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  1. McCann has been traded to Baltimore for a player to be named later. Addition by subtraction.
  2. Boomer commented on this stuff this morning on the radio. He is no Zach fanboy and said he doesn't like it. Says if he had a WR do that to him when he was playing there would be a problem. Also, that Zach is still young and some of these players need to stop it.
  3. They hit the Washington WR in the head before the ball got there and no penalty. The NFL is crap.
  4. It would have been packed with Mikey. LOL
  5. More non call from the Refs. Blatant PI on Denver and not called on a 2 pt play.
  6. It is definitely a problem. No running game and inconsistent OL play on passing downs. Bad penalties also.
  7. Zach deserves his share of blame but the D is NOT blameless. Detroit made them look foolish on that last drive. jeez.
  8. Yes, cut them now. And mims, zeurline etc. Anybody else?
  9. Did anyone see that play made by the Titans? The DB is covering the WR from the Chargers and there is a pass in the EZ. The DB is going out of bounds and is able to catch the INT but since he couldn't get his feet down he tosses it to another DB to catch it for an INT. I have never seen anything like that. Ever.
  10. This was the typical TEAM LOSS. The ST were very bad. Zach was very inconsistent. D was very bad especially when it counted. The HC sh*t the bed and thought TO's could be traded for cash after the game. If he calls a TO after GW makes his catch, there is 45 seconds on the clock. I do think Zach might have gotten them closer for a better FG attempt. But Jets.
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