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  1. Klecko is worthy and should be in the HOF. He was a game changing wrecking ball. But congrats to Winston Hill.
  2. I'm ok with signing Robbie but if it's over 9 mill, I say no way.
  3. I think it's safe to say, we aren't beating either of these teams. Their defenses are going to be all over us.
  4. We are picking around 6th I think right now. Much better after today though. I'm happy.
  5. You need to make a 3rd thread, and you call that 1 Gase Must go. lol
  6. You hate Sam, we get it. Jeez, give it a rest. We lost by 21, that throw meant nothing.
  7. We need to cut him or trade him for a 5th rounder. Any decent QB would have done better and won this game. This is for ronnie whoever, sea world boy, louis the doobie smoker.
  8. Looked like he was prevented from jumping up for the ball but whatever.
  9. I agree. I just don't want to get blown out tonight on national tv, again.
  10. Interesting stuff. I do think we will picking 6th though.
  11. Good for Eli. I am not a Giant fan at all but he has been good for the NFL and he was treated like sh*t by the Giants this year.
  12. That guy Joe Tessitore looks like he dipped his hair, beard and even his eyebrows in an inkwell. jeez.
  13. I consider myself neither a believer or a doubter. I am a hopeful. Sam has tools and the talent. I am hopeful he can put it all together.
  14. Do you get paid for this silly stuff? I sure hope so.

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