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  1. Agreed. I like our chances to land 1 of these. April here we come bitches. lol
  2. Hes a good number 2. I wouldn't pay him that. No can do.
  3. I don't like the guy and he should be on the hot seat watch next year. I'm referring to gase, not @T0mShane. Lol
  4. I think Jones and Sam have a good chance. Need to see more, much more.
  5. I am not a baker hater. I'm indifferent actually. But if guys like him that's ok by me.
  6. Maybe, but some Baker buds, like you wouldn't give Sam the same excuses. They just whine incessantly, like you. LMAO
  7. Some Baker fans making excuses for baker. lmao
  8. Let Sam stay healthy and lose. We gain so little by winning this game 13 10.

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