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  1. Nice to see a HC actually smiling.
  2. This is exciting today for the following: It's Jet football. New HC after loser Gase. New players fresh from what is widely believed to be a successful draft, including a number 2 pick QB. Lets have some fun today.
  3. Wearing his Darnold jersey as his son is laughing at him. Probably a @T0mShane neighbor.
  4. Great thread. Let's do "Suppose we won the championship game with Nacho"
  5. Anyone named Seth is a douche.
  6. Jeez, you see the legs on that guy. Looks like a LBer.
  7. All of those guys were a rare breed in NFL history. RIP Pete.
  8. Excellent. We need 1.
  9. Agreed, this was not a great year for edge rushers.
  10. That "fraud" is getting a nice check for sitting home and doing nothing. The bastage.
  11. A- Which is probably the best draft for this team in over 20 years.
  12. No. Then next year you would say we should have kept that pick.
  13. Perhaps, but I don't think that worked in the past.
  14. It's nice to see that we were chosen over other organizations, unlike years past. Is the culture changing in Jetland perhaps?
  15. This kid looks like he would eat up a zone defense.
  16. It looks more and more like they will do that to Klecko, if ever.
  17. Bowles was a clown. He was part of the reason the other idiot Mac drafted 2 safeties with the 1st 2 picks.
  18. Thanks for the link. It was great.
  19. This kid is quick and fast, could be a real disruptor.
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