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  1. I get it, but I'm used to it and you have to ignore it. Otherwise you pull your hair out. I have very little left to pull out.
  2. Ugly business. No sympathy for gase or Mehta, they deserve each other.
  3. Haven't seen ROS yet, but I saw Richard Jewell. It was excellent.
  4. I think he will be better after his braces come off. Players always pick up their play after that.
  5. I'm still waiting for you to show where I said adarius stewart was good. Remember that? lol
  6. Gase and the offense have been waiting on Sam all year. Did you get that memo? Maybe you were sleeping eh?
  7. Sam has been the only problem on offense today and all year. Just ask the whining haters.
  8. I just consider you a whiner, if you want the title of dumb and boring, that fits guess.
  9. Looks like another loss from a backup QB that comes off the bench to kill us.
  10. Well he was definitely due. He looked like crap before that throw.

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