee. Bring in Jimmy Graham!!! Bam!
  5. It was 4 straight good games! The Carolina game was a hard fought game. Keep Rex!
  6. Im just saying, it would be dumb for him to fire Rex
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