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  1. Headline: The NY Jets have the most under-rated picks from the 2020 NFL draft!
  2. 28th is a damn outrage. Probably 27th.
  3. That was excellent. Converted to WS and I enjoyed it.
  4. I was told the NFL network will show extended highlights from 6:30 to 7 today.
  5. We should have a faster and younger Special Teams at the very least. The camp competition should be intense at some positions.
  6. I just had a thought about this kid with his speed and ability to get off the line. I hope Gase tries some plays perhaps in the redzone. He wanted to play TE so let him catch a ball, nobody's stopping this guy. It would be fun to watch.
  7. https://www.cordcuttersnews.com/amazon-renews-deal-for-thursday-night-football-through-2022/ Thursday Night Football will be staying on Amazon Prime Video, thanks to a renewed deal with the NFL that will extend through 2022, beginning with the NFL’s planned return this fall. The deal includes 12 games during the season, which will stream on both Prime Video and Twitch. Amazon will also have exclusive rights to one late-season game for each of the next three seasons. In the 2020 season, Amazon will have exclusive streaming rights to one Saturday game in the second half of the regular season. “Amazon has become a trusted and valued partner of the NFL,” said Brian Rolapp, Chief Media and Business Officer of the NFL, in a statement. “Extending this partnership around ‘Thursday Night Football’ continues our critical mission of delivering NFL games to as many fans in as many ways as possible both in the United States and around the world.” In 2019, Thursday Night Football had an average audience of 15.4 million viewers across all platforms, up 4% from 2018. “We are thrilled to renew our Thursday Night Football deal with the NFL, and are excited to expand our relationship to include exclusive global streaming rights to an additional regular season game in 2020,” said Marie Donoghue, Vice President of Global Sports Video at Amazon. “We know Prime members and the Twitch community around the world love the NFL, and we remain committed to giving them the best and most customizable streaming experience possible, with a broad selection of premium content available at their fingertips.”
  8. Agree on most of this. The Bryce Hall was a real steal also. If I could trade the QB for another WR, I would have been very happy. Otherwise great work by JD.
  9. Just a heads up. They had the pre-draft special on Thursday and it had Bart Scott, Coakley, Jonah and Vacchiano. Tomorrow night at 8 pm is the Post draft discussion. So we get some more football talk.
  10. JD had a plan from day 1. He communicates well with fellow GM's, without worrying about his ego.

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