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  1. The great John Idzik. I have more faith in JD than any GM we have had in years.
  2. Fields as a backup to Zach ?
  3. I think that poster was confused. If I recall, Shula thought Richard Todd would have been a good LBer.
  4. Some are just way too intense about their opinions. But everyone is a GM wannabe this time of year. If they would just agree with me, all would be fine.
  5. Agree with this. He's too sensitive obviously. But he wastes his time caring about what a fan base thinks? Dumbass.
  6. You can pretty much say that about all sports franchise owners.
  7. Well, better he killed that than other people.
  8. Hey I remember some of those guys. They all had such promise, then they sucked.
  9. With OL guys like this, it's a good thing Zach knows how to run backwards.
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