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  1. So many issues with FB. I discovered someone hacked my account and it caused problems for others, but I did change my pw. I will do it for you Max, but I still may cancel my account in the future. lol
  2. LOL, I said the same thing above.
  3. Jeez, what is this? I can't believe I wasted 30 seconds of my life reading it.
  4. I sold my house in Lindenhurst last year after living there for over 20 yrs, before moving to Florida. I'm very excited for the kid and the Jets.
  5. Also, I expect there will a bunch of free agent LB'ers brought in after the draft.
  6. Yes, it got tiring hearing how our TE's had the least amount of catches in the NFL.
  7. This offense has been transformed. Quite impressive.
  8. Well JD has put a on a clinic and added 2 Offensive studs and 2 Defensive studs. This team got younger, faster and way more talented. GO JETS!!
  9. Excellent night for JD and the Jets. He set himself up quite well and executed his plan perfectly.
  10. Stop watching this team and you will become a T totaler.
  11. Report: Apple Looks to Bundle Sunday Ticket, NFL Media, & Mobile Live Game Streaming in Massive NFL Rights Deal Apple is trying to cross the goalline by acquiring the rights to NFL Sunday Ticket, NFL Media, and the league’s mobile device live streaming right in a single bundle that would be worth billions, according to a new report from Front Office Sports. The FOS report sheds some light on the details on Apple’s NFL plans:
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