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  1. Interesting stuff. I do think we will picking 6th though.
  2. Good for Eli. I am not a Giant fan at all but he has been good for the NFL and he was treated like sh*t by the Giants this year.
  3. That guy Joe Tessitore looks like he dipped his hair, beard and even his eyebrows in an inkwell. jeez.
  4. I consider myself neither a believer or a doubter. I am a hopeful. Sam has tools and the talent. I am hopeful he can put it all together.
  5. Do you get paid for this silly stuff? I sure hope so.
  6. Yes, but KC is in trouble now....... lol
  7. Romo; KC is in trouble because NE just figured them out. Jeez, STFU
  8. Really sickening this NFL. Brady would get 3 flags.
  9. A future HOF QB that no longer has the time and only 1 good WR and looks rather pedestrian.
  10. Yes. Thats unfortunate, because he get so much practice at it. But part of that blame goes to WR's and OL. That's a fact too.
  11. Or maybe explaining the O looking lost at times.
  12. You are missing something in the thread. I wasn't accusing Gase of ever throwing any body under the bus. So the LOL is on you. lol

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