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  1. Won't it be great on Thursday after the Jets score a FG and they show those cams of Jet fans. Some sleeping, drinking heavily, flipping the bird. Lol
  2. Hey I just saw Andy Reid talking to Mahomes. Is that allowed? Gase says I can't do that, I'm too busy.
  3. Who is the supposed QB whisperer? GASE!! They both suck!
  4. When a teams is this bad, collectively, nobody should survive the axe. Everyone should go. The only 1 that gets a SLIGHT pass is JD. He knew this organization was a mess, that why he asked for a 6yr deal.
  5. The only team on that list that we could beat for sure is the Gints.
  6. Life is Good Jet Fans. Gase gets fired, and we get Trevor. I'm done with this sh*t.

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