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  1. Bad pass by Sam, but was Smith supposed to pull up there instead of going deep?
  2. That was very nicely done. It's plays like this, that make me hopeful about Sam.
  3. I heard it earlier today. Joe lost it when Costello accused Joe of blowing with the wind. Lol Joe and Evan both were shocked that costello said that Mike McCarthy wouldn't be doing any better with this team.
  4. Another hater has issued his opinion. Alert the media.
  5. Look who's talking. I think Sam has a lot to learn and will reserve judgement till JD has chance fix this sh*tty roster. You, however are a Sam hater. You found some kewl stats, good for you skippy.
  6. Quicker is better, but he got sacked at the 3 second mark and that is fast.
  7. I don't like either of them, and would have passed on both.
  8. Do you even look at stats? Brown and Beasley are very good WR's. They both have 5 TD's and over 1500 yds between them. Also Singletery ang Gore have over 1200 yds. So you are incorrect.
  9. We should bench Sam for the rest of year so he doesn't get hurt and then unload him for a 3rd rounder, even to the fins. lol
  10. Understood and I will not disagree. However, I did see Jamal in tears and a pissed off Leveon after the game. Not good, we shall see.
  11. Yet? I agree. But would you agree that if they lose to the fins at home that could happen?
  12. Maybe they beat the fins. Who is the next win? Steelers? Bills? Ravens? Sorry not seeing it.
  13. Well I have never believed there were more than 6 wins in the team after Sam got hurt. But it wont even be 6. But YOU should keep your emotions in check. lol
  14. We are as of right now picking 9th. But I think we will end up around 5th. There are quite a few teams that are ahead of us that have to play each other. I think it will be something like this: 1. Cincy. 2. Gints. 3. Lions 4. Cards 5. Jets I think we will lose to the Phins and we don't win another game. I think this team is broken after yesterdays loss and Gase is close to losing this locker room. I hope that JD makes good choices with these picks. Mac sucked. Discuss, additions, comments deletions, etc.
  15. I think 6 pts is too much even at home. I would think more like 4. I think we may get lit up by Fitz again. He lit up the Eagles yesterday so may lose.

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